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Taken by Sadistic
By Author Liberty Parker



Taken by sadistic
    A rage ryders mc novel
      Copyright 2016 © Liberty Parker


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A Rage Ryders MC Novel-Taken by Sadistic Text Copyright © 2016 Liberty Parker

First E-Book Publication: 2016

Cover and art copyright © Monica Holloway

Digital formatting by LPCN


“This book contains mature content not suitable for those under the age of 18. Involves strong language and sexual situations. All characters are fictional. Any similarities are purely coincidental.”













Can’t believe it, what the fuck! Did my Ol’ lady just give me and my club the brush off! What was that bull-shit spewing outta her mouth, not getting involved and stayin’ away from her? In her mother-fuckin-dreams will I stay away from her - especially now that I know her ass is back in my town. Now it’s time to get her back in my bed; where her ass belongs. And I’m gonna be the one who puts her ass back there! I don’t care what excuses she throws my way, I will investigate before I throw my brothers into this fire, but with or without them, my Ol’ lady is just that, Mine!


Once we get Riley back home safe and sound, and I make my appearances, I’m gonna disappear to my bunk room to think this shit out. One; Kori knows me and knows this shit ain’t gonna fly - so now, I need to remember in detail, every lie that came from those luscious lips of hers, need to figure if there was a message in those words for me. Two; don’t give a shit, she’s comin’ home. Whether that’s of her own free will or not is up to her. Either way, she will be back where she belongs! I’m not playin’ neither her nor her dad’s games, he came after me before, I dare him to again, I want him to. I’m still standin’, I’m not layin’ down and takin’ his shit either - so that asshole better think again if he thinks he’ll keep me away from what’s mine.


I already warned him once, I won’t warn him again. When she came back, she was mine and mine alone. He would no longer have any hold over her and I meant it. Now, the good ole wanna be gangster fucker can leave her be, or he can face my sadistic ass! Which will be a pleasure for me. I earned my name and there’s no returning something like that. If people only knew what I was truly capable of, especially when it comes to my family. It’s ten times worth that with the only woman who owns every damn piece of my soul. If I have a heart, she has that, too.


As I lay here in my dorm, staring at my ceiling, replayin’ her words over and over, I decide I can’t take it anymore. Decision made, I’m gonna wait till she’s at work and make my way into her house. There’s gotta be somethin there that will let me know what’s up. I will spend the day turnin’ that house inside out if I have to, I’m not leavin’ without any answers.


I fall asleep with thoughts of how I’m getting my woman back. It’s a restless sleep, but sleep non-the-less, which is the norm for me being an Enforcer, I sleep with one eye open at all times, anyway. Determination set in, that I’m not leavin’ her residence tomorra without her on the back of my bike, with her arms wrappin’ me up tightly with us puttin’ tread on the road. The way it used to be, the way it’s meant to be. The promises we made before she left for school, the promise I intend on keepin’, and she damn well is keepin’ hers. None of this we have ta’ keep our distance cause of my father bullshit, I don’t give one flyin’-fuck about his sorry ass. He’s always done my woman wrong, hell, he’s done his own woman wrong. I believe he’s responsible for Kori’s mother’s early death—that’s what made her run to school so fast, before she was supposed to go, before she was supposed to leave me.


I’ve been searchin’ for the truth, unfortunately that man has friends, friends I have been workin’ on taken down, I’m taken ‘em all down with him. There’ll be no one left to come after my woman, my club or me. I have sisters’ now in this club who also need protection, I swore to myself that after Riley survived her ordeals, I wouldn’t let anything touch my sisters’ again…and I mean every word. Now that my woman is back, my instincts have kicked up to a point where I am feeling overwhelmed, whereas I slept I did nothin’ but dreamin’ of our women, and how they have brought life into my soul.


My fitful sleep is full of the day Kori came roaring into my life. She was a senior in high school; almost nineteen years old and the most beautiful lady I’d ever seen. I was home on leave from the Army. Twenty-years old going on twenty-one, and full of salt-n-vinegar, that was me. In my family, there were two choices considered for your life goals, career criminal or career soldier. I didn’t feel like living half my life behind bars so I chose the Army. Not really my forte as far as life goal choice, but I needed away from my home life, and at the time that was the quickest and easiest route.


