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The characters, events, and circumstances in this story are entirely fictional. Any resemblances to any person who is living or dead, place, or event are merely coincidental.


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Lexxxie, you’re on in twenty minutes,” Diamond called to Alexandria while standing in front of the curtain as she was about to hit the stage.

Diamond was a college student and only stripped to make ends meet for herself and her two year old son. She got her drink on, something girls did to ease their nerves when they were new to stripping for money, while Alexandria laced her high heels up to her thick thigh. She was one of few bitches Alexandria was actually cool with at Tasty Ladies. Everybody else seemed to be trifling and she hated a trifling bitch. Some strippers would steal the stage while the others got ready to go on and take all of their money. They even took lap dances that were reserved for another bitch. Not too many bitches would look out for each other at that club.

I’m ready!” Alexandria stood up and did a little dance, which caused her ass to clap. “I’m ready to get this money, bitch!” She giggled.

I see that!” Diamond said while disappearing behind the curtain to get her dance on for the horny fools in attendance.

At Tasty Ladies, most of the strippers were down for whatever, but not Alexandria. She was about her paper and felt like fuck anything else. She started stripping there two years prior and was considered a veteran because most bitches only lasted a year. They couldn’t handle being grabbed on and stalked by mufackas with no lives. Alexandria hated when they brought on a bitch that was too scared to get her money. She would dance all night long if George, the owner, let her. But, he had other bitches to feed, so she was happy with what she had. She made over a thousand a night, so she blew money on unnecessary shit like a balling drug dealer.

When Alexandria heard
by Soulja Boy ending, she walked out of the changing room because she knew Diamond was almost finished with her dance. When Alexandria approached the side of the stage, Diamond popped her ass, and then she made that shit shake like a building in an earthquake. Her ass was one of the biggest asses of the strippers at the club. Even though Alexandria had a big ass, too, she almost wanted to pay for implants to get an ass like Diamond’s.

Diamond had stripped out of her outfit, leaving her donned in a red leather g-string set and high heels. Alexandria saw her bra, cowboy hat, and long pearls in a pile on the stage. She had twenties hanging from her garter and bills on the stage, too, mainly one dollar bills. A nigga waved Diamond to him with a fist full of money. She quickly got in front of him, bent over and shook her big ass on his face. He pulled out the contents in his pockets and dropped all of it on her ass. He grabbed his chest as if he would have a heart attack. After that, Diamond dropped down into a squatting position and twirled her pussy in his face. From where Alexandria stood, she could see that nigga sweating and the whole time, Diamond kept a sexy ‘come fuck me’ face. Alexandria was proud of how she handled herself because when she first started, she would down a bottle of vodka and be on the stage shaking like a leaf.

When Alexandria approached the stage, Thomas, the DJ, announced her. “Give a round of applause for Diamond!” he screamed into the microphone. “She is a beast with all of that ass, isn’t she?” The crowd went wild as they agreed with Thomas. “I got something special for y’all tonight.” The crowd cheered. “Y’all know my girl, Lexxxie, puts it down every time she gets on the stage, but we got something sexy for y’all tonight. Y’all show my girl some love!”

The stage was dark as she sat in the middle at the front of the stage on a chair. Normally, she did a lot of ass bouncing songs when she danced, but that night, Alexandria picked something real sexy, real slow, and real nasty. As soon as
by Prince flooded from the speakers, the lights went up just a little. She got into position and money hit the stage before she got started. That shit boosted her ego a bit, so she gave her dance one hundred percent of her focus. She started off in a squatting position and lifted herself on the chair with her arms. She had her right side facing the back of the chair, so she was able to control her body more. She grinded all over the chair slowly and the man in front of her threw money at her before she pulled her titties out. She got closer to him, wrapped one of her legs around his head, and grinded her pussy in his face. He took a sniff and closed his eyes. He smiled at Alexandria and she figured it was because he was enticed by the smell. If nothing else, she kept her pussy fresh. Before the second course started, she had her bra thrown on somebody’s head, and then the lights went up all the way.
Freaky Gurl
by Gucci Mane played. The crowd went wild because they knew she was about to put in work to that song. She worked her way over to the pole and pulled herself up to the top. Moments later, she twirled around the pole and dropped down into a split. When she bounced her ass and titties, she did a little tease by making the crowd think she was about to take her g-string off. Alexandria played with it as she moved her hips and they stared at her as if they blinked, they would miss out on some good shit. She let a nigga see a glance of her Brazilian wax when she wrapped her legs around his head. He looked like he wanted to rip her g-string off, but he just nibbled at her pussy like he tried to eat it through the thin lace that covered it. That shit turned her on, so she quickly gained her composure because her dance was for the customer’s pleasure, not her own. Her only concern was the dollars in his pocket. Money was what really made Alexandria cum.

















