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, your pussy tastes so good, baby." More licking, teasing, tasting. Latching his lips around my clit, Preston gently sucked and nibbled. I spread my legs wider for him while clutching the bedspread. His tongue continually tormented my clit.

Those hot, aching sensations rippled within my pussy, building higher. Preston's given pleasures varied between rapid licking and fingering. He pressed his tongue against my clitoris, then dragged it to the top, to the sensitive swollen tip. Cinching my clit between his lips, Preston nibbled, sucked, nibbled, sucked.

Heat exploded, released. Seized by orgasmic spasms, I flailed and shouted his name. Preston's stroking tongue intensified my release, absolutely merciless in its attack. He grabbed and held my hips to keep me still.

A second orgasm struck, and his lapping caused a tiny stream to jet from my pussy. I'd never seen anything like it. The colorless substance landed on Preston's chin. Grinning, he swiped it with his tongue.

Preston lifted himself upright. "You squirted," he divulged. "Must've been some orgasm."

"You gave me
orgasms." I couldn't catch my breath. Aftershocks kept my pussy in a constant state of arousal. And now that I had a taste of sex, I needed more.

"Oh my god, Preston you are amazing."

"Thanks. I'm gonna have a lot of fun teaching you everything about sex. And

Can't wait.

Preston flopped beside me, curling his arm behind my shoulder and pulling me near. He kissed the top of my head.

Then we drifted to sleep in each other's arms.

* * * *

My dream came true.

Preston offered for me to move in. I did, without a moment's hesitation or thought.

Would there be any consequences? Every action had one.

Preston and I wanted to keep our relationship a secret. We weren't ready for anyone else to know, and wouldn't be for a little while.

We---especially---weren't ready to tell Ashlee.

And so far I lived happily in my prince's castle on the hill, in that small town called Morganville.

But I was merely living in some fairy tale land. For something would happen and snap me back to a heart-breaking reality. That something happened only days after Preston and I revealed our true feelings.

He hadn't even deflowered me yet. I was still a stupid virgin for shit's sake. Why didn't I let him fuck me when I had the chance?

Fucking Chelsea barged in one night, informing Preston that her boyfriend dumped her. She pleaded with Preston to let her move back in.

Lurking around a corner, I gnawed my bottom lip while listening to their conversation. Their discussion snowballed to an argument.

"That was
decision to move out in the first place," Preston told her.

"And you already know why I moved out. I warned you to stop ignoring me. Ever since we found out I couldn't give you another baby, a
, you spent all your time at the office. This shit isn't all my fault, Preston, and I'm sorry
I can't give you a second child."

He sighed. "Right. I suppose it's not all your fault. Even so, you shouldn't have run off with that---

"He's not a kid. He's a twenty-three-year-old man, Preston."

"What do you want me to say? It's been over seven months since you left. You just expect me to drop everything and let you back in?"



"Yes, Preston. Let me back in. You know how hard I've worked to keep us together."

you met that kid."

"That's over. Give me a second chance. We've been together too long to give up."

"You should've already thought of that," he said.

"Please, Preston. One more chance is all I'm asking."

"You can stay until we decide what to do about our marriage. Alright?"

"Fine, whatever."

. Heart splitting, I skulked away at that point not wanting to hear any more.

Now that the bitch was back I had to sleep in a guest bedroom. As I reclined on the twin bed I devised a plan. A twisted plan that would keep me in Preston's heart and erase Chelsea forever.

No I wasn't going to murder her. But I
going to give Preston that son he wanted.

He just didn't know it yet.

* * * *

The following weekend, Preston shattered my heart further.

I woke to the sounds of lovemaking. Chelsea cried out as she and Preston had wild sex in the next room.


Preston drove a figurative blade inside my chest. And the more Chelsea screamed, the deeper that knife went.

Something told me I wouldn't be sleeping for a long, long time. Probably a good thing, for I didn't need to see Preston's face in my dreams. It hurt badly enough when I was awake.

Oh yes
," the bitch screamed, bed springs creaking.


