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Taken by Unicorns

BOOK: Taken by Unicorns
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Taken by Unicorns

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Taken by Unicorns

Leandra J. Piper

Copyright 2012 by Leandra J. Piper

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used without the express written permission of the author or publisher for any purposes, except brief quotations in critical articles or reviews.

Vivienne awoke washed in sunshine, her mossy bed cushioning her far better than any featherbed could have. She made a long yawn, delicately pressing a hand to her mouth. The curtains in her window were fluttering in the morning breeze, carrying the scent of flowers inside. She glanced from side to side. She was alone, but that was to be expected. There likely would be few unicorns at all in the settlement right now, let alone in the little house they had given her. They wandered often on days like this, drinking in the idyllic beauty of the summer.

Despite this, Vivienne could not help but feel a wave of discontent washing through her body as she sat. Her fingers slid down her body to her stomach, gliding over the silky nightdress. For all the efforts of the unicorns, her first lover Merrick foremost among them, she had yet to show any signs of pregnancy. Her cycles came and went as normal, and she could feel no change at all in her body. And since she was here with the unicorns so that she could help them continue their species, Vivienne could not help but feel that she was somehow failing Merrick and his people.

Unfortunately too, they had little enough idea as to how they could help her. The unicorns were all male-- the very reason they needed her in the first place-- and had little insight or understanding as to this sort of women's matter. For months now she had lived amongst them, and every night she had given her body to Merrick, or to any one of the others, all to no avail. She had enjoyed herself, of course, just as they had her, and they reassured her constantly that they had nothing but time and enjoyment was enough. But she could not help her worries at all. She wanted nothing more than to help keep unicorns thriving in the world.

The only chance at insight she had been given had come from one of the oldest who still lived at the settlement, who had known the last woman to give herself over as the unicorns' maiden. She had long since passed, but there was still hope. Upon his advice, Vivienne had been carefully finding special herbs and flowers that could be used as an offering to awaken a spirit such as hers. With those, Vivienne could find a place of importance to the former maiden and waken her. If there was any being at all who would know the secret of wakening her womb for the unicorns, surely it would be her.

Vivienne had found everything she had been told she would need, and now the only thing left to do was go into the forest and find the place where the woman's spirit rested. Despite everything, though, Vivienne could not help but be nervous at the idea of setting out after her. What if the problem was not in what she had been doing or not? What if she simply was not fit to bear the unicorns' children? What if Merrick had made a mistake in taking her back with him? That fear alone had kept her paralyzed and afraid to set out for the past several days.

But today, as the wind stirred her hair through the window, Vivienne knew that she must set out in search of this ghost-maiden. It was her duty to find out whatever she could if she truly wished to be bred by the unicorns. And if she did not, what would happen then? Vivienne could never live with herself if by giving up she ensured that there would be no more unicorns in the world.

So she got up out of her bed and changed into as sensible a dress as she owned, then went to go pack herself up a basket. Not just with the supplies she'd need to awaken her, but also a light lunch since this would likely be a day-trip. Still, she couldn't help but feel dreadfully nervous about the whole thing. She'd never done anything like this before, after all. But she had to, so Vivienne did her best to push her fears from her mind and stepped outside the little house.

Directions firmly in mind, she left the settlement, a light breeze cooling the air around her. She'd been living amongst the unicorns for long enough now that she was comfortable making her way about in the forest using only things like the rocks and trees as her signposts. It was remarkable now that she thought back on it, really. Before she had come to them, she'd thought herself used to the forest, but she would never have dared to set out searching for something so nebulous as a spirit before.

Before long her fears had quite melted away from her mind, and she was humming to herself as she walked, swinging the basket merrily. It really was a beautiful day, and it was hard to keep any bad thought in her mind as she travelled in the midst of it. The birds sang around her, the delicate noises they made bringing a smile across her face.

In fact, she was enjoying herself so much that Vivienne nearly walked clean past the clearing that she'd been told about. But the sun was high in the sky by then, and Vivienne was already thinking about finding a place to enjoy her lunch. Fortunately, her destination seemed to be the perfect spot for it, with soft grass all about, and some large, smooth rocks that would serve quite nicely as a table. She sat down beside the biggest of them and began unpacking her basket, setting the things she'd need to call the spirit aside, and taking out the bread, cheese, and honey wine she'd brought with her.

She broke off some crumbs and sprinkled them on the grass for the birds, then settled in to enjoy her light snack. The sun was warm on her shoulders as she ate, and the birdsong grew close as some brave ones came even now for the treats she'd laid out for them. Vivienne smiled, and watched the birds for a while, relaxing.

When she finally turned back to the rock, she found herself mildly perturbed to notice the things she'd laid out on it were gone. Every last flower and twist of grass she'd gathered to call the spirit with had up and vanished. Vivienne gasped, and glanced around the clearing, but couldn't see so much as a trace of it. She started to rise to search for them, but then she felt a pair of hands lightly press on her shoulders, urging her back to sit. Vivienne half-turned, looking for whoever had pushed her so, but she couldn't see anyone there. She did, however, hear a giggle close to her ear. "Who's there?" called Vivienne, looking around a little more, trying to find the source.

"Over here," the voice said, coming from the rock. Vivienne looked back that way, and saw nothing. But as she squinted a bit, she started to see almost the outline of a young woman fade into being right before her eyes. Vivienne gasped, but it dawned on her. Without even trying, she'd summoned forth the very spirit she'd come to find. Slowly the image of the woman became clearer, until she was as solid as anyone else, seated neatly on the rock with a wreath of flowers in her hair. "There, now you can see me. That's much better, don't you think?"

"Um... yes," agreed Vivienne, still shaken a bit by the sudden appearance of the spirit. "I'm sorry, I was just expecting to have to do something to call you up, is all. I was sent here. For the unicorns."

The spirit smiled, reaching out to pat Vivienne's hand, sending a light chill up over her skin. "Of course. I was wondering when someone would come. It's been dreadfully long since there's been anyone. What kept you, dear?"

Vivienne made a little noise of surprise at the notion. "Was I supposed to come sooner? I'm sorry. I've been trying, and trying, and nothing's been happening. I haven't known at all what to do until one of them sent me to find you. He said you could help? I'm so dreadfully worried that I'm just not right because it hasn't worked yet."

"Oh, dear, of course it hasn't," said the spirit with a laugh, leaning over to kiss Vivienne on the cheeks. "Didn't they tell you what you need to do? After all, you're a human, and they're unicorns. Of course there has to be a little magic involved!" Vivienne just blushed in response and shook her head, giving the spirit a pleading look. "Well, it's not hard at all, but you'll need to do a few things that might be odd for you..."

Vivienne listened attentively to the spirit, blushing brighter and brighter as the former unicorn maiden went on, telling her in frank and explicit detail the things she would need to do to awaken her body to give life to the unicorns' seed.

* * *

It was about a week after Vivienne had sought the spirit of the former unicorn maiden, and she'd followed the woman's instructions entirely. Most of them had been little rituals, things she was to eat, or suchlike. It seemed like an awful lot that needed to be done, but she wanted to be sure, after all. She did feel subtly different, though she couldn't place exactly how. A sort of tingle running through her body, from fingers to toes. But the most important part had yet to happen. But it would, she was sure. She quietly put to Merrick that he should call upon several of his friends. Vivienne was a bit ashamed to admit that she scarcely knew any of the other unicorns by name. By other means, of course, the subtle shading to their white hair, their eyes, the twists to the horns. But the unicorns rarely used names amongst themselves. Their own ways of communication between each other seemed to not need such conventions. But it made things awfully awkward when a human woman such as herself needed to refer to individuals.

But in short, the final part of the ritual was that she must give herself to as many of the unicorns as possible. Take as much of their seed as she could possibly hold, everywhere. Vivienne was awfully nervous as she waited for them to gather out front of the small house she had, and then change into their human-like shape. But finally, Merrick poked his head in and said everything was ready. She took a deep breath, then stepped outside, into the cool evening air. The ground was soft and grassy, perfectly comfortable. It was a beautiful night, really.

"You all know why I've come to live amongst you," Vivienne spoke, voice shaking only a little bit. Her cheeks were turning pink already. There must have been at least five of them, Merrick included. Their long, smooth horns spiralled out of their foreheads. "I'm here to bear the children of the unicorns. But, I've been missing something important, and that's why no child has quickened within me. I've sought the advice of the spirit of the previous maiden, and followed her advice. There's one final thing that I must do in order to complete the spells." She slowly undid her dress, letting it slide from her shoulders. "Please, allow me to give of my body to you all. Take me, please. Every way you can." She let the dress fall into a heap around her feet, and she stood bare before the unicorns.

That as good as opened the floodgates. Merrick stepped forward first, pressing a slow kiss to Vivienne's lips, and she felt another close behind her, stroking his fingers up her smooth back. She made a noise against Merrick's lips, pressing close to his body. She knew him the longest, knew him the best. She wanted Merrick first. So she leaned in to kiss him a few more times as more fingers, and the velvety brush of unicorn horns drew over her skin. She drew her fingers over Merrick's chest, drinking in the smooth muscles, reveling in just how miraculous he felt. Ah, she loved him best, as wrong as it was to play favourites when the need for her was so dire.

When their lips parted, she gave Merrick a small, shy smile that he read perfectly. His hands slid down to squeeze her bottom tightly. Then, his strong arms tensed and Vivienne found herself lifted up. The firm tip of Merrick's cock brushed against the damp warmth down between her legs. She made an excited little gasp and nodded at the man-shaped unicorn, and he plunged her down onto his length, sending her back arching against the chest of the unicorn behind her. That one's hands drew up to stroke over her chest, squeezing her breasts with his strong hands. As Merrick started moving her smoothly against his length, making her already make small noises of delight, she felt a firm pressure against her back opening. "Oh, yes," she gasped, inviting the unseen unicorn to plunge deeply into her, sending her spine all a-shiver. She moaned as he entered, more smoothly than any human man ever could. And once he had sunk all the way in, he started moving in a miraculous counterpoint to Merrick's thrusting, making her body practically sing with the joy that was being given to her. She moaned, and soon felt a horn press past her lips, taking full advantage of how they had parted to let out these sounds.

There were few things that tasted so wonderous as a unicorn's horn, even when the unicorn was in the shape of a man. There was a velvety smoothness to it, warm and firm, with a sweet, subtle taste. Vivienne made a warm noise around it, and her tongue worked fluidly around it, bathing it her joy, her love. The horn thrust lightly into her mouth, never too far. Vivienne had to close her eyes, so great was the sensation of the unicorns she was reveling with. It would be too much to have her eyes open. It was almost too much as it was, and she knew this was not even all of them that were taking her. Too many hands caressed her body for her to count, and she could scarce even tell where each thrust into her was coming from. In the end, it didn't really matter; each one pushed her higher and higher into an ecstatic fervor.

BOOK: Taken by Unicorns
12.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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