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Copyright © February 2013 by Eliza Gayle

Cover Artist: Kendra Egert




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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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Just when life didn’t look like it could get anymore boring, Melody made a bargain that took her from a plain jane librarian who never got the guy, to a curvy bad girl demon who uses sex as her weapon. Unfortunately for her, there is always a price and she now owes her boss five souls in five days, or else.

Drake is the sexy, brooding Master at the Dungeon, the hot new BDSM club in town where anything and everything he wants is his for the taking… including the blonde bombshell who just walked in. Or so he thinks. Melody may look like sin, but a woman on a mission will get what she wants.

Torn between duty to his not-so-innocent cause and his need to master the strong willed beauty, Drake harbors a secret that threatens everything.

This book includes horny demons with a taste for glass sex toys and spanking benches. Need I say more?




A Note From Eliza

While I normally write contemporary BDSM and paranormal shifters, it's always fun to step outside the norm and experiment with something else in a paranormal setting
. As it turns out Melody is one of my favorite heroines from over the years and of course, like me, she loves AC/DC music.


Happy Reading


* * *




Chapter One


“I tried to tell you I wasn't cut out to be a soul-sucking bitch.” Melody cast her gaze down, evading her boss's compelling eyes, afraid of
look. A summons to the depths of hell for an impromptu job performance review wasn't her idea of fun. She had ignored the warnings she'd received before, so when her body dematerialized in mid-stroke, she hadn't been all that surprised. What pissed her off was being pulled from her lover's embrace when they’d been about to reach the pinnacle. That had just been mean.

“Well, Melody, if you don't want to meet your soul quota, how about an extended period of time in the Lake of Fire instead? Say a century or two for starters. Maybe that would change your mind.”

She cringed.
Been there, done that, seen the movie, and don't want the T-shirt.

“Isn't there anything else available more suited to my tastes? Say like greed or gluttony or something like that?” Her insides shuddered at all the options. “Soul collection is just so… I don’t know… Not suited to my disposition.” She kept her gaze focused on her lap inspecting her nails, it was about time for a new manicure. She’d focus on anything to keep from looking into his eyes. Her demon boss was an ancient who, with one direct look, could make a person give up all control, making anyone do all manner of very bad things.

“No!” Harold's gnarled hand pounded on his desk.

She flinched, raising her head, barely remembering to avoid his eyes.

“I've told you before, so I shouldn't have to keep repeating myself. Assignments in hell are permanent, and either you accept the job you agreed to and perform it well, or suffer along with the rest of the residents.”

Melody took a deep breath. She'd heard this speech many times before, and she knew there was no other choice. She'd made her bed; now it was time to lie in it…literally.

“Look at yourself, Melody.”

A handheld mirror appeared in her lap, and she picked it up to view her new self once again.

“This is what you traded your soul for. You begged and pleaded for a beautiful human form, and I granted your desire for a price. One that you agreed upon eagerly I might add.”

She turned the mirror away and placed it back on her lap. She didn't need a mirror to know how much her appearance had changed. Gone was the overweight, dishwater blonde virgin librarian she had once been. The plain Jane of herself she’d lived with for over a quarter of a century. Instead she now sat in front of Harold as the goddess she'd always dreamed of.

At five foot seven inches and one hundred twenty-four pounds, she had just the right amount of hips and curves to attract any man she desired. Her blonde hair was a lush golden mane framing her heart-shaped face that showed off her green eyes and pouty lips to perfection. Every man she met wanted to fuck her and her sex life had gone from nonexistent to nonstop since the change. It didn't hurt that she could sense their true desires if she wanted to. This private knowledge made her job of getting her lovers into bed even easier than she'd ever imagined.

Problem was, every time she fucked a man, Harold expected her to do so with one whose soul was ready to be taken. Harold created her power so when the object of her desire, be it man or woman, achieved orgasm, she could reach in and absorb their marked souls from their body and deliver them to Harold’s department in hell. The sick bastard.

