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With the pliers, he moved lower, down her stomach and then between her legs, nudging open her wet slit with the cold metal and rubbing the blunted nose of the tool up and down.

“That’s better. Good girl.”

He held her eyes but did not smile his approval. Rachael had control over herself again and she would not falter this time. She would please him and thus please herself.

Eric moved the metal back up to her left nipple and let the nose of the pliers hover there, almost tickling the sensitized flesh. The torture was incredible, but she would not cry out for satisfaction. She would remain calm, still, controlled, and please her master.

She watched as he opened the tool and nestled her taut bud within. Eric regarded her intently, staring deep into her eyes, his brow furrowing as he concentrated on her face for signs of movement, the slightest reaction to the sensation of blissful pain. Rachael concentrated hard on controlling, stifling, all outward signs of pleasure.

The pliers closed and Eric twisted then pulled. Rachael’s only reaction was to close her eyes as the sharp stab went through her like a white hot needle. Her womb clenched and fluttered with her excitement, but she allowed herself enjoyment only on the inside.

Eric removed the tool from her left nipple and lightly traced it between her breasts, sliding the cool metal over to her right nipple that stood erect and waiting. “You are pleased, slave.” He gave a slow, smug smile and pulled the pliers back, tapping them against his chin as she waited in silent torment.

He stood and walked away from her, turning and dropping to his haunches a short distance from Rachael. “Will you ever stand me up like that again, slave? That was very disobedient of you, you know.” Eric kissed the pliers and then dropped them to the floor between his knees as he squatted, glaring at her with narrowed eyes.

Rachael licked her lips and looked to the pliers on the floor and then to his face. She knew satisfaction would not be granted if she did not give him an explanation for her transgression. She swallowed to moisten her dry throat before she spoke. “May I have permission to speak, master?”

He nodded slowly, still watching her with an intent, cold stare that made her wish he’d fuck her while he used those pliers on her nipples to twist and squeeze.

She looked down, trying to feign a demure demeanor for his pleasure. “I admit, I think part of me wanted to,” Rachael bit her lip, “wanted to goad you into this. I was eager to have some time alone with you, master, and you have been busy, preoccupied with the band and launching the tour to support the CD, and I have not wanted to bother you.” She swallowed. She was rambling now and she knew it. Time to wrap it up. Rachael didn’t want to anger Eric further and have her pleasure denied completely.

He ran the tip of the pliers over his lips as he stared at her, showing no emotion on his face as he studied her. “So, you thought you would make me look like a fool and let me down by not coming to the show, just to get me here for your selfish pleasures?”

She dropped her head. “N-no…it wasn’t like that, Eric—master. I wasn’t trying to intentionally hurt you…” Rachael bit back tears, and was furious at herself for the sudden emotional impulse to cry. This relationship with Eric was so new and, truly, she cared for him deeply. He was a deep, intelligent soul, and they had so much in common—shared the same views. She didn’t want her rash stupidity to spoil things between them.

He came near again and studied her for a moment, then reached forward and, with a gentle hand, wiped tears from her cheeks. “I know you didn’t mean to hurt me.” He smiled tenderly, and in that moment she saw again just how sexy his dark looks truly made him. “You want to be a good girl. I feel that, baby.” He yanked her head forward and kissed her roughly, raw and deep. “You’ve proven your devotion to me,” he said when their lips parted. “Keep doing that and maybe I’ll fuck you tonight.”

Excitement zinged through her belly at the prospect.

He returned to where he’d set the candle down and brought it back to where she sat bound. Her heart drummed louder and louder in her ears when he slowly tipped the holder. Wax fell toward her breasts in slow motion.

“If you don’t scream, I’ll fuck you, slave.”

The wax sizzled when it met her creamy flesh and trickled down over her rosy nipples. She bit her lip until the iron tang of blood filled her mouth. The pain shouted through her head, through her every nerve. A raw, all-encompassing searing that made her feel as if her every pore opened up and bled sensation. Inside, she thrashed and shrieked. Outside, she remained a bastion of disciplined calm.

He lowered the candle and aimed the wax at her nipple this time, letting this blazing liquid melt into the taut tip. Her teeth squeaked she grit them so hard. She fisted her hands in her bonds until they went numb, but still she did not cry out, did not move and inch in response. So high was she now on the combination of suffering and euphoria, she thought she might faint.

“Very good, slave,” he said, and he left her long enough to put the candle back in place. “Very good.” He knelt and stroked sweat-damp hair from her face then rained kisses across her brow and down her cheeks. “I think you’ve earned a fucking.”

Eric took his time undressing in front of her. The candle light gleamed against his white skin, throwing shadows over the curves of muscle in his pecs, arms, and flat stomach. Once more her pussy throbbed. She was mad and hungry with need. Inside, she was a feral beast shrieking for release and to please her master.

He also took his time unchaining her. Her master was making a statement, reminding her who was in charge of her pleasure, reminding her not to disobey or shame him ever again. She paid attention, but the willful side of her being was already thinking of other ways to be insubordinate and earn another punishment just like this one.

“Stand, slave, and move away from the chair.”

With head down and gaze focused on the floor, she did as he told her. Eric moved like a lithe cat as he strode behind her and sat in the spot she’d just vacated.

“Turn and face me.”

She obeyed, trying not to stare at his thick, pinkish brown erection. Her eyes wanted to rivet to the fat, purplish head that was pierced. Soon it would be inside of her, the steely ball through the glans rubbing her g-spot perfectly until she could contain the orgasm no longer. Her cunt shuddered with the need to be filled by him.

