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The Bride of Blackbeard

BOOK: The Bride of Blackbeard
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Brynn Chapman/R.R.



Brynn Chapman will captivate the reader with
intricate details, a mystery that ensnares the reader and
characters that will touch their hearts. By the end of the first
chapter, this reviewer was enthralled with
Bride of
s a compelling tale of sorrow, pain,
love, and hate. Each of the people Costanza encounters on her
journey has an experience to share, drawing in the reader more. Ms.
Chapman sketches a story that tugs at the heartstrings. I believe
many will be touched in some way by this extraordinary book that
leaves much thought.

Cherokee, Coffee Time

~ * ~

Bride of Blackbeard
has it
all. You'll instantly feel a part of the story as Constanza's
character seems to come alive. You'll walk right beside her as she
endured the sadness, pain and sorrow, of growing up, and you'll
root for her, all through the healing process.
of Blackbeard
was hard to put down. The secondary characters,
some you'll love to hate, some will steal your heart, just as
Constanza and her siblings do.


Ms. Chapman definitely has a winner, and
you'll want to have the tissues handy, it tears at your
heartstrings, and you'll love every minute of it! The setting is
spot-on and as if time had turned back. You won't want to pass this
one by, it's a must read, and one that should be on everyone's

Kimberly Leslie

~ * ~

Brynn Chapman has crafted a
story that is a tapestry of lore, legend, and fact.
Bride of Blackbeard
will leave you asking questions until the
last page.

Chapman’s passion for
research into the ailments, from the ordinary to the bizarre, drive
this book forward and enhance already well-crafted characters. The
heroine, Constanza, is exactly as the author shows: unique,
unconventional and a champion for rejected and lonely. Hero Lucian
is a refreshing mix of vulnerability and strength. And tiny Meg has
a bit of us all in her. At some point we all feel as she has—alone,
with our only recourse to lock ourselves away in a world all our
own and hope someone will listen. Chapman’s medical background
definitely adds to this book, and the author notes at the end were
a definite plus.

Jennifer Linforth, Author,
Historical Fiction and Romance

~ * ~

This book pulls you into an
emotional roller coaster. You will cry and you will laugh. The
characters seem so real, and you feel like you have gone back to
the 1700s right there along with them. Constanza is a strong and
stubborn young woman who is more determined than most. Her own life
is a complicated mess, and yet she worries so much about others.
There is a love story woven through the

one of true love with a humble caring man, and another that
made me cringe with disgust with a pirate who will not take no for
an answer.

I definitely recommend this book to any
reader. It is a must read!

JenLee, Amazon

~ * ~

Honored in Book of the Week Placements – Long and
Short Reviews!!!


Bride of Blackbeard
by Brynn
Chapman is what I refer to as a ‘beefy’ read. It’s a romance
sandwiched between historical facts and a personal growth


Constanza is a great heroine. She is strong willed
with a purpose. But unlike so many historical romances that plop a
2008 woman into the past, Constanza’s ‘Stanzy’ is believable and
very well defined. A childhood filled with unspeakable nightmares
has forced her to be stronger and more self reliant than most women
of her time.


Where Constanza is a woman not molded in the
traditional time setting, Lucian is. As a hero restricted by the
mindset of the 1700s his character is often at odds with Stanzy.
Lucian is a man of good heart and nature, something Constanza
hasn’t been lucky enough to have in her life.


The final barrier to their happiness is the
same—Edward Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard.

Magnolia, Long and Short Review

~ * ~


5 Star, Top Pick!!!

Okay. Primarily this is a science fiction
book with lots of romance and it's a page-turner thriller. I sat up
until almost three in the morning reading this book because I
couldn't put it down.


Brynn Chapman has written a well-researched
book that takes the fledgling science of cloning and genetics just
a step further.
Project Mendel
will reach out
grab you, suck you right into the story, and scare the pants off
you. I loved it. You will root for the heroes and heroines, some of
it will be difficult to read, and it will make you cry and a lot of
it will make you think. I give this one a solid 5 and a recommended

PennyAsh, Night Owl Reviews

~ * ~

—This is a true page turner! It is
suspenseful, exciting and...well...strange (with all due respect
for the author who must have an incredible imagination). I sat down
with this book and finished it in a day. Call me a picky reader
because if the first couple of chapters don't grab my attention, I
move on to the next book. I couldn't put this one down. The only
bad thing I can say is my household chores were totally neglected
that day.


It's got a little love story, science
fiction, excitement and action. Best described as X-Men meets Will
Smith's I am Legend. You have to read this one! Brynn Chapman is on
my favorite authors list.

~ JenLee, Amazon

~ * ~

Brynn Chapman makes you question how far
science should take humanity.
Project Mendel
blurs the distinction between genetics and horror and merges them
in a reality all too plausible. A gripping read.

Jennifer Linforth, Author, Historical
Fiction and Romance

~ * ~


Into the Woods
by R.R.
Smythe - This Young Adult Fantasy will send chills down your spine.
I, as the reader, followed Callum and witnessed everything he and
his friends went through as they attempted to decipher the
messages. Each time Callum deciphered one of the four messages,
some villagers awakened. Through the eyes of Ellsbeth, I saw the
other sleepers wander, make mistakes, and be released from the
Netherwood, leaving Ellsbeth alone. Excellent reading for any age
of fantasy fans!

Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

~ * ~

Into the Woods
has a rich tapestry
quality that is found in old fairy tales. The words and rhythm give
it the feel of a fable. The tale hints at what is to come, but
never gives you a true look, rather like the inhabitants of the
woods luring you into the woods before you’re aware you moved.
Having the mother who is encased in roots have a voice is a nice
touch. It allows us to see what is going on in her world and to
understand what Callum will need to do to save her. The tale is a
complicated one, but any eager reader should be able to unravel

Into the Woods
is an interesting
and exciting tale for the intermediate reader. I would recommend it
because it operates on many different levels, includes the richness
of imagery and fully developed characters.

Morgan Wyatt

~ * ~

Into the Woods

See. Stand. Choose. Remember. Only these four
words glowing on closet doors throughout the village of Sureau lend
any clue as to the mