Taken in the Haunted House (Extreme Horror Erotica) (Horrorcore)

BOOK: Taken in the Haunted House (Extreme Horror Erotica) (Horrorcore)
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Taken in the Haunted House




Ruby Winchester

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All rights reserved.

Taken in the Haunted House

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I woke up to the bite of cold metal wrapped around my wrists.

I sat up from where I was sprawled on the floor, and, dazed, looked around the room for any indication of where I was. Peeling wallpaper covered the walls in yellowing strips. Once it had been some kind of floral pattern, but now the appearance was more like old skin, mottled with decay. A dirty lightbulb hung from the ceiling, dimly bathing the room in a sickly glow.

The heavy chains were wrapped securely around my wrists and no amount of tugging would loosen them. Unsteadily, I pushed myself to my feet and walked to the window, nudging back the rotted lace curtains to see outside.

As soon as I saw the long, curving driveway and the twisted, leafless trees lining it, I knew exactly where I was - the old Hartwood house at the edge of town. Every town had one of those houses - crumbling Victorians where the lawn grew a little too high and the windows look like shuttered eyes. Ask the local children and you would find that sometimes it was a witch or a vampire or just a vague monster that lived there. Teenagers dared each other to sneak in and spend the night, and responsible adults talked about what the decaying house would do to local property values.

I had grown up seeing this house in the periphery of my darkest nightmares, and somehow I had ended up bound in chains and dressed in a white dress like some kind of mad bride from a Dickens novel. It all felt too elaborate to be a prank, and none of my friends were creative enough to come up with something like this. Ghosts were the farthest thing from my mind though. Real humans had to have been the ones that kidnapped me and left me here. Only kids believed in monsters.

I crossed the room to the large wooden door, trying to be as silent as was possible on the creaky floors. Grateful that my hands were bound in front of me, I tried the knob and was surprised to find it unlocked. Obviously my kidnappers weren’t very good at this.

Cautiously, I crept out into the darkened hallway and almost jumped out of my skin when I heard a voice whisper my name. “Sara,” it breathed, sounding more like wind blowing over dry leaves than a human voice.

“We’ve been waiting for you, Sara.”

I had always loved anything that related to horror. I was first in line at any scary movie and Halloween had become a month long event at my house. I didn’t believe in ghosts or monsters, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying them. I walked by this house every day on my way to work and never failed to pause and stare through the rusted iron fence, wondering if it would be like walking inside a movie to go inside.

The first chill of autumn had been in the air yesterday when I passed by the gate. Dried leaves blew in a miniature tornado of orange and red and brown, and my mind was already turning to thoughts of my favorite season. Looking up at the house, I whispered, “I wish I could see what’s inside.”

Something had heard me.

Ignoring every instinct and every movie I had even seen that told me to run down the stairs and out the front door, I moved toward the voice. Pale, flickering lights shone from under a partially closed door at the end of the hall. I pushed the door open with my bound hands and walked in to see dozens of candles.

Certain that the voice had come from here, I took another step forward into the room and then jumped forward when the door slammed violently behind me. I whirled around and yanked on the doorknob to no avail. I was locked in. Cold fear crept into me, and a blast of icy wind extinguished the candles, plunging me into darkness.

I stood facing the door for a long moment, trembling and feeling the oppressive pressure of the darkness pushing against me. My eyes slowly began to adjust to the faint amount of light filtering from the sole closed window.

Closed window. Then where had the wind come from?

“We’ve been waiting for you, Sara.” The dry leaf voice was back. It seemed to come from everywhere in the room at once.

“We know how much you like to be scared.” The temperature in the room dropped and I could see my breath fogging the air.

“You like being scared, don’t you?” Cold, insubstantial hands caressed my body, starting at by bare shoulders and traveling down my bound arms. Another set of hands cupped my breasts, squeezing them roughly before tugging the bodice of the dress to my waist. My nipples tightened in the cool air, and, as much as I wanted to deny it, it wasn’t just the cold air that was making them hard.

My relationship with horror movies had always been unusual. Something about the screaming and the tense, adrenaline-fueled situations always managed to get my heart pumping and my panties moist. In my darkest desires that I had refused to admit, even to myself, I had always wanted this. Of course, what fun is it if the heroine gives in too quickly?

“Noooooo,” I hissed, trying to back away from those endless, seeking hands. My bare back struck the rough door and I was trapped.

I felt a cool breeze ruffle my face and I stared and the dozens of creatures surrounding me, insubstantial as mist but as unmovable as the foundations of this house.

“What do you want from me?” I asked. Standing bare-breasted and chained in a locked room, it was fairly obvious what they wanted with me.

“You like being scared,” they said, a dozen voices crackling as one. “We want to scare you.”

The room went pitch black, almost as though someone had drawn a shade over the glass. With the moonlight gone, I couldn’t tell if my eyes were open or closed. The spirits’ hands were everywhere, trailing across my bare breasts, pinching and twisting my nipples.

Despite the unnerving nature of being groped by a dozen faceless spirits, the pleasure from their cool fingers began growing within me. I moaned as one set of hands on my breast was replaced with a mouth. My relaxation was short-lived though.

“Not scared,” the ghosts whispered. “Not scared.”

I found myself pitched forward onto the floor. I tried to brace myself but my chained hands were useless and I smacked my head on the floor. Dizzy, I pushed myself to my knees and felt my skirt being pushed up my waist and the flimsy panties I wore underneath torn off. I tried to crawl forward, but I found myself frozen in place. My mouth hung open in a silent scream and before I could think to close it, the thick and cold length of a penis was forced into it, while another slammed into my slick pussy.

