Sticks (Black Addiction #2)

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Oh. Fuck.



F. U. C. K.

That’s exactly what should be displayed in the window of that plastic contraption shaking in my hand instead of that obnoxious plus sign. The bright blue horizontal and vertical line against a stark white background. Taunting me as I stood there hoping it was some cruel optical illusion.

But it wasn’t.

Oh my God, I was going to be sick.

My head spun as I sunk to my ass on the cold tile floor. The stick that ten minutes ago had been so innocent and harmless was still in my hand as I struggled not to hyperventilate. This couldn’t be happening.

I was pregnant.

As waves of nausea rolled through my body—something I’d been experiencing a lot lately—my brain tried to reconcile my new reality. My life as I knew it was well and truly over.

I am going to be someone’s mother.

My hand had barely managed to lift the lid of the toilet as I lost my battle with my stomach. The full body heave expelled not only my breakfast but also my soul into the bowl as the evil EPT wand fell out of my hand and onto the floor. My future—as well as my blueberry bagel—now in the toilet.

I had done a lot of stupid stuff in my time. I’ll be the first to admit that, but Joey Shaw was by far the dumbest.

Unlike most of the girls he seemed to entertain, I’d known Joey for years. Our bands had crossed paths from time to time on the bar circuit, even sharing the stage once or twice. The appreciation we had for each other was mutual, both professionally and otherwise. He was good looking, sexy and had a body built for sin. It was only a matter of time before we ended up doing the in-between-the-sheets tango; I was impressed at how long I’d resisted.

Driven by hormones instead of brains, our little game of flirting came to a very lustful, sexy conclusion last month. That mouth of his wasn’t only talking up a good show, with every single egotistical boast coming out of it not even close to the mind-blowing orgasm he’d given me. His body absolutely delivered on the promise of crazy and unrestrained sex. It had been a night that wasn’t going to be easy to forget. Now it seemed, he had gifted me a permanent reminder.


I was so screwed.

We had barely even spoken since our hook-up, happy for it to be a casual thing between friends. It’s not like I was looking to date him. Ha. Not in this lifetime. I wasn’t
delusional. The man was hot. Not denying that, but I’d had longer relationships with a pizza than Joey had with women. So, I was happy to collect on the toe-curling sex without the side order of is-he-ever-going-to-call-me-again. God damn it. How could I have been so freaking stupid?

Ugh. My stomach churned again as my brain rationalized spending most of the day locked in my bathroom. It seemed like a solid idea, one that would see me postpone the what-the-hell-did-I-do-now that was begging to be dealt with. Ha! As if.

This year had started out with so much promise. The band was doing great. While no record deals had come our way, our song had gotten thousands of hits on YouTube. And there wasn’t a Saturday night where we didn’t play. Not just dive bars but actually great gigs. We were even making decent money too. Life was pretty awesome.
. Past tense. Now, of course, I was a few months away from hawking my six-string at PawnRUs and getting a day job at

Poor Joey.

The sexy six-foot, dark-haired drummer had no idea that our baby was going to be the first and last child he would father, his balls soon to be hanging from my rearview mirror. I’d be sure to inform him and offer my condolences when I ripped them from his still-breathing body. His dick also at risk of ending up a hood ornament. It was only fair seeing as my body would be waving its red flag of rebellion in the coming months that his should suffer too. Might as well wear my skinny jeans while they still fit me, lord knows I was going to be rocking elastic waistbands and stretchy pants in the very near future. My wardrobe, the least of my worries.

Huh. I was going to have a baby. My hand unconsciously brushed against my flat-for-now belly, the life its dumbass parents created growing inside of me despite my lack of a clue. A missed period and some wicked fatigue the only hint that something was amiss. And in an instant, it had all changed. Knocked up, sitting on my bathroom floor with my head down a toilet, and I had absolutely no idea of how I was going to be someone’s mom.