She'd managed to do it a few times. And everything had been awesome right up until she reached in and grabbed their darkened souls. It felt just like reaching into a tub of dark and slimy sludge. At least that's what she imagined it felt like, as she hadn't actually stuck her hand in a tub of sludge. She shivered at the memory.

“Melody! Are you listening to me?”

She jerked back to her boss, Harold, meeting his gaze head on.
Fuck. I'm a goner now.

“You've had more than your fair share of warnings, dear. I should have punished you long before now. But for some reason, I like you.”

A heated blast of air hit her torso, tightening her nipples to sharp points. Between her legs, her sex heated and clenched in anticipation. A little side effect Harold failed to mention when they forged their agreement. Everything made her horny and she was damn near helpless to resist it.

Her boss, however, had never once made any moves on her, so this was rather unexpected and

A slight brush against the sensitive skin of her breast tore a low groan from her mouth. Invisible hands plucked at her nipples, pinching to the point of erotic pain, yet Harold hadn't moved and no one else was in the room with them. Her eyes couldn't leave his to investigate her surroundings and honestly, she didn't care. Her boss's power enthralled her as her body heated up with the delicious expectation of hot sweaty sex and the release she craved. A light fingered touch traveled up the inside of her legs and underneath her short red skirt. The gentle graze across the tops of her thigh-highs sent chills over her skin. She arched into the pressure at her breasts while wiggling her hips closer to the featherlike fingers moving toward her now aching pussy.

“Melody, are you ready to do your job?”

She nodded, lost to the sensations enflaming her desire.

“Are you going to start meeting your quota immediately?”

A breathless yes escaped her lips as the tips of the fingers on her thighs slid along her moist folds, barely grazing the hardened little bud of flesh that would rocket her to climax with a tad more attention.

“Aaaahhhh.” She lifted her bare butt, pushing the fingers farther into her moisture.
Just a little more. A little more pressure.

Harold released his power, the touch on her body disappearing as quickly as it had started. She slumped in the chair, bereft from the near orgasm once again. Frustration boiled inside her as she bit back the desire to scream at him.

“Melody, you have five days. Five days to meet this month's quota, or else.” She didn't want to know what the “or else” was. She knew for certain it would be far worse than anything she’d imagine on her own. “Do you really understand this is your final opportunity? Either you become the productive little Sex Demon you were made to be, or I'll be forced to terminate your contract and turn you over to the gatekeeper for the appropriate eternal punishment.” He scribbled something in a folder and then slammed it shut.

She didn't need to hear anything more. She may not want to steal the vile souls required of her, but the other option would be far worse. “Yes, sir, I understand.”

“Good girl.” His puffed up and twisted lips curved into a bit of a smile as she got up to leave. “You go on back home now and take care of business. Five days, Melody. I'm not kidding about this.”

Right. Five days to collect five souls, or I'm going to find out that hell does have more fury than a woman scorned.

Melody's boss sent her away with a wave of his hand, hurtling her through what could only be described as a dense fog and rematerializing her in…water. “What the—?” She opened her eyes and found herself flat on her ass in the fountain outside her apartment building. “Hell's bells.” She scrambled to her feet, pulling her micro mini down over her exposed bottom as she did. “Harold, that is so not funny!”

“Who's Harold, dear?” She jerked at the voice, looking up to see her neighbor Mrs. Mavis staring down her nose with her normal disapproving look. “Melody, dear what are you doing in the fountain? You're going to catch a cold like that.”

Melody climbed from the fountain with her head high, trying not to think about her new Botticelli leather boots that were now ruined.

“It's hot out here. I just needed to cool off.” She stepped from the fountain onto the walkway, trying to skirt her way around the nosy woman. But no, Mrs. Mavis blocked her way.

“Melody, it is not appropriate for a woman like you to go around dressed like—like that, especially after fooling around in our fountain.” Her brows drew together in a disapproving frown. “Look at yourself. You're flashing your goods to everyone in that shirt.”

Melody glanced down and yep, sure enough with her white top soaking wet, her nipples poked at the material for all to see.
Why did it have to be a big deal? It's not like the world would end because Melody Evans's hardened nips were visible.

