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Praise for the Novels of Patti Callahan Henry
Between the Tides
Chosen for
Family Circle
Magazine’s “Best Books for Summer Reading”

Between the Tides
is a lovely book. To those who know the Lowcountry, it fairly sings. If you don’t know the Lowcountry, here’s one of the best chances you’ll get to do so.” —Anne Rivers Siddons
“Henry writes with a lyrical touch . . . . Fans of Mary Alice Monroe will appreciate
Between the Tides
both for its writing style and narrative arc.”—
Charleston City Paper
“Brings to mind such authors as Pat Conroy, Annie Rivers Siddons, and Dorothea Benton Frank—against whom Henry stacks up admirably . . . . Southern fiction at its best.”
—St. John Flynn, NPR host of
Cover to Cover
“Henry’s warm, smoothly paced novel explores well-traveled themes of reconciliation and rebirth with fresh energy.”—
Publishers Weekly

Between the Tides
is my first novel by Patti Callahan Henry—and it won’t be the last. I intend to devour them all . . . . Her prose is lyrical and so vivid you actually visualize her settings and can smell the air and sea of the Lowcountry of South Carolina. I found myself rereading passages because they were so beautiful or because I found them profound in their simplicity.”—Armchair Interviews
“A rich, enthralling story . . . sheer enjoyment.”—
Rockdale Citizen
When Light Breaks
“Not just a beautifully written story, but an important one as well. It’s about all the things that make us worthy as human beings—integrity, honesty, and living the life you are meant to live. And perhaps most important, it shows us what brings genuine happiness . . . a triumph!”
—Dorothea Benton Frank,
New York Times
bestselling author of
The Land of Mango Sunsets
“An inspiring tale that awakens one’s mind to the choices made in life and accentuates the importance of following your heart. Henry’s characters are true to life and full of depth; her settings, vivid and symbolic; and her story, memorable and timeless. Expect to be caught in the grip of this powerful novel to the very end.”—
Romantic Times
(4½ stars) 
continued . . .
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“Henry is showing us that while those happy families may be utterly similar, they are also a gift—to everyone.”—
Atlanta Woman
“Known for her lyrical writing in
Losing the Moon
Where the River Runs
, Henry doesn’t disappoint in this beautiful novel of discovery and self-acceptance, a romance with universal appeal.”—
(starred review)
“Even for those readers—most, I would imagine—who don’t have some epic, tragic teenage first love, the ideas still resonate . . . a quick, enjoyable read [that] stays with you afterward, as you wonder if there are hints of your own heart worth a listen.”—
The Herald-Sun
“A compelling tale . . . part romance, part self-discovery, completely entertaining. Compared to major Southern writers, Patti Callahan Henry holds her own.”—
Topsail Magazine
“Gently written in a lyrical style that reflects the Southern setting. This is a novel steeped in symbolism and meaning . . . lovely . . . . Every page reflected the beautiful story.”
—The Romance Readers Connection
“A fascinating character study.”—The Best Reviews
Where the River Runs
“Brilliant. Powerful. Magical. Do not miss this book.”
—Haywood Smith,
New York Times
bestselling author of
The Red Hats Ride Again
“Books about the journey to self-realization often make us contemplate our own lives and choices. You travel with the character through joy, heartache, and redemption, and when it’s over, you have laughed and cried. This book proves no exception . . . . Descriptive language, paired with heartfelt characters, accentuates the story, which is peppered with Lowcountry culture and customs . . . . After reading this tale, cherishing family and home becomes the reader’s own mantra.”—
Southern Living
“Quietly reflective and softly compelling, this tale of a Lowcountry woman’s reblossoming will touch your heart and make you wonder about long-forgotten possibilities waiting to be rediscovered in your own family and soul.”—
The Charleston Post and Courier

Where the River Runs
is an expression of love between author and story. Readers will instantly fall for Patti Callahan Henry’s unique voice and lyrical writing style in this satisfying story of a secret revealed.”—
Topsail Magazine
“A melodious, encouraging tale that upholds memories, friendship and family.”

Atlanta Woman
“A poignant tale . . . . Fans of Anne Rivers Siddons will want to read Patti Callahan Henry’s deep character study.”—The Best Reviews
“As in Henry’s debut,
Losing the Moon
, and this beautifully written story, the sheer lyricism of the author’s voice transports the reader. Fans of such books as Mary Alice Monroe’s
, also about the Gullah, and Patricia Gaffney’s
Flight Lessons
will add this book to their list of favorites.”—
“This poignant story of a woman reclaiming her life touched me in a way a book hasn’t in quite a long time. The powerful message is translated through Meridy’s eyes and has an added impact being written in the first person . . . . With exceptional storytelling skills, newcomer Patti Callahan Henry conveys pure, potent emotions sure to reach out to every reader.”
—The Romance Readers Connection
Losing the Moon
“Henry’s beautifully written debut romance is meant to be savored, with its poetic descriptions and settings deftly mirroring the emotions of the characters. Readers who enjoy the lyrical voices of Patricia Gaffney and Mary Alice Monroe will also be drawn to this talented newcomer.”—
(starred review)
“Patti Callahan Henry joins the ranks of Anne Rivers Siddons and Pat Conroy with this debut novel.
Losing the Moon
is lyrical, sensual, and as delicate as a seashell. Lovely and poignant.” —Deborah Smith,
New York Times
bestselling author of Charming Grace
“I loved
Losing the Moon
! Patti Callahan Henry’s engaging story and compelling characters captured my heart from page one, and stayed with me long after the final, satisfying conclusion. Don’t miss this wonderful book.”—Haywood Smith
“A dazzling example of the new style of fiction writing to come out of the South. Chosen as the first book in the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum’s Emerging Writers’ program, Henry has been hailed as being included first in the ranks of important Southern writers such as Pat Conroy and Anne Rivers Siddons. If this debut novel is any indication of what we can expect from Patti Callahan Henry, we can look forward to many years of reading enjoyment to come.”—
The Wichita Falls Times Record News
Losing the Moon
Where the River Runs
When Light Breaks
Between the Tides
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BOOK: The Art of Keeping Secrets
9.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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