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Steamy Sisters

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Steamy Sisters

Stories From Steamy Springs

by Jennifer Kitt

Previously published separately as:

Hot Water

Unlawful Entry

Erotic Gallery

Hard Ride

Copyright 2012 by Jennifer Kitt

Amazon Edition

These stories are a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Hot Water

Chapter One

Katherine Chase drove her SUV along the narrow mountain road, rapidly climbing up and away from the
town below. She looked down at the buildings in the distance and saw the steam rising from the hot springs on the valley floor. Snow was beginning to fall and she bit her lip nervously, hoping that the weather wouldn’t get too bad, and that she’d be able to make it safely back again in the evening.

She wondered if Richard would be there. If he hadn’t started out yet, the snow might prevent him from reaching the hotel, and given his schedule, if they couldn’t sort out the unfinished rooms, it could set back the project another few months. He was off to Hawaii next week to work on a new beach-front hotel, and who knows when he’d be back.

She had to get the hotel finished and open by spring. They had been due to open
The Spa in the Clouds
in December, in time for the ski season, but an exceptional early snowfall had meant a series of delays. Everything had to be brought up by truck from Steamy Springs, which was, in turn, mostly supplied out of Denver. With one small mountain pass climbing up thousands of feet to the hotel, the winter weather was always going to present some problems. Still, it would be worth it. It was going to be the best little boutique hotel in the Rockies.

The hotel was Katherine’s baby, and as she drove, she glanced at the images Richard had sent her. His revised designs for the rooms were spectacular, and since most of the interior architecture had been done and it was mainly a case of finishing and furnishing the remainder of it, the hotel would meet its new opening date. Some of the bespoke furniture, designed and made in Italy, was due to arrive next week. Looking at the designs made Katherine excited about the project again. The setbacks of the last few months and the delayed opening had stressed her out, and she was looking forward to getting the project finished, and taking a well earned holiday.

Spa in the Clouds
was her first solo project and, being a Chase, she had a lot to live up to. Her Grandfather and Father had developed the town of Steamy Springs in the valley below. From a single hotel back in the 1950s they’d turned it into one of the best holiday spots in the country. An all year round hot springs resort, with ski-ing in winter and mountain sports in summer.
You name it, the Chase family had built it: hotels, spas, restaurants, lodges, sports facilities, they’d even carved out the pistes and built the ski lifts system.

Katherine and her three sisters had all been groomed from a young age to take over the family’s business empire, and because she was the oldest daughter, she felt like
The Spa in the Clouds
was a way she could really prove herself. She hadn’t received any help from her father, and had set about building her little outpost of the Chase family empire four thousand feet above Steamy Springs. A fantasy hotel set amongst the Rockies’ loftiest peaks. She’d needed a good architect, of course. And she’d found one in Richard Ford. He specialised in exclusive hotels and spas, and although he worked out of a beautiful office overlooking Lake Tahoe, his work took him all over the world. Still only in his early thirties, he was fast becoming the guy to go to if you wanted to build your dream.

As she neared the hotel, Katherine felt a twinge of excitement. It was a familiar feeling. It always appeared when she was going to see Richard. She’d felt it the first time they met, when he accepted the job. A merry little flip-flop in her stomach, and a quickening of her heartbeat. They had spent many weeks together over the last two years, poring over plans and designs, and throughout all that time, nothing had happened. She wondered if Richard liked her. There was no reason why he wouldn’t. She was twenty seven years old, body of a lingerie model, and a gorgeous face framed by long blonde hair. He’d once briefly mentioned a girlfriend in California, and she’d got the impression she was an Asian girl. Maybe he went for exotic looks.

She pulled up outside the hotel and, to her relief, Richard was already there. She got out of the SUV and ran over to his Porsche, the snow falling heavily.
She gestured for him to go to the main entrance, and he got out and joined her.

“Hi Richard,” she said, looking him up and down, and feeling the familiar urges come back. He was a great looking guy. Six foot, athletic, dark brown hair and intense eyes. He also had a deep tan. “You been somewhere hot?”

He touched the skin on his face and smiled. “Dubai. It’s one hundred degrees out there most days. Way too hot.”

“So you’ve come to Colorado to cool down.”

“No. I’ve come to see you, of course,” he replied.

Katherine was at a loss as what to say. She sometimes felt like a gawky teenager when she was with him, and usually said something dumb “Oh. Okay. Do you like what you see?”

Richard nodded. “Absolutely.” He stared at her just a shade longer than he thought he probably should have. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was stunning. She’d pulled up the hood of her white sheepskin jacket, the fur lined opening framing her face perfectly, and her hair falling down on to her shoulders. She looked so cute, like some kind of snow princess. He gazed downwards at her curved hips and shapely legs. He was getting frisky and could feel an erection start to push against his jeans, trying to point north.
It was like a sexual compass, homing in on the one true direction. And he wanted to follow it and discover Katherine’s nether regions. Christ, he was so horny.
He wanted to take her then and there. But he couldn’t. She was his client. He’d just have to calm down. Maybe have a roll around in the snow. “After you,” he said, and gestured at the large front doorway.

Katherine skipped up the front steps, biting on a fingernail, feeling energised by the little flirt she’d just had with Richard. That is what it had been, wasn’t it? He had flirted with her, and then checked her out. She was excited by the way his eyes had travelled up and down her body, mentally undressing her, and she was suddenly jolted by a pulse of pleasure between her legs.

