The Bearly Controlled Alpha

BOOK: The Bearly Controlled Alpha

The Bearly Controlled Alpha

Jenika Snow


Logan is part bear, part wolf, all alpha SEAL. Honey is a headstrong shifter herself. When they get together, it’s one explosive claiming…


Logan Teairry is a rare hybrid alpha feared amongst the shifting community. He has come back to the small town of Sugar Crest to settle down after his military tour with the SEALs has ended. What he doesn't expect to see is his mate in the form of one headstrong badger shifter named Honey.


Honey Bellamy has always been in control of her life and her relationships. But when she sees Logan walk into her realty office, she sees that the man fate has chosen for her is a giant hybrid alpha who likes to be in charge. When Honey realizes how arousing submission can be, it’s Logan who can barely maintain control.

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Alpha Series

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Chapter One

Logan Teairry stepped into the small real estate office, looked around, and dropped his duffle bag on the ground. The items in it made the canvas substantial in weight, and the sound it made as it hit the floor had a few of the employees and customers sitting in the waiting area turning in their seats to watch him. The scent of shifters filled the air, and he inhaled deeply. He scented a cougar, a wolf, and even a porcupine. The town of Sugar Crest, Alaska, was filled with shape-shifting humans, ones that could turn into their animal counterparts as easily as it was to breathe.

He stared at each of the people in the small office. There were a few hushed murmurs that came from disgruntled shifters. Logan looked at each of them right in their fucking eyes and made it known that if they had any issues with what the hell he was doing standing here they could come up and address him themselves.

“Good morning, sir.” A young wolf shifter stepped up to Logan, his grin wide, his teeth white but slightly crooked, and his clothes screaming of bargain basement flannel with a splash of preppy class. The wolf eyed him up and down, and although he had a smile on his face, the scent of his uncertainty slammed into Logan’s nose. He growled low, loving that smell of fear. His wolf and bear moved inside of him, itching to come out of his human skin, to show this little shifter exactly how scary he could become.

Being half wolf and half bear had Logan even more temperamental, more dangerous and aggressive than other shifter males. He was a freak of nature, or so he had been called as a child in the foster homes. It was a rare anomaly for a shifter to have more than one animal housed inside of them, and because of that others always steered clear of him, thinking he would snap at any given moment. So he had joined the SEALs, took out all of his aggression and anger on the frontline, and now his time with the military was over. He was back at Sugar Crest, and it was time for him to settle down and live a peaceful life. Well, as peacefully as an overly alpha hybrid could live.

“I need to see someone about a piece of property I purchased,” Logan said in a deep voice, not bothering to soften the way he sounded.

The wolf shifter swallowed and looked behind him. When a badger shifter walked out of the back room, her head buried in a stack of papers she held, the scent of the wolf’s relief came through strongly.

“I’ll have Honey help you.”


“Honey, can you help this—” The wolf looked at Logan, and Logan cocked an eyebrow, waiting to see what he’d say. “Could you help this gentleman?”

Logan could have laughed. There was nothing gentle about him.

The female glanced up, her long black hair in a bun at the nape at her neck, and her amber colored eyes slightly widened when she saw him. Everything inside of him stilled, just froze the fuck up as their gazes locked. She straightened, and he saw her fingers curl farther around the papers. She set them on the desk, smoothed her hands down her pencil skirt, her nostrils flaring slightly. The closer she got the stronger her scent became, and in that instant that he inhaled everything that was this badger shifter, took in the sight of her lush, thick, and curvy body, he knew that he had just fucking stepped on a landmine.

Ours. She is ours. Claim her. Mate her. Take her and make sure she knows that no other male can have her.

His bear, wolf, and human all screamed out inside of him, roared out that he wanted to just take her right here right now, and fuck whoever saw him claiming his female. But this was not what Logan wanted. He wanted a peaceful life, one that didn’t have this possessive and territorial side of him rising up, refusing to relinquish until he had her sweet neck marked.

His animals came to the surface, pushed at his flesh, wanting out. He was primal right now, more beast than human. His canines punched out, elongated with the idea of marking her as his. His mouth watered for a taste of her, and he lowered his gaze to her neck. Fuck, did she have a gorgeous neck. His cock jerked, got so damn hard it was like a lead pipe behind his zipper. He took a step forward, not thinking, just acting. The scent of her was sweet, almost floral, and he growled low. Her eyes widened, her lips parted, and he knew she was just as affected right now as he was. There was no denying the attraction or desire to claim a mate. It was ingrained in them at birth, and until they went through puberty and found that one person that would complete everything about them, they would always have a missing part.

But Logan had always been missing something inside of him, and it wasn’t just because of not having a mate. He had lost his family at a young age, and when he was old enough to join the military, that is exactly what he had done. He may have lived in this small town years ago, before he had enlisted, but he had never thought he’d find his mate here.

“What can I help you with?” Her voice was soft, breathy, and had a slightly husky quality to it. But Logan would gauge that was because she was turned on. He smelled it on her, scented the way she was wet between her legs and saw the way her nipples poked through her shirt.