Chapter One



Alexandria’s father, Robert, was a pastor at a local church, which was very profitable. He enjoyed being the pastor of his church until his mistress threatened to tell his wife about them and the whole church. His wife, Erica, had an idea of what went on behind her back, but she was the first lady of the church, and she felt that she had to stay in her place by having her husband’s back.

Spring of 2005, Robert wanted to move their family away from Baltimore. They lived in the county, had a nice house, nice car, and money was great for their family, but that wasn’t good enough to make Robert want to stay since his mistress warned him about exposing their little secret.

“Baby, maybe we can move to Atlanta and start a congregation from scratch. I’ve heard Atlanta has some of the best churches,” Robert pleaded.

“No, not now, honey. I have been working with some of the young women at the church and they need me. Some are on the verge of being homeless and hungry. I feel like I could be the backbone they need to stand on their feet and make something out of their lives.”

“Erica, sweetie, I’m sure you will be needed in Atlanta as well.”

“No, Robert. Not right now,” she huffed.

Alexandria sat at the kitchen table eating her food, happy that her mother said no about them moving. She didn’t want to move. She loved her friends, her school, and all of the kids at the church treated her as if she was royalty. Those were the perks of being a pastor’s daughter.

About two weeks later, she sat in the last pew of the church while her parents were in the office, which was about five feet from where she sat. She heard giggling, saw her mother put her hands behind Robert’s head, and give him an innocent kiss on his lips. She told him what a good job he did with the sermon and she complimented him on how good he looked in his suit. Alexandria thought it was funny because she heard a lot of sisters in the church say the same thing. She smiled at how happy her mother appeared. Then, moments later, Sister Rebecca, Robert’s mistress, walked into the church with a baby boy on her hip and a young girl about twelve years old. Alexandria was surprised to see Sister Rebecca because she hadn’t been to church for more than a year.

Sister Rebecca marched toward the office and stopped in her tracks when she saw Erica and Robert in the office.

“Hello, First Lady Erica.” She smiled at her. “Pastor, can I have a word with you?”

Alexandria saw her mother reach for the baby. Erica smiled wide because she loved kids. “Praise the Lord, Sister Rebecca. It is so good to see you found your way back here.” She leaned in and gave her a hug. “Will you be staying in town or is your visit temporary?”

Robert’s light skinned face turned bright red. Erica didn’t realize how uncomfortable he grew, but Rebecca enjoyed watching him squirm. He took the baby from Erica’s arms and handed him back to Sister Rebecca. Alexandria saw her roll her eyes at Robert, but Erica didn’t notice because she was watching the baby.

I sure hope your visit is permanent,” Erica said.

Sister Rebecca switched her baby to her other hip. “Like I said, can I have a word with the pastor?” She directed her question toward Erica.

“As you can see,” Robert pointed to Alexandria from his office, “I am ready to take my two favorite ladies out for dinner,” he said sternly.

Alexandria smiled because she enjoyed going out to dinner. Sister Rebecca leaned in and gave Erica a hug, gathered her children, and walked out the church’s door. It was obvious that she was mad about something, and Alexandria sat there wondering what her problem could be. With her juvenile thoughts, she figured she needed the church’s assistance like most of the women in the church needed. She saw her mother and father give a lot of money to help the members of the church.

BOOK: Take Money Mistress
9.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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