Inside of me there was a tiny life. A little helpless human who needed my love and protection, who hadn’t asked to be born but had been put there nonetheless. Trusting that I would keep him or her safe until he or she was ready to enter into the world. My baby. Mine.

Great. Now my eyes were leaking. The fucking body rebellion I had expected months from now had already started as tears streamed uncontrollably.

What the hell was happening to me? I wasn’t one of those emotional girls who wept when they lost their favorite purse. I played in a rock band for God’s sake; I didn’t do crying. It was Joey’s fault. Yes. Let’s blame that asshole and his potent freaking sperm. He was the reason I had apparently lost my mind and would soon have a full uterus. And now I was back to being mad again.


This was so going to be fun.

Oh, please let me not kill him.

“Dude!” Max yelled from
the door. “Your fucking phone has been ringing all morning. Either answer the piece of shit or switch it to silent.” The phone that had apparently been an asshole came sailing through the air and landed with a thud beside my head.

Max was being a bastard. Jealous that, while my phone had been getting more action than a high school quarterback on prom night, his hadn’t so much as buzzed since last night. Not my fault the ladies wanted me more. Sure, I was pushing the boundaries a little, but I was young, single and in a rock band.

This is what I had dreamed about since I strummed my first chord. I’d never cared about being good at sports or doing well in school; to me it just got in the way.

I’d gone from dead-end job to dead-end job completely okay with waiting it out until it happened. My folks might not have been pleased by my lack of commitment to the regular workforce, but they respected my determination. I wanted to be in a band for as long as I could remember. The only time I was happy was when I was playing in front of a crowd, and now that it was happening, they couldn’t be prouder. My gamble had paid off. The major leagues were knocking at our door and I was more than ready.

We’d worked hard to get to where we were and I felt the party was past due. We had choices, and there was nothing wrong with what I was doing. Besides, the asshole could have totally smashed my screen with his doorway toss. And it was my third phone in as many months.

“Don’t be hating on me because you went home alone.” The screen lit up with the notification of my missed call. The name of my mystery caller revealed.

“Kenzie?” I wasn’t sure if I’d said her name out loud or in my head. Any conversation with me before ten in the morning was questionable at best.

“Yes, it’s Kenzie, and she’s called three times already.” He leaned against the doorjamb, his hand getting cozy with the back of his neck. “So either someone’s died or she really needs to get a hold of you.”

“Oh yeah, she can get a hold of me anytime she likes.” The thought of her hand around my dick making me smile. Would have made me hard too, except I was already rocking the morning wood. “That girl has some wicked skills and I’m not talking her hands on the fret board.”

“Right.” Max’s voice dripped with sarcasm. “Like Kenzie would fuck
. She has better taste than that.” The bastard proved how much he didn’t know, our little side action kept under wraps.

“Well, obviously she doesn’t.” I could barely contain my smug smile. “Because me and her—happened. It was beautiful too. She is a complete freak in the sack, dude, and didn’t act all weird after we fucked. It was perfect casual sex. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it.”

From the minute I’d seen Kenzie, I’d instantly wanted her. No shit. She was five different shades of hot with her Malibu Barbie dark-blonde hair and blue eyes. But unlike the
California Dreaming
fantasy, it had actually taken some effort on my part to get inside the tight dress—the reality exceeding even my wildest wet dreams.

With a set of double D’s that were a complete gift from God and an ass that made you sit up and take notice, I was willing to do almost anything to get a taste of that. She didn’t buy into my usual bullshit, which was sort of refreshing and I really enjoyed getting to know her. Hanging out, flirting—it was sort of fun, and as it turned out, she was totally into me too. The time we’d both invested paying off when we finally had sex.

“Yeah, sure you did.” Max rolled his eyes, not buying that I had tapped that. “And if she hears you talking shit, she’s going to hand you your balls.”

