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So Into You

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was love at first sight for Phil Cooper. One look at the coolly beautiful Casey
Andrews and Phil was hooked. Since then, she’s forged a successful career and
Phil has become a friend and admirer who
her tastes
in coffee and muffins.

Phil content? Not really. But he’s not about to risk what he has in pursuit of
something he thinks he can never have.
Until opportunity
hammers on the wall of his cubicle and presents him with the chance to take
Casey out to dinner.

enjoys and appreciates
he’s funny, reliable and
attractive. But she doesn’t date much, preferring to keep her life and her
solitude to herself. So she’s a little surprised to find herself accepting
Phil’s offer of dinner. Must’ve been a weak moment, or perhaps it was his warm

it was, that evening opens doors between them, and they’re both stunned by the
intensity of the attraction. Casey knew Phil was interested in her but she
didn’t expect her body
ignite beneath his kisses.
Passion flares between them, and the affair quickly engulfs them. Phil shows
Casey in more ways than one what he means when he tells her “I’m so into you…”






Copyright Carpenter/Kelly 2012
Cover by S.L.Carpenter for P and N Graphics, LLC
Copyright 2012



This story is dedicated to our
patient families, with thanks for putting up with our craziness during the
writing process—and at other times as well, to be honest. It also comes with a
big thank you to the readers who have supported our partnership for the last
decade and who continue to buy our books. So much has changed in the world of
digital publishing… sometimes it feels like we need scorecards to keep up with
the evolution of our business. But the foundation has never changed, never
faltered, and that solid base is you—the readers. We love to tell our stories
and hope you'll continue to find them entertaining. Let us know what you think?
Good or bad, your opinion matters. And it'll give us chance to thank you once
again for the years gone by—and invite you to share our enthusiasm for the ones
yet to come.

Chapter One

The sliver of light from the hallway
thinned to a whisper as the hotel door closed behind Casey. She turned and
bumped into Phil, a warm and solid mass of flesh that took her impact without

She lost her breath as her body hit
the masculine wall but her choking gasp was smothered as his hot mouth
enveloped hers. She matched his urgent heat, frantically seeking his embrace as
he tugged her closer. Their tongues tangled together in a passionate kiss.

His hands caressed her through the
thin fabric of her blouse until he impatiently pulled it loose, finding bare
skin and moving to cup her full breasts. She moaned with pleasure, encouraging
him, telling him without words that she was into every touch, every brush of
his fingers.

He pressed against her, grinding his
groin into her soft belly, simulating the sex he craved. With each passing
second his cock hardened, knowing it would soon be buried deep within her.

He took a second to catch his breath
in the darkness of the anonymous room. Only a faint beam of light from between
the drapes illuminated her for his appreciative gaze. Tracing the back of his
hand along her cheek and neck he felt her move into his touch.

He followed the soft path with
gentle kisses and closed his eyes—a moment frozen in time. His hand shook
slightly as sensations ran through him, electrifying his nerves. "You are
so beautiful".

Lungs filling with the soft perfume
she wore, he knew nothing in the world could make him walk away at that moment.
Lust enveloped him, hot blood pumping through his veins.

Phil battled for his customary
control. He hadn't made the mistake of losing it for a single night of unbridled
desires in a long time, and he didn't want to start now if he could help it.

Casey grasped his hand and lowered
it to her breast once more, whimpering at his touch. "Don't…
stop. I need you."

He was rigid, painfully hard within
the confines of his clothing. The emotions, and the need to feel wanted like
this, were powerful aphrodisiacs. It helped that a woman this hot found him
attractive, and when her hand grabbed his crotch he groaned and pressed himself
into her palm.

"Fuck, I want you so bad."
Her voice was low but ripped through his soul.

Her hand massaged his cock and his
desire to take over grew more and more intense. He squeezed her ample breasts,
feeling the buds erect and hard to his touch.

"Oh yes…yes, yes
The softly trailing moan signaled her pleasure in his attention.

She gripped his cock like a vice and
he held his breath as he fought the urge to erupt right then and there within
her massaging touch. He wanted to be deep inside her when this fury of sexual
need was vanquished.

Reaching down he pried her hand
away. "I need to breathe."

A soft chuckle crept from her lips
as she slid down the wall, pulling her arm free from his grasp. She spread her
legs apart; coming to rest low in front of him.

Phil looked down but the darkness
turned her into a shadow. Even that couldn't stop a bolt of yearning, a burn so
hot he knew their gazes had to be locked on each other. She tugged on buttons
to unfasten his pants, and he put both hands against the wall above her head,
sighing at the deep release of pressure when they loosened.

His underwear barely confined the
hardness as it strained for freedom. Casey moved his shirt up across his taut
abdomen and he felt his muscles involuntarily flex beneath her touch.

She peeled down his underwear, freeing
his cock at last. Phil's moan echoed through his body and into her hands where
they rested on his bare skin.

He could just make out the shape of
Casey's head moving close to his rigid arousal. Her lips kissed the swollen
head, sending shocks of pleasure up his spine.

