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Authors: Mark Wayne McGinnis

Tags: #Science Fiction & Fantasy, #Alien Invasion, #Exploration, #First Contact, #Galactic Empire, #Military, #Space Opera, #Space Exploration, #Science Fiction

Star Watch (39 page)

“I’ll be right here,” he said.

She continued on, head high, eyes forward. She passed three empty confinement cells before reaching her husband’s. She turned to face the lone occupant.

He looked different than she remembered. Above and beyond the eye patch and even the far more muscular physique than she remembered him having, he looked like a man she might have known in another lifetime. Which he was.

“Hello, Ridert.”

“Hello, Hanna.”

She continued to look at him sitting there in the white cell, on a white bench, under the all too bright lights. He wore a spacer’s jumpsuit with broad horizontal black and white stripes.

He stood and approached the force field. “You’ve come for answers.”

She shrugged and continued to stare at the person she once thought she could never live without. “I used to think it was another woman … or perhaps even a man … that stole your heart away.”

He didn’t respond.

“But I now know it was … just one more little infatuation with power.”

“It’s intoxicating, Hanna. I was ill prepared for the effect Lord Shakrim would have on my life. I would never be the same … nothing … not even you, would come between me and—”

She cut him off, “I don’t ever want to see you again. You can die in here for all I care. Goodbye, Ridert.” She turned and headed away. Something caught her attention behind her, back in Ridert’s cell. She glanced back and caught sight of something peculiar, perhaps an optical illusion caused by the force field—for an instant, there seemed to be two figures standing there … one superimposed onto the other. And then it was gone.

“Everything all right?” Leon asked, taking her hand.

“Couldn’t be better. Let’s get out of here.”



The End


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I am grateful for the ongoing fan support I receive for all of my books. This book, number ten, Star Watch—came about through the combined contributions of numerous others. First, I’d like to thank my wife for her never-ending love and support. She helps make this journey rich and so very worthwhile. I’d like to thank my mother, Lura Genz, for her tireless work as my first-phase creative editor and a staunch cheerleader of my writing. I’d like to thank Mia Manns for her phenomenal line and developmental editing … she is an incredible resource. And Eren Arik produced another magnificent cover design—maybe his best yet! I’d also like to thank those in my Tuesday writer’s group who have brought fresh ideas and perspectives to my creativity, elevating my writing as a whole. Others who provided fantastic support include Lura and James Fischer, Sue Parr, Stuart Church, and Chris DeRrick.

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