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Madison Kent


© May
2013 by Madison Kent – Title: Sweet Sins
All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Madison Kent.




Into the Darkness






The Meeting






Love Begins






Dreams of Tomorrow












Love Blooms












Return to Love






Sweet Memories






The Unraveling












An Unexpected Trip






Fleeing Tampa Bay






New Orleans in the Rain






Wishful Thinking












The Postcard






Stepping into Heaven






Paramount Star




Uncertain Future






The Unthinkable






New Prospective






Paramount’s Rise and Damon






Sweet and Sour















              Dreams, what will we do to attain them? Sometimes life comes up to meet us and gives us choices that are not always  wise but are the right choices to attain that thing most sought after, an arduous passionate love that diminishes all other things.

The characters in this story did not intend for their destinies to bring them together and create all many of chaos in many lives, but as with love, life is unpredictable. Love’s addiction can be more dominate and stronger than reason and it can take us to great heights or to oblivion. But not to take a chance on that magical ride is not the choice of the people in this story.  It is a story of youth, when all is possible, based on a true story of a young couple’s unrelenting desire to love each other and the obstacles they must overcome to do so.

Chapter I

Into the Darkness


              Like blocks of wood snapping against each other, the windshield wipers bounced the plate glass rain back and forth. Her eyes moved hypnotically along as the other vehicles became smaller. Swimming along in her mind, she just kept stroking, trying to stay afloat for a moment longer, but why? Why not just let her car slip into another, she thought. No, someone else may still have a reason to live. It is not for me to decide someone else’s fate, but her own life was slipping away from her. Breathing seemed painful and useless. Her eyes kept closing and she knew she was in crisis. The hospital was her only answer now. She took the off ramp to the destination.

A blur of vacant eyes surrounded her. An almost too innocent smiling man assisted her.

“How can we help you?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know. I just need to have the pain go away, if only for a little while.

“Tell me about it.”

“I know I need help. I can’t make it any longer by myself. He’s gone and I can’t deal with it.”

“Who’s gone…go on?”

“It’s Adam, my husband. He left me and I don’t know where he is. He just vanished.”

The room went black as Arianna struggled to tell them her story. It was a strange reality; she knew she was there but in a fog light atmosphere. The nurse, Suzanne, brought her hospital garb and searched through her hand bag looking for items they thought that should be removed temporarily.

“Please don’t take my photos; it’s all I have left of him.”

“I’m sorry. We have to remove these items right now. While you’re here, we don’t want you to have reminders of the things that are bothering you or to dwell on them. It really is the best thing. Please trust us to help you.”

“Not my pen, I need to write. I need to write Adam a letter so he will come home. I have to tell him I love him. I know he will come home, he must come home,” pleaded Arianna.

“I’m sorry, but I have to take those things, it’s the rules. They’ll be returned to you soon enough,” spoke the white uniformed stern nurse.

Using a noisome black marker, Suzanne wrote Moran on her halter top, pants and even her purse. How curious, Arianna thought, watching with a strange sensation as if this was happening to someone else.

              Weak, blessed sleep felt near. She tried to lie against the white sheets, but Suzanne stopped her.

“No, you are not allowed to sleep during the day. You have an entire day ahead of you of counseling and therapy. Why don’t you take you look around. Someone will talk to you shortly.”

              The entertainment room, people mumbling, rocking and watching television, was one of the choices. A luncheon room, exercise room and a closed in porch were the other options. Mesmerized by the inclement weather, she drifted onto the porch. The sizzling summer rain had an aroma all its own, stirring the most delicate of her passions. It was the rain, most of all, which made her think of him. Where was he now? Where was the heart that was part of hers, the other half of her mind? Maybe more than half of her heart, because most of hers was gone. She watched the downpour, waiting for him to materialize in front of her. In New Orleans, it always rained. Every time they were there, the rain was zealous in its conquest of them. They did not care. Every moment was a lifetime; every lifetime was a piece of eternity they were knitting together. My Adam, my darling Adam, where are you? What blackness conquered your heart over mine? What madness is this that you are not here? You alone hold the key to my life.

