Silverspoons Series: Another Billionaire Baby - Book II

BOOK: Silverspoons Series: Another Billionaire Baby - Book II

Ayana Simmons moved from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Mexico to become Independent and jump start her career off by joining her cousin's Law firm.

Her life was on track and going in the direction she chose, until she met Atticus Escobar. She didn't believe in love at first sight until Atticus released his charm on her. Even her cousin warned her how the Escobar men were over-the-top with their flattering ways, she didn't take heed. Ayana's heart fell to a point of no return.

She also heard rumors of how the Escobar men were players, and had their fill with women. And the situation with her cousin and Atticus' brother didn't deflect her either. Her strong southern background and collegiate training couldn't prepare her for the relationship she was about to share with Atticus.

Atticus loved women, but he knew how he felt about Ayana. He just wasn't sure if he was ready to commit. He knew he didn't want to be without her, but nobody was going to force or railroad him into during nothing he wasn't ready to do, not even Ayana. Coming from a strong dominant family of men, Atticus was no different.

Could their love withstand the trails they faced, which included battling insecurities, as well as traumatic life and death situations?

Silverspoons Series:

Another Billionaire Baby








Shelby Clark

Silverspoons Series: Another Billionaire Baby

Copyright © September 2013, Shelby Clark

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Shelby Clark

Pikesville, MD 21208

Cover art by Kimberly Killion © September 2013

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This ebook is dedicated to my husband, family, and friends who helped, as well as supported me, to make my dreams a reality.

Chapter One

Ayana lay in her bed waiting impatiently. Her body burned with desire. She longed to be touched and caressed. With no clothes on, prepping and positioning herself, her hunger for attention grew. Giddiness and chuckles filled her as she listened to the footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Hurry! What took you so long? Why do you torture me so, man? Do you like seeing me suffer?” Ayana yelled as her bedroom door swung opened.

Atticus entered. The room was filled with incense smells and lit candles. He was dressed from head to toe in business attire. His six-foot stature made her look shorter than she was, which she didn’t mind because she loved tall men.

His hair was cold black and a little wavier than anyone else in his family, but occasionally he would straighten it out with mousse or sculptured gel. He was the shortest of his father and brother. Ayana loved how his milky skin always looked smooth and soft. It made her long to touch him.

Leaning against the door post before being completely inside the room he just gazed upon Ayana’s body. She knew he liked viewing her in her birthday suit. Giving him an eye full, Ayana lay so he could observe all his favorite elements.

The flames of the candles reflected in his eyes, turning her on all the more. He walked in slowly and began to undress while still staring at every inch of her body. Stopping in front of her, he let his fingers accompany his study. Touching her ankles, continuing up her thigh to pause at her tender round cheeks, he helped himself to a nice squeeze.

“Mm.” He sighed. “If I wasn’t so tired, I wouldn’t mind helping myself to this wonderful dish. It looks and smells nice in here.”

Atticus dropped to the side of the bed. Ayana began to get even more excited. She jumped to her knees and leaned toward him. He gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead.

“I didn’t think I was going to make it here, but I realized your place is closer than mine to the business, so I came.”

“So, you were going to have me waiting for you and not show up?! How’s everything going over at Escobar Telecom Communications, anyway? Are you fitting into that CFO position now?”

“Everything is good. In fact, business is increasing even more. Ayana, I’m so tired, babe! I worked sixteen hours today. August and I are working some new acquisitions. Can we pick this up in the morning?” he stated as he lay back on her queen sized bed.

“Shh! No more talk of work,” Ayana instructed as she put her finger over his mouth. “I got you, babe. I’m going to help rejuvenate you in twenty second. Here, let me help remove your clothes.”

Atticus closed his eyes while he was being undressed. Ayana knew she had to act fast for it’d take no time at all before he would drift off into a deep sleep. She pulled his pants off with one jerk from his pants cuff. His designer boxers followed due to the swift pull.

“Aw yeah! That’s what I’ve been waiting for!” She moaned quietly.

Atticus still didn’t make a sound…until her warm wet mouth engulfed his cock. She watched his response to her actions.

“Mm. What the…”

Ayana felt his instant hardness. She knew she was bringing him back. Just as quickly as she could get him to fall asleep with her ministrations, she could get him excited. She was craving him bad, and being head strong, Ayana was determined to take what she wanted. Massaging his shaft with her wet tongue slowly and gently, while sucking on the head of his shaft always ignited his fire. Tonight wasn’t going to be any different. Increasing her strokes, she noticed his slanted eyes. She had his complete attention.

“Ah, woman, what are you doing to me? You know I can’t sleep now. I’m going to pay for this in the morning. I have an early meeting, but this feels too good to ignore.”

