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Matteo was coming back tonight. He was eager to see him, as always. It didn’t matter if he was away for a week or three months, and Jared never knew how long it would be. He was used to it. And maybe his lover’s gypsy ways were part of what kept things interesting.

They’d been friends for five years, lovers for nearly as long. It had never been anything more serious, although they loved each other. Jared was never in the market for anything serious. His lifestyle had never been conducive to a real relationship. He’d tried it a few times, had failed miserably. But with Matteo, it was friendship and sex and a kind of solid loyalty with no other expectations.

And now he’d just found out Matteo was coming to southern California to stay for a while. He didn’t know how long he’d be there. This was the first time he’d even considered it. Why did it matter, suddenly?

It was because of Leigh. He hadn’t mentioned Matteo to her, and now he felt like an ass, as if he’d kept something from her. But there was nothing to keep, no secret, no big deal. He didn’t think Leigh would be bothered by him being bisexual. She was too laid back, too relaxed about sex, for that to be an issue. But having Matteo in the house might change things. Which could be good. Or bad.

The idea of it being bad bothered him a lot more than he wanted to admit.

So did the dawning realization that Leigh was beginning to matter to him. He’d thought they could just be friendly neighbors who had sex on occasion. But it was more than an occasional thing. And there must be a reason why. A reason beyond the fact that the sex was incredible. He’d had incredible sex before.

It hadn’t been with Leigh.


He wouldn’t think about that right now. Matteo was coming tonight. He had to let Leigh know about him, and that would go however it would go. It shouldn’t matter so much.

But it did.

Don’t think.

Everything would be fine, anyway. Better than fine. He would have Matteo again. And Leigh. Maybe both of them together. Yes, that should keep things interesting enough to distract him from his constant thoughts about Leigh.

Yes, the two of them together…one lovely feminine body, and one long, lean male body…the contrast of their skin…cock and pussy and all his to touch, to taste.

His cock sprang to life, going hard between his thighs.

Oh yeah, this he could handle. With pleasure.

Leigh’s meeting had gone well. She was in a good mood, humming to herself as she slipped her dress down over her head. It was a lightweight, pale green cotton knit that matched her eyes and hugged her body. Not that it would stay on long. Her clothes were never on for long with Jared. She’d stopped wearing underwear entirely unless they were going out, as they were tonight. She paused in front of the mirror over her dresser to pin up her blonde hair and add some lip gloss and a pair of silver hoop earrings, then slipped into her sandals before locking her door and walking across the street. Her pulse fluttered, knowing she would see Jared in a few moments, even though he’d been in her bed just this morning.

Silly of her. But she couldn’t help it. She

She knocked on his screen door and he called out for her to come in. She stepped inside and he was walking down the stairs, pulling a black T-shirt over his head.

“I’m ready. Are you hungry, darlin’?”


He kissed her cheek, then her mouth, his lush lips hot on hers. “I appreciate a woman with an appetite.” He growled, nipping at her lip.

“Oh, don’t start or we’ll never get any dinner.” But she flicked her tongue out to lick his lip and he came in for another quick kiss.

“My poor, deprived girl. How about Mexican food? I thought we’d go to La Serenata on Fourth.”

“That sounds perfect.”

He led her outside and helped her into his SUV, then came around the other side. It was only a few minutes’ drive to the restaurant. They parked and went in, ordering a pitcher of margaritas once they were seated at the booth.

Leigh sipped at her drink, letting Jared order their food, as he often did. It was a small thing, but she loved it when he took control. Something about the way he did it—he never made her feel as if her opinion wasn’t important. Instead, it made her feel taken care of.

“So,” he said when the waitress had walked away, “I have something to tell you.”

“That sounds ominous.”

“It doesn’t have to be.” He picked up his drink, took a swallow. “I have a friend…well, he’s more than a friend. Matteo is a musician. He plays a beautiful Spanish guitar. He travels a lot. And in between he often comes to stay with me. He sort of lives with me part time. I’ve never mentioned him because, well, I didn’t realize at first that we’d spend so much time together, you and I.”

He was watching her, his dark eyes serious.