Richard followed her up the steps, watching her bottom as she walked towards the door.
Perfectly shaped and so inviting, he imagined pulling down her blue jeans to reveal what he guessed were the sexy, yet classy, panties beneath, barely covering her smooth, peach like butt.
He longed to hold it in his hands, and then playfully stroke her, taking in the full curve of her buttocks, before encircling her trim waist and the sensual arch of her back. He dreamed of kissing the naturally golden skin of her shoulders, and twirling her hair between his fingers.
Once he’d explored there, his hands would move purposefully to her front. What was waiting there was the nearest thing to heaven on this earth.
He was suddenly jolted out of his fantasy by Katherine’s voice calling his name. He’d been miles away, lost in the dreamscape of her body. God, he was going to have to get a grip on himself. If he didn’t watch it, she was going to notice the large bulge in the front of his pants.

“Are you okay Richard?” said Katherine, stepping into the warmth of the hotel lobby and taking off her jacket “You looked like you were pre-occupied.”
She shook the snow from her hair and gestured for Richard to hand her his coat.

“I’m okay. Just thinking about the hotel. How it’s going to look when it’s finished.” He deliberately kept his coat on. If he removed it, she’d see his hard-on for sure. She’d have to be blind not to see it. It was trapped in a southerly direction prevented from rising up by the seam of his jeans, and continued half way down his thigh. He busied his mind thinking about the designs for the hotel restaurant, hoping that would ease the tightness he felt in his crotch, and spare him the embarrassment of having to show Katherine around her hotel with an eight inch boner fighting its way out his pants.

Katherine stepped closer to Richard and brushed the snow from his coat shoulders. She started to undo the buttons one by one.

Richard was suddenly unsure of himself. Was she seducing him? He stood perfectly still, slightly startled. He felt his pulse quicken and his breathing became shallower. There was no way he was going to be able to resist this.

Katherine was toying with him. “There, that’s better,” she said, all the buttons now undone. “It’s warm in here. You don’t need this thing on.” She stepped behind him and waited for him to surrender his coat.

He shrugged it from his shoulders and Katherine took it, hanging it next to hers. She glanced over at him and her eyes settled on the front of his jeans. She bit her lip to stop a little gasp of pleasure from leaving her mouth,
her eyes widening, her pupils dilating. She took a deep breath to calm herself, her firm breasts rising and falling gently, silhouetted by the tight fitting top she was wearing. She was hard herself, and her nipples strained against the crisp cotton, threatening to pop the buttons on her blouse.
She’d caught a brief glimpse it earlier, of course, as he’d walked up the steps. The outline of the beast that lay behind the zipper had taken her breath away, and she thought it funny how she could read Richard’s mind by staring at his pants. Now she was just having a bit of fun. But she couldn’t allow herself to fall for him. Theirs was a business relationship. There was work to do. The hotel had to be finished.
She kept trying to tell herself that as she led them both to the hotel lounge, Richard limping slightly behind her, clutching a briefcase close to his body, attempting to conceal his tumescence.

They emerged into the lounge and Katherine was pleased to see that there were logs burning in the fireplace, and a fire screen around it. She’d phoned ahead earlier and had asked the security guard to turn the central heating up, light the fire, and then leave them to talk business. He had a room at the back of the hotel and she guessed he’d made himself comfortable there, watching TV and eating potato chips.
Somehow, the fire brought the hotel to life, and it made it much easier to concentrate on work if she wasn’t shivering from the cold.
Most weekdays the hotel was full of contractors putting the finishing touches to the rooms. That’s why she’d asked Richard to meet her there at the weekend. They’d have the place to themselves. She thought about that decision, and realised that at the time she’d been innocently thinking about having enough peace and quiet for them to work. Now she wondered if they might be taking advantage of the privacy in other ways.

She picked up the iron poker and prodded one of the logs, levering and wedging the poker under it to allow air too circulate and get the fire roaring. She sat down on the nearest sofa and warmed her hands. She looked around. The place was really coming together well. The dream was nearing completion.

Richard sat down opposite her, nodded in approval at the progress that had been made since his last visit, and was relieved to see that the electricians had done a good job. The lighting was soft and low, not the temporary, harsh industrial light that had been cast over the room during the building stage.
The gentle, atmospheric light would help conceal his erection, which was only now starting to calm down.

“Is all the electrical work complete?” he asked, trying to take his mind off of Katherine’s body, and get down to work.

“Yeah. It’s all done. Wiring, lighting, security system, you name it. Everything’s done. On schedule as well. We might actually be able to make up a bit of the time we’ve lost. We’ll hopefully be open by Easter.”

“Great. So, it’s just the restaurant, the kitchens and the big bedroom suites to do.”

“Kitchen’s in already. It was completed last week.”

“Wow. I can’t wait to see it,” said Richard. “I don’t suppose there’s any food there? I’m kinda hungry after the drive up from Denver.”

“I usually keep a few things to snack on when I’m here in the week. We’ll find something you like.”

Richard knew what he wanted to eat. But he wasn’t sure if he’d be dipping his fingers in Katherine’s honey jar. He’d have to settle for donuts and coffee. “Just some cookies will do. Something to take the edge off my appetite.”

BOOK: Steamy Sisters
2.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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