So Much Trouble When She Walked In

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So Much













Volume 11



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So Much








When Maximillian Davidoff meets Silken McCullen little does
he know how much trouble will follow in her wake.  The woman practically gets
him thrown out of an establishment he could have purchased without a thought. 
And then, as if that weren't bad enough, she bulldozes her way into his life
and proceeds to act like she's in charge.  He soon finds out that there's a
whole lot of woman packed into that petite bundle.


Silken McCullen has always had a feisty streak but no matter
how she tries to curb her fiery nature it's forever getting her in trouble. 
When she first meets Maximillian Davidoff it is under less than ideal
circumstances...particularly because her temper clouds her judgment and she
ends up cursing him out.  It is only after she has given him a good piece of
her mind that she finds out that he is innocent of her charges.  Now it falls
on her to track him down and apologize.  But apologies come hard for Silken and,
before you know it, she's in a new kind of trouble with Max...but this time
it's oh, so sweet.


With Silken McCullen, trouble is always just around the




she looks good
.  Max took a sip of mineral water as he stared across the room
at the dark-haired beauty as she practically bounced her way to the bar. 
Petite and slender, she wore a white polo shirt and tennis skirt that exposed
legs that were tanned and toned.  She looked so full of energy that he couldn’t
help but smile.  She’d obviously just finished a round of tennis and had been
energized by it.  He, on the other hand, was brand new to the sports facility
in Cupertino and had just finished a work-out in the gym.  He’d been lax these
past few months and his return to weightlifting had left him drained.

girl leaned against the counter and gave the bartender a wave and a smile. 
“Hi, Peter.  The usual, please.”

man, big and burly with a bushy mustache that gave him the air of a rough
woodsman, gave her a welcoming smile and a nod.  “One bottle of ice-cold spring
water, coming right up.”

girl hopped up onto the barstool and stuck out her hand to grab the bottle of
water the bartender sent sailing along the smooth wooden surface.

your tab?” he asked, giving her a solicitous look.

usual, my man,” she said with a laugh then popped the cap off the bottle and
raised it to her lips.

then, the door to the back of the bar swung open and a gangly kid with a shock
of red hair and glasses walked in.  “Yow, Peter.  The boss needs you in the
office for a sec.  I’ll hold the fort till you get back.”

shrugged.  “Not much going on out here anyway, not at this time of day.”  Then
he tilted his chin toward the girl.  “Suave’s my only customer.  Make sure you
take care of her.”

thing,” the kid gushed as he hurried to position himself behind the bar.  He
had a twinkle in his eyes and a wide grin that told Max he was more than
stricken by the beauty perched on the stool.  But he looked seventeen, eighteen
max, while she looked like she was in her early twenties, probably twenty-three
or twenty-four.  Max couldn’t help but chuckle as he watched the boy approach
Good luck with that, kid.  She probably won’t even give you the time
of day

his surprise, the girl – Suave, the bartender had called her – actually engaged
in animated conversation with him, not seeming the least bit perturbed that he
was checking her out in his bumbling kind of way.  From what he could hear of
the conversation she had no problem with flattering his teenage ego.  He was
sure most women who looked like she did would have shooed him away at his first
stuttering utterance and at the first sight of his freckle-faced grin.  But not
this one.  She was the epitome of patience, he had to give her that much.

then another lone customer walked in, a man Max remembered seeing in the weight
room, and he plopped himself down on the stool right beside Suave.  “Hey, kid,
get me a beer.”  He jerked his head at the boy, dismissing him, and turned his attention
to the girl who kept her head straight and her eyes averted, obviously
disconcerted by the nearness of the man who had just arrived.

what’s your name, honey?” he asked as he leaned toward her, so close that she
jerked back.  “Hey, I’m not gonna bite.”  The man gave an exaggerated version
of a wounded look.  “I’m a lover, not a fighter.”  Then he gave her a sugary
smile.  “I’m Dirk, by the way.  I’m new here.  Want to show me around?”

brows knitted in a frown and she shook her head.  “I don’t think so,” she said,
her voice quiet but firm, then she began to slide off her stool.

you going?” The man’s hand shot out and encircled her upper arm.

gasped.  “Let go of me.”  She tried to pull away but his grasp must have been
too strong because instead of moving farther away she ended up just inches from
her tormentor.

a grunt Max shoved back his chair and got up.  Although it was technically none
of his business, damned if he was going to sit there and let that jerk harass a
defenseless girl.

before he could move she took matters into her own hands, pulled back her
sneakered foot and gave him a swift kick.

