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Sharing the Sheets

BOOK: Sharing the Sheets
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Sharing the Sheets
Natalie Weber
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Sharing the Sheets
Natalie Weber
First and foremost I thank God. If it wasn't for Him I would not have the strength to carry on.
Thank you to all my fans, because if there was no love and support, I would be long gone from this game.
I would like to give a special shout to, Carl Weber. You're not just my boss in real life, but my family. Love you like cook food!
Thanks to my editors, Diane and Clarissa. We got through it once again.
Thanks to the Urban Books team, you guys make it happen.
Lastly, thanks to my boys for understanding the space and time I needed to get this done. I love you unconditionally.
“Come on, we got like two hours. I don't want to waste any time. I need you inside me.” I grabbed at his belt to unbuckle it because he was moving too slow for me.
He swatted at my hands.
I sighed. “What is your fucking problem?” My pussy was wet. My nipples were hard as hell.
I was butt
ass naked when I let you in, did you not think I was ready to fuck? That's what I get for thinking there would be no attachments.
“Damn. I just thought—”
“You thought what?” I asked with a full attitude.
“I thought . . . You know what, forget it. Come on. Where you want it at?”
I flashed him a big-ass smile and his little delay was quickly forgotten. I didn't hesitate to drop to my knees while he unbuckled his belt. In one movement he dropped his pants and boxers exposing his strong ten inches to my face. His smell was fresh and he was neatly trimmed. I licked my lips and took all of him into my wet, warm mouth. His moans soon filled the room. It turned me on even more to hear him groan from my pleasure. I sucked him harder and stronger and just when his moans became louder I stopped. Quickly I got on all fours. “Fuck me,” I demanded.
“Oh, you want it like that?”
“What you waiting on? You already got the invite.” I was fired up and ready to get my back blown out.
He rammed himself into me to shut me up. I thought I was going to cum after one stroke from him. I clenched my pussy tight every time he entered.
“Ahhh, fuck, you feel so good,” he shouted as he tugged on my ponytail.
“Yes, fuck this pussy. Pull it, wrap it tight. Fuck me like a whore,” I said wanting him to just go buck wild on me; I wanted it rough and crazy, like the kind of sex where you are even surprised at yourself because you were so excited.
He gave it to me good. He slammed, slapped, and tossed my ass around like a rag doll. Just how I wanted it. Soon we were in my bedroom. He threw my ass on the bed and that's when I heard a car pull into the driveway. He didn't hear it.
“Stop.” He wasn't complying so I pushed him off of me and jumped off the bed. I listened intently.
“Why you stopping me? I thought you—”
“Get under the bed. My husband is home.” I grabbed all of his shit and tossed it under the bed and ran out the bedroom.
If his ass ain't get under that bed, both our asses are screwed.
At the time I had no idea how or what was going to happen when I entered the small hallway. I didn't have time to jump into the shower or anything.
Oh well, fuck it. I just won't let him eat me out.
It was routine for him to go straight to the fridge after walking in. I tiptoed toward the foyer to glance in the mirror to fix my hair because I knew it was a wreck. Then I posted myself leaning against the living room wall facing the kitchen. At first he didn't realize I was there. I watched him close the fridge door and turn around. His eyes finally met my naked body.
“Hi, honey, how was your day?”
He smiled. “It's about to be a whole lot better.” He pulled me toward him and gently kissed my neck.
“Ahh, baby, this such a nice surprise.” He palmed my ass with his right hand and gently played with my nipple with his left. “Come on, let's go to the bedroom. I got something for you.” He started to remove his clothes and dropped them to the floor.
My heart started to beat a little faster. I wasn't about to act nervous and give myself away. I had it good and I wasn't going to fuck it up over some side dick. “Give it to me now, baby. No need for the bed.” I tried to lure him away from the thought of needing a bed.
“No, baby, I want to make love to my wife.” He picked me up into his arms and carried me into the bedroom.
I was so fucking scared when he laid me on the bed, I could barely breathe correctly.
“Baby, you okay?” my husband asked noticing my sudden hesitation to take in air.