Ayana continued licking and manipulating as she closed her own eyes in enjoyment.

“Mm, you taste so good. I love licking your cock!”

She allowed her mouth to create more liquid warmth. The wet, juicy sounds turned him on even more.

“Yeah, ooh, babe, I love the way it looks in your mouth,
, you’re doing that so well. You have my full attention now! My rod is so swollen. Ah, ah yeah, I love it! Damn, woman, I can’t believe you got me this hot for you so fast.”

That’s right, I know what I’m doing with this big boy. I know how to handle him. He’s all mine. I’m not sharing this Johnson with no other woman. I refuse to! I claim ownership. That’s why I’m going to lick it good so you won’t forget my influence over your thick, big cock.

Ayana slid her tongue down his shaft to his mounds, holding them inside her mouth. She made a humming sound, stimulating them. She knew this would enhance his craving for her. Atticus sat up and pulled her towards him. Her full breasts caught his gaze. He cupped them and began to nibble on her nipples. Hot moisture flowed between Ayana’s legs.

“Ooh, babe, that feels so good! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I can’t get enough of you. I want to slide down on you, right now.”

Oh, babe, I love it when you handle my breasts. It makes me come instantly.

“Come on then, what are you waiting for? I want you to bounce your pussy on my cock. Show me how much you want it. You’ve woken me up now,” Atticus growled as he held onto her tightly as he pulled for her.

Ayana resisted and leaned toward the night stand and reached into the drawer. She opened a new box of condoms and pulled one out.

“Here! We don’t want any surprises like August and Tess, do we?”

“You’re right, I’ve got too much going on with the business. Plus, I may be leaving and doing some traveling soon…hm…what size is this? I’m just asking. Remember, the last ones you gave me were too small and it broke just when I was coming.”

“I remember, these are a size large…wait…what…what did you say before…you’re leaving?”

No, papi, I don’t want you to leave. We barely get to make love anymore as it is. I have to make him enjoy me to the point he can’t bear to leave me.

“I might…soon…I’ll tell you about it later. Give me a second to put this on.”

Atticus took the rest of his clothes off, now as nude as Ayana. He slid back onto the bed with a grin on his face. Ayana was a little concerned about his earlier comment. It was hard for her to focus now. But when Atticus stroked his erection, she quickly forgot all about it. She had to get all the love she could for the time being and remind him what she meant to him.

“So you started this, let’s see if you can complete it.”

“Oh, I’m going to bring it, babe! You can believe that. I want you to remember this, especially when you’re keeping company with all your female counterparts at work.”

She climbed onto Atticus and straddled him, sliding down his body slowly. Atticus’s eyes rolled as his head feel back to the bed post.

“Ah, yeah! This is some good pussy! Let me see you ride it,” he demanded through gritted teeth.

Ayana arched as she leaned back some. She rested her hand on his leg behind her as she locked her arm to support herself, and started out with slow grinding.

! This is my favorite. I love fusing my body to yours. Our skin looks so good together doesn’t it?”

He held onto her hips encouraging her movements.

“Mm, yes, babe, it really does. Come on! I want to see your ass move faster.”

She did a one eighty while still in the straddle position, lowered her chest, and arched her back deeper to raise her cheeks—giving Atticus full view of her ass and his cock inside her tunnel.

That looks so good!”

Ayana began bouncing up and down vigorously onto Atticus. He watched as her cheeks vibrated simultaneously. Her mission was to make his mind explode and cause him to lose control. She pounded harder and faster, but she didn’t realize that she too would have the same reaction.

Oh my god, his cock feels so wonderful. I need you, Atty, I’m so in love with you. I adore the way we make love to each other. It’s so wonderful.

“Woman, I can’t just sit here watching your juices wet my pole up. I need to regain control! Ah, come here, I’m in charge now! You will not subdue me!”

Atticus grabbed her waist and held her in her kneeled position as he rose to his knees. He began to stroke her from behind.

“Wait, babe! No, not this way. I can’t handle it like this…”

“I know. But I can, and it gives me easy access. Ooh, yes, I love it this way…Ah, ah, shit yeah, hmm..”

“Oh no, stop, I can’t, babe, ooh, ah, ah! Please, babe, I didn’t know you were going to swell this much. Let me rest a bit.”

Atticus drilled harder and faster. “Do you really want me to stop, babe?”

“Aye! No,
, no!” Ayana cried.

“I didn’t think so. You want more don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. I really do, but it feels too good! I can’t stop coming! Ah—” She moaned.

Oh my god, oh my god, I’m going to scream in here!

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