Spring Knight: Young Adult Romance Novella (A Seasons of Change Standalone)

BOOK: Spring Knight: Young Adult Romance Novella (A Seasons of Change Standalone)
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Black. It was the only colour she could see as she stood on top of the platform. Her vision had tunnelled with the waves of vertigo that hit her body, allowing only the dark colour into her eye line. With the strength of a gale force wind, it pounded on her chest, causing her to stumble back as its icy hold sent a shiver along her spine. The break from seeing the ground wasn’t enough, though. She couldn’t go far enough to feel safe. If she moved more than one step in any direction she would fall.

She felt dizzy ... lightheaded.

It was the worst possible time to find out she was scared of heights, but maybe it was the thought of jumping rather than the actual distance. Not only did she feel faint, but also sick. Kayleigh didn’t even know how those two actions could combine, but she let out a nervous giggle and hoped another type of blackness would capture her mind before she made a complete fool of herself. It probably made her sound insane, but she couldn’t stop the sound.

No longer could she find the answer to why she was on a platform, willing herself to fall. It had seemed logical and easy on the climb up, but now she suddenly felt as if she was standing on top of a building, rather than a few metres in the air. Her heart was pounding in her chest; the rhythm frantic as she urged herself to peer over the edge once more. Palms slick with sweat, her fingers slipping over each other, she twitched nervously as she strained her neck to catch a glimpse of the floor.

“I can do this. Just lean back and it will all be over,” she muttered to herself, only adding to the crazy image she had going on.

People were shuffling anxiously on the ground, unsettled by her actions. “Block them out, Kayleigh. You can do this,” she chanted ritually under her breath before she inhaled sharply. Slowly counting, she exhaled with a deep sigh when she reached twenty. Her whole body relaxed with the action and Kayleigh closed her eyes, trying to find a sense of peace and stillness. Unfortunately, all it did was make her knees weaker. Reopening her eyes, Kayleigh kept her head up and her chin parallel with the floor. If she didn’t look down, what she was about to do couldn’t scare her … at least that’s what she told herself.

Block it out. Everything. Focus on your breathing. It’ll be over in seconds.

Taking one last deep breath, her gaze hardened and she picked a spot across the room to focus on. She shuffled to the edge, her bare toes skimming the lip of the platform.

She was just about to turn around when something interrupted her focus. A door slammed hard, and into the room walked the last person she expected to see. His cool, blue eyes found hers instantly, holding multiple questions as to why she was doing what she was. Yet Kayleigh didn’t stop to think any further. The last thing she needed was to appear weak in front of him, and she’d only just calmed herself down.

Turning, Kayleigh edged back so that only her toes were balanced on the edge, her heels hanging off. She felt like a diver, but with worse balance since her legs had started to shake.

She couldn’t hold the position long.

“Ready!” she shouted, loud enough to silence the room. Normally she hated being the centre of attention, and wanted to shrink into the darkest corner possible. However, today she would kill anyone who wasn’t focused on her. Today she needed all eyes to be on her or everything was going to end badly.

She heard counting below. “Three ... Two ... One ...” As they reached the final number Kayleigh pushed all thoughts from her mind and leaned back, her arms crossed over her chest tightly.

Displacing her weight, her body fell. It felt like she was tumbling for ages, the gap between the top of the platform and the floor suddenly widening as time slowed.

The ceiling got further away as the ground drew closer, and Kayleigh was glad that she was looking at white rather than the ominous black. At least white was soothing—if you didn’t associate it with death.

After what felt like minutes, but in reality was only seconds, a net of arms embraced her. They bounced with her so she wasn’t stopped suddenly, and instantly the sound of cheers rang out. As soon as they placed her on the floor, Kayleigh reverted back to normal. She wanted to hide, not deal with the guys who had caught her, clapping her on the back while girls ran up to hug her.

She was bombarded with phrases asking if she was okay, what it felt like, and how she had the guts to do it. Like a tidal wave she felt all of the attention curling over her, overwhelming her senses and causing anxiety to take over.

Another type of blackness finally seeped into her mind at the shock of what she’d just done combined with the barrage of comments. Her mind fought to cling on to one stable thing in the room, but it couldn’t find anything.

The blackness encroached on everything, and the last thing Kayleigh saw while she fell was the black floor of the Performing Arts Centre moving closer towards her face.



“What ... uh what just happened,” Kayleigh stuttered as her eyes opened slowly. There was a circle of faces crowded around her, but the face of Adam, the drama president, was a lot closer than the rest of her class. His face was calm, but there was a small hint of tension his eyes. “Why are you all staring, and why am I on the floor?” Kayleigh asked when no one responded.

“You fainted, Kayleigh,” Adam said. Even in her confused state she could hear the false concern in his voice proving he didn’t care. Wanting to be off the floor, she tried to sit up, but his hand reached out to her shoulder as she moved. “Hold on, just stay there for a minute, all right?”