“Jared, did you think I’d be bothered by it? That you have a sort-of room mate?”

“No. But maybe that I haven’t told you sooner.”

“As you said, there wasn’t any reason to.”

“And because he’s not a room mate, really. He’s my lover.”


Had she intruded on a relationship? But why would Jared have slept with her if that was the case? He hadn’t struck her as the sort of guy who would do anything dishonest. She felt oddly let down.

“Does this mean… Are you and he…together?”

“Ah, it’s nothing like that. We’re together when we’re together. No strings. Is that your only concern?”

“Well, that and whether or not I’ll see you while he’s here.”

“Those are your only worries?”

“What else should I be worried about?”

“That I’m bi.”

Her response was instinctual. Honest. “Are you kidding? The idea of seeing you with another man is pretty hot, actually.”

He smiled at her then, his dimple creasing his cheek. “Oh, you are a dirty girl, aren’t you?”

“But you like that about me.”

“I do.” He took her hand, turned it over and stroked her palm with his thumb, sending shivers up her arm, into her body. “I’m glad you won’t mind Matteo being here.”

“When does he arrive?”

“Sometime tonight. I only found out a few hours ago. It could be late. I’m not certain. You’ll like him. The girls always do. He’s Spanish and Irish. Passionate. Stubborn. Beautiful. An irresistible combination. And he’ll like you.” He raised her palm to his lips, laid a soft kiss there, let his tongue flick onto her skin, his gaze on hers. “As much as I do.”

“I’ll look forward to meeting him.”

She was going wet, loving the sensation of his lips, his hot tongue, on her hand. And at the thoughts his words, his actions, inspired. Two men… Could Jared be implying what she thought he was? That Matteo could end up in bed with them?

The idea made her shiver. Having two men at once had been a long-time fantasy. Watching them together another one. Both at once was almost too much to think about.

Her body was heating up and she could hardly wait to finish dinner, to get back to Jared’s place. To get him into bed. And maybe, to see one of her fondest fantasies brought to life.

They ate quickly, and Leigh wondered if Jared was anxious to see Matteo, if he was thinking about the possibility of a ménage, if he was concerned about whether she and Matteo would get along.

Stop worrying so much.

Yes, she needed to just see what happened, not think about it or she was going to over-think it. Either she and Matteo would mesh well or not. He’d find her attractive or he wouldn’t. And vice versa. She still wasn’t entirely certain that Jared had been hinting what she thought he was. What she hoped.

By the time they got back to his place her body was on fire, buzzing with possibilities. They pulled into the driveway and found another car already parked there, an old, hard-topped Porsche. Jared turned to smile at her.

“He’s here.”

She smiled back, nerves lighting up her skin, making her stomach flutter as Jared came around to help her from the big SUV, led her up the flagstone path to the front door, opened it.

He was sitting on one of the overstuffed chairs, his legs swung over one arm, an acoustic guitar in his hands. He was as beautiful as Jared told her he would be. Dark hair waving to his shoulders, his skin a gorgeous golden-brown. And his eyes were green, darker than her own, a deep shade of moss. Electric. He had his shirt off, and she could see that while he was more delicately built than Jared, he was still all muscle, long and lean. And his chest was perfectly smooth, his skin sleek, his nipples dark. He was smiling at them, his gaze assessing her.

Jared crossed the room in a few short strides, taking Leigh with him, her hand in his. He reached out and pulled Matteo to his feet, his arm wrapping around his neck to pull him in close. The two men kissed, and heat shot like lightning through Leigh’s body.


There was something almost terrifyingly erotic about those two masculine mouths meeting. She’d never seen anything like it, this intimate caress of lips between men, not this close up. Not with Jared holding onto her hand, as though she were a part of it.

They pulled apart, and Jared pulled Leigh closer.

“This is Matteo.”

“Hi, Matteo. It’s nice to meet you.”

Matteo was smiling at her, his teeth a brilliant white in his wide, lush mouth. He really was beautiful. He took her free hand in his, his long fingers wrapping around hers. His palm was warm, his fingertips calloused from playing guitar. She couldn’t help but imagine what those rough fingers would feel like on her skin…

“And you’re Leigh.” His accent was purely American, surprising her for some reason. “Jared told me his new neighbor was a beauty, but I had no idea…” He turned to glance at Jared. “I hope you weren’t planning on keeping her all to yourself.”

