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Reyna walked into the quiet kitchen, and was a little shocked to see
Camilla standing in front of the stove.  She had heard some commotion at their arrival, but hadn’t expected to encounter her boss’s wife in the kitchen.  Camilla turned and smiled half-heartedly at Reyna as she said, “Don’t worry dear I’m not trying to cook anything.  I’m trying to figure out where the wine glasses are.”

Reyna rushed over to a cabinet on the other side of the room and handed
Camilla a long stemmed glass.  Camilla nodded, “The family will be having dinner at six, be prompt.” With that she left with a bottle of wine.  Reyna sighed and looked around her, a mammoth task in front of her.

At six, Reyna quickly rushed out to the dini
ng room with the first tray of food.  Grayson, Ella and Camilla were sitting in absolute silence.  Camilla impatiently tapping her fingers on the wooden table.  Ella sat silently texting on her phone.  Grayson stared off into the distance.  This was the first time Reyna had seen him since this morning, her heart racing a little as she smelled his cologne. 

“You’re late,” barked

Reyna looked awkwardly at
Camilla, her face flushed, “I’m…I’m sorry Mrs.…” stuttered Reyna. 

Camilla please, it’s barely a minute past six,” said Grayson, his voice rough and grainy.  Reyna looked at him, their eyes meeting for a moment.

“This is why people take advantage of you, why your money is disappearing
.  You need be firm with the help, she works for you, she should do as she is told,” demanded Camilla, her eyes narrowing at Reyna. 

“It won’t happen again Mrs
.  Thorne” said Reyna softly as she quickly exited the room, trying to hold back her tears.  She managed to make it through the dinner service without another mishap, but she felt broken inside by the way Camilla had humiliated her.  She was even more ashamed because she was definitely falling for Grayson Thorne.               

After dinner
, the family made their way up to their rooms and Reyna set about cleaning the kitchen.  She was grateful for the distraction, it actually took her mind off her own thoughts, and the solitude gave her time to turn her pain into anger.  The kitchen door creaked open and Reyna braced herself for another demeaning interaction, when she turned to see Grayson walking in.  She dried her hands on the dishtowel she was holding, and politely asked, “Mr.  Thorne, is there something I can get for you.”

Grayson’s eyes darkened as he moved toward her, “Mr
.  Thorne?” he asked somewhat annoyed.

Reyna gulped, “Well as your wife so clearly stated, I am the help.”

Grayson narrowed his eyes, and then leaned against the kitchen counter opposite Reyna, his thighs bulging against his jeans.  Reyna unconsciously wet her lips as her eyes moved up and down him. 

“You know, she was
right,” said Grayson smugly, as he folded his arms across his chest.  Reyna paled, tears threatening her eyes.  “You work for me and should do as you’re told,” he continued.  Reyna noted the dangerous tone that laced his husky voice, her eyes meeting his.  “Come here,” he said firmly. 

Somewhat reluctantly, Reyna placed the dishcloth next to her and walked towards him
.  Barely inches from him, she kept her eyes firmly focused on his. 

“Kiss me,” he said, his voice catching in his throat.  Obediently, Reyna stepped forward, her chest meeting his as he lowered his lips to hers.  The kiss was intense and passionate as Grayson lifted her up and placed her on the counter, his hands drifting up her legs.  Reyna gasped as he spread her legs and kissed her neck.  He nibbled at her ear lobe, whispering, “Take off your clothes.”  Reyna’s heart pounded in her chest as she moved to unbutton her dress.  Slowly she opened her eyes and was shocked to see Ella standing in the doorway.  Swiftly Ella left the room, and Reyna jumped off the counter.  Grayson grabbed her arm and looked at her curiously, but she quickly shook her head and ran out of the room. 

Reyna paced up and down her small room, wringing her hands
.  She was sure Ella had gone to her mother and told her what she seen.  She knew any minute now Camilla Thorne would walk in and fire her on the spot.  Her eyes drifted around the room.  How could she have let this happen, she needed the job and the money and she had messed it all up.  The part that annoyed her the most was that she was heartbroken that she would never see Grayson again. 
What is wrong with you?
She thought. 

