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Authors: Mina Carter

Tags: #Erotic Romance, #Erotica, #Love Story, #Paranormal Romance, #Romance, #Werewolf, #Werewolfs, #Werewolves, #Wolf, #Wolves, #Wolves Shifters

Submitting To The Captain

BOOK: Submitting To The Captain
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Submitting To The Captain
Number IX of
Mina Carter
Blue Hedgehog Press (2014)
Erotic Romance, Erotica, Love Story, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Werewolf, Werewolfs, Werewolves, Wolf, Wolves, Wolves Shifters
Erotic Romancettt Eroticattt Love Storyttt Paranormal Romancettt Romancettt Werewolfttt Werewolfsttt Werewolvesttt Wolfttt Wolvesttt Wolves Shiftersttt

Lycan noble woman Vanessa knows she is playing with fire when she accepts Captain of the City Guard, Jace Trenton's, invitation to an evening at a local with a very interesting reputation.
Fed up with being merely a pawn in her brother's plans, she decides to take something for herself and accepts.

The last time they were together was explosive...
Who knows what he has planned this time?

Table of Contents


Submitting to the Captain

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

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Copyright 2014
Mina Carter

Cover Art by Mina Carter

Published by Blue Hedgehog Press: Dec 2014.


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Author's note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

Submitting to the Captain

By Mina Carter

Chapter One


Her home had become a prison. Heart pounding, Vanessa slipped out a side door under the cover of darkness. It closed behind her with a soft click and cut off the sounds of revelry within.

Jacob would be furious that she’d avoided his party, but she found his friends as bad as her brother himself. All brown-nosing sycophants crowded around the one they deemed the most influential among them. Every time they looked at her, lust-filled gazes raking her body and making her nauseous, she hated Jacob all the more.

Since he’d become Alpha, the pack was not a good place to be. Respected older members, friends of her father and those who had the experience to advise the pack Alpha, had been banished from the pack house. It seemed the only advice Jacob wanted was his own.

Vanessa sighed. The problem was he wouldn’t make a decent pack Alpha as long as he had a hole in his ass. Even she could see that, and she’d been brought up as a trophy mate, destined to decorate the arm of the Master of the City. A plan that had been royally fucked when he picked another woman, for which Vanessa was eternally grateful. Especially considering the text she had received earlier.

Meet me at the South gate, 8pm. Dress sexy

It wasn’t signed, but it didn’t need to be. Even if she didn’t know that the number was Jace’s, the tone would have tipped her off. Jace Trenton was Captain of the City Guard, bodyguard and right-hand man of the Master himself. Like Veyr, he’d come from the city’s fight clubs, a fighter with a terrible reputation, one almost as ferocious as the Master’s. The strong, silent and brooding type, few would dare cross him.

In fact, rumors abounded through the court about him. Ladies twittered over his looks, his fighting ability, and his body. They speculated what he would be like in bed. An animal who would tear their clothes off and fuck them senseless before they were through the door. Vanessa kept quiet during such conversations. She knew what he was like in bed. Heat rolled through her body, nipples beading to attention and pussy clenching at the memory of her night in his bed.

Tied to his bed…

Tied and taken.

Something she hoped would happen again, more than once. And soon. Maybe tonight, if this meant what she thought it meant. He’d ordered her to dress sexy, so she had. Her classic little black dress was that bit too tight. Too tight to wear out in public, it lurked at the back of her wardrobe, but tonight she would not be in public. Along with the text, Jace had also sent a link. It had been one from the website of an exclusive club in the south side of town.

Midnight pleasures
, a sensual experience for the distinguished gentleman. A sex club. One the same women who twittered over Jace spoke about in hushed, excited tones. It was a place filled with sexual delights, where nothing was off-limits. Bondage, voyeurism, multiple partners… You name it, it happened. She wasn’t an idiot, he’d sent her the link for a reason.

He’d already tied her up and fucked her, and the thought of him doing that in front of other people turned her on all more. Forbidden thoughts flitted through her mind. Perhaps he would want to go further than just letting others watch…

She shivered and moved away from the door, eager to get to their meeting place. As expected at this time of night, the gardens were dark. The pale light of the moon overhead filtered through passing clouds, but with the hood of her black coat up to conceal her blonde hair she passed through the gardens like a wraith.

She knew the path to the South gate, could walk it in her sleep. The garden passed in a blur of shadows and patches of moonlight. Full moon wasn’t for a week, but she still felt the pull on the wolf buried inside her, the lunar cycle and her own arousal making the creature lift its head. It liked Jace, liked his Wolf, but she had to be careful. This thing between them was just sex. She couldn’t afford to be around him during a mating moon. Her pheromones combined with a full moon and his Wolf would drive him to Mark her. Take her to mate…

Weakness hit her knees as she reached the gate, forcing her to reach out and clutch at the cold stone to keep her balance. The idea of Jace taking her to mate was seductive, alluring. He’d make a good mate, strong and protective, attentive and caring. He even liked sex the way she liked it, kinky and dirty. It would be a perfect match.

