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BOOK: Talking to Dead (The Banshee Series Book 1)
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“Are you here too help?” the guy asked and Azalea’s eyes widened. The guy noticed the fear on her face and nodded in understanding. “You’re still new at all these things, right?” Azalea nodded and the guy smiled reassuringly. “I promise I won’t harm you in anyway and I can explain everything,” the guy said and Azalea just opened her mouth to say something when the doctor walked back in.

“Here you are,” he said and offered her a glass of water besides the pills. She thanked him and he just smiled. “Your grandfather is outside waiting for you. Do you want me to call him in?”

“Yes, please.” Azalea answered and the doctor opened the door and called Franz. When Franz walked in his frown shifted into a smile.

“Azalea, how are you?” he asked and Azalea shrugged.
“I’m okay…” she said with a small smile which he returned.

“Your boyfriend Daniel called me saying you’re in hospital. I kind of freaked but now that I can see you’re fine I’ve calmed down,” Franz said and Azalea cringed.

“I’m sorry grandpa,” she apologized.
“It’s okay… I’m just glad you’re fine.” Just as he said that a throat was cleared. Azalea and Franz looked at the person who did it. It was the ghost guy, as Azalea called him. She kind of hoped that Franz didn’t see him but of course he did. He was a Banshee after all.

“Two Banshees in the same city? After all these years of no Banshee at all there are two now. That’s great, I can finally be saved,” The ghost guy said grinning and almost started jumping in glee.

“Azalea…” Franz said. “Ghosts are evil, we have to avoid them.”
“He is harmless and the girl I saw at Daniel’s house is, too. I got scared and that’s why I passed out but I feel like I can trust them. He won’t hurt me, right ghost boy?” Azalea said and the guy smiled.

“Of course I won’t. I only want you to help me crossover,” he said and after some more time Franz finally believed him.

“What do you mean, help you to crossover? What does that mean?” Azalea asked confused. The ghost guy smiled and explained.

“People who die because of some violent act become ghosts. The only way to crossover is to find the person who killed you. If the person is already dead you have to find one of his family members. But the thing is, ghosts can’t leave the place where they died if a Banshee doesn’t help them. The presence of the Banshee spirit is the only thing that can break the bond between the dead person and the place where he/she died. That’s why I need you. I need you to help me find whoever killed me and help me leave this place.”

“Oh… How can I find your killer? You look like a guy from World War II. You’re killer is probably dead,” Azalea said.

“I died years before the World War II. I died in some stupid Irish war that I was forced to participate in. I remember the name. The name of the man who killed me. Jonathan Gordon.” The ghost guy said and Azalea and Franz felt bad for him.

“I’ll help you, but I need to get well first and then I have to save my best friend,” Azalea said and then looked at Franz.

“Anny disappeared again grandpa. I didn’t dream about it but I can feel it. I can feel something bad is happening to her and I feel helpless about it.” She continued.

Franz looked at her sympathetically.              
“Lucas told me. I’m sorry darling. I know she’s your best friend,” he said. The ghost guy looked at them and smiled sadly.

“I understand. You take your time. Meanwhile I’ll try to find Jonathan’s family address,” the ghost guy said and then the air shimmered and he disappeared.

Franz smiled and looked at Azalea.
“I’ll call your boyfriend in. Lucas and Daniel are both worried.” Franz said and left the room. Moments later both guys walked in. When they saw Azalea awake they released a sigh. Daniel walked towards her and kissed her lightly on her lips.

“I’m glad you’re okay.”









Chapter Nineteen – The Note

Three days after Azalea woke up she was let out of the hospital.

"Finally," she sighed as Franz picked her up. Franz chuckled and shook his head. 
"I'm sure it wasn't that bad," he said and Azalea groaned.

"I had to be in bed for three days while they ran hundreds of tests on me. It was annoying and boring. Do you know how hard it is, lying in bed while your best friend is missing? How hard it is, knowing that you have a gift that can help her but you are just a beginner and don't know how to use it? It's hard grandpa." Azalea sobbed and Franz hugged and comforted her.

"It'll get better. It's always hard at the beginning but it gets better," Franz said to Azalea and she nodded still sniffling a bit. "Let’s go home. We'll talk about the situation there," Franz said and drove off. While they were driving, Azalea couldn't help but think what would be different if she hadn't got the Banshee gift. She would probably be even more bored at the hospital. Since she could talk to ghosts she had some company and, even though they were dead, they were interesting to talk to. But still some of those ghosts - the hospital was full of them - gave her the creeps. Those three boring days she helped Thomas - the ghost from her room - find the killer’s family. Since most of the day all the computers were occupied they could only use them at night.

It's not like Azalea knew the passwords and all that but Thomas had been there for a long time and he knew how to use the computers without really leaving a trace. It was supposed to be a ghost thing.

They didn’t find anything. It looked like either the guy didn’t have any family or wasn’t in the records. Those things made Thomas angry and Azalea felt bad for him. He didn’t deserve this destiny. She learned that he had a girlfriend and that they promised each other to meet again and create a family after the war. It never happened and sadly he didn’t have a chance to see her for the last time. 

They also tried finding her records but they couldn’t find her. It seemed like they didn’t even have patient files before. That saddened Thomas too. He hoped to find his peace and also see if the love of his life found herself another man to start a family with.

“We’re here,” Franz said and woke her up from her thinking. Azalea just nodded and walked into the house. What she didn’t expect was that Daniel would be waiting for her. And while he was waiting for her, he talked to Leticia (Franz’s sister). Daniel lifted his head and his gaze met hers. He grinned and stood up.