Suddenly a knock on the door startled Reyna, and jumped
.  Paling slightly, she walked over and twisted the door handle.  Promptly, Ella waltzed in, a conniving grin on her porcelain face.  Reyna gulped as Ella closed the door behind her, her eyes darting around the room in casual amusement.  “Here’s the deal,” said Ella confidently handing a piece of paper to Reyna.  “I need this money, to get some stuff that I need.  Unbeknownst to my dear father, I have no trust fund left and am in dire straits.  Luckily, I had Mr.  Green, dad’s accountant, under my thumb for a while, but he is growing suspicious.  Who better to get some money from him, than his new mistress.” Reyna’s jaw dropped open, “You’ve been stealing money from your father?” said Reyna incredulously.  Ella rolled her eyes, “You get the money, I don’t tell my mother your little secret, and you get to keep working here and screwing Grayson Thorne.”

eyna paled at Ella’s vulgar words, then breathed a little when Ella walked out the door.  Tears rolled down her cheeks at the mess she had gotten herself into. 




The following evening all the staff returned, and Ivana offered Reyna the evening off to rest from the hectic week she had had.  Reyna welcomed the solitude, but knew she had other work to do in order to keep her job.  She had heard that Grayson was out for a business dinner, so she would have time to change some figures on his computer to get Ella the money.  From going through his previous paperwork, she knew what he was most likely to glaze over and not notice.  Just before eight when everyone was busying themselves with dinner, Reyna snuck into Grayson’s den.  Quietly she opened the door and was about to make her way to the desk when the leather desk chair swung around to reveal Grayson. 

“Grayson,” she blurted out in s
urprise.  Grayson smiled quirkily, leaning back in his chair.  For a moment she was going to tell him she thought he was out, but realized he would want to know what she was doing in his office.  Quickly her mind churned, and she said, “I wanted to apologize for last night.” She gulped as he looked at her curiously.  “I thought I could make it up to you.” A twinkle flashed in his eyes as he looked at her, somewhat amused.  Reyna turned around, took a deep breath in and locked the door of the den.  She knew the only way she would get away with stealing money from Grayson Thorne was to pretend everything was as it was, and it’s not like a small part of her wasn’t going to enjoy it. 


She turned and sauntered back to him, lust clouding her eyes as she imagined what it would be like to taste him again.  Without a word she swiveled his chair and straddled him, her eyes meeting his.  His eyes softened as he breathed her in, his hand finding their way to her waist.  With delicate ease, Reyna leaned in and kissed his lips.  Hungrily, Grayson responded, his mouth devouring hers.  His hand moved under her sweater, moving over the delicate lace of her bra.  She shuddered in his palm.  Feeling a hardening bulge between her legs, Reyna released herself from his grip, and knelt before.  Grayson’s eyes rolled back as he watched her unzip his pants and take his throbbing shaft in her mouth.  A groan escaped him as she sucked his length, her tongue teasing the tip of his erectness.  His hand found its way to her hair, pulling her forward, forcing her to take more of him in.  Just when he was about to come, Reyna pulled back, smiling and licking her lips.  Grayson’s mind was spinning, a desperate desire for release.  Steadily Reyna pulled off her leggings and underwear, leaving her standing in nothing but a t-shirt.  Grayson couldn’t bare it any longer, the sight of her enough to make him orgasm.  Leaning forward, he reached over and slipped his hand under the shirt, grabbing her butt and pulling her toward him.  With great ease, Reyna straddled him again, lowering her wetness onto his throbbing hardness.  He fit into her like a missing puzzle piece, an earth shattering wholeness filling her.  Gently she rode him, up and down, up and down.  He held on for as long as he could, but her earlier work had sent him over the edge and he came inside her, his hot liquid spilling onto her thighs.    Reyna gasped as she felt him shuddering inside of her, sending her own body into a rack of spasms.  She breathed deeply as leaned into him, his member still inside her.  Tenderly, he wiped away the hair that clung to her face, kissing her forehead. 


The next day after Grayson left for work, Reyna made her way back to the den.  She had found a small gap of time when that section of the house would be abandoned, so she hurriedly snuck in and looked through Grayson’s computer files to find his accounts.  Reyna was tense, her nerves fraught, she just wanted to get this over with.  She scribbled a few notes on a piece of stray paper and began with the moving of money. 

Halfway through a transaction, the den door opened and
Camilla walked in a file in her hand.  She stood frozen in the doorway for what seemed like an eternity, her eyes locked with Reyna’s. 

“What are you doing?” she said, a sinister tone in her voice
.  Reyna’s eyes’ filled with tears, as she tried to remain calm.  She opened her mouth but Camilla silenced her.  “Step away from the desk,” she said, her voice firm.  Reyna looked around, trying to think of an excuse, but Camilla yelled, “Now!” Reyna jumped and moved around the desk as Camilla stood in front of the computer.  Her eyes widened as she saw the money flowing from the account. 


Reyna sat pale and still as Camilla explained to Grayson what she found.  His jaw tightened, his lips thinning as he glared at his wife, not daring to look at Reyna.  Coldly he turned to her, still not making direct contact, “Is this true?” he asked, his voice steely like she had never known. 

