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Stepbrother Studs: Ryan
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By Selena Kitt


High school senior, Moxie, agrees to be moral support for her friend, Patches, who is totally enamored with a college boy, so she says yes to a double date, even though she has to lie to her parents to do it. But Moxie wasn’t counting on lying about her age to get into an x-rated movie, and she definitely wasn’t counting on her date’s Roman hands and Russian fingers, or the fact that the pants she’s borrowed from Patches are several sizes too small. By the end of the night, Moxie finds herself in far more trouble than she bargained for!


Shauna’s in trouble. Her parents have kicked her out for getting knocked up. She has nowhere to go, nowhere to turn, and a small baby to take care of. That’s when her big, sexy, older construction-working stepbrother rides in like a white knight to rescue her.

Ryan has always looked out for her, and when he invites her to move in with him, Shauna thinks it’s just a convenient arrangement—he’ll provide food and shelter, while she’ll do the cooking and cleaning.

But Shauna finds her needs are far greater than she expected. And she needs her stepbrother, in ways she knows are wrong, but she just can’t help herself. He’s so ripped, so big and strong wearing his tool belt all the time, and he makes her feel safer than she’s ever felt in her whole life.

Shauna takes the perfect opportunity to ask her stepbrother for help, when her nursling doesn’t cooperate, and she discovers that her stepbrother has another proposal to make—a different sort of arrangement. One that will benefit them both beyond their wildest dreams!



“I know it’s small, but it’ll work, right?” Ryan’s gaze was on the crib he’d just constructed which dominated the little room that had formerly been his office.

Feeling guilty that he’d given up yet another space to accommodate me, I stepped closer and put an arm around his waist to give him a sideways hug. “I hate that you gave up your office. The crib would have fit at the foot of my bed.”

Ryan hugged me back and smiled down at me.

“Stop that, you’re a great mother, but you have your limits,” he said, his voice a low rumble.

“You need a good night’s sleep. So does he,” he said, nodding at the baby happily reaching for the mobile of farm animals turning in slow circles above him.

I drew in Ryan’s scent, always so rich and reassuring. Why couldn’t Brad have been more like Ryan—trustworthy, a hard worker, loyal? Although my stepbrother didn’t have any obligation to step in to help me when my parents had told me I had to move out, he’d stepped up, moving all my things himself in his pickup truck, even buying a crib to replace the bassinet which was getting to small to hold my infant son. He’d done all that and expected nothing in return—or so he’d said.

I didn’t have a job, could barely even consider going out to find one because that would mean I’d have to find daycare, and the thought of placing my son in the care of strangers killed me. Worse, I had zero income to pitch in to help with rent or groceries, because I’d only just begun the process of going to court to force Brad to pay child support.

Now instead of depending on my parents, or Brad, I was dependent upon my stepbrother for food and shelter. Our parents were right. I was a loser. And I got knocked up by a loser.

Ryan’s hugged me harder. “You’re getting that look on your feet again. Don’t sweat it. I swear, I make enough to take care of us. Plus, I’m almost done with my apprenticeship. As soon as I have my journeyman’s electrician certification, I’m starting my own business. I want this. And I want both of you safe and here where I can watch out for you.” He kissed my temple.

“You just worry about taking care of him.” He tickled my ribs. “And if you want to do dishes now and then...”

I laughed. “I’ll keep your place clean and I can at least take calls and handle billing for your side jobs...”

“See? You can work from home. Be my office manager.”

I snorted. He didn’t really need me for that, not until he hung out his own shingle, but the thought that I might be able to work from home one day was enticing.

I worried about the fact I’d become used to the idea so quickly. Despite what he said, I couldn’t stay here for the long term, could I? Yes, his apartment was roomy, but one day he’d find someone to love, and I didn’t want to be in the way.

The thought of another woman living with him caused a twinge inside my chest. I was jealous of that other woman he hadn’t even met!

I glanced at the crib. Jonathan was asleep, munching on his fist.

“I think he likes his new digs,” Ryan whispered.

We backed out of the room and closed the door.

Ryan turned me and gripped my elbows. “You look about dead on your feet. I have to go out right now, got a call from a neighbor who needs help wiring some lights. You don’t have to wait up for me.”

And because I was exhausted, I let him lead me to my bedroom door. “You going to tuck me in, too?” I asked, smiling up at him.

