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Terran (Breeder)

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Author’s Note

is second in the Breeder science fiction romance series, it can be read as a stand-alone.


I’m grateful to my talented editor, Ann Curtis, who applied her magic to
; to the other Loose Id editors who comb through my manuscript, searching for bloopers; and to artist Mina Carter, who designed a great cover. I’d also like to thank the members of my street team and fellow authors whose support for the first
book meant the world to me.

Chapter One

Marlix eyed the shopkeeper finalizing a transaction with a customer. “Terran.” He spat to expel a sour taste from his mouth. “Female.” He speared his beta, Urazi, with a sharp glance. “Are you certain this is the right place? That
has what I need?”

Urazi nodded and pointed to the sign. TEXTILES BY TARA.

Marlix scrutinized the vendoress. She was clothed in a garish mottled green-and-brown uniform. “She walks like a male with an overabundance of confidence,” he said, denouncing her as he continued his appraisal. Terrans did not attain the height of Parseons—although this one’s legs stretched surprisingly long for a creature as small as she.

“That she does,” Urazi agreed. “But her…plumage…is quite…” He paused, struggling to extract a word. “Fowl-like.”

.” Marlix nodded. Even the bright feathers of the indigenous bird could not compare with the hues of the female’s shock of pink hair or her bare right arm, which appeared to be…
. Marlix exhaled. “We tarry,” he said. “Let us complete our transaction and depart.” He shuddered. “I do not know how Commander Dak tolerates these
.” Interacting with a Terran violated everything he believed. If he could, he would banish every single alien back to his—or her—planet. Yet circumstances forced him to engage in commerce with one. He hated that the female owned something he wanted.

Let us get this unpleasant business over with
. Marlix threw back his shoulders and entered the pink-haired female’s stall.

“Thank you for the business.” The vendoress bestowed a wide smile on her beta customer, and the male’s mouth curved in response until he noticed Marlix. His congeniality vanished, and the color bled from his face. The beta snapped a hasty salute, clutched his purchase under his arm, and scurried from the store. Two other customers who had been browsing quickly exited as well.

The vendoress planted her boot-shod feet wide apart, anchored her hands on her hips, and glared at him. “Well, you do know how to clear a room.” Her tone and countenance glowered with enough disrespect to warrant punishment by themselves but on no account should a female address an Alpha without prior acknowledgement. Had she been Parseon, Marlix would have disciplined her. But the treaty with Terra awarded her diplomatic immunity. Pity.

He motioned for Urazi to deal with her and walked away. She muttered something in her language that sounded like “jackass,” but Marlix didn’t speak enough Terran to understand the meaning. He pretended to examine a bolt of fabric as green as new spring growth. Its weave appeared finer than most Parseon textiles, but it was far too bright. Who would wear such an inappropriate color? He tightened his lips with disgust. The Terran female probably would. Her hair was pink!

“How may I help you?” she purred to Urazi in a syrupy voice.

“You have a fabric that is impenetrable to projectiles,” Marlix’s beta stated.


A length of pale cloth caught Marlix’s eye. Despite his irritation with the female, he strode across the room to inspect it. He rubbed his hand across its surface and found it to be smoother than anything he’d encountered. “What is this?” He glanced over his shoulder and found the vendoress eying him with distrust.

“Silk,” she snapped. The ire tinting her face drew his attention to its unblemished perfection, her cheeks appearing even smoother than the fabric that snagged on his rough hands.

“We wish to purchase some.” Ever efficient, Urazi remained focused on their purpose.

“Silk?” She arched her eyebrows, one ringed by a metal loop.

Marlix gave an imperceptible shake of his head in disapproval. The only body part suitable for piercing was the right nipple, and then only to attach one’s identification insignia.

Urazi snorted in exasperation. “No. The fabric that cannot be penetrated by projectiles.”

“What do you want it for?”

Marlix had tolerated far too much of her obstreperous behavior. “That is not your concern.” He confronted her. “Do you have it, or do you not?” This close to her, he could see that what had appeared as solid purple from afar was actually a vine of distinct red-and-blue flowers winding from shoulder to wrist. Surely she could not have been born that way? Warriors sometimes painted their faces, but her design appeared permanent.