Kayleigh nodded, drawing her knees up and resting her head on them as she took in a few deep breaths.

“Show’s over guys. Back to rehearsing!” Adam barked, and the class cleared the space instantly when Kayleigh looked up. She groaned at his choice of words. “How are you feeling? Shaun caught you before you hit the floor, so you didn’t knock your head, but do you want to go get checked out?” He crouched down beside her.

“You’d love that, wouldn’t you? No, I’m good, just embarrassed.”

He nodded once, all concern gone now that he wasn’t performing to the crowd, and pushed off to stand. “Don’t worry, I doubt people will think less of you. You’re lucky female lead auditions happened yesterday, right?” He sneered. “Take someone with you and go get something to eat and drink before we start the male auditions.”

Kayleigh sighed as she pulled herself up, feeling a little unsteady. She was glad Adam didn’t see; she didn’t need to hand him any more ammunition to use against her. She knew all of his concern was false, and that he was only trying to remain in charge of all extra-curricular shows. Kayleigh was close to ruining his two year reign as president, so she guessed ordering her to go was a ploy try to convince people to turn on her. It wasn’t worth the fight.

Holding on to the nearest chair, Kayleigh waited until her legs stopped shaking before trying to move. She scouted the room for someone, but the only person she wanted to go with her was stood on top of the platform she had just been on. Jumping may have been her role in the show, but everyone wanted to try it.

Scanning the crowd, Kayleigh tried to find anyone she felt comfortable with, but outside of Drama none of them hung out. Adam glanced back at her, and seeing she hadn’t moved decided to take matters into his own hands.

The bastard,
she thought, knowing he was deliberately making her uncomfortable.

“I need someone to go with Kayleigh to get something to eat, just to make sure she’s all right.”

Sure ... now you act like you care. When everyone else is focused on you.

A few of the girls she had worked with during class started to step forward, but their pace was halted by a smooth voice from behind her.

“I’ll go.”

Kayleigh stiffened at the sound, and she saw Adam turn, obviously not recognising the speaker.

“I’m sorry, who are you and why are you interrupting these rehearsals?” He looked down his nose, trying to appear superior. It was one of his more annoying traits.

“I’m here to audition,
. What do you think I’m here to do? Hold everyone hostage and demand a ransom? I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’d get much for you.”

Kayleigh could actually hear his eyes roll and his words were laced with sarcasm. She had yet to turn and face who she knew was behind her. Not only was she shocked by his statement and trying to figure out his motives, but also trying to compose herself.

She noticed a few heads had turned at the mention of hostages, but Adam barked at them to get back to work. He hated people who undermined his authority, even if he didn’t really have much power to begin with. He liked to think he was king, and most of the time everyone put up with it because he got things done.

“I haven’t seen you before, but you seem to have a flare for the dramatics. I’ll allow you to audition.”

“Wasn’t really asking you for permission. You coming, Kay?” He brushed off Adam and Kayleigh gained a small amount of satisfaction at the redness that appeared in his cheeks. However, it disappeared instantly when she realised she could no longer ignore the speaker.

She turned and nodded at him, not meeting his gaze while she grabbed her bag and tried to appear steadier than she felt. This time, though, her deep breaths had nothing to do with her fainting, but rather the guy she could feel following a few steps behind.

“What’s your name?” Adam called after them, taking on a no-nonsense tone. She was surprised he didn’t already know, and assumed it was more for confirmation. No doubt Adam would ruin all of his chances of getting through auditions for speaking against him. Without thinking, she turned and shook her head. However, he ignored her, a smug grin on his face.

“Aiden Hanson.”

Kayleigh watched as Adam made a mark next to Aiden’s name on his list, basically damning him from the offset, but she didn’t care. She couldn’t understand why he was there in the first place.

“Okay, be back—”

“Shall we go?” Aiden turned his back on Adam, cutting off his words, and Kayleigh focused on him for the first time. She made the mistake of gazing into the icy blue pools of his eyes, and was unable to form a response besides a nod. He was the definition of tall, dark, and handsome.

Swinging her bag over her shoulder, she tried not to seem too dazed as she walked from the room, Aiden following her.



“What an ass!” Aiden exclaimed as the door shut behind them. He may have timed it so his words would have been heard by Adam, though. When he turned to watch Kayleigh, he expected her to be smiling at him, but all he was left to stare at was empty space and a door closing slowly in front of him.

Pulling it open again, Aiden’s eyes flickered over the small crowd hurriedly as he tried to find her. He didn’t really know why he felt worried that she had left him, but after what he’d witnessed, he felt the need to make sure she was okay. It wasn’t just the fall or the fainting, but he saw how Adam had treated her, unlike everyone else.

BOOK: Spring Knight: Young Adult Romance Novella (A Seasons of Change Standalone)
5.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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