A look crossed his face, a sudden tightening of his features and a darkening of his eyes. “Only if you need me to,” he said, his voice sounding a little gruff.

I held still, awareness blossoming. My nipples hardened. My pussy grew damp from just one gruff whisper—I was attracted to my brother!

“I’ll be fine,” I said and forced a smile. When I’d closed the door, I leaned against it, waiting to hear him walk away. He must have stood there, pausing, just as I was now, but eventually, his heavy tread moved away.

I undressed and put on a thin nightgown, then went to the bed and laid down, pulling the covers over me and hugging myself. Had I made a mistake moving in with Ryan? Was I looking at him differently because he’d rescued me like a knight in shining armor?

And what had that look meant? On another man’s face, I would have interpreted that expression as desire.

With too many worries to focus on, I closed my eyes.

Maybe when I awoke I’d make better sense of it all.

* * * *

I didn’t know how long I’d slept, but when I awoke my breasts were aching and full. As if on cue, the baby’s demanding cry sounded in the distance. I didn’t bother with a robe. The clock on my nightstand read two a.m. Ryan would be deep in sleep. I knew I’d better hurry before the baby woke him, or he’d find out my warnings about how hard it would be to have a baby under his roof weren’t exaggerations.

When I opened the nursery door, I was surprised to find Ryan inside, still dressed and with his tool belt riding low on his waist. Jonathon was in his arms.

I halted, drinking in the sight. Ryan would be a wonderful dad someday.

A very sexy daddy, I thought, eyeing that tool belt.

“Let me take him.” I rushed forward. “You need your sleep.”

“I changed him, but I think he’s hungry.” Ryan gave me a sideways glance. “If you’ll hold him a minute, I’ll run down to get a bottle from the fridge. You need a solid night’s sleep.”

“No need,” I said softly. I glanced down at my nightgown and grimaced. The front of it was damp over both nipples—my milk was already leaking. “I’ll never get back to sleep with my breasts this hard.”

I reached out my arms.

Ryan handed over the baby then stuck his hands in his back pockets. His cheeks turned a little pink. “Would you mind...?”

I glanced up, noted the way his gaze remained on my breasts, and understood what he was asking. He was just curious. And breastfeeding a baby was the most natural thing in the world. I sat in the rocker and unbuttoned the top of my nightgown, folding back one side to bare my breast. Then I snuggled Jonathon close, smiling as he eagerly latched on and suckled.

When I glanced up at Ryan, it was to catch him staring, his face wearing that look again. He wasn’t repulsed, not even a little bit, watching me feed my son. If anything, he looked more aroused than he had earlier.

Which turned me on, adding to the mild arousal I always felt when Jonathon latched onto my nipple. I was close to begging Ryan to stay and maybe help me with one little bitty problem...

I swallowed down the words, and leaned back in my seat, deciding I should be content with the fact the man was watching me bare my breast. Once I was back in my room alone, I’d have plenty of inspiration to spur me to orgasm.

Jonathon let go of my breast with an audible pop. I guided the tip back to his mouth, nudging his lips, but he was already asleep.

“Well hell,” I said. “Little stinker. He didn’t get to the other one. I’ll have to use the pump.”

“Here, let me put him down.”

I startled. I hadn’t noticed Ryan had come closer, but I handed him the baby and stood on shaky legs. Arousal still tightened my womb and my breasts were nearly gushing. I’d need a shower.

Ryan turned to me again, staring down at my breasts. “You’re really wet.”

“That’s because they’re full of milk. I need to express them,” I said, my heart tripping because I wasn’t going to resist the temptation. I peeled down my nightgown, not looking at Ryan for fear I’d lose my nerve. With both breasts exposed, I tugged on the nipple that hadn’t been expressed. A thin stream of milk spurted out, hitting the wood floor.

“I’ll have to mop.” When I got up the nerve, I glanced up at Ryan. His eyes glittered in the light streaming in from the hallway.

And a boner tented one leg of his pants.

I took a deep breath and gathered my courage. Looked like we both needed a little release. It was the least I could offer him.

“Ryan, would you like to taste it?”

“You sure?” He drew a sharp breath.

I nodded and cupped the bottoms of both breasts to raise them in offering.

He knelt on one knee and leaned toward me.

I held my breath as I guided the tip into his mouth.