I had already given the Army three years of my life and was on leave, supposed to come back with an answer to my life goals. Sarge said, “Boy, you either man up and re-enlist or figure out where your life goes while you’re on leave.”  I already knew I didn’t want to go back and re-enlist, the things I had already done for my country and the things I’d seen—well, let’s just say I wasn’t ready to do it all over again. At least not with bein’ told I had to. I couldn’t and still can’t stand bein’ ordered around. Luckily, Prez and VP, don’t make it feel like orders…it’s more like a family, we all vote and decide together. That’s the difference for me in the two brotherhoods.


Anyway, I was walkin’ to the hardware store to buy some shingles for my ma’s house when I heard a young lady screamin’ at some punk-ass young boy. She was tellin’ him to back the fuck off, she had no interest in his boyish penis…I remember bein’ a bit in shock at her use of the word penis. It had been quite a while since anyone had been proper about a cock around me.


I remember bein’ enlightened and unable to turn away from her. I leaned against the building to watch the entertainment unfold in front of me. The pimply faced cocksucker, he had some balls though, got right in her face like she was a man. Did that spitfire back down? Hell fuckin’ no, she got up on her tiptoes and faced off with him. Then I saw it, it was as if it was happenin’ in slow motion. That motherfucker doubled up his fist and went back to swing at her like she was a male…fuck that.


To this day, I still have no idea how I managed to make it over in time to stop him from makin’ contact, but I’m glad I did. I ended up with his fist in my hand and had enough force behind me to shove him to the ground. I ended up on top of his ass and was nose to nose givin’ him a life lesson before I beat the livin’ shit outta him. Come to find out, the boy told me his dad worked for hers and he was told to do it...He didn’t want to but if he didn’t he would be beaten himself. His exact words were.


“Man, we make it look good in public, I hit her once, that’s it. If I don’t, I won’t be able to walk and you wouldn’t recognize me for a month—that is if my old man lets me live.”


I looked at the girl for confirmation and sure enough, she was shakin’ her head in confirmation of his story. About that time, a friend of mine from high school happened on the sidewalk in front of me. He was wearing a cut and his road-name said ‘Ghost’. He smiled at me and said.


“Hey man, good to see ya home, already get yourself in some shit, huh?”


I just laughed because honestly, what else could I say. “Yep”


“Gonna need some help with it?”




“Well, let’s get it done.”


Ghost and I helped the young man Steven leave the state and he went to his grandma’s in Washington. She was very upset to say the least when she found out about how her son had been doin’ her grandson. She had her husband call her son to make sure he knew to leave ole Steven alone and let him be. Kori on the other hand, well, long story short. She became mine, and I became Rage Ryders. Thanks to my buddy ‘Ghost’ puttin’ in a good word for me.


While I finished my last year, my new family took care of my girl. She came and visited me on base, we fell in love and she became my Ol’ lady. Needless to say, once I made it home for good, I only got six more good months with her before hell began to rain down upon us. Her father. Six months after that, Kori left for school with the understandin’ we would use that time to fool her dad. We would be back together once she returned, and dammit, she was keepin’ her end of the deal.


I promised her the day she left no other woman would have my cock inside their pussy. It was my promise to her, and by god I’ve kept that promise for three and a half long fuckin’ years. My dick is tired of my palms and fingers…I didn’t even get a damn blowjob the entire time she was gone. That’s how much she means to me, and I know her. She said there would be no other, so I know there hasn’t been.


I wake myself up with a start at those thoughts from my sleep. I’ll kill any motherfucker who’s touched her. Then I’ll tie her ass up and spank her till she’s raw and as red as a fuckin’ tomato if she’s allowed another man to touch what’s mine! I look over at the clock on my nightstand and notice the time is seven a.m. Kori’s just gone on duty at the hospital. That means I can get a look around her place.


I hop in the shower to wake myself up and take care of my morning routine. Grab some coffee and a bagel with some cream cheese spread and get on Lucky Girl, my bike. It’s time to take the bull by the horns and find out what Kori’s tryin ta hide.


I get to Kori's place and get my break-in tools from my saddlebags and hit the back door. One of the easiest break-ins I’ve ever done. Good, gives me a reason to beat her ass red. I used to love seein’ my hand prints on her ass. That’s a tradition I don’t plan on breakin’ from our past. I start diggin’ and it takes a few hours, but I know my woman and I know the types of places she likes to hide things. I hit the closet and sure enough, loose floorboard. I pull out the papers and her journal, never prepared for what I find.


Daughter, I have a daughter, one that Kori is scared to death for, so she has struggled with her heart by keeping her from me. Her father is going to pay for forcing her to keep my blood from me and keeping my Angel from loving me and getting my love and support back.

BOOK: Taken by Sadistic: Rage Ryders MC
5.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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