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Slammed #3

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Bad Boy Frat Series)


Claire Adams


book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are
products of the writer's imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not
to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual
events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.


© 2015 Claire Adams


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I came back to myself all at once as I lay in Zack’s
arms, floating in some place between asleep and awake. Zack’s body was pressed
to mine, and I loved the sensation of his warm, velvet-soft skin, the steady
thrumming of his heartbeat in my ear as I lay there with my face pressed to his
chest. Half-asleep, Zack trailed his hands over my curves slowly, not trying to
turn me on again, but caressing me lazily, producing a comforting tingle along
my skin. I wanted to hang in that delicious state of almost-asleep forever; I
wasn’t tired, but I had a bone-deep satisfaction that flowed through me,
lighting up my veins, crackling through my nervous system. I thought idly that
it would be nice to just keep lying there, and maybe wake up from the dreamy
state just to roll over onto Zack and kiss him into another tryst.

Through the thick fog of satisfaction, I realized that
it had been lunch when I stormed out of the dining hall—and that I still had
classes for the day. I sat up quickly and looked at the clock on my desk; it
was just after two. My heart beat a little faster. I had a class in twenty
minutes; I needed to get ready.

“Hey,” I said, giving Zack’s shoulder a shake. “I
need to get to class.”

Zack stirred, opening his eyes and giving me a lazy

“What time is it?” He stretched and I couldn’t quite
tear my gaze away from the sight of his naked body; he was all rippling muscle,
with slight tan lines where his football gear sat, the skin paler there. I
shook away my distraction and looked around for my clothes.

“It’s two. Or just after.”

Zack sat bolt upright in my bed and looked around
until his gaze fell on the clock.

“Shit. I
run too—or
I’ll be late to practice.”

He leaped off of the bed and grabbed for his clothes
on the floor, a faint smile lingering on his lips. I put a robe on, telling
myself I’d get dressed after he left; I was too distracted by the sight of him
moving, taking in his tight, rounded ass, his muscled legs and thick shoulders
as he pulled on his boxers, throwing his shirt over his head and then stepping
into his jeans. Zack caught me staring and laughed, taking a moment to step up to
me quickly and kiss me on the lips.

“Walk me out?” he asked.

I nodded, still tingling all over from the orgasm.

Jess was coming out of her room as Zack and I walked
to the door; I blushed as she caught my eye and winked at me, standing silently
next to the bathroom. Zack stopped in the entranceway and turned, wrapping his
arms around my waist and pulling my body against his. “One more,” he murmured,
brushing his lips
along mine and then kissing me harder, his
tongue probing my mouth for a few hot, fast moments before he broke away

“Catch you later,
he said with a little grin, opening the door. It was swinging shut behind him
and I reeled slightly, smiling like an idiot in spite of myself.

“Well, well, and well,” Jess said, crossing the room
and looking me up and down with a knowing glance. “Let me just guess what
you’ve been up to.”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh, shut up.” My cheeks were
burning, and I sat against the back of a chair, unable to help the smile that
kept tugging at my lips despite how embarrassed I felt. “He came and apologized
for being an asshole, that’s all.”

“Oh, so you accept all apologies naked in your
bedroom, I see.” I shoved Jess’ shoulder as she laughed.

“Okay, fine, we had sex again. It’s not that big a

Jess crossed her arms over her chest and looked me
up and down once more, snickering.

“You know, the way you stormed out of the dining
hall, I would not have thought you’d even let him in the room.”

I shrugged. “I wouldn’t have thought so either,” I
admitted. “I sort of opened the door before I even thought about it, and there
he was.”

I told her about what Zack had told me—that he had
intended to embarrass himself, not me, that it had been aimed at getting the stupid
girls at his table to shut up.

“I have to admit, I thought you were overreacting.
No one in the DH was actually laughing at you—they thought Zack was being an

“Yeah, well, it felt an awful lot like they were—and
I thought Zack was doing it just to be a jerk, like he didn’t mean it.”

“Be careful,
,” Jess
suggested. “But I will admit that announcing that he’s in love with you in
front of the entire dining hall is a pretty good indication that he feels
something at least. It was kind of romantic.”

I rolled my eyes. “It was dumb and silly. But I’m
glad he came and apologized to me. I made him promise no more public

“Well in fairness to him, the last one was all you.”

I shook my head, still smiling, and turned to go
back to my room.

“Oh! Did you by any chance think to grab my bag?” My
cheeks were burning again and I realized I had forgotten all about the fact
that I’d left my backpack behind in the dining hall when I’d fled Zack’s public
declaration of love.

“I did, in fact. What would you do without a
conscientious roommate like me?” Jess went into her bedroom and came back out a
moment later, carrying my backpack.

