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Spying On My Sister

BOOK: Spying On My Sister
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Spying On My Sister

By Jamie Klaire

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2013 by Jamie Klaire

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Warning- this story contains adult situations
meant only for the enjoyment of those over the age of 18. By
downloading and opening this work of fiction, you are stating that
you are at least 18. All characters in this work of fiction are 18
or older, whether they are explicitly described as such or not.
This erotic story is a work of fiction, all characters appearing in
this work are fictitious, and in this fictitious world bad
ramifications for various sexual situations do not exist. In the
real world-always practice safe, sane and consensual sex.

This erotic short story contains
pseudo-incestuous virginal voyeurism, first time masturbation, a
Halloween threesome (MFF) with a sexy black cat, a handsome pirate
(who happens to be their teacher), and a cheerleader, a first time
orgasm, and a bareback cream pie. Enjoy!

Approx. word count 5,200 (Not including
supplementary material)

Note- Portions of this short story were
originally part of a longer, tamer novel under my other, more
romantic pen name. I sexed it up quite a bit though, taking out all
the boring bits and making for a raunchier ride.

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Bonus excerpt of Shared On My Husband's
Birthday at the end of this short story.

Spying On My Sister

I sobbed quietly as I drove through the dark
of the night. It was getting dark earlier and earlier now, and the
temperatures had dropped a lot the past few weeks.

It was Halloween weekend and I was heading to
visit my big sister three hours away at her college, but I was
going to arrive hours early. The plan had been for me to head out
Friday right after work, about nine, and arrive at my sister's dorm
at about midnight. That way we had all day Saturday and most of
Sunday to hang out together before I drove back Sunday

But I had just been fired from my mall job. I
worked in a retail store that sold school uniforms, and one of my
assistant managers had a bad habit of dipping into my cash drawer
whenever he wanted. Then on the days my drawer was short money, he
would write me up. I had tried to protest, saying that I couldn't
be held accountable for the amount of cash in my drawer if I wasn't
the only person that had access to the drawer, but my boss just
blew me off, swearing he never took anything.

Last time it happened, I went above his head
to the store manager, and today when I reported for work, I was
told that company policy is that when an employee had been written
up three times, they were fired. I left the store in tears, knowing
that reporting my assistant manager was the real reason I had
gotten fired. I had never stolen anything in my life. My dad is the
local preacher, I spend six hours a week volunteering at the local
hospital, and I was known to be the 'good' daughter, unlike my
wilder sister.

When I had gotten to my car, I thought about
heading home instead of to my sister, but I wasn't quite ready to
deal with telling dad I had gotten fired just yet. No, a trip to
see Katie was just what I needed. So what if I arrived a few hours
early? I'd call on my way.

When I pulled into the parking lot of my
sister's dorm, I parked the car and then tried my sister's phone
yet again. Straight to voice-mail. I was about to give up and just
go knock when I saw a couple walking through the dark parking lot.
Something about the way they were walking made me not get out, but
watch the couple instead.

They looked to be drunk. And wearing
Halloween costumes. The male figure was dressed up as a pirate and
the female looked like she was supposed to be a black cat. Short
black skirt, so short you could tell she was wearing a garter belt
and fishnet stockings underneath. The tops of the stockings and the
clasp of the garter belt were clearly seen as the short skirt
swished with every step the girl took. She was wearing little cat
ears in her hair and had a tail hanging down behind her.

'Dad would have a fit if he saw this.' I
thought to myself as I watched them weave through the cars, the
streetlights in the parking lot making them easy to follow. Growing
up as preacher's kids, Katie and I were only allowed to dress like
Biblical figures, and were never allowed to Trick-or-Treat. Nope,
just the carnival the church threw every year as an 'alternative to
Halloween shenanigans.'

I watched as they walked arm in arm, seeming
to hold each other up. They made their wobbly way through the
parking lot, away from the dorms and toward the building I knew was
the indoor swimming pool. Katie was on the swim team, so we had
seen the building when we toured the campus all together as a

As I watched, half judging with my dad's
values drummed into my head, and half jealous that I'd never been
able to wear such an outrageous costume, I saw the pirate lean in
and kiss the black cat on the neck.

The kiss threw the cat's unsteady gait off,
and she almost tripped, giggling. She recovers her balance, and
they keep going. They cut through the parking lot, and presumably
head toward one of their cars. As they walk, he kisses her neck
again. That kiss must have been a good one because they stop
between two cars.

The cat says something I can't quite make
out, in a high, laughing voice. I lowered my window to hear better,
just in time to hear him mumble something back in deep, rumbly
tones, muffled by her hair as he is still nuzzling her neck. He may
have gotten to her ear, because she lets out a squeal.

The cat turned more fully toward him, and
threw her arms around his neck. She said something else, a bit
quieter, and then lets her head hang back, giving him full access
to her neck.

I stared in shock. With her head tilted back
that way, I could clearly see the cat's face. A red nose and black
whiskers are perfectly drawn, right on my sister Katie's face.

'Oh my. That's Katie. No wonder she isn't
answering her phone. Dad is going to kill her for sure.' I kept
watching, shocked at my sister's behavior. And outfit.

After a bit of nuzzling, Katie turns her
mouth to the pirate's and as they kiss, his hands slide up into her
hair and he holds her head as he kisses her more fully.