"Fuuuuck….." This was a
fantasy come to life.

He managed to keep his eyes open
when she let her lips wrap around his thickness. She sucked softly and her
murmur of pleasure vibrated through him.

His reflex was to shove his hips
forward and drive his cock down her throat, ending this agony. It had been so
long he could sense that initial drop of passion seeping from his loins.

"Mmm, somebody's really ready
to go," teased Casey, making him smile. It turned into an open-mouthed
gasp as she took all of him into her wet heat.

The slurping sound filled his ears
and made his knees weaken. He wanted to fuck her so badly. His mind warped into
a state of unbridled carnal adventures and he could feel the saliva from her
mouth dripping between his balls.

Her hand reached around to grab his
ass and she almost swallowed him whole.

"Holy shit, oh
He needed to let go, to release everything that had built up inside him after a
day of flirtations and innuendoes. He'd imagined something like this, but now
having her in front of him—taking all of him into her mouth—made it real.

He clenched his jaw muscles, trying
to hold back, to make this feeling last. With a soft pop she freed him, and he
nearly fell to his knees.

"I want to taste you, baby. I
want to feel you come, I want to swallow you, suck you dry."

Before he could utter a word in
response, she grabbed his ass and pulled him against her, taking his cock in
her mouth once more.

She was merciless, suckling and
guiding his thrusts into what was nothing less than fucking her mouth.

Phil closed his eyes and threw his
head back, losing control at last and feeling the eruption spew from his cock.
Over and over, the spasms shook him to his core. His hips pushed forward, a
last desperate need to fuck that incredible mouth.

Sweat beaded across his forehead. He
could feel his heart thumping hard and thundering in his chest.

Casey wiped her chin on his loose
shirt, as sagged against the wall. His pants pooled around his ankles, and his
cock fell flaccid over balls emptied and sore. He figured he must be quite a
sight when she flicked the light on, but at that moment he honestly didn't

She ran her hands through her hair
and turned toward the room, casually reaching behind herself and unzipping her
dress. He watched as she let it fall down her body revealing red silky
lingerie, another of his weaknesses.

"You'd better get ready 'cause
there's a pussy in dire need of attention here." She glanced at him over
her shoulder, a look of pure sensual mischief. "Phil! Are you listening to

Phil! Are you listening to
or staring at my cleavage? You are
a pervert." Hands on
hips, Casey glared at Phil as he sat in his cubicle.

"Huh?" He and reality
collided with a sickening thud. "Sorry. I was miles away." He
couldn't get up from his chair because of the massive hard-on he'd developed
during his daydream.

He hadn't been miles away…that was a
lie. Casey was on the other side of the same floor, and fantasizing about her
had become a routine part of his day. Other people took coffee breaks or went
outside for a smoke. Phil took fantasy breaks.

Another couple of minutes in this
one, and he would have been balls deep in the ultimate woman. He didn't know
whether to be happy or sad when he heard the tap of her heels take her away
from his desk.

Sighing heavily, he turned back to
his computer and risked a peek over the top, watching her talking and motioning
with her hands to the other women standing with her. They shook their heads and
shrugged, looking pointedly at him, then quickly in the other direction. But it
made no difference. Two years of working for the same company as Casey, and he
was still obsessed.

She was the woman of his dreams, his
goddess, and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. He'd been well and
truly skewered by that damn Cupid and his little frickin' arrow. First time
he'd seen her, his world had shifted three degrees to the right and he'd
known—right down to his toes—that she was special. Of course he'd heard about
love at first sight. He'd snorted in derision like most guys, and never given
it another thought.

he had met Casey.
And lost his
heart in the same moment.

didn't mean he lived like a monk, of course. Having a
goddess of one's own was okay for the fantasies and the hotly pornographic
shower dreams. But they were generally unobtainable. When it came to a real
social life, a guy needed a flesh-and-blood date to keep him warm. So Phil
dated. And generally enjoyed
in a lighthearted
way. No big commitments, no strings.
Sometimes some good sex.
But nothing that could honestly be classed as a

A few months ago he'd broken up with
a woman from reception, six floors down, and she'd demonstrated the truth of
his philosophy. He'd also been reminded that dating within one's working
environment wasn't always the smartest move.

Joan was attractive, perky and
clearly pleased to be seeing Phil. But it didn't take him too long to realize
there were no sparks. Not even a little flickering ember. So after some dating,
heavy petting and a couple of oral sex sessions, he called it quits as kindly
as he could.

He had a sneaking suspicion that she
was already using the "r" word in her own mind and it was time he
called a halt to the whole thing. She wasn't too pleased, but hadn't thrown a
cocktail at him or attempted to castrate him with a nail file, so he prepared
himself to be reviled for a while in the hopes that she'd move on. He didn't
really mind the evil-eyes flashing at him from some of the girls in the admin
offices. He knew a box of expensive chocolates at the holidays would smooth
things over.

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