Stepbrother Needs (His Twisted Game, Book Three)

BOOK: Stepbrother Needs (His Twisted Game, Book Three)
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Stepbrother Needs
(His Twisted Game, Book Three)

By Chloe Hawk


Copyright 2015, Chloe Hawk, all rights
Any resemblance to any
persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
All characters depicted in this book are eighteen years of
age or older.




I couldn’t concentrate on anything but

Her hair, her smile, her soft skin and
the curve of her hips.
Those big tits and
that tight little ass, shown off in a dress that was too small for her.
She was driving me insane – so
insane that I’d had to take her in the closet, let her know she was mine if I

Her pussy had been warm and wet,
stretching out around me as I fucked her with my fingers.
The head of my dick would have been
better, and I imagined what it would feel like, sliding into my stepsister’s
tight little hole.

My cock twitched in my pants.
I shouldn’t have pulled her into that
closet, shouldn’t have made her come like that on my fingers.
But I couldn’t handle seeing her with that
asshole Ruskin.
He was a
Avery was mine.

she’s not yours, Cole.
She can
never be yours.

“Cole!” Kalia practically yelled in my
“Are you even
to me?”

“Of course,” I lied.
I wasn’t listening to her.
I couldn’t focus on anything but Avery.
She was over in the corner talking
to Jeffrey Adams
although there were so many
people in the room I couldn’t get a good look at them.
It made me anxious as fuck when I
couldn’t see Avery, even more so when she was talking to another man.

I took a swig of the drink in my hand and
wondered how long I should let them talk before I went over there and punched
him out.

“And you have nothing to say?” Kalia
She was wearing a
long black and gold dress, her blonde hair pulled back from her face to show
off her bright blue eyes and delicate features.
Every man who walked by stared at her, that’s how
beautiful she was.

I’d fucked her the first night I’d met
her, and any time I’d wanted since.
I could leave with her right now if I wanted, take her to my apartment,
or to hers, and screw her all night.
But ever since my stepsister had come back into my life, Kalia did
nothing for me.
No one did.
Except for Avery.

“Nothing to say about what?” I asked Kalia, stalling for
The crowd across the room
parted a bit, and I watched as Jeffrey leaned in and whispered something to
My hand tightened around my
I didn’t like him getting
so close to her.

“Cole!” Kalia raged.

I sighed, annoyed that I was being forced
to deal with this.
Sleeping with
my assistant had been a bad idea, especially with my tendency to get bored of
women so easily.
And although I
hadn’t made Kalia any promises, she obviously hadn’t understood.
I hadn’t even invited her here.
She’d shown up unannounced, claiming she saw it on my schedule and just assumed
she’d be needed.
She wasn’t
completely wrong – usually I would have asked her to accompany me, but
I’d brought Avery instead.


“You’re not listening to me.”

no shit.
“I am listening.”
I wondered if I was going to have to
fire her.
It would be a
She was a good assistant.

“Then can you please answer my question?”

“Can you please repeat it?”

are you coming over tonight?”

Jeffrey was leaning in even further now, and I watched his
eyes roaming over Avery’s tits.
shouldn’t have let her wear that dress out of the house.
But I liked looking at her in it.
My cock twitched again, thinking about
how it would feel to fuck those tits, to shoot a nice load of cum all over her

“Why not?” Kalia demanded.

I was through making excuses.
Excuses would just prolong the inevitable truth --
I was done with her.

“You’re a real asshole, Cole,” she said.

“I know.”
But I wasn’t listening, and she knew it.
She followed my gaze across the room to
where Avery was standing.

“What is
doing here?” she asked.
“She’s only the second assistant!”

“I brought her.”
I took another swig of my drink.

“For what?
She doesn’t know how do anything yet.”

I shrugged.
“Go home, Kalia,” I said.
“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I drained the rest of my drink and set
the empty glass down on a nearby table.
And then I went to go get Avery.




Jeffrey’s breath smelled like beer, and I
tried to pull away from him, but he herded me over to the side of the room.

“Relax, Avery,” he said.

I tasted bile in the back of my
Relax, Avery.
what he’d said to me that summer day.
I could still remember the sun beating down on my shoulders, the sky so
humidity so heavy in the air that it made my
clothes stick to my skin.
day, and Jeffrey, were the reasons I hated summer, why I got depressed when the
sun was out, why I preferred days that were cold and gloomy.

I tried as hard as I
could to keep my voice even, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of seeing
how much he was affecting me.
I scanned
the room for Cole, hoping he would see me and come over, but there were so many
people here now that it was hard to keep my eyes on him.