Tears blurred my vision.

Two evenings later Preston joined me on the living room sofa. The television was off and I just stared at a blank screen, feeling numb.

He put his hand on my knee. I flinched, scooting farther away. Anger flared within.

“Something wrong?” he asked, reeling back his hand. He looked genuinely confused.

“What do you think?”

“Is this about Chelsea?” He narrowed an eye.

“You should know.”

“No, I'm afraid I
know. But maybe whenever you decide to grow up, you can tell me what's wrong.” He bolted off the sofa and left the room.

I crossed my arms over my chest, frowning and sulking.

Tonight I could've put my plan in motion. The plan to give Preston that son he wanted, for I felt pangs in my belly; familiar pangs that signaled the beginning of ovulation. This would've been my final chance.

Hours lagged by. Now I was lounging in the bedroom.

The door flung open and Preston appeared, wearing nothing but his silk ebony boxers. His flat, ridged stomach teased and taunted, his hair slick from a recent shower. Glistening droplets trickled down his gorgeous face and body.

Damn! What are you trying to do to me?

I scooted to the edge of the mattress, clutching the quilt so it covered my breasts even though I wore a night shirt. I didn't want him to see any part of my body, clothed or not. And I refused to look in his eyes.

He sank beside me. I migrated a few inches in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately for me, Preston smelled
good. The enticing scent of shampoo drifted from him.

"What do you want, Preston?" I brushed tears from my cheeks.

"Melody, I'm truly sorry but I couldn't help feeling bad for Chelsea. I never meant---"

"You never meant to hurt me. You never meant for this to happen. Now that we've cleared that up, you can get the hell out of my room. Thanks."

Brief silence.

My chin quivered as tears welled. "You still love her."

"No. I don't."

? I heard you in there---with her. I know what you were doing."

"Honestly? I have no idea what you're talking about. And no, dammit, I
love her."

I swallowed. "Really? You don't?"

"No, Melody. Now do you care to elaborate about this other bullshit?”

"I heard you and Chelsea having sex the other night."

“I haven't fucked Chelsea in months. I wasn't even
the other night, remember? I was at the office catching up on paperwork.”

“Oh.” I looked down.

“If Chelsea was fucking anyone, it certainly wasn't me,” he said. “And I really don't care either way. Maybe she made up with that
.” He shrugged.

Leaning toward me, Preston stroked the side of my face with one finger. I sniffled as my gaze met his. "I never meant or wanted to hurt you," he said. "She won't be here forever. Okay?"

I gave a hesitant nod.

"Melody, who do you think I love?"

"I don't know."

"You. I love you and
you." Preston's mouth grazed mine. Then he withdrew and our gazes locked. He was making me drown in those hypnotic eyes.

He reached for my shoulder, nudged me flat against the mattress. He followed my descent as his lips tasted my neck, cheeks and forehead, creating warm tingling trails across my skin. Then he kissed my mouth, practically devouring. I yielded to his soft kisses; yielded to his hands as they explored my outer thighs, stomach, breasts.

While kissing me, Preston slipped his body between my legs. His thighs forced mine apart. I whimpered, knowing what he planned to do. Knowing it still terrified me. This time, however, I wouldn't say no.

"Oh, Melody," he whispered with quickening breaths. "I love you." His mouth and tongue continued tasting, kissing my throat and up to my earlobe. "Oh, Melody. Let me make love to you. Let me fuck you. I wanna feel you come on my cock. I'll
you come."

Wetness flowed to my vagina as my body prepared for Preston's sex. The allure of his words, his touch and kisses sucked me right in and made me ready. Ready to accept his taut, hot cock.

Preston clutched my wrists with one hand, and raised my arms until my fingers touched the headboard. His free hand ripped off my panties. Then he flipped the waistband of his boxers, exposing his boner's gigantic length.

Uh oh. Here it comes.
Squeezing my eyelids shut, I braced myself.

"Are you ready for it?" Preston asked, panting, his eyes wide with lust. He held his cock like a weapon, aiming it at me.

