Taken As Payment - Lost Innocence

BOOK: Taken As Payment - Lost Innocence
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Taken As Payment – Lost Innocence


by Morgan Taylor


Copyright © 2012




All rights reserved.


No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced in any format, by any means, electronic or otherwise, without prior consent from the copyright owner and publisher of this book.


This is a work of fiction. All characters, names, places and events are the product of the author's imagination or used fictitiously.


Sarah’s dad died when she was very young, which would be a burden on any child for sure, but what was even worse for Sarah was that her mother was very sickly. As Sarah had grown up living with her mother alone, she would often have to fend for herself as well as care for her ailing mother. She still managed to do well in school despite struggling to help her mother and herself survive. When she grew even older things did not come any easier. When Sarah turned twenty, her mother took a turn for the worse. When her mother was at her worse, Sarah would have to take off from work to care for her mother so that she would not be left all alone in this cold and cruel world. Unfortunately for  Sarah, most jobs did not put up with her being late, leaving early, or just plain not showing up for work in order to care for her sickly mother. She could never keep a job for more than a few months which was hell on them both.

She was never able to get any sort of health insurance whatsoever and Sarah was soon finding herself at her wits end. She needed help, or at the very least a caring boss who would allow her to take extra vacation time to care for her poor mother. Sarah was recently fired but managed to find a new job relatively quickly which was about the only bit of good luck she had had recently. She was now working as a receptionist at a large retail chain that paid decent money, but still not enough so that Sarah did not need more assistance with her sick mother. She could barely keep the hospital bills paid and knew she needed an at home nurse but just could not afford it. This always led to Sarah taking more time off and she knew that if this continued she would eventually lose this job as well.

What made it more difficult this time around was Sarah’s new boss, Mr. Anderson. He was kind of a jerk and was very intimidating to be around. Sarah had saw the man fire some of her coworkers for far less than missing a little time. She was always afraid to ask him for time off and knew that she would have to eventually. Her mother’s health did not stay balanced very long and sooner or later she would need to ask for time off. She hoped that an emergency never rose, because she was sure that with the added stress, she just would not be able to face Mr. Anderson. She had a feeling that he would not give her time off even in the most extreme cases.

As par Sarah’s course, her mother was getting steadily worse. She knew that she would have to face her boss, Mr. Anderson sooner rather than later now. She really did not want to talk to the man, but she was not in any position to argue. Her mother needed proper care and she was the only one that could make sure she had gotten it since they had so little money and no real health insurance to speak of. Sarah had to suck it up and finally went into Mr. Anderson’s office. His office was a great reflection of the man who had used it. It was dark and cold with many intimidating papers attached to his walls explaining what could get you fired from the company.

“Can I help you, Sarah?” he had asked her without looking up from his paper work.

“Uh… Good afternoon Mr. Anderson,” she had said with a mousy little voice “I had a question I wanted to ask you.”

“Well, get on with it, I do not have all day,” he had said still not looking up from his desk.

“Well… Mr. Anderson… It is about my mother,” she had said.

“Your mother?” he had asked “What the hell does your mother have to do with me?”

“Nothing, I mean,” she had stammered, already getting flustered talking to her boss “I mean I have to take care of her and…”

“So take care of her,” Mr. Anderson had said.

“Well, I can’t because I am always here,” Sarah had said “I was wondering if I could have some more time off to take care of her…”

“What?” he had finally looked up from the desk.

“And I was also wondering if I could have a loan,” Sarah had peeped “so that I can afford proper hospital care for my mother.”

Mr. Anderson leaned back in his chair and stared at Sarah long and hard.

“Let me get this straight, Sarah,” Mr. Anderson had said “you want me to give you more vacation time and a loan for more money?”

“It… It would help me tremendously,” she had said, looking away from Mr. Anderson’s gaze.

“You have not even been here long enough to accumulate any vacation time, have you?” Mr. Anderson had asked.

Sarah still did not return his gaze. She shook her head slowly.

“You are asking me for quite a lot, aren’t you, Sarah?” Mr. Anderson had asked.

“I know I am, Mr. Anderson, and I am very sorry,” she had said “but I really need the help if you could spare it.”

“Maybe I can and maybe I can’t,” Mr. Anderson had said, folding his arms across his chest.

“Please if there was anything I could do to convince you,” she had said, finally meeting his gaze.

Mr. Anderson flashed an evil smile.

“You know, Sarah, you have just given me a splendid idea,” he had said “I will help you if you will help me.”

