Some Things Never Change: An African American BWBM Urban Fiction Romance

BOOK: Some Things Never Change: An African American BWBM Urban Fiction Romance
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Things Never Change
She wants her love out of the game, he has one
more job...

complete romance, brought to you by Marian Grey of African American
Club (search us).

is an aspiring actress, who works at a fast food joint to make ends

is a handsome and ambitious partier, who does promotions at clubs
around the city.

two very different people about about to find out they could just be
the perfect match for each other!

Lou sees Wayne in a club, she's instantly attracted to the smooth
moving hunk.

when they finally meet, sparks fly.

Lou quickly finds out that Wayne isn’t all he appears to be.

his antics may be too much for this no-nonsense and headstrong woman.

Wayne be able to change his destructive ways to keep the girl of his

will he prove that despite the consequences, some things never

out in this emotional and steamy urban romance by Marian Grey of
African American Club (search us).

for over 18s only due to sex scenes so hot, you'll need your own
party bad boy to sweep you off your feet.

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Chapter 1


Production title: OFF
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type:
Project length: Television Series Ongoing
location: NYC
Production Company: Global All Stars
Company website:
[email protected]
Director: Michael Stanley
Josef Munroe
Casting Director: Amanda Bromley
Location: 217 Lake St Wakefield Auditorium
Shooting Location:
Global All Star Studios
Compensation: Yes


Aug 06,
2016 8:00 AM– 6:00 PM
(Please note all auditions will be
given a specific time within this window)
Shooting Starts: Aug
07, 2016
Shooting Ends: Ongoing.

The Hook” is a new television series which will be a romantic
comedy with intertwining relationships. A popular nightclub brings
together people from different background. Conflicting love interests
arise. Come prepared to do improvisations and bring these characters
to life!!!!!

Character Bios:

[Kiki] [GENDER:
FEMALE] [AGE: 21-25]

Kiki was Ms.
Popularity, graduated with honors and went on to university, now
she’s back home to start a new job. Kiki sees Lance at the club
and becomes obsessed with him. Kiki’s parents and friends do
not approve of Lance but Kiki is stubborn and wants to date Lance

[Lance] [GENDER:
MALE] [AGE: 21-25]

Lance dropped out of
high school, fell into gang warfare, went to jail and has come out a
reformed man. He gets hired by the owner who himself was an inmate
and gives others a chance to prove themselves. Doesn’t want
anything to do with a spoiled heiress but grows to like her.


“Hello, Welcome
to Benny’s Big Burgers, what can I help you with today?”
Asked Lou.

“Your service
is so poor! Why hasn’t this line moved much?” Cried an
irate female customer with a noisy toddler in hand.

been waiting in the line for over thirty minutes and that crowd by
the takeout area still hasn’t gotten served yet!” Shouted
another irate male customer from the back of the line.

Lou pretended she
didn’t hear them and continued calling from the main line.
Friday nights were always hectic at the popular fast food joint. So
much that complaints were nothing new and always ignored. The staff
complement was very low because the pay was so little and the
benefits were nil. Lou only stayed on because unlike other jobs they
were flexible and she could work and go to school. If management
didn’t care about pleasing their customers Lou wasn’t
going to stress herself about it. She had her own problems to deal
with and didn’t need the additional stress. Nobody nowadays
expected to get good customer service all the time, if the food was
cheap and tasted well, the patrons considered themselves lucky. Cost
of living was only going up, not down these days.

“I want a
cheeseburger without the cheese.” Stated another disgruntled

She was in her late
twenties, spiked blond hair and blue eyes. She sported ten rings on
the side of each ears. A nose, tongue, eyelid and lower lip piercing
were also visible. She had on a black crop top that showcased a beer
belly with a gangrene hole where a navel ring should be. The outfit
was completed with black leather pants and a black helmet in hand.

All politeness had
ceased, she didn’t even bother to respond to Lou’s
earlier customary greeting. She too was beyond hungry and had gotten
fed up waiting in the line. Lou just continued to repeat the lines
she said a hundred times per day. She never deviated from the script
and only adjusted it when necessary. This was one of the main reasons
she loved acting. She could hide behind a character and pretend she
was someone else for a change. She tried not to take anything the
customers said personal but sometimes when they said stupid things
she couldn’t help but get exasperated.

“Sorry ma'am,
so you just want a plain hamburger then.” Lou wasn’t even
aware that she rolled her eyes. These were the morons she had to deal
with on a daily basis.

“Are you deaf?
I just asked for a cheeseburger without any cheese.” Said the
outraged customer she took exception at the rudeness of the cashier.