“If I didn’t have a conscientious roommate like you
I wouldn’t have been the subject of two very embarrassing public displays
because I would have never run into Zack at the party you made me go to.”

“So then, you still wouldn’t be getting laid, is
what you’re saying.”

I couldn’t say anything to that—she was,
technically, right. “I can get my own guys!” I shouted as Jess sauntered back
to her room.

I had to hurry to get ready; there was my assignment
for class to print out, and of course I couldn’t walk across campus in my
bathrobe. I found my clothes and put them on while I printed my assignment for
the class, humming along with the music still playing on my computer. My body
was tingling still, and I could feel a ghost of the sensation of Zack’s cock
inside of me, the lingering wetness between my thighs from the sex we’d had.


I managed to make it to class on time, hurrying
across campus and avoiding everyone’s gaze as my cheeks burned. I didn’t know
how many of the people I passed on the walkways had seen Zack’s pronouncement
of love in the dining hall—or how far the word of it had spread throughout
campus since I’d gone back to my room. It had been an hour and a half since I’d
run back to my dorm—so it could have easily spread throughout half the campus
already. I wondered, feeling mortified, if someone had gotten a video of it;
they probably had.

Once I was in class, I tried to turn my thoughts
firmly onto the task at hand, but I found my attention straying every few
minutes. I imagined Zack at practice, running through plays, doing the standard
exercises that seemed to always
up for football
players. I assumed that the routine at the college level wasn’t that different
from what I had seen Zack work through when we had been dating in high school;
there were only so many ways that a team could practice. I thought, remembering
the article I had turned in and the stakes of the last game, that running plays
and staying in fighting shape were more important than ever for the team. As
long as they managed to win the next big game, our team would go on to national
championships—a major bowl game that could bring fame to our school. If Zack
were the man in charge of the team when that happened, he’d have a permanent
reputation at the college for years to come.

In a flash, I remembered Zack’s hands on me, the
image of him in my mind firmly replacing the thoughts of him virtuously at
practice, focused on running plays. My cheeks burned with a deep blush as I
played through the way Zack buried his face between my legs, my mind sending
ghostlike jolts of remembered sensation through my body as I tried not to squirm
in my seat, heat rushing through my body from head to toe. When we had dated in
high school, Zack had been okay with his hands—I could easily remember him
getting me off with his fingers—but he’d never been too interested in going
down on me. I shivered in the memory of how enthusiastic he had become.

I took notes mindlessly, hearing and not hearing the
lecture going on in the front of the classroom, thinking about the strange set
of events that had led to having Zack in my bed. I smiled to myself, remembering
the sight of him stretching; the thick, dark patch of hair tangled around the
base of his cock, the ripple of his abdominal muscles, the deep cut of his hip
bones. I felt giddy and satisfied, worried and contented all at once, and I
knew—in a sudden flash—that I was every bit as infatuated with Zack as I had
been in high school, that it would be incredibly easy to fall head over heels
in love with him just the way I had before. The thought of that gave me a
moment’s pause. I had fallen completely and totally in love with Zack when we’d
dated in high school, and he had ended up breaking up with me—he had left. We
were in the same position in college as we’d been when we’d first started
dating; even if we lasted the semester, and then
what would happen when it came time for Zack to graduate?

But it was too soon to be worrying about what would
happen years in the future. For the moment, I could let myself think of Zack
without too much danger. He was undoubtedly every bit as hot as he’d been when
we’d dated before, but he’d changed too. He was better in bed by far than he
had ever been when we were both in high school. The subject of Zack apparently
going to the library every day tugged at my mind; was he really studying? If he
was, then he had definitely changed. If he was goofing off, then it was a
little strange that he would pick that location. I felt a flush of heat rush
through my body as I remembered the time we had sex, on the couch of his frat
house; I thought about how he had seduced me so easily, kissing me until I was
so turned on I couldn’t have formed the word no if I had wanted to—and I
certainly didn’t want to. I shivered as I remembered how eagerly he had buried
his face against my pussy, sucking and licking until he brought me to an intense

I went from one class to another and still couldn’t
shake the thought of Zack; I relived the acute embarrassment of his impulsive
decision to apparently announce his love of me to as much of the campus at one
time as he could. I saw him in my mind’s eye climbing up onto the table and
getting every last person’s attention, looking at the girls and the guys at his
table before telling everyone,
“I want
everyone to know that I am stupidly, head-over-heels, hung up on Evelyn
Jackson. She’s the only girl for me. No one else could ever compare with her.”
I couldn’t quite make myself believe that he was actually in love with me, per
se; but when I thought about the way he’d done something so rash and stupid to
shut up the girls making fun of me, I had to admit that my reaction had been a
bit much.

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