“You needn't worry, Mrs. Mavis, I'm headed home now to change.” Frustrated with the woman's insistence on butting into her life, she wrapped her arms around her waist, effectively pulling the shirt tighter. “If you'll excuse me now, I'd like to get dry.” She'd tried to hold the sarcasm, she really had, but her meddlesome neighbor never let up. Mrs. Mavis glared. Her face flushed red and Melody thought smoke might billow from the woman's ears any second.

“Ooh—” Mrs. Mavis's breath swooshed and she took two steps back. “You're a naughty girl.” Melody stood back up, shaking her head.

“Mrs. Mavis, you have no idea.” She stepped to the left, and this time Mrs. Mavis let her pass. The annoying woman gave her a hard time every chance she got, so of course, she couldn't resist giving a little back whenever she could. Hell, it probably gave the older woman something to talk about at her women's group each week. She could just hear it now.

The devil has a hold on that one. Watch out for her; she's on the highway to hell for sure.

Melody laughed all the way back to her apartment, shaking her head and sashaying her hips. She stopped and admired her fire engine red door before going in. The neighbors had gone ballistic when she'd painted it. However, five hundred extra dollars to her landlord last month had gotten her the permission she needed to paint it any damn color she wanted. But what really chapped their uptight asses was the new pitchfork doorknocker she had added last week. Melody snickered. She couldn't help herself. It was too easy being bad around here.

She eased into her apartment, soaking in the heat as it flashed across her chilled skin. With a little twist of power, she turned on the stereo that sat on her dining-room table. The whole place flooded with the blaring rock and roll of AC/DC belting out “You Shook Me All Night Long.” Her heartbeat picked up, matching the tempo of the song as she removed the wet T-shirt and tossed it to the laundry pile in the corner. Her hips wiggled to the beat as she shimmied out of the tight wet skirt and added it to the pile. She kept the heat set at a comfortable one hundred and four degrees, and it warmed her while she removed her boots and peeled off her ruined thigh-highs. Ever since she became a demon, she couldn't keep warm enough. That was one of the few things she enjoyed when making trips
down there.

Naked, she danced around the room, forgetting her responsibilities and focusing on the thrumming need between her legs. Her fingers smoothed across the baby soft skin of her belly to the nest of blond curls covering her sex. She delved through the wet folds and rubbed the hood of her clit with the pad of her fingertips, arching into her hand, reaching for more friction. The music, the heat, the sensations all swirled in her head leading her down the wicked path of self-indulgence she loved so much. She kneaded her hard clit between her thumb and forefinger, rough the way she liked it, and moisture flooded her pussy, coating her fingers.

Sensual energy buzzed through her blood as her climax approached. The music pounded in her veins, heightening the pleasure. With her free hand, she pinched and massaged her nipples, alternating between her breasts.

“Oh yes. Yes!”

As her body shook with a small tremor signaling the imminent explosion, a cold freezing blast of air struck her full force, halting her hands and sensations.

Melody, five days. Five souls. Focus.

Harold's voice in her head brought her crashing down to reality.
. The satisfaction her soul screamed for denied once again. “Aahh,” she snarled in frustration. “Harold, you are such a prick.”

Now cold and disappointed, she headed for the shower. Time to dress for the mission, get a damn soul and get Harold off her back. While she showered, she contemplated where she would hunt for today’s victim. The seven deadly sins weren't hard to find. She lived in the South, after all. And with All Hallow’s Eve approaching, lots of parties with costume contests, alcohol galore, and wall-to-wall potentials engaging in all sorts of depraved activities were in abundance. In fact, she'd overheard a group of people talking about a new club in town.

Hmmm. What was the name of it? Dungeon something. A new BDSM club. That ought to be interesting
. Melody sat down in front of her computer to do a little search and find what she needed. She located the building on a map and memorized the directions. Fortunately for her, there were a few suggested options from Harold in her email, to stop for a quickie soul grab on the way.

“Okay, Harold. If you want blood, you've got it.”

BOOK: The Billionaire's Demon
2.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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