As if sensing her thoughts, he reached between his legs and stroked his magnificent cock. “Do you want to fuck it, slave? Are you hungry for that? Tell me.”

Her voice was hoarse when she spoke. “Yes, please, master. I want to fuck it so bad.”

His chuckle was dark and cruel. “Suck it first. Let your mouth show me how much you want this in your pussy. If you do a good job, I’ll let you ride me and make sure you come hard.”

She nodded and dipped to her knees. Her gaze molded to his erection as her hand wrapped around the shaft and she took the glans in her mouth. She swirled her tongue beneath the ridge, tongued the piercing jutting from his head, and he growled out a moan. His hands fisted in her hair and he pulled her down farther on his cock until the glans rubbed against the back of her throat and she nearly choked on his girth.

She swallowed around him and he groaned again as he thrust in and out, fucking her face with slow, deep strokes. Her mouth tasted every inch of him and relished it. Salty pre-cum trickled down her throat. When she deep throated him again, her tongue swept out over his balls. This made him fuck her face swifter, harder, until she gagged a few times from the force of his pumping.

“Very good, slave,” he said, drawing his cock from her lips. He tucked his fingers beneath her chin and made her look up at him. “I am pleased, so now you’ll receive pleasure too. Come hard for me. Cry out. Show me your bliss.”

He pulled her up by her shoulders then his fingers dug into her hips until it stung. He commanded she put the condom he handed her on his cock, and she was delighted to do so. Touching him was always her dark heaven. With a rough jerk forward, he positioned her over his thick shaft and rammed all eight inches of his hardness deep inside her. She cried out, hoping to please her master with her show of bliss. As he fucked her, he took one abused nipple between his teeth and tugged hard on it, rolled it between his pearly whites until tears sprang into her eyes. Then he switched to the other, torturing it until she shivered atop him and shrieked out loud and long.

His hands molded to her ass and he spanked her—one strike, two, three—while their lovemaking grew more carnal. She folded over him now, growing limp from the overload of ecstasy. Her face buried into the curve of his neck. Once more she hovered on the brink of orgasm, only this one threatened to be so intense it would shatter her world wide open.

He guided her up just enough so he could reach between them with one hand, while he continued to spank her with the other. The one now nestled between them pinched her clit hard, making her gasp and whimper. No part of her was safe from this sublime torment he delivered.

He drove his cock deeper, harder, and her eyes fluttered closed as they rolled back in her head. With another slap and another cruel pinch to her clitoris, she came hard as she rode him. Her every muscle quivered from the explosive release. She clung to him, gasping for air as he fucked her until he too found climax.

They sat still joined in the chair, their bodies heaving as they regained their senses and breath.

“Perhaps this punishment was a mistake,” he whispered after he kissed the side of her ear. “I may have led you to misbehave again.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and snuggled as close as she could. “I’m beginning to think that was your motive. I could get used to more discipline like this.”

“Then come on tour with me,” he said before biting her shoulder.

She gasped out, surprised by this fresh pain. “Of course, master.” Her heart flooded with renewed bliss at this prospect. Night after night of sweet torture. “If it pleases you, it pleases me.”


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Read an excerpt from a sizzling Wild & Lawless bdsm erotic romance release,
Surrender To His Pleasure (Surrender Series Volume 7)
by Anita Lawless.

Surrender To His Pleasure

By Anita Lawless

“And then she said ‘Your dress is too short, honey,” the little blonde at his side chirped. “Can you believe it? Who is she to tell me whether my dress is too short or not…”

Her words melted into the blur of voices surrounding him. At one time, Nash would’ve already sweet talked her phone number out of her. She was cute, even if she was a chronic chirper. Instead he just let the woman yammer on about whatever and gave a noncommittal “Ummhmm,” when he thought he should. His mind wasn’t on getting laid tonight. Hadn’t been on it in a while. Not since Fiona walked out of his life six months ago.

Sure, there had been women. There had been sex. But every partner he took to his bed wore her face. His ex-wife was determined to haunt him to his grave.

His brother Thomas appeared in the crowd and moved swiftly toward him. Just as the little blonde wrapped a hand around his bicep, Thomas stopped in front of him.

“You busy?” Thomas’ gaze darted from Nash to the blonde.

“Nah, what do you need?” Nash stood up and the little blonde pouted. He murmured, “Sorry, honey,” to the tiny chirper and then focused on his brother/boss.

“Got a situation in one of the private rooms.” He pointed a thumb toward the balcony that wrapped around the second floor of the club. “I need some muscle to back me up.”

Nash called to Bernie, who was deep in conversation with a curvy brunette near the bar. “Take over for me.”

Bernie nodded and left the lady to take up Nash’s post. The little blonde brightened when the tall, well muscled Scandinavian took the stool Nash just vacated. She reached up and rubbed Bernie’s bald head and snuggled close.

Nash followed his brother through the crowd toward the wrought iron, spiral staircase that led to the private rooms. He’d worked as a bouncer at Claim Me, a Surrender Inc. BDSM club, for a few months now. His brother bought the place to add to his list of investments. Thomas mainly earned his money in casinos—something Nash teased him about, saying this made him a walking cliché: an aboriginal who acquired his wealth through a string of gambling joints. But now he was moving into the domination and submission trade with this place. Then main floor was a night club, complete with a bar, dance floor, booming hip hop, and bodies writhing. Scattered through it were faux rooms with glass walls through which patrons could watch BDSM scenes. A femdom flogging her submissive. A towering dom spanking his mistress. Whatever your pleasure, Claim Me had it. But the real action happened in the private rooms upstairs.

BOOK: Slave To Her Wicked Desires
3.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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