You can help me by lifting up that tight-as-fuck skirt, bending over one of these tables, and letting me slide my cock into you.

The words played through his head, a mix of need and want, of his animals and human whispering that he should just take her somewhere private and fuck the hell out of her.

“I need to finalize a piece of property I already purchased.” He cleared his throat, loosened his hands that were in tight fists, and felt his claws slowly retract from his palms. He breathed out to steady himself. “I sent in paperwork earlier in the week and was told the property is ready.”

She nodded. Logan looked down at her mouth, watched her small pink tongue slide across her lips. It was like the damn world went into slow motion. He stared at her mouth, imagined it wrapped around his dick, sucking, her cheeks hollowing. A low groan left him, and he knew others could hear, but he didn’t care. Let them see. In fact, it turned him on knowing they would see him claiming his female.

Slow. Easy. Clam the fuck down, Logan.

This was new to him, and although he had never wanted a mate, he had one and she was standing right in front of him.

“Mr. Teairry. Right.” The way she said his name, like she was trying not to moan after the fact had his cock jerking. But she didn’t move right away, and he couldn’t help but lean forward a little, inhaling deeply, blatantly, and lifting the corner of his mouth as she started breathing heavier.

She turned around, and he stared at the way her big, plump ass moved behind the material of her skirt. God, she was so damn curvy that he imagined her naked, on his bed, under him, her flesh shaking as he fucked her. Yeah, he had no intention of backing off, not when he had never felt this alive in his life, and when the prospect of having something for himself was in front of him and in the form of one sexy-as-fuck badger named Honey.

Chapter Two

Honey Bellamy was trying to focus on walking, but the feel of Logan Teairry’s eyes on her was too much of a distraction. He was huge, even for a male shifter. But he was also a hybrid, a rare and dangerous half bear, half wolf shifter. But what had her so aroused, confused, and shocked all in the same breath, was the fact he was her mate.

My mate.

She said it over and over in her head, finding it hard to believe that she actually had one. She stopped at her desk, grabbed the edge of it, and closed her eyes. She knew the buyer was supposed to be coming up to finish finalizing the paperwork sometime this week, had everything ready to go, but now she felt like she was so discombobulated because that byer was her mate. Logan was standing just a few feet from her, his gaze on her body, and making Honey feel like she was walking around naked.

Taking a deep breath and grabbing the paperwork, she knew why Maxwell had sent him her way, and it wasn’t because she was handling the case. The hybrid was frightening just standing there. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw that Logan was still watching, his head slightly downcast, but his gaze trained right on her. He had one light blue eye and one brown, given the fact he had two animals inside of him. It was like his body couldn’t decide which beast wanted to take control, so they compromised and both took the reigns. It was kind of eerie, but also so hot that she was growing wetter by the second.

Honey had always been the one to control things in a relationship and in bed, but with Logan the only thing she would be doing was submitting to
. Inhaling, trying to control her body and badger, because the bitch wanted out badly, she grabbed the folder for his property, then turned and faced him. The people in the office were watching them a little apprehensively and curiously, but she ignored them all, focused on being professional. He was her mate, and right now he was here for business.

She moved back toward him, the folder in her sweaty hand, her breasts feeling heavy and sensitive, and her nipples poking through her shirt. She had never felt so aroused before, never so on display that she wanted to strip out of her clothes and lay out bare for him. Logan watched her, his gaze seeming to track her every movement, her every breath. He made this low sound, and she saw his animals flash across his face. This male was not human right now, and the look on his face told her that he wanted to claim her, to mate with her, and there wouldn’t be anything stopping him until he did that.

She stopped in front of him, handed over the folder, and waited for him to take it. But he stood there, watching her like he was ready to pounce on his prey. Pursing her lips, she stared at his face, but the silence stretched between them. This was the most heat-filled, intense moment of her life, and she had hardly said anything to this male. Was this how it was for all mated couples? Did they all feel this instant connection when their other half came into their lives?

“Your property is ready. I need you to sign on a few of these documents and I can hand over the keys.” She swallowed, tried to steady her hand as it shook holding out the folder to him. Logan touched her fingers with his much bigger, stronger ones, and electricity slammed into her, taking her breath away.

“I want a tour of the property,” he said in a deep voice.

She cleared her throat and nodded. “I can arrange that, but it might not be until tomorrow as I need to find an associate who can take you up there.”

He shook his head and took a step toward her. “No, I want a tour
, and I want
to be the one to give it to me.”

And I want you to be the one to give it to me.

Her mind instantly went into the gutter and moisture left her. Clenching her thighs together, Honey thought about all of the filthy things she could do with him, of all the dominant things he’d do to her.

He inhaled deeply, took another step closer, and said in his scratchy, very animal voice, “You’ll give it to me, Honey. You’ll take me up there tonight, and show me.”

If any other man had spoken to her, ordered her around like that, she would have kneed them in the balls. Hell, this might be her job right now, but she sure as hell didn’t allow anyone to talk down to her. But she couldn’t deny there was a very submissive part of her that wanted to do whatever Logan said because he was so very dominant, and for the first time in her life she had met her match.

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