“I’m not talking shit. It fucking happened,” I snapped, a little annoyed he would think I didn’t get enough real pussy that I’d started to fictionalize it. “She was all over me at Josh’s party last month. We barely made it back to her house before we’d fucked. She may want her hands on my balls, my friend, but not for the reason you’re claiming.”

The sex hadn’t
been good. It had been out-freaking-standing. So awesome in fact we hadn’t even waited for the bed. My dick getting inside of her the minute we’d walked into her apartment. Her tight pussy gripped me like a fucking fist, my need to come at fucking Defcon levels with the first time barely long enough for me to tease an orgasm out of her before I’d blown my load all over her stomach. First time I’d gone bare in a long time, neither of us able to wait until I got the rubber on. Of course that situation was rectified an hour or so later when I got suited up and fucked her again. It was even better the second time. The memory got my morning wood even harder, if that was possible—the visual would be put to good use in the shower when I jerked off later. Wouldn’t be the first time I’d recalled that bad boy.

“Dude, whatever. You fucked her, you didn’t fuck her—not my biz. But for fuck’s sake, handle your shit so I can get some sleep.” The big guy shot me a yawn. “We’ve got the album launch tonight. I’d rather not show up looking like shit.”

“Truth, right?” The yawn contagious as my mouth followed suit. “Whatever Kenzie wants can wait until tomorrow.” With no messages being left, I could only assume she was keen to recapture the magic, something I’d be more than happy to recreate after I’d had an appropriate amount of shut eye. It had been something I’d been thinking about myself. “I’m going to kill the phone and get some more Z’s. Set your alarm so we don’t sleep through; Angie will kick our asses if we’re late.”

“Done. Later.”

Max flipped me a half-hearted wave as he disappeared from my open doorway, our plans for the morning cemented. Possibly even some of the afternoon. It’s not like we had anything better to do, and considering the time we crawled home this morning, it wasn’t unreasonable. What
unreasonable was that I ever had to deal with mornings. Didn’t I give that shit up when we signed a record deal? Sure as hell should have been in the fine print, and if it wasn’t I was going to have words with our lawyer.

“Don’t forget the alarm,” I warned, not needing the heat we’d catch from our front woman if we turned up late. “Just gonna sleep a little more . . .”


“Fuck! Joey, you need to get up. We need to be in Midtown in a couple of hours.” Max’s usually chilled voice was hitting the panic as I cracked open an eye. That alarm we had spoken about, obviously not been set.

“Ah shit.” I pulled my vibrating phone out from underneath my pillow. A barrage of missed calls dominating my screen, the one currently trying to get my attention was from Rusty, our guitarist and one of my closest friends.

“Yo, what’s happening?” I answered without the need for the hello. The reason for his call wasn’t really a mystery, the
more expected from Angie than our leading axe-man. Still, the bastard was co-piloting our rise to rock stardom, so who was I to complain.

“Good morning, sunshine. Oh, wait. Look at that, it’s fucking evening. Huh. It’s not morning after all.” The sarcasm wasn’t missed even though he didn’t sound pissed.

“Yeah, yeah. We’ve had a busy few days. Just because you and Angie have given up the life doesn’t mean I have to. I’m just picking up the slack, brother. Someone has to take care of the ladies now that you’re off the market. Just trying to do my share.”

Rusty was more than just the guitarist; he had been Black Addiction’s biggest player—and I don’t mean on the stage. There weren’t many nights the dude hadn’t had a girl or two hanging off his arm. Not that I’d been jealous. I got plenty of girls. Okay, so maybe not as many as he did but still, shit loads.

“Hmm. Sure you are.” Rusty barked out a laugh. “I’m eternally grateful for the service you’re providing. Not sure the girls are though.”

“They fucking love it, trust me. No one is leaving disappointed.” I would happily provide a list of endorsements.

“Awesome. You think you can tear yourself away from your selfless act of community service and show up tonight for this launch? Call me crazy, but I’d like for my rhythm section to be there.”