"Uh, uh, I think."
Oh god. This is gonna hurt.
With my wrists in his grasp, my hands balled into fists.

Preston's lips formed a seductive grin. His body lunged forward.

Oh shit!

Oh, sweet god in heaven
," he groaned. Searing pain followed as he arched into me. I gasped. He pushed farther, farther, filled me to excruciating depths.

Tears streaked my face.

." He cried in extreme pleasure while I cried in agony. "Oh my god, I'm ready to come just---from being inside you. You're so fucking

"Preston, this
," I said through clenched teeth.

"Oh baby, I'm sorry. I won't move until you get used to my cock."

"It still hurts."
And what if it gets stuck in there? What then? My god, what a nightmare!

"Do you want me to take it out?"

"I guess not. I'll be okay in a few minutes."
I hope.

"Hold on to my shoulders and wrap your legs around my waist," he said. "The sooner I start fucking, the sooner you'll get used to it. I promise."

I did as he advised, curling my arms past his shoulders and locking my legs around his back.

"Hold on tight," he said. "Here I go, baby." And away he went, his rocking motions making me dizzy, his cruel cock impaling and battering.

Another flow of moisture. I figured this time it was blood.

Preston hovered above me, every breath rushing from his lips, eyes half-closed as he relished the feel of penetration. Relished the sensation of nailing me over and over again. Hard.

That sharp, hot agony came and went as he rapidly shoved in, jerked out, shoved in. I clenched and clawed his shoulders, his biceps, wriggling beneath him, trying to escape his pumping hips. Bloody, jagged trails lined his arms but he only pumped harder when I scratched. He seemed to
the pain.

Thrust, thrust, thrust, thrust thrust thrust thrust thrust.
A vicious cycle of pain and motion.
Ram, ram, ram.

"Melody, Melody, Melody," he said. "
Oh god, Melody
." He released my wrists, grappled the edge of the mattress and drove into me roughly, unleashing another round of harsh punishment.

Searing pain dwindled and I could finally enjoy this new experience. Somehow he'd managed to withhold his climax, making his sex everlasting.

Melody, oh god, baby, your pussy feels amazing, sweet god almighty
." Sweat gathered on his forehead and concentration etched his face. Slamming his pelvis against mine, his backside twisted as his cock drilled deep, the head jabbing, punishing.

Oh god Preston. Preston, Preston, yeah fuck me, Preston. Give it to me.

"Ah, baby, fuck. Oh fuck! I'm gonna come, baby." More twisting, writhing as Preston shouted and chanted my name, brutally ramming me with his weapon. Faster he went, riding, bouncing and jostling me. Faster, faster, faster.

Harder, harder,

His jostling and ramming launched me to full-blown orgasm. My hips swayed with each slam. I bit my lip, tasted blood as I stifled screams. And he continuously fucked me with his huge unforgiving cock, merciless in his destruction of my virginity.


"Ah, fuck, ah, ah, ah, Christ! Here it is. It's coming, baby,
it's coming
---" With a final slam, Preston's cock shuddered and blew. His backside trembled, jerking erratically as he succumbed to a powerful climax. His cock pulsed, bursting with heated cum, spurting ejaculate and giving me every ounce he possessed.

! Melody!" Even his orgasm felt extraordinary. His cock fluctuated, caressing my pussy from inside out.

so fucking hot
. I can't get enough." His face scarlet, Preston pulled out and fell next to me, draping an arm over his weary eyes. His chest went up and down with his heavy breathing.

Preston's cum gushed from my vagina and saturated my inner thighs.

"Dear god in heaven," he rasped. "Melody, Melody, Melody. You turn me on so damn much. I thought my dick would
stop squirting."

"I know, and I thought it'd never stop hurting. Thank goodness it did.”

"Are you alright?" he asked after a moment, lifting his arm and turning his head to regard me. Sweat trailed down his face. "I didn't hurt you too badly, did I?"

"No, I'm okay." I sat up and peered downward. Just as I thought, blood caked my thighs.

BOOK: Teaching Melody
2.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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