She thrust out her small chin in an insolent way. The top of her pink head failed to even meet his collarbone, but what struck him most was the unnatural color of her eyes, like a meadow after a soaking rain. The Parseon people had golden eyes, sometimes blue, and, in a rare genetic anomaly, purple, but never green. Her bold manner and unusual eyes reminded him of a
cub, pouncing and attacking with foolish brazenness, unaware it had not matured from prey to predator. Full of hiss and spit, but harmless. Yes, she was just like that. Annoyance melted into amusement. He folded his arms and stared down at her, a smile twitching at the corner of his mouth.

“How much do you need?” She spoke as if she were gritting her teeth.

“Enough for forty uniforms. Half in light gray, half in brown.” That would be enough to outfit his alpha subcommanders, members of his personal guard, and his beta support staff. “And enough dark gray for a uniform for myself. I will purchase more later—
the fabric does what you claim.” He’d been present during Commander Tarbek’s attempted assassination of his brother, Dak, who’d been wearing a shirt sewn from the fabric. He’d witnessed the cloth deflect the dagger. Marlix did not question its properties. He baited the vendoress for sport.

His taunt hit its mark. The female’s eyes flashed, and she jutted her chin higher. “That will be twenty-five

Urazi gasped at the outrageous price, but Marlix shrugged. “Fine.” He would not quibble over cost. As a wealthy Alpha, money did not concern him, and the lifesaving properties of the fabric made it worth every gilia anyway.

“Shall I have it couriered, or will you carry it with you?”

“We will take it,” Urazi said.

“Very well.” She clomped across the wooden floor to grab an entire bolt of light gray off a shelf, then shoved it into Urazi’s arms. “I must retrieve the rest from the stockroom.”

With a frown, Marlix’s beta hefted the gray material in his arms. “It weighs almost nothing. Are you sure this is the correct fabric?” Suspicion etched his voice.

“Do you doubt me?” She responded to Urazi’s question but scowled at Marlix. She so much resembled a hissing feleen cub, Marlix would have laughed, except for the warming in his loins. In contrast to this Terran, Parseon breeders were meek creatures. He’d never taken a female who’d demonstrated as much fire as this one. What would it be like, he wondered? Would she claw at him, or would she submit?

Had she been a breeder, he would have been within his rights to shove her to the floor and find out. But the treaty prevented him from using Terran females in that manner, and Parseon faced enough problems without causing a diplomatic incident. But he did take full liberty to study again the softness of her skin, the length of her legs, and the points of her nipples tenting her uniform. She dressed like the people of her race, covering her entire torso. She did not bare the right side of her chest the way Parseon people did to reveal their insignia.

As unbelievable as it seemed, Terrans did not recognize status. They considered all people to be
, one of many issues shaking an already uneasy alliance. Who could trust a race that lacked discernment?

He inspected the vendoress’s chest again. Given the breast-baring construction of the beige shifts breeders wore, female mammary glands held few secrets. But the fact that this vendoress had hidden hers aroused his curiosity. Did she have round breasts or conical ones? Long, thick nipples or small ones?

“Hey, buddy. My eyes are up here!” She snapped her fingers in front of her face.

Marlix frowned in confusion. “I am aware of the location of your eyes. Besides your pink hair, I noticed them right away. Tell me, are all females on your planet similarly hued?”

“You don’t get out much, do you?” She planted her hands on her hips. The motion drew his attention to her mammary glands again.

“I am out now,” Marlix answered in all honesty but got the impression he’d annoyed her again when she

“I’ll get the rest of your order.” She stomped away, muttering something about a
. She disappeared behind a curtained entrance.

“What is a pig?” Marlix consulted with Urazi.

“Let me research it on the translator.” His beta tucked the bolt under his arm, unclipped his Personal Communication Device, and tapped into it. He raised his head. “A domesticated porcine mammal indigenous to the planet Terra.”

BOOK: Terran (Breeder)
5.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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