“That’s entirely up to her.”

Matteo’s smile widened into a grin as he turned back to her, and she went hot all over as he gave her hand a squeeze. “I’ll have to work hard to charm you then, Leigh.”

She smiled back. He was charming enough already. And she understood fully that the invitation was there, for them all to go to bed together. Would it be too much if she simply screamed yes?

“Can I get you two anything? A beer?”

“We just came from dinner and a few margaritas. Have you eaten?”

“I stopped on my way from the airport. I didn’t want to waste time eating once I got here. I have a new piece I’ve wanted to play for you. Do you mind, Leigh?”

“No, not at all. I’d love to hear you play. Jared says you play beautifully.”

“I hope you like it. Come, sit next to me.”

Matteo was still holding onto her hand. He pulled her down next to him on the dark leather sofa. Jared sat on her other side.

Matteo began to play, his fingers fluttering over the guitar strings, making them sigh. The tempo built, a lovely rhythm that was sensual, sexual somehow. He was watching them, Leigh and Jared both, his green eyes gleaming, some sort of challenge in them. Or was she imagining that? He could certainly play. The music was gorgeous, Spanish-style guitar mixed with a bit of Caribbean flavor. She turned to look at Jared, and his gaze was on Matteo, but quickly flicked to her. He smiled, his dimple flickering in his cheek, and he took her hand, stroking the back of it with his thumb as they listened. The music, Jared’s touch, was sending heat spiraling into her system. And Matteo’s beautiful face, the intensity of his expression… What sort of lover would he be?

When Matteo was done he set the guitar down on the floor carefully.

“What do you think?”

“Brilliant,” Jared answered.

“You always say that.”

“It’s always true.”

“And you, Leigh? Did you enjoy my playing?”

“Jared’s right. That was brilliant. Gorgeous. So soulful.”

“Ah, I like this one, Jared,” he said, lifting her hand to kiss it, his soft lips lingering.

Jared was still stroking her other hand, and he moved his palm up over her arm, stroking her shoulder. She was shivering with need, with the sensation of the two men touching her at once. With the exquisite anticipation of what might happen between them all.

Jared moved closer, his mouth next to her ear, until she could feel his warm breath on her cheek. “Leigh, tell me what you want.”

It was a command, and yet she knew this was up to her. Knew she’d be crazy to turn this opportunity down.

“I want you both.”

Chapter Four

“Ah, wonderful.” Jared kissed her cheek, his hand slipping down over her collarbone, his fingers stroking the side of her neck. He’d come to know how sensitive she was there. He knew all her most sensitive spots already, had known instinctively almost since their first moments together. “I was hoping you’d say that. I thought you might.”

Matteo still held her hand to his lips, brushing them over her skin. His gaze was on hers, his eyes a beautiful dark green. Full of fire. Full of need. His lips were so damn soft, kissing the back of her hand over and over, then turning it over and sliding up to her wrist. Neither of them had touched her breasts, her sex, and yet she felt as close to coming as she ever had in her life.


“What is it, darlin’?”

“Undress me, please.”

A small chuckle from him, then he pulled her dress over her head in one smooth motion. Matteo reached out and caressed one taut nipple with his fingertip.

“Beautiful breasts, Leigh. Damn perfect, really. I could write a song about them.”

She laughed, feeling freer than she ever had in her life, somehow. Powerful, desired by these two men.

“It’s true,” Matteo insisted, leaning forward and laying a soft kiss where his fingertip had been.


Pleasure surged through her, her breasts aching, her lacy panties soaked. She was vaguely aware of Jared undressing behind her, but Matteo’s touch, his mouth, were making her crazy. His fingers were still stroking the undersides of her breasts as he feathered his lips over her nipple.

“Come on, Matteo,” she told him. Pleaded with him.

“I like that you’re eager,” he murmured.

“We’re just getting started,” Jared said, pulling her back, until she was reclining on his naked body.

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