“We’ll be there,” I assured him, my body already shifted out of the covers. “Trust me, we’ve been waiting for this all week.”

“Fantastic. The label is sending a car around soon. Get your shit together.”

“Yep, all good. See ya soon.” My hand did a midair wave for no reason in particular as Max rolled his eyes.

“See you soon.” Rusty killed the call, and I tossed the phone back onto the bed.

“That was Rus.” The grin on my face not hiding the fact I’d been thrilled it had been
he’d called.

Out of the two of us, it was usually Max who was trusted with information, but in this instance, it had been yours truly who was called to action.

“Need to jump in the shower and put on some clean clothes. The label is sending a car.” The message relayed for Max’s benefit because he hadn’t been important enough to get it first hand like I had.

“Don’t get too excited. I got Angie, she used more swear words.” His smug-ass grin clued me in that I hadn’t been so special. “Let’s get the show on the road, shall we?”

Our label, Metamorphous, happened to be captained by none other than Power Station. If we were a big deal, their success was astronomical and it helped we’d known them from before they’d made the big time. They made allowances for us because of history, but I wouldn’t want to fuck them over either. Being late wouldn’t only piss off Angie and Rus.

Thankfully neither of us were packing a set of tits, which meant the shower, change and out the door was achieved within the thirty minute window. So by the time the sweet high-end SUV had pulled up to our pad, we were ready to rock and get out the door, our big night hopefully more than just a bunch of handshaking and head-nodding. I mean really, what was the point of all of this adulation if it didn’t translate into at least a blowjob?

Yeah, maybe I was conceited, and probably acting like a pig but it was sort of expected, and I was more than happy to play the part. I gave zero shit about the rock star title; but if the spoils were going to find themselves in my lap, who was I to say no.

Usually I liked to be the one behind the wheel, but the guy pulling the driving-Miss-Daisy was epic. Dude had us weaving in and out of traffic like a fucking champ, the stop-start-crawl left behind for tourists or amateurs. Whatever time we were chasing from leaving the apartment, we’d made up on the road, arriving at the club right on schedule.

“Much respect, my friend.” I peeled off a twenty and handed it over to the guy who’d been captaining our ride. “Those were some of the coolest moves I’ve seen off a stage.”

“No tip needed.” He nodded with a smile. “Just doing my job.” The door opened from the outside before I could argue.

Tonight was our homecoming. And while I would have preferred to play the songs live, some asshole DJ was gonna spin the album in the club instead. Let the people hear what we’d been holed up doing for the last few months and give them a chance to rub shoulders with us while we partied. The show-and-tell was the part I was pretty keen to get started.

A crowd had gathered out the front. Some of the faces I recognized from previous gigs, some obviously new, but everyone was wearing a smile. Made my chest puff out a little more as the security ushered us in, a girl or two grabbing at our arms as we bypassed the red rope and went straight inside.

A long way from the shady bars we used to play—the kind of service we were receiving now, something I would have no problem getting used to—the security tripped over themselves to make us feel welcomed. Fucking awesome. My grin got wider as we moved further into the club.

“You made it.” Rus smirked, his hot girlfriend wielding a clipboard not far from his side. The hand on her ass made it plainly obvious they were together in case anyone missed the fucking loved-up vibe they were blasting when they looked at each other. They kissed a lot too, the PDAs not a problem for either of them.

Alison wasn’t just playing tonsil hockey with our guitar player, but also worked for our record label as well. Oh, and she also shared blood ties with Max, so you needed a Venn diagram to keep up with all the freaky overlaps. Trust me, my brain hurt just thinking about it.

“Told you we would.” I tipped my chin toward Rusty before turning my attention to his girl. “Hey, Ali.” My eyebrow rose to check out her cute outfit. She might’ve been with Rusty, but I hadn’t suddenly developed blindness. Those tits of hers—fucking magical—and they looked pretty damn awesome tonight.

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