Shock and terror warred with arousal in me. I had been dripping wet since the ghosts first started touching me, and the fear spiking through my blood only increased that. On my knees in the dark, impaled between the cocks of two otherworldly creatures, I felt more arousal than I had in my life.

The cock in my mouth was relentless. I had given my share of blowjobs in my life, but the thrusts never paused, never slowed. I relaxed my throat as much as I was able but that only encouraged it to go deeper. Oxygen was rapidly becoming an issue, and I suspected that if I had been able to see anything I would have been seeing blackness at the edge of my vision. Finally the ghost froze and an icy cold fluid filled my mouth. It felt like breathing in the vapor from dry eyes. I coughed as I tried to swallow it, feeling the cold spread from the inside.

My spasms as I choked on the ghost’s come tightened my pussy, and the clenching of my inner muscles brought that one to release as well. Jets of the frigid seed poured into me, almost numbing my pussy for just a moment before that cock was gone and replaced with another, this one larger than the first.

Fear and cold forgotten, I whimpered at the feeling of being stretched on that unearthly cock. More fingers pulled on my hair, yanking my head back as another cock was forced into my mouth and the cycle began again.

I moaned around the cock filling my mouth when I felt a tongue press against my clit. Two more mouths joined in, one at each nipple, and the sensations rolling through my body as I was passed around were almost too much for my body to handle.

My jaw ached at being stretched wide by innumerable ghostly cocks. The teasing licks to my clit and nipples were few and far between and never enough to get me close to orgasm. If my hands had been free, I could have reached between my splayed legs and brought myself off, but the chains made it impossible and the cold fear started creeping back. They were ghosts after all. There could be hundreds of them here, creatures with no physical needs to attend to beyond fucking whatever hole was available. They could keep me here, and no one would know.

My face and chest were covered with sticky semen. ‘This must be what ectoplasm really is,’ I thought idly, giggling around the cock filling my mouth like a madwoman. The hands in my hair tightened and tears sprang to my eyes.

They could keep me here, and no one would know.

The cold that was spreading through my body was more than the low temperature in the room, more than the icy come covering me, more than my nudity. It was terror, pure and simple. The pleasure these creatures were bringing me rapidly approached the point of pain. Another spirit finished, and, before I could breath, another cock slammed into me, the largest yet, and this one felt different. While every ghost had been cold and ephemeral, but this was hot and and very much corporal.

The cock in my mouth vanished without coming, and the sibilant hissing and rustling whispers that said “Sara is scared, so scared, she loves the scare” that had never paused ended abruptly, leaving the room silent except for my ragged breathing.

The creature rutting inside me gripped my hips and I felt long talons digging into my flesh. The legs that rubbed into the back of my thighs felt leathery and heavy balls slapped against me with every thrust.

The ghosts had been one thing, but the creature inside me right now was something else entirely. My body didn’t care though. The endless fuckings and the never ceasing cold had finally receded. My pussy warmed around the beast’s cock and I felt the stirrings of an orgasm starting to grow in my belly.

I moaned low in my throat and canted my hips back, inviting whatever creature was behind me to give me everything it had. I might end up choked by a ghost or eaten by a monster, but I was at least going to come once before that happened.

The creature’s thrusts picked up speed and its grip tightened on my hips, its talons drawing blood. The pleasure that had been building in my body for hours finally reached an apex. I let out a scream that would have made any horror movie director proud at my long delayed peak. My muscles gripped the beast’s cock, squeezing it like a slippery fist until the creature roared, a sound from my darkest dreams and deepest nightmares. I felt it spill its seed into me, filling my pussy to overflowing with its burning come, and I collapsed forward, my exhausted arms no longer able to hold up my body as waves of ecstasy rolled over me.

As I laid on the floor, barely aware of my surroundings, the candles flared to life. The clawed hands that gripped my hips dragged me to my feet. The cock slipped from my well used pussy and I swayed on my feet, the muscles in my thighs aching. A large, ornate mirror hung on the wall opposite where I stood. Spiderweb cracks covered the glass, but I could still see myself.

My lips were swollen and red, cracking at the edges from the endless amount of cocks that had been forced into it. My skin glowed with a luminous light where the ghostly come had coated it. The flesh of my breasts was covered in mottled bruises and teeth marks. The skirt of the gown had slipped down when I stood up, but blood from the cuts on my hips had started to soak through the white fabric. The heavy chains still weighted my arms down and I flexed my fingers, trying to bring some feeling back into my numbed extremities.

My eyes travelled past my own distorted reflection to see the hulking shape behind me of the creature I had just been fucked by. My breath froze in my throat as I saw the leathery black skin, muscular arms tipped with clawed hands, and the black wings folded and waiting. Shaking, I turned around and found myself face to face with with something out of a nightmare.

It stood at least eight feet tall, and I suspected the span of its wings would have been double that if they were spread. Between it’s legs hung the largest cock I had ever seen. Even soft it was as big around as a soda can. I tore my eyes away from that expansive cock to the creature’s face. It’s eyes burned blood red and the tar colored lips curled into a cruel parody of a smile, revealing two rows of jagged teeth.

BOOK: Taken in the Haunted House (Extreme Horror Erotica) (Horrorcore)
4.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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