A tap on her shoulder beckoned her to come. Dr. Bartell spoke, “Arianna, tell me why you’re here?”

“How can I speak of it? I’m not sure, I’m just not sure. I can’t stop the pain. The crying, the hurt, I can’t stop it at all. It’s my entire fault. I made him leave me. I hate myself. If I am nothing in his eyes, than I am nothing at all. If I was on a pedestal for the entire world but he looked down at me that is where I would exist, in the bottom lands of life.”

“What do you think you did?” he asked.  “Everything, I don’t know, I don’t know.”

“Tell me what you think you did?”

“Adam, he’s the most perfect man who ever lived and somehow, I made him leave me. It must have been me.”

              “But, if he was perfect, then why did he leave you and in this terrible state you are in?”

“It must be me. He…he is an Adonis. The type of man no woman can resist. His masculine beauty was something to behold. The first time I saw him, I couldn’t stop staring at him and I never do that, I am use to men staring at me not the other way around. He made me feel shy and just…alive.”

From that first contact, just two years ago, she was his captive. His importance defied reason It was the 80’s; disco, skin tight clothing, glitter eyes and Adam were her life.


Chapter II

The Meeting


It was at the Mark Twain club where her eyes first saw him, the all of him. She had been there many times, but tonight Nicole was with her. She had just flown in from Chicago. Nicole appeared like the original Playboy bunny but seemed appropriate for tonight. Disco lights flounced around the room, the rhythm made Arianna and Nicole dance freely in the aisles. Drinks were 10 cents till midnight, and if you tipped well, you might even manage to get a few. They had squeezed up to the bar when Nicole grabbed Arianna’s hand and motioned toward him. His head titled downward, the shades of sun gold, like slices of honey, could be seen across his hair. His khaki shirt was open just enough to see the glint of a thin gold chain with a Gemini sign falling where the eye could already detect the muscles protruding. Florida sun had painted his skin tawny. Standing at 6’2”, he was a girl’s dream, and a man’s envy.

A reckless guy, waiting too long for a drink, swung the overhead Tiffany lamp towards the female bartender. Gemini settled the lamp with one hand and grabbed the guy with the other. The young man, a gangling sort, stopped quickly.

All Gemini said was, “You don’t do that.” Surprisingly (the disturber) af
ter appraising the situation, grumbled and walked away.

Seeing the opportunity, Nicole looked for Gemini’s attention.

“I hate guys like that. I’m sure there are lots of idiots in here like that, everyone looks wasted. Still, this place is sweet. I just got here from Chicago, there’s no place like this where I live,” she said as she extended her hand. “I’m Nicole.”

He clasped her hand, letting it go quickly, returning to his stoic stance.

“I’m Adam, never been here before either. I heard about the 10 cent drink thing, that’s what brought me here.”

              He sipped his Rum and Coke as if he were caressing a woman. Arianna glanced at him, turning away abruptly from his view. She was sure he could tell her heart was beating through her skin. This is ridiculous, she thought, someone like him, he throws women away like used candy wrappers.

The DJ shadowed the lights, flipping the music to slow.

Nicole grabbed Adam, “Gemini, do you dance?”

              “Gemini, oh, the necklace,” he replied.

Bowie was playing, Arianna’s heart was aching as she watched the two of them slide into each other’s arms. Now that he could not see her staring at him, she watched in admiration. He’s beautiful. Every muscle of his body seemed to be visible beneath his faded jeans. The curve of his body looked so inviting. He’s holding her, why isn’t it me? Perhaps it’s
best; he would only own my heart and soul if it were me. Still staring at him, Gemini’s eyes looked up from the dance floor towards her, not around her, not near her, but her. He locked his gaze to hers, like a laser across the room, it seared her. He didn’t smile, wink or show any emotion, but his eyes felt as if they were taking every part of her inside of him.