“I will do the best I can,” she had said timidly.

“You sure will,” Mr. Anderson had said with an evil smile.

Sarah looked uneasy as well she should be.

“I will give you everything and anything that you need if…” he had paused to drive home the point “you become my little sex mistress for as long as you work with me.”

Sarah could hardly believe what she had heard. For a moment she had thought she was dreaming.

“Excuse me…?” she had asked timidly.

“You heard me loud and clear, girl,” Mr. Anderson had said “I will let you go home for the rest of the day to care for your mother and think about my little proposition. Come back to my office tomorrow afternoon with your answer, do I make myself clear, Sarah?”

She looked even more uneasy now.

“Yes… ahem… yes sir,” she had said with a peep.

Sarah left Mr. Anderson’s office after that and closed the door behind her. On the bus ride home she could not fathom what sleeping with some twisted individual like Mr. Anderson would be like. In reality she would not know what sleeping with anyone would be like. Sarah was a virgin, never doing more than kissing a boy in grade school. She had no time for relationships with all her working and caring for her sick mother. Sarah could have had a boyfriend easily, however, as she was quite good looking. She had a great body kept in shape from the constant movement of her daily life. She had fantastic legs and a great ass. Her breasts were a little on the small side but still very nice.

She wore her dark brown hair short, in a kind of a bob cut. Her eyes were a pretty blue and she had a pretty yet pale face. Her nose was small and button like, very cute and made her appear younger than she was. She was a slender girl who was always shy, which was probably her only fault. She was such a sweet girl, Sarah was. She did not know what she was going to do about her current predicament. She supposed she would have to do it for her mother’s sake. She could never tell her though, the thought of her perfect daughter sleeping with her boss to help her would drive her to the grave in no time at all.

Sarah sighed, staring out the bus window at the buildings going past. It was nothing to worry about at this moment, anyway. She would just wait until tomorrow to worry about such things. Sarah would do anything for her mother, just to keep her happy and as healthy as she could. When she had gotten home, she greeted her mother who was still in bed. She made her some soup to eat, praying she would be able to keep it down while she napped the afternoon away. Later that night she made dinner for the two of them and her mother was actually feeling good enough to sit with her at the kitchen table to eat it with her.

“I think things are going to turn around for the better, mom,” Sarah had told her.

“Oh yeah, why is that?” her mother had asked between coughs.

“I am… going to get a promotion tomorrow,” she had said “more than likely anyway.”

“A promotion? So soon?” her mom had asked with a smile “That is my girl! You must be doing a great job down there.”

“I like to think so,” she had smiled uneasily “it will be… hard work… but it will mean more money and more time at home with you.”

“Oh sweetie, you worry about me far too much, you know that,” her mother had said, giving Sarah a big hug.

“I do not worry about you enough, mom,” she had said with a sad smile on her face.

“Do not give me that,” she had said “if you get more time off you should spend it living your life, maybe get yourself a boyfriend or something.”

“I will never have time for that,” Sarah had said “and I do not really care. You are what is most important to me.

“Oh, Sarah, you will get time someday,” her mother had said “perhaps sooner rather than later.”

“I do not want to hear you talk like that, mom,” Sarah had said angrily.

“You are right, I am sorry,” she had said “let us go back to being happy, okay?”

“I can live with that, mom,” she had smiled a little less sadly now.

Sarah had a hard time sleeping that night, wondering what Mr. Anderson was going to say and do when she agreed to be his mistress. She had never even saw a drawing of a naked man before, she had wondered if they all looked the same more or less. It was not as if her family was overly religious or anything, Sarah just never had time for such things. She was never given an opportunity to learn, always going to public schools where sometimes some kids just were not taught all the ins and outs of things, so to speak. Sarah had wondered if that had meant Mr. Anderson had been attracted to her then, since he had wanted her as a mistress. That was kind of nice in a creepy way. At least someone had thought she was pretty.

Sarah always had low self esteem and never thought anyone would be interested in her romantically since she became an adult. She did not mind because she had known that there was no time for such nonsense for her anyway. She sighed and tossed and turned in her small bed. It was so uncomfortable in her bed, which was little more than a twin mattress laying on the floor. Her mother had a real bed, but she had needed it. Her mother would ask and even sometimes beg Sarah to sleep in the bed with her, but Sarah just could not do it. In a sense she was afraid of her mother, the constant threat of death always lingering over the poor woman. Sarah would never sleep again if she woke up laying next to her dead mother.

BOOK: Taken As Payment - Lost Innocence
6.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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