“Would you like
the combo or just the sandwich?”

“You think
you’re smart. I saw you roll those bug eyes at the back of your
head. I’m hungry, I know I’m not blind.”

Lou ignored that
comment and repeated. “Ma'am, would you like the sandwich or
the combo?”

“The combo,
after waiting so long my throat is dry. I thought I was gonna die
from thirst.”

“Do you need
anything else?”

“Hell no, you
think if I was rich I would have come to this place, give me my

Lou handed her the
receipt, neglecting to thank the miserable customer for her business.
Lou wasn’t always so callous but working long days for little
pay had hardened her. This was not how she wanted to spend the rest
of her life. Lou recalled earlier when she was on her way to work
that she was handed a flyer for an “off the hook”
audition. She didn’t even read it, people were always giving
out flyers here. The place was always crowded no matter what time of
the day and attracted different crowds because it was so central. The
flyer was the least of her concerns, absentmindedly she had tucked
the leaflet into her handbag and entered her workplace. She had
nothing against hard labor but she hated the repetitiousness of her
current job and would love to be saved from her misery.

As far as she was
concerned anything would be better than working at Benny’s Big
Burgers. It was a popular fast food joint for those that needed a lot
of food on a low budget. This restaurant catered to mostly minimum
wage patrons that popped in for breakfast, lunch and dinner served at
affordable prices. The only thing that Lou like about the joint was
that she had made some really great friends there.

“Girl did you
get that flyer they are handing out?” Asked Tammy.

“Yeah, I did.”

Lou’s friend
smiled. “So…are you gonna go to the audition?”
Inquired Tammy.

She was a fellow
co-worker and good friend of Lou’s. Her short black hair tucked
neatly under a hairnet. She normally stacked the burgers and
management didn’t want to risk a single strand of hair or
flakes from dry scalp getting into the food.

“I haven’t
gotten a chance to read it yet, what’s this audition about?”

“Girl, you
should check it out, it's right up your alley, and you can finally
put what you learn at those night classes to use.”

“Sounds good,
tell me more.”

“It’s for
a new television series Global All Stars network will be airing. They
only gave one day notice, I guess to minimize the crowd, but this is
huge! This could be your chance to make it to the big screen and get
out of this rat trap.”

“Wow, that’s
just too good to be true.”

“I know right,
me and the other girls are going so you know you've got to be there.
You can stay by my place tonight. We gonna bleach, party hearty all
night and just have a fabulous time. There is a hookah party going on
tonight and we ain’t gonna miss that.

“Girl, I’m
tired I’ve been working all day. I’ll just stay in until
you guys get back I’m not much of partier, besides I ain’t
got nothing to wear.”

“No way is that
happening tonight, don’t be a party pooper. You and I are about
the same size. I’ll hook you up with a sexy outfit, there will
be no trolls in our group. We’ll be turning heads and emptying

“Tammy you’re
a real trip.”

“Stick with me
hun, we’ll go places.”

Lou was all about
going places. She wanted more out of life. To travel and see the
whole world eventually. So she worked during the days and did night
classes with an aim to earn a degree. All in a bid to earn that paper
to buy the finer things in life. Lou was enrolled at the local
humanities college where she pursued drama classes. She did it by
credits and was always on and off because there never seemed enough
money to finance her studies. There was no way she would quit. She
had the resolve, this was her dream, her pursuit of happiness. Even
if she never ever finished, at least no one can say she didn’t
try. Lou had to get her priorities straight, she was the firstborn
out of five siblings, and she felt driven to lead by example.

She had moved out of
the family home first chance she got. Even though the apartment
looked dingy on the outside Lou had transformed the place on the
inside. This was her private space and she no longer had to worry
about stuff going missing while she was at work. Not a spec of dirt
to be seen anywhere and the décor was like a page out of a
good housekeeping magazine.

None of the furniture
was new, it was either bought at a thrift store or at a local yard
sale. Lou had great taste and everything was neatly placed without
any scratches or scoff marks to be seen by the naked eye. That’s
how she was at work as well, always neat, prompt and willing to lend
a helping hand. She always got employee of the month because of her
generosity and spirit. She did her best to encourage others to want
more out of life even when she herself felt like things were at a

People gravitated to
her because of her kind heart and willing to help spirit. Tammy was
right, if she was chosen at the audition it could really change her
life. Starting today she was going to take risks and live life more
abundantly. She didn’t see the point of working herself to the
bone to go home to an empty apartment.

BOOK: Some Things Never Change: An African American BWBM Urban Fiction Romance
3.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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