Nicole and Adam continued to hold each other, remaining on the dance floor. Arianna turned away and meandered through the crowd. There were dozens of desirable hot young boys here. She dismissed Adam from her mind and became caught up with the exciting atmosphere of the club. With heart on fire, she danced, delighting in the attention from the male population. She was close enough to overhear Nicole and watch her lean against the man she would run to in a minute if he asked.

Nicole pushed her breasts up closer against his chest and leaned her head against him. “Adam, do you like me?”

“Sure, kid, what’s not to like. You’re a hot looking babe,” said Adam.

“Adam,” Nicole asked, “Would you like to go to breakfast with us?”

It was almost
2:00AM; the DJ was bellowing last call. Nicole’s hand was on his arm now. They had returned to the bar for one last drink.

Adam turned toward Nicole. “Breakfast, sure, but why don’t you come over to my place. I have a DJ friend who I am sure will come over. H
e lives across from my condo in St. Pete.”

“Great, let’s do that. I’ll be right back. I’m going to the little girl’s room. Don’t forget me while I’m gone Hon,” said Nicole.

Arianna hesitated then walked over to where Adam was standing. Except for introducing herself, she hadn’t spoken to him. There were few people left now and she felt intimated being so near someone like him.

“Nicole said she would
like to come over for breakfast. I have a little place on the water with a great view from the balcony. It’s a long drive to this part of town but I’m glad I did because I was able to meet you both.” He went on, “I think you guys would like it there. I know it’s where I belong. My family moved here from Pennsylvania when I was 15 and I know I could never go back there. Even Tampa is too far away from the water for me. Are you going with?”

He was staring at her now in a curious way. Arianna couldn’t tell how he felt about her. Usually perceptive, the late hour and too many Cuba Libr
a’s had made her drift into a fog.

“Sure,” she replied. “I’m wiped out but I still think I could stay up all night. Nicole and I promised each other we would make this her vacation here something to remember. We’ll be out every night. They’re about to kick us out, I’m going to check on Nicole, she’s been gone too long.”

She found Nicole in the ladies’ room leaning up against the wall.

“I don’t believe this girl, look at this,” Nicole stated.

She showed Arianna a tear along the seam of her clothes. It was a nasty split. Her outfit had been a little too tight.

“Damn it, damn it, all I could think about is what Adam and I were abou
t to be doing.”

Arianna gave
Nicole her jacket and she tied it around her back as best she could to hide the split. She was quietly relieved as the thought of the two of them together made her feel a little queasy.

Adam was by the door when they relayed the news of the clothing debacle. He seemed disappointed.

He said
, “Come over anyway. Don’t worry about it. I don’t feel like sleeping and it’s just a perfect night.”

Nicole was grimacing. “No,” she said, “I really can’t but what about tomorrow?”

“I can’t do tomorrow, but what about Wednesday night? It’s 25 cent drink night at Webster’s. It’s the best place to go on a Wednesday anywhere around here. Have you ever been there, Arianna?”

“No, I haven’t, but I know it’s in downtown St. Pete., I’ve heard people talking about it. Let’s do that then. We’ll meet you Wednesday,” said Arianna.

Because of Nicole’s social faux pas, they let him walk ahead.

“Do you think he’ll actual show up? I don’t know, that kind of guy, he probably has a ton of girls hanging all over him,” Arianna commented.

              “Of course he’ll be there,” replied Nicole. “Didn’t you see the way he was hanging on me all night? That boy’s mine. He’s exactly my type, so sexy and what a bod! I could walk behind him all night.”

“Uh, yeah, I guess. He’s all right. Let’s go home. It’s been a long day,” Arianna said.

It was
Monday; it would be two days before she saw him again, that is, if they saw him again. It would be an eternity till then.







BOOK: Sweet Sins
4.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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