The man released her and grabbed his shin with both hands.  “What did you do
that for?” he shouted but by that time she was off the stool and flying across
the room and out the door.

expelled his breath but he didn’t sit back down.  He stood there, staring at
the frowning man until he looked around and caught Max’s narrowed gaze on him. 
That must have made him real uncomfortable because he gave a grunt, got up off
his stool and walked away, not even waiting for the beer the kid was bringing
over to him.

tightened his lips and shook his head.  No matter where you went you couldn’t
get away from the bozos.  They were like bugs in the woodwork.  You thought you
had an insect-free environment until one day one of them reared his ugly head.

kid, looking like he was still scared shitless by the burly bully, drew the mug
of beer toward him, dumped it in the sink then stared at the exit through which
Suave had disappeared. On his face was a forlorn, little-dog-lost look.

sorry for the kid, Max strode over and ordered a sports drink then struck up a
conversation with him.  It was almost funny the way the tension slid from the
boy’s face and soon he was busy blabbing about his surfing triumphs.

it’s like the best surfing ever.”  His eyes sparkled with excitement.  “You’ve
been to Waddell Creek?"

shook his head.  “Nope.  I’m pretty new to California.  Just moved here from
New York a month ago.”

gotta check it out, bro'.  It’s like way cool.”  He drew in a breath, looking
like he was getting ready to give a pretty detailed spiel about the merits of
Waddell Creek, when the big bartender walked back in.

good to go, Red.  The locker rooms ain’t gonna clean themselves.”

flash of disappointment crossed his face.  “Aaw.  I was just going to tell this
dude about the time I killed a crazy wave over at Waddell Creek.”

yeah.”  Peter waved a beefy hand at him.  “Now stop harassing the customer and
get going.”

kid heaved a sigh then dropped the dishcloth in the sink and headed out the
back.  He hadn’t so much as given Max a nod as a sign of courtesy at his
Yeah, well.  Kids

bartender pretty much ignored Max, busying himself with tidying up behind the
counter, so he turned his back to the bar and raised the last of the Gatorade
to his lips.  He was quaffing it down when a pretty picture caught his eye.

was the woman, Suave, who had left just minutes earlier.  She’d just burst in
through the door and this time she looked hopping mad.

Her dark eyes flashed with a blazing fire that hadn’t been there the first time
he'd seen her.  “You’re the jerk who goes around harassing helpless women, are
you?  Well, Mr. Big, Bold and Bad, let’s see how you handle me for a change.”

froze, his hand in the air, the bottle still to his lips.  Then he frowned and
slowly lowered his drink to the counter.  The woman was staring straight at him
and she was livid.

stared at her.  Had she mistaken him for her tormentor?  They were both
dark-haired, heavily muscled and wearing white T-shirts, but they looked
nothing alike.  How could she mistake him for the jerk?

so what’ve you got to say now, buster?  Cat got your tongue?”  Looking like she
had not even one ounce of fear, the woman walked right up to him and jammed her
fists on her hips.

this was taking things way too far.  What kind of game was this woman playing,
pretending like he’d done her wrong?  She was either seriously nearsighted or
freakin’ crazy.  “Listen, lady,” he began.  He got no further.

you listen.  When you feel like it makes you a man to grab a woman and manhandle
her then you’ve crossed the line, buddy.”  She thrust her face forward, close
enough for him to see the flecks of gold in her eyes.  “Do you know I could
have you charged for assault?”

hold on there now.”  Peter, his face turning a dark shade of red, planted his
brawny hands on the counter and scowled at Max.  “Was this guy harassing you?”

was harassing Suave.  He literally grabbed her, the brute.  I saw the marks on
her arm.”

Suave.  Grabbed her?  Why was the woman referring to herself in the third
person?  This was getting weirder by the minute.  But, weird or not, it was
time to put a stop to this drama.  “Lady, I don’t know what the hell you’re
talking about.  There was a guy here before, he was the one who was messing
with you-”

BOOK: So Much Trouble When She Walked In
11.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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