“Azalea,” he breathed out relieved and pulled her into a hug. “I’m glad you finally got out. I was worried they’d find something and keep you there for longer. I’m also sorry that I didn’t visit you. I tried to keep Lucas occupied since Anny’s missing. He is so down and confused at the moment.” 

Azalea smiled, understanding how worried he must be for his best friend.
“It’s okay. I’m just happy you two are getting along again. I felt kind of guilty for causing the fight between you two,” she said and Daniel shook his head.

“It wasn’t your fault so don’t feel guilty. I think Lucas just wasn’t pleased with me finding a girlfriend. I admit I was a bit of a player before you but I’ve changed and that’s what bothers Lucas the most,” Daniel said and looked at his watch.
“I have to go home. I’m supposed to have dinner with my parents and I’m going to be late,” Daniel said quickly and pecked her on the lips. “Bye.” He said and left. The sudden rush confused Azalea and for some reason her gut didn’t believe him.

“That was weird,” Franz said as he came in. Azalea just shrugged and went to the kitchen. She really wanted to eat something better than that hospital food. Finding some lasagne leftovers she took them out and placed them in the microwave. Waiting for the leftovers to heat up she sat down at the counter where a pile of letters were lying.

Just then Franz walked in and noticed Azalea.
“There’s a letter for you in that pile,” he said and Azalea quickly searched for it. When she found it she opened it and looked over it. It was a short one and it wasn’t signed. It said:

I have what you and your friends are looking for. She looks quite delicious just like your sister was and I believe I’ll get a taste of her soon. You have four days to figure out where we are before I have my taste.

Tick, tack – the clock is running.

Franz noticed the confused expression on Azalea’s face and looked over her shoulder. He read the letter and took a deep breath.

“We have to tell the police about this. They can look for the fingerprints or something,” Franz said quickly taking the letter from her hands. He called the police and told them what was going on. Once he finished the call he looked at Azalea. She was shaking a bit and breathing harder. She was having a panic attack.

“Azalea.” He called waving a hand in front of her face. She wasn’t responding. “Azalea!” he yelled then and shook her. That woke Azalea up from her daze and she looked at him with fear written all over her face. She suddenly broke down and sobbed into Franz’s shirt. He patted her back, comforting her.

After a few minutes she stopped and leaned back.
“I’m sorry,” she muttered and stood up. Franz wanted to tell her that it was fine but she left the kitchen before he could. Azalea went to the bathroom to freshen up but when she looked at herself in the mirror an image flashed in front of her.

Gasping Azalea looked in the mirror again. This time the image was clearer. It looked like a room. She quickly looked away and called Franz. He ran into the bathroom and looked at Azalea concerned.

“What’s wrong?” he asked when he saw Azalea’s eyes full of fear.
“When I look in the mirror I see images,” she explained.

“What do you see?” Franz asked and Azalea hesitated at first.
“I saw a room but I looked away before I could see more,” she answered and Franz realized her gift’s power was expanding.

“Look in the mirror again and don’t look away before I say so. While you’re looking explain what you see.” Azalea shivered from fear but then looked in the mirror. An image formed in front of her. But before she could say a word the doorbell rang and the image disappeared. Franz looked curiously at Azalea but she just shook her head.

“It’s gone.”





Chapter Twenty - Another Rescue

The police station was full of people and it was getting really loud. Azalea was getting frustrated with them. No one did anything; they just stood there shouting things no one understood. Lucas was the only one next to Azalea who never said anything and just observed the situation.

After the mirror vision Azalea had, the police showed up at their house and looked at the note. They put it into a plastic bag and took it with them and also asked Azalea and Franz to join them. They went to the police station and soon after the police contacted Anny’s parents about the new evidence the chaos began. 

“Azalea!” Franz called his granddaughter and when she looked at him he motioned her to follow him. She did and soon they were in one of the offices.
“What?” she asked and Franz pointed to the mirror.

“Your Banshee gift is expanding and obviously you can see the crime scene or Anny’s situation if you look in the mirror,” Franz said and Azalea wasn’t surprised by that. She kind of expected him to say something like that.

“So you want me to look in the mirror and find out where Anny is?” she asked and Franz nodded.
“Fine,” she sighed and slowly lifted her gaze to the mirror. She wasn’t prepared enough though. The second she looked in the mirror a horrible image flashed in front of her eyes.


A man standing next to Anny’s feet with a knife in his hand was grinning evilly.
“You’re mine now. Your friends didn’t find you soon enough,” the man said to Anny and she whimpered.

She couldn’t believe that this was happening to her again. ‘Why me?’ she thought and wriggled trying to get out of his grip.

“Stop!” he growled and something flashed in his eyes. But Anny didn’t stop, she fought back and luckily her parents had forced her to learn some self-defence because of the last kidnapping.  Kicking him in his groin he howled in pain and stumbled backwards.

Anny quickly stood up and tried to escape but the guy stopped her.
“You’re not going anywhere until I say so.” The guy said grabbing her and dragging her to the bed. He took some cuffs and cuffed her hands and ankles.

“You’re mine!”


The image disappeared and Azalea stood still in front of the mirror. She couldn't register what she’d just seen.
flashed through her mind.

No, he can’t be. He was with her when Anny disappeared. He’s known her for his whole life, he couldn’t have killed Holland. There must be another explanation for this.’
She thought to herself. She couldn’t understand how Daniel was the man who’d kidnapped Anny.

My own boyfriend betrayed me?’
she questioned herself.

Franz noticed her inner battle and frowned.
“What did you see?” he asked but Azalea didn’t respond.
“Azalea!” he snapped and gained Azalea’s attention. Still pale faced she turned to him and looked at him devastated.

BOOK: Talking to Dead (The Banshee Series Book 1)
6.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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