And the instant he marked her, Jacob would have him killed. Not in a challenge fight or anything legal like that, but gunned down in a back alley somewhere by thugs using silver bullets. As much as they might try and get away from their heritage, werewolves would always be susceptible to silver.

She straightened up and put the thought from her mind. It wouldn’t happen. Jacob wouldn’t have Jace killed because he would never know about this. Her heart ached, but she knew it was the way it had to be. This had to remain a secret…

One she would treasure for a lifetime. Her steps measured, she added a sway in her hips as she walked through the gate. She need not have bothered. There was a car waiting for her as she’d expected, but she was the sole passenger. Jace was not in the car. Sliding into the back seat, she gathered herself to give instructions to the driver, but the glass partition was raised and the car pulled away as soon as she’d shut the door.

She sat back, content to say nothing. Jace had apparently arranged the evening down to the last detail. The journey into town was quick and uneventful, apart from her increasing heart rate. The too-tight dress, while making the most of her attributes, meant that she was forced to sit neatly with her knees together.

She worried at the edges of the lace at the hemline with her fingertips. Would he like it…the way she was dressed? The black lace shift dress was saved from being demure by its high hem, one that only just covered her ass, the lace just skimming her thighs and barely covering the tops of her stockings. What would he say when he realized she wore nothing except the suspender belt beneath?

The low neckline would have been scandalous for a full busted woman, but she’d made the best of the situation with a push-up bra. Now, instead of appearing as flat as a pancake, a generous cleavage threatened to spill over the lace.

The car pulled to a stop outside a nondescript door on a backstreet. Relief washed over her and she smiled at the driver as he held her door open. Jace had tried to ensure she hadn’t been seen, a fact that in her precarious situation she appreciated. Not having been born to it, she hadn’t expected him to understand the intricate politics of the court, but it was a relief he knew some things couldn’t be changed. Not without blood and tears.

She nodded to the driver and looked at the door in front of her. Her hood was still up to conceal her face, but there was no one on the street to see her. Neither was there a knocker on the door or any other way to signal to anybody inside she required entry. She was about to turn to ask the driver when the door swung open in front of her.

She took a step forward, intending to announce herself, but the hulking figure just inside the doorway made the words dry up in her throat. It wasn’t a man, it was a mountain. His scent reached out and wound around her. Okay, a wolf mountain. Hell, she’d had no idea that Lycans could get so big.

“The Captain is waiting for you,” he rumbled, his voice so low her ears ached.

With no idea what to say, she just nodded and stepped through the doorway, turning left in the direction he indicated. Her eyes adjusted to the semi darkness, the corridor ahead of her dimly lit after the relative brightness of the streetlamps outside. Her steps, which had rung out against the asphalt outside, were muffled by the thick carpet underfoot. That, along with the elegant plasterwork and detailed wallpaper, screamed elegance and money. It was nothing less than she’d expected, given the club’s reputation.

The corridor wasn’t long, with a door at the end. It was open so she walked through to find herself in a large room. Couches were set in alcoves along the walls. Several were occupied, some empty, and a few had thick curtains drawn across. They weren’t lit so she couldn’t see what went on within. The brief flashes of limbs and movement were enough to give her a good guess.

Men and women walked between the tables in the center of the room. Some were dressed in uniform and carried trays, obviously the wait staff. The rest were not staff. Nor some of them dressed.

Her steps faltered as she watched one, large male walk across the room. Shirt-less, he wore leather pants that fit him like a second skin tucked into boots. But it wasn’t his clothes that drew her attention. In his hand, he carried what looked like a paddle.

She bit her lip, instant heat flooding her body, and watched him as he crossed to one alcove. Within there was no couch, but instead some kind of bench. Over it was bent a naked woman, ass in the air. She wasn’t alone. In front of her stood a man almost as big as the one she’d watched walk across the room, his groin in her face and her lips wrapped around his cock.

“Oh my,” Vanessa lifted her hand to cover her mouth, her eyes widening when the first man joined them.

Instead of using the paddle as she’d suspected, although the redness on the woman’s ass showed it had already been used, he dropped it on a nearby table and took position behind the bound woman. Her breathing caught in her throat as he released his cock, thick and flushed, to rub it against the woman’s pussy lips. Her moan of pleasure was audible from where Vanessa stood. She watched, riveted, as his cock glistened in the light, coated with evidence of the woman’s excitement. Dipping his knees, he lined up the head of his cock with her cunt and drove inside in one deep movement. She cried out, the sound muffled by the other guys cock and pushed back as much as her bonds would allow.

“You like what you see?” A deep voice rumbled from behind made Vanessa jump, but just as quickly she relaxed. Jace. His voice and scent were unmistakable. “Because that will be you in half an hour.”



Chapter Two


She turned and Jace sucked in a hard breath. The black coat with its deep hood concealed her slender frame and her long blonde hair, but what he could see of her face took his breath away. From the first moment he’d seen her, he’d thought she was the most beautiful woman on the planet. Slender, with just a hint of lithe curves, the scent of her Wolf wrapped around her, mingling with her expensive perfume to create an erotic, alluring scent that had his cock punching to full mast within his pants.

BOOK: Submitting To The Captain
3.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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