She takes a step backward, pulling him with
her, and they lean against the side of an old red pick-up truck.
His grip on her hair changes, and he pulls her head back so he once
again has open access to her neck. And her breasts. His one hand
stays buried, fisted in her hair, as his other one roams over her
shirt. As he presses her against the truck, I watch in stunned
silence as his hand dips down to her waist, slides under her shirt,
and pulls her shirt up over her breasts.

His other hand releases her hair and finds
its way to her other breast. Kissing and kneading, kneading and
kissing. His right hand slides down into the cup of her bra and
pops out a breast. He cups her full, naked breast, his thumb
rubbing circles over her bared nipple. His mouth soon follows, and
I watch as the pirate sucks on my sister's nipple, right out in the

'Oh my,' I thought again. "Oh my, oh my.'

I thought about jumping out of the car and
calling my sister's name, putting a stop to this, but something
stops me. Some curious feeling starts to grow deep in my stomach.
Something I've only felt before when I have been at a friend's
house when inappropriate content comes on the TV. The stuff I
wasn't allowed to watch at home.

The pirate soon has both of my sister's
breasts out, and is holding one in each hand, his mouth giving
equal time to both. He breaks just long enough to look up at her,
and I hear him say, clear as day, "Damn you have nice tits," and he
goes right back to work.

He pulls a tad bit away from her, looks again
at her tits, and I watch as his tongue then draws circles around
her hard nipple. My sister leans farther back on the truck, arching
her back. As his mouth is still tasting and sucking, his hands
slide down over her ass. He gives her ass a squeeze or two, and his
hands travel lower down her thighs. As his hands come back up to
grab her ass again, I gasp when I notice that he has dragged her
very short skirt the rest of the way up her thighs, and her skirt
is soon around her waist. He presses between her legs and I think,
'Oh no, they are going to do it right here, standing up between the
truck and a car.'

But no, he backs up from her again. I can see
space between them for just a second. His mouth leaves her tits,
and his hands slide up from her ass to sit around her waist. The
pirate and the black cat look at each other for a breath, and in
one quick movement she kicks off her shoes as he grabs her tighter
around her waist and boosts her up so that she is sitting on the
hood of the truck, skirt still jacked up and twisted around her,
breasts still bared to the world, bouncing a bit from the abrupt

All I can think at this moment is, "God I
hope that pirate owns that truck."

Before I can form another thought, he has
pressed close to Katie again, Katie now sitting on the hood with
her legs wrapped around his waist and his mouth is again sucking
and pulling on her nipples. As I watch, Katie leans back onto her
elbows on the hood of the truck, brings her feet up, one on each
side of him, and plants her feet on the car behind him. He
accommodates her obvious invitation, and his head dips down between
her legs and his hands slide under her hips. I watch in shock,
warmth starting to spread between my thighs as I watch a pirate
kiss my sister, his face buried deep between her legs.

At this point I actually laugh out loud,
saying to myself, "Are they really..?"

Before I can find out, another small group
exits the nearby dorms and heads toward the parking lot. I guess
Katie hears them because he quickly helps my sister down from the
truck. She adjusts her clothing, slides back into her shoes, and
once again, arm in arm, they make their way farther back into the
parking lot toward the indoor pool building.

Before I can second guess myself and change
my mind, I am out of my car, following my sister toward the pool
house. I catch the door the second before it clangs shut and slide
inside the building, following the now echoing sounds of my drunk
sister's giggles.

The building smells strongly of chlorine, and
seems to be empty. Office doors are closed and dark behind the
glass, and I make my way slowly toward the sound of my sister and
the rumbling voice of the pirate.

I spot them, out in the open, standing beside
a table surrounded by chairs, a few feet away from the pool. I
think about announcing myself, before I gets caught spying, but
when the pirate reaches again for my sister, pulling her close,
kissing her hard as his hands wander behind her, under her skirt, I
jump back, startled.

I stand, peeking around the corner at them
instead. I swallow hard, watching the pirate's hands slide around
under my sister's skirt. With Katie facing away from me, and the
pirate's hands moving urgently, I catch a glimpse of what my sister
is wearing under that skirt. A small, black thong, the string
nestled between Katie's bare buttocks, flashes with every squeeze
of the pirate's hand.

A computer noise beep-beeps somewhere behind
me, making me jump. Someone is coming. The door I snuck through
earlier opened and closed down the hall with a soft thud.

'Crap, we are all going to get caught. Them
for being in here, and me for spying.'

Panicked, I grabbed the door knob of the
nearest dark office. It turned in my hand. Grateful, I slid inside,
closing the door just in time to watch through the office's dark
window facing the swimming pool as my sister and the pirate jump
apart, and another costumed female turned the corner where I had
just been standing.

"Ha! You two are soooo busted." The newcomer,
dressed as cheerleader, sang out.

As my heart pounded in my throat, all I could
hope was that no one would come into this office. Once the other
three left I could slip out, get back to my car, and sit in it
until midnight, when I was supposed to actually be here.

The cheerleader's laughter pulled my thoughts
back toward the window.

"Just kidding. Sorry I'm late. Got here as
soon as I could but I had to loose someone who followed me out from
the dorm party first."

BOOK: Spying On My Sister
2.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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