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Nena Duran



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This is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents and dialogues in this book are of the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental.

Tha-lah was finally free after paying her family’s debt. For five long years, she served as an indentured sex surrogate at Pra’mm station. Since she couldn’t return to her old life, she decided to become a wandering priestess. Groo’lat was a warrior on a suicide mission. For him, death is the only honorable atonement for his sin.

After rescuing Groo’lat from certain death, Tha-lah finds herself attracted to the mysterious warrior. Little did they know their destiny would become entangled forever after he demands control of her shuttle. Can a wandering priestess and a warrior surmount the impossible and become close allies?

Chapter One


Pra’mm Station, nine months ago


“Is it true?” Naz’try exclaimed, rushing to Tha-lah’s side when she entered the greeting room.

“What’s true? All I know is Mistress Dal’vyaa called for an emergency gathering.”

The surrogates were eagerly talking, but she only picked up a few words here and there. Among them, she heard

“The flagship is here at the station for emergency repairs.”

Tha-lah knew what that meant for everyone. The armada’s flagship was renowned for their Pendo’rahn warriors. A ship full of them should bring lots of business since they had a healthy sexual appetite. Above all, the surrogates loved to entertain the males who fought to rid the galaxy of the Kreeh-nosh.

“Daughters, may I have your attention?”

Mistress Dal’vyaa ruled her house with an iron fist. She didn’t tolerate slovenliness or laziness from her charges, yet she was fair and kind to all.

“As many of you’ve heard, the
is docking with the station as I speak. I’ve already downloaded their requests, asking for specific services. Please look at your data pads and make the selections according to your skill level. Each of you will be allowed three clients per rotation. Contact me if a warrior wishes to engage you past his allotted time.”

Some ships sent their requests beforehand to secure a spot in the houses’ busy schedule. Prestigious establishments such as this one were always in demand by high officials and merchants. When an armada ship arrived at the station, the surrogates were engaged for days.

Pendo’rahn male and female warriors practiced sex sparring. It was similar to a combat session mixed with copulation, because females could only be aroused by the rush of adrenalin. A female warrior was unable to experience passion otherwise, due to a Kreeh-noshian biological weapon.

It wasn’t a secret that male warriors enjoyed having sex with surrogates. Most of them liked oral sex, a task their females found distasteful. To satisfy a Pendo’rahn warrior’s need the surrogate’s skill had to meet the highest standards.

Since warriors didn’t talk during sex, a detailed list of their likes and dislikes was included in their initial application. A good surrogate executed her duties to the client’s specifications. An exceptional one went beyond, giving her client the best erotic encounter she was capable.

“Oh, look, Tha-lah, the elite warriors requested some of our specialties.” Naz’try’s smile widened as she looked at her data pad, making her selections.

Her friend, born a surrogate, trained to fulfill all her clients’ needs. She made no secret how much she liked warriors, especially the members of the highly respected elite.

“I’m sure you’ll give them more than they expect. The goddess surely is smiling upon those lucky enough to win your company.”

Tha-lah was very fond of Naz’try, even considered her a real sister. In her past life, before she came there, their friendship would’ve been taboo. Her upbringing and social status wouldn’t allow their paths to cross.

“The warriors have arrived, mistress.”

The AI announcement began a flurry of activity as Dal’vyaa arranged them around the greeting room. Tha-lah headed for the back door since she wasn’t in the first rotation when Dal’vyaa stopped her.

“Tha-lah and Naz’try, please follow me.”

Her friend looked up from her data pad, appearing surprised by the abrupt order, but knew better than to argue.

They followed the proprietress into her private office. Inside, three other girls, two guards and a very tall male waited. Dimmed lights plus the hood he wore obscured his features.

Tha-lah knew instinctively he wasn’t part of the
crew. He had to be well-connected to gain entrance to the inner sanctum. Only the most influential were granted such privileged. Who was he?

“My lord, welcome to my humble house. We’re honored you sought us out for your pleasure.” Mistress Dal’vyaa showed no concern, greeting him in the standard fashion.

“Thank you, Lady Dal’vyaa. I’d like to engage one of your finest surrogates.” His voice was gruff and deep, eliciting fearful murmurs from the others.

“As my lord can see,” Mistress said, waving her hand around the room, “my surrogates are the best in the galaxy. Naz’try over there is very skilled, and will bring you hours of untold ecstasy.”

By the look on her face, her friend wasn’t happy. She was looking forward to spending time with the elite warriors.

He scanned the room, his gaze briefly resting on Naz’try before settling on Tha-lah. “If it’s the same to you, I’d prefer the one next to her,” the stranger replied, pulling the cowl off his head to reveal a most unique individual. His skin had a scaly pattern and his eyes glowed with determination.

Tha-lah met the stranger’s direct gaze. His tone and body language told her all she needed to know. He exuded the confidence of someone born to privilege. He was used to absolute obedience.

Now she understood why Dal’vyaa had asked them there. He was a special request, someone who needed complete discretion. There was only a handful of females the mistress would trust with such a delicate task.

Tha-lah glanced at her mentor, trying to read her features. Most people wouldn’t notice, judging by her serene exterior, but she knew better. The older female clutched her data pad so tightly it was beginning to crack.