I finally spotted him, still talking to
Kalia over by one of the elegantly set tables.
She was gesturing with her hands and talking animatedly
– whatever their conversation was about, it seemed serious.
Was Jeffrey right?
Were they fucking?
I imagined Cole taking Kalia into the
closet, the same closet where he’d just been with me, sliding his fingers up
inside of her, making her come.
Jealousy burned through me, which was ridiculous.
He wasn’t mine.
And how could you be jealous of
something that didn’t belong to you?

“Cole,” Jeffrey said, shaking his head in
disbelief as we watched Cole with Kalia.
“That dude gets so much prime pussy.”

“What do you want, Jeffrey?” I asked.
I pulled my eyes away from Cole and
Kalia, turning my back to them so I wouldn’t have to see what they were
If I saw him touch her,
even just brush the back of her hand, I was going to go insane.

“Have lunch with me,” Jeffrey said,
giving me an easy smile, the kind of smile you would give an old friend.
But we weren’t old friends.
Not even close. “Tomorrow.
I know an amazing Italian place.”

“No.” I shook my head.
“No fucking way.”

He leaned in close to me again, and I saw
his eyes flick down to my chest.
“If you want to keep your secret
safe, you’ll do whatever I say,” he said, his breath hot against my neck.

I glanced over my shoulder, weighing the possibility
of seeing something between Cole and Kalia that would upset me against the fact
that Cole might come over here if he saw I needed help.

Kalia looked gorgeous – she was
wearing a gold dress with black sequins down the sides that nipped in tight at
the waist and accentuated her lithe figure.
Her golden blond hair was swept back into a side bun,
setting off the delicate gold earrings that dangled from her ears.
She looked chic and elegant and
effortless. I felt big and disheveled just looking at her.

“He’s not a good guy, you know,” Jeffrey
said, catching me looking at Cole.

I forced my attention back to Jeffrey.

I know you always worshipped him growing up, but he’s bad
news, Avery.
He’s not a good
He shook his head sadly,
like I was a child who needed to be told the truth.
“The sooner you figure that out, the safer you’ll be.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,”
I said.
“And I don’t –
didn’t --
worship him.”

“Oh, please,”
said, grabbing a crab-stuffed mushroom off the tray of a passing waiter.
“You loved Cole growing up.
You followed him around like a little

“I did not!”
I was shocked.
love Cole growing up.
I resented him.
I hated the way the girls in my class drooled
all over him, hated how he would show up at the neighborhood pool and cause all
my friends to abandon their magazines and suntan lotion just so they could
flirt with him.
I hardly had any
friends growing up, and the ones I did have, well -- I always had to wonder if
they were only spending time with me because they were hoping it would get them
closer to my stepbrother.

Jeffrey shrugged like it was no big deal.
He finished the rest of his mushroom
and washed it down with a swig of the beer he was holding.
“So, coffee tomorrow?”


“Really, Avery?” he said, sighing.
“Can we just stop this little
I’d really hate for your big hero Cole to find out our little secret.
I don’t think he’d like that too much,
would he?”
Jeffrey reached into
his pocket and pulled out his wallet, sliding out a crisp white business
“Call me in the morning,” he
said, pressing the card into my hand.
As he did, his grip tightened around my fingers, holding on for longer
than was necessary.

“What’s going on?” a voice asked from
behind me.
It was Cole, his eyes
flashing with steely suspicion as he looked down at Jeffrey’s hand in

“Nothing,” I said quickly, pulling away
from Jeffrey.
I’d somehow ended up
with his card in my hand.
I wanted
to drop it on the floor, to show Jeffrey that I had no intention of calling
him, but I couldn’t.
I didn’t want
Cole to know anything weird was happening.
“I ran into Jeffrey and we were just saying hello.”

I smoothed my dress down, wishing I had a
drink to sip, or something to hold in my hands.
I felt fidgety and nervous.

“Nice to see you, man,”
said, holding his hand out to Cole, who shook

“Nice to see you,” Cole said, but there
was a hardness to his voice and his smile didn’t reach his eyes.

I wondered if something had happened
between the two of them to make them hate each other.
Cole hadn’t seemed upset when I’d brought up Jeffrey’s name
on the way over here, but now he was acting like Jeffrey was the enemy.
And all those things Jeffrey had said
about Cole not being a good guy – it definitely hinted at some kind of
bad blood between the two of them.

“Gearing up for the IPO?” Jeffrey asked

“Yes,” Cole said shortly.
“It’s been exhausting.
So if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll
call it a night.”
He looked at me
“Are you coming?”

BOOK: Stepbrother Needs (His Twisted Game, Book Three)
13.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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