“I'm fine, sweetie. Show me what you got for me.” I pulled him closer to me and kissed him passionately.
Fuck it. Tony just gonna have to hear it, moans and all.
“Stick it in me, baby.” I pulled on both my nipples and opened my legs wide.
His little thumbsy stood at great attention ready to be swallowed by my gushing river. He was no bigger than six inches, but he sure could eat some pussy and his pockets was never-ending which made up for anything he was lacking.
“Ooh wee, look at my sugar. It's so wet. Was you starting without me?” His fingers passed over my wet opening. “Let me taste some of my honey.” He scooted down between my legs like a happy little nerd seeing pussy for the first time.
“No, no, no, I want you now. Put it in me. I need it.” I rolled over and cocked my ass in the air. Once I felt his hips against my ass I put on the show, bucking my ass, screaming all types of dirty, nasty shit to get his ass off. It only took a few minutes of embarrassing phrases that Tony would definitely throw back in my face at a later date. I didn't care. This just had to be over with in a hurry.
“Turn over. Pull your legs back.”
I flipped onto my back and pulled my ankles to the back of my ears. He slipped himself into one of my holes. At that point I really didn't give a shit which hole he stuck it into just as long as his thumbsy ass got off and I could get Tony's ass out of my house.
With a few more thrusts it was over. Immediately I wiggled from under him thinking of Tony down below. “Don't tell me that's all you have. Let's go take a shower. I want you to control those new power streams we just got installed.” I winked and hopped off the bed. I bent over and shook my butt so he didn't have a reason to pass up the offer. I closed my eyes and slowly headed to the bathroom. I started to count silently,
one, two, thr . . .
Then there it was: the sound of him easing off the bed.
Thank goodness.
“I'm right behind that fat ass.” He ran up behind me and smacked my ass hard.
All I was thinking about was getting his ass in there. I was definitely going to keep his ass in there for a while.
Shit, that stupid motherfucker, Tony, probably won't get the hint!
I hurried into the bathroom, heading straight to the shower. I opened the glass door and Mark was right behind me.
“Ooh, baby, do you want your little friend to play?” I'd been neglecting his needs so I knew this would get me back in the room for a quick second.
“Yeah, let me go—”
I latched on to his biceps. “No, baby, let me go get it. Besides I want to make an entrance. Just tap on those buttons and get it steamy in here. Get ready for me, big boy.” I let his arm go and exited the shower. “I'll be right back. Don't you follow me, you'll ruin the surprise.”
“Hurry your ass up then,” he said with a chuckle.
I rushed out the bathroom door and closed it quickly behind me. I didn't see Tony. I panicked; I dove to the floor, raised the bed curtain, and looked under the bed. I whispered, “Tony. Tony.”
Suddenly a wet touch hit my ass crack. I jumped and knocked my head against the bottom of the king-sized bed. “Fuck!” When I turned around Tony was standing over me stroking his manhood and licking his lips. Oh, damn, there was only one answer for that pose. It was pure lust and symptoms of a whore-like mental disorder that filled my body. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom door. I held on to the doorknob and bent over. As I looked back at him I whispered, “Just a few strokes then get your clothes out the hallway closet and get the fuck out.”
For the next three minutes he pushed into my flesh like a bucking bull.
Damn, that shit feels so fucking good.
“Tony, enough.” I stood up still holding on to the doorknob and turned around with Tony still wanting more. “Move your ass. My husband has two guns in this bedroom alone. I don't think you want to die with the label ‘rapist' on your headstone. Trust me he would.” With those words his movement became urgent. I didn't even get a good-bye kiss. I laughed to myself.
Now back to the matter at hand.
Feeling more comfortable that Tony was gone I walked over to my armoire and opened it. I pulled out my eight-inch strap-on and got it on. I took a tube of KY jelly out and squirted some onto the head of my new dick.
Yes, baby, here I come. This should earn me a few days of alone time.
The thought of the reward after fucking him in the ass was enough for me to get off. Without any hesitation I headed into back into the bathroom to do my husband right.
BOOK: Sharing the Sheets
9.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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