His tongue laved the protruding nubbin before his lips latched tentatively around my dark areola. His first draw was gentle, too gentle. I didn’t like the taste of my own milk. I expected him to draw back, but he sucked again. If anything, the hands gripping my hips tightened. He liked it.

“I promise you’re not going to break anything,” I whispered. “You can suck it harder.”

Ryan moaned and leaned closer, burrowing his nose against my soft breast and suckling with a growing fervor.

My breath caught as my milk let down, streaming into his mouth. The relief was so great I groaned.

“Oh like that,” I whispered. “Just like that.”

I couldn’t help myself, I dug my fingernails into his hair and scraped.

Ryan dutifully suckled for a couple more minutes then drew back.

“Did that help?” he asked, rubbing the back of his hand across his mouth.

My milk glazed his lips.

“Yes,” I said, wanting to say more. Wanting to ask if he’d join me in my bed.

He stood, his hands still on my hips.

“I like it,” he said, that low growl back again. “Anytime you need help...”

“I need it now,” I blurted, then widened my eyes, because I hadn’t meant to.

“What do you need, Shauna?”

My gaze dropped away. I would have thought that the fact I was standing half-naked in front of him would have robbed me of any remaining modesty, but I couldn’t tell him.

“Do you want me, Shauna?” A finger tucked under my chin, raising my gaze.

“I’m sorry.” I closed my eyes and a tear trickled down my chin. “I don’t mean to be this needy. But if you wouldn’t mind, if you’d like it too—holy hell, I need you to fuck me, Ryan.”

His breath let out in a slowly. A smile began to curve up the corners of his mouth.

“I like you needy. I like you dependent on me. And I don’t care how that sounds. Let me take this extra burden. I’ll love you so good, baby.”

He reached out and shoved down my nightgown and my panties, then stood back gazing at my body.

I felt a little unsure. My belly was marred by stretch marks and still retained a little roundness. My breasts were like ripe melons.

“Brad’s a damn fool for walking away from you,” he murmured. “You’re beautiful.”

And since his expression hardened even more, I knew he meant it, which emboldened me. I reached out and pulled at his t-shirt, tugging it from his waistband and raising it to his arms. Since he was too tall, he pulled it the rest of the way off. 

Then he toed off his work boots and socks. When his hands went to the buckle of his tool belt, I laid mine over it. “Do you mind keeping that on?”

Both brows shot up. “It’ll get in the way.”

“Yeah, it will,” I said smiling.

His answering grin warmed me inside, and the fact he reached eagerly under his belt to unfasten his jeans, pleased me even more. At the scratch of the zipper, I stepped forward, stopping him with hand on his arm. I snuck my hand under his tool belt to feel for his cock. It was right there. Tenting his workpants, I found the opening of his shorts and guided it out. “Think we can fuck standing?” I asked. “With you, like this?”

“Where there’s a will, there’s a fucking way,” he muttered. He reached out and picked me up, waiting as I hugged him with my legs.

Then he walked into the hallway and closed the baby’s door. Another step and he pressed me against the opposite wall.

I ground my pussy against the coarse material of the belt. “I love your tool belt,” I said, winding my arms around his neck. “Every time I see you wearing it, it turns me on.”

“If I’d known that was all it took, wearing my belt...” He chuckled and rubbed his chest against mine, making himself wet with my milk.

“It’s strange the things we like,” I whispered, catching the bulge of one protruding pocket to rub my clit against. Arousal built, and soon I was soaked and quivering against him.

“This the way you want it?” he whispered beside my ear.

“I’d like a kiss first, seeing as we’ve never shared more than pecks on a cheek.”

“I’ve never kissed you?” he blinked. “I’ve done it a thousand times in my dreams.”

“Really?” I asked, loving the way he cradled my head.

“When your daddy brought my mom and me home, I was thirteen to your eleven, but you were the prettiest thing I’d ever seen. I knew it was wrong to want you, but I jerked off to the thought of your mouth.”

I ducked my head. “When I was in high school, even when I had boyfriends, I used to finger myself when I knew you were in your room. The thought that you might hear me moan was addictive.”

“You about killed me.”

We both smiled.

“Still haven’t tasted that kiss,” I whispered.

Ryan nipped my nose, the lobe of an ear, and then slowly dragged his lips across my cheek. When he rubbed his mouth over mine, I slid my hands up his back and raked my nails downward on either side of his spine.

BOOK: Stepbrother Studs Ryan
11.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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