“I can explain,” said Reyna quietly, but
Camilla cut her off again. 

Grayson shook his head, and closed his eyes, the vein in his forehead pulsing, “Get out,” he said, his eyes finally meeting Rey
na’s.  “What?” she asked timidly.  “Get out!” he screamed. 

Reyna jumped up, tears pouri
ng down her face as she left the room. 


Reyna scrambled down the hallway, rapid tears causing her to have blurry vision.  She felt herself collide with another person, a bag falling to the floor.  Wiping away the tears, she saw Ella, a manic glare in her eyes as she bent down to pick up the contents from the spilled handbag.  Reyna bent down, apologizing, attempting to help Ella collect her things.  “Just leave it!” screamed Ella, a high-pitch squeal coming out of her mouth.  A small packet of dense, white powder caught Reyna’s attention.  Swiftly she picked it up. 

Footsteps halted the silence between Ella and Reyna, Grayson and Camilla rushing in

“What’s going on?” asked Camilla, seeing Ella and Reyna on the floor
.  Reyna lifted up the packet, of what was clearly cocaine, and looked Ella in the eyes, her face reddening with every passing moment. 

“This is why you wanted me to steal the money?” she yelled, Ella backing away slightly
.  Camilla was about to say something, when her jaw fell open at the words Reyna was saying.  “Drugs?” yelled Reyna. 

Reyna’s blood boiled as Ella stood up and grabbed the package from Reyna, “This is none of your business, maid!” yelled Ella

Reyna shook her head violently as she stepped dangerously close to Ella, “You have no concept of anything do you?” hissed Reyna, “I need this job, I need the money
.  Just because I don’t have everything handed to me on a silver platter…you are so selfish, self-absorbed, ignorant…and drugs, Really?”

Reyna was practically yelling in Ella’s face when Grayson placed his hands on her arms, “That’s enough Reyna,” he said gently, pulling her away
.  Reyna turned, tears burning her eyes again, and swiftly headed down the hallway to her room. 


Grayson face was cold as he looked at his daughter, the small package in her hands.  “Are you really going to let her talk to me like that? The maid?” asked Ella incredulously.  Tears spilled onto Camilla’s cheeks as she looked at her daughter, “Where did we go wrong?” she asked no one but herself.  Grayson gulped, holding out his hand for Ella to give him the drugs.  Furiously, Ella tossed it at him, walking away in violent huff.  Grayson looked at Camilla, a strange calm in his eyes, “We need to talk,” he said quietly.



Reyna quickly unpacked her cupboard, throwing her clothes into the small bag she had brought
with her.  She ignored the soft knock on the door, but was not surprised when the person entered anyway.  She wasn’t expecting it to be Grayson. 

“Reyna,” he said, walking over to her
.  Reyna ignored him, anger filling her body.  “Reyna, I’m sorry.”

Reyna turned around, shaking her head, “You didn’t do anything!” she screamed.

Grayson looked to the floor, “I’m sorry you were put in this awful position.  I’m sorry I didn’t believe you.  Ella is the way she is because of me.” Grayson sighed heavily and sat on the edge of Reyna’s bed. 

Reyna’s fury ended quickly, as she sat next to him, trying to breat
he herself back to a calm place.

“She’s a grown woman, she has to take some responsibility…” Slowly Grayson placed his hand on hers, and squeezed it gently
.  Reyna stopped, a comfort coming over her from feeling his tenderness.  “25 years ago, Camilla and I had a daughter.  Her name was Kayla.  The Christmas she turned four, she slipped outside and drowned in the lake by the barn.  The same lake you fell in.  When Ella was born, Camilla and I were different people.  It was almost as if we were afraid to love her too much in case we lost her.  She is a product of that neglect.  She is burying her pain with drugs, scheming and whatever else it is that she has been up to.  And as a father I have failed her.” 

Reyna sighed deeply, her face overcome with feeling for the man sitting next to her
. “You did the best you could,” she said softly. 

Grayson sighed again, “The only way she is going to survive is if Camilla and I stop living this lie.” Reyna looked at him curiously
.  “It’s always been about money and image. That has sent Ella the wrong message.  I’m going to get her the help she needs, but I also have to change,” Grayson looked up, and smiled softly at Reyna, “I want to start over, and I want to start over with you.” 

Reyna’s eyes widened
as the words fell from his mouth, her heart hammering in her chest.  For a second, she felt as if she were dreaming, her mind reeling at the idea of being with Grayson Thorne.  A small smile crept onto her face as she leaned forward and kissed him.


































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BOOK: The Billionaire’s Mistress
3.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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