“My lord, may I offer the services of two of my…”

Dal’vyaa tried to spare Tha-lah, suggesting two of the most experienced females. Their expertise in a variety of pleasure techniques was guaranteed to gratify the most demanding Pendo’rahn high official. Unlike Tha-lah, they’d been born and raised in the surrogate cast.

“I’ve already made my choice. Nothing you say will dissuade me,” the mysterious male said through clenched teeth. His textured skin changed colors from one moment to the next.

“Begging my mistress’ indulgence, I’ll be honored to assist my lord,” Tha-lah said.

He wasn’t unpleasant to look upon once she got past his enormous size. His eyes shone with relief when she accepted his bid. Mistress Dal’vyaa took care of the payment details Tha-lah always found so distasteful. Payment for pleasure was another reason she opted to leave.

As a child, she’d felt the call of the shrine. Sex would’ve been part of her many duties to the goddess, but financial compensation wasn’t allowed. A servant of the shrine practiced healing, using their sexual energy. Tha-lah’s heart had filled with joy at the idea of sharing her energy with him.

“Please come with me, my lord.” She bowed gracefully, gesturing to the door.

“Um, may I speak to you in private?”

His skin changed colors again, slightly darkening its tone. Many might think it was odd, but it reminded Tha-lah of her tri’lu stone secreted away in a box. His skin did the same, she observed. It changed colors, depending on his mood.

“I’ll leave you to discuss your requirements, my lord. I must caution you. If you try to broker a side deal or abuse her in any way, my guards will kill you.”

Mistress Dal’vyaa’s house was the most prestigious and strict in the entire sector. She didn’t allow any illegal activities under her roof. Those who’d tired met with sudden death or the law, whichever came first.

“I wouldn’t dream of dishonoring your house by doing so.”

She knew he spoke the truth because his skin remained unchanged. Tha-lah closed the door and then walked to the liquor cabinet. “We’re alone now, my lord. You may speak freely.”

He held up his left hand, declining the glass of potent spirits she offered. “I need your help procuring a full wardrobe and all the essentials a female might need.”

It was such a weird request, coming from him. Tha-lah was aware some Trac’xian and K’luk males enjoyed dressing in female garments. This stranger didn’t look like the type who harbored such preferences.

Her place wasn’t to judge what the client should or shouldn’t wear. If he wanted to buy feminine clothing then she would aid him.

“What type of garments would you require, my lord? Do you prefer formal attire or just everyday apparel?”

“I need everything, including, ahem…um…underthings.”

It might be the first time he attempted something like that, she thought. Tha-lah smiled, determined to help him without attracting undue attention.

“I know a very discreet clothier we can visit. She’ll fabricate all your items and destroy your holo-form after completing the order. That should eliminate anyone else’s involvement.” The seamstress was another indentured surrogate who’d opened a small shop after fulfilling her contract.

“Huh? I think perhaps you misunderstood me. The clothes aren’t for me, but for my Lady Gigi,” he explained gruffly.

“Oh, please accept apologies, my lord.” Goddess, she hoped he wasn’t offended by her mistake.

“No apologies needed, and please stop calling me my lord. The name’s Briq. Just Briq.”

“In that case, Briq, tell me all about your Lady Gigi.” His whole countenance changed when he smiled. She saw a glimpse of his ul’naah, which was strong yet gentle.


* * * *


The clothier had a small shop nearby the surrogate house. Her taste was impeccable, and had an outstanding reputation. Like Tha-lah, she also possessed the gift of sexual healing. Their ability was very hard to harness without a priestess’ sacred stone, called a tri’lu. It didn’t matter, because they were forbidden to touch it.

Fih’rra agreed to personally handle the order and keep Gigi’s existence a secret. They couldn’t hold back a surprised gasp when the holo projector completed the rendering according to Briq’s description. It was just a crude interpretation, with no features, but she was similar to a Pendo’rahn.

“Are you sure these dimensions are correct?” Fih’rra asked, her gaze glued to the holographic silhouette.

“Yes,” Briq replied.

After the order was completed, Tha-lah asked her friend to include her tri’lu. The other female tried to dissuade her. Since neither was likely to serve at a Trac’xian shrine, the stone was just a bitter reminder of their unfulfilled destiny.

Tha-lah had a sudden feeling this particular stone would become an important part in future events. Fih’rra promise to work non-stop to complete the order. After setting up payment and delivery, Briq escorted her back to the house. He made such a huge impression in such small amount of time.

His love for Lady Gigi was evident in every line of his face. Tha-lah sighed wistfully at the way his gaze lit up with a glint of love and reverence. Would a male ever think of her with such pure devotion?

Chapter Two


Surrogate House,
present day


Tha-lah glanced around the small sleeping chamber for the last time. It’d been her private refuge during her stay. Five years seemed like an eternity, but her family’s debt was paid. Finally, she was free to pursue her dreams.

Returning home wasn’t an option, as her people considered her shrim’ruu, tainted. Even belonging to a higher merchant class didn’t guarantee her acceptance back into polite society. Besides, so much time had passed since she last saw her parents. Trac’xian law forbade contact between an indentured surrogate and her family.

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