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Rachel Clark


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Accidental Love for Three
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The harsh sound of a whip rang out across the crowded cargo bay.

Tee-ani pushed through the group of terrified women, trying to get to the one who was injured, the one still being attacked. Another loud snapping sound, another terrified, pain-filled scream.

What the hell was wrong with these creatures? Men seemed too kind a word. They may have looked similar to humans, but the complete lack of empathy toward another’s suffering seemed downright bewildering.

Tee-ani broke through the edges of the crowd as one of their captors raised his arm to hit the woman again.

“Stop,” she yelled as she placed herself between the whip and the injured woman. The guard hesitated at the sound of her words and then turned his attention to her.

“This is not your concern, slave. Move away or you will be next.”

The voice sounded gravelly and cruel and the creature grinned maliciously. He obviously enjoyed the woman’s pain and no doubt he would enjoy hers as well. Tee-ani swallowed nervously, but stepped in front of the guard, effectively cutting off his clear aim at the terrified woman.

“She’s just a child. She doesn’t understand the rules yet.” Tee-ani wasn’t above begging, but she knew that only a show of strength

Rachel Clark

would stop this creature. It seemed the only thing they understood. He raised his arm again as if to strike, but Tee-ani held her ground. No way would she let more harm come to this young woman if she could do something to stop it.

She held her hand out, palm facing him in what she hoped was a universal sign to stop, and then she grinned back at him, trying to infuse as much mocking bravado as she could.

“How do you think Keytark will react when he finds out you damaged his property? He personally wants this slave. How are you going to explain what happened when she dies from injuries you caused?”

The creature threw his head back and made a loud snorting sound that Tee-ani had learned was the equivalent to a human laugh.

“He would thank me for ridding him of this troublesome slave.”

Tee-ani braced herself for the blows that would surely follow such confident arrogance, but they never came. She watched as he coiled the whip and pushed it back into the clip on his belt.

“Clean her up.” He barked the order as he turned and stalked away.

Wobbling at the knees, Tee-ani exhaled the breath she’d been holding and then turned to the softly crying woman behind her. The young female had curled into a ball on the deck floor and it seemed that the whip lashes had hit her squarely between the shoulder blades. Tee-ani moved toward her, but she cringed away in fear.

“It’s okay.” She kept her voice low and soothing. “I can help you.

I have medical equipment.” The injured woman lifted her head to look at Tee-ani. Her face streaked with tears, eyes puffy and red-rimmed, the woman didn’t look much older than sixteen or seventeen in human years. The beginnings of a bruise showed on her left cheekbone and Tee-ani reached over to run her hand lightly over the swelling. “I can fix this.”

The young woman looked at her again, fear crowding her features as she hesitantly moved so that Tee-ani could help her to her feet. She
Tee-ani’s Pirates


hissed with pain as her shoulder muscles flexed, and Tee-ani could clearly remember the agony of her own beating so many months ago.

The other women parted to let them through. They were all terrified and it seemed clear from their movements that even though many may have wanted to help, none were willing to align themselves with her, lest they share the same fate.

Tee-ani helped the young woman onto the narrow bench that she’d been using as a medical bed and grabbed her equipment. She helped the woman lie on her stomach and then peeled back the damaged material to examine the angry welts. The skin had broken in many places and Tee-ani could see green blood oozing from the damaged areas.

“Sweetie,” she said as she moved into the young woman’s line of vision. “What species are you?” The girl shook her head in confusion, but gasped in pain when the movement pulled against her damaged flesh. Tee-ani tried again. “What is your home planet?”

“G’trobia.” It was a small breathy sound, as if she didn’t understand the question. Tee-ani moved so that the young woman could see her clearly.

“That explains the green blood but not how you ended up on a slave ship.” Curving her lips into what she hoped looked like a kind smile, Tee-ani showed her the medical instrument that she held and then straightened so that she could use the technology to close the wounds on the woman’s back. “G’trobian females aren’t supposed to leave the planet. Isn’t that right? How did you get abducted by slave traders?”

Tee-ani saw the woman’s body tense. A reaction she suspected had nothing to do with the pain of the beating she’d just received.

“I wasn’t abducted.” The monotone of the mumbled words startled Tee-ani for a moment. Every G’trobian that she’d ever met had a fascinating sing-song quality to their voice, but it was completely missing in this woman’s speech pattern.


Rachel Clark

Moving back into the woman’s line of vision, Tee-ani tried to make eye contact. The young woman’s eyes seemed unfocused, as if she saw something from the past, not what was actually in front of her eyes.

Tee-ani reached out a hand to carefully brush stringy, matted, sweat-soaked hair away from the woman’s eyes.

“If you weren’t abducted, how did you end up a slave?”

The woman’s eyes filled with tears as she said the one thing guaranteed to chill Tee-ani all the way to her soul.

“My family sold me.”

Tee-ani’s Pirates


Chapter One

Nearly four Earth months later…

Tee-ani sat on the stool, fighting the lethargy she felt. It had been close to forty-eight hours since she’d had any sleep—or even a moment’s reprieve—and her body just couldn’t give her any more.

“Looks like that was our last patient,” Sarah told her as she walked back into the medical bay. The woman still bounced with energy, despite the fact that she’d been dealing with patients alongside Tee-ani for the last two days. “You look like hell,” Sarah said with a smile on her face.

“Well, thank you, that makes me feel so much better.” Tee-ani laughed tiredly. Sarah was married to the ship’s captain and had been able to help with the influx of seriously wounded patients. They’d come across the freighter after a vicious attack and most of its crew had been left seriously injured. Sarah’s first aid skills had saved a lot of lives today and Tee-ani felt very grateful for the help. She didn’t know where Sarah’s knowledge of medicine came from, but considering they were all currently crew on a pirate ship, it was probably better that she remain in the dark.

“Go get some sleep,” Sarah said, smiling. “I’ll wake you if something comes up that I can’t handle.”

“What about you? You haven’t slept either,” Tee-ani said, concern for the other woman’s health overriding her own needs.

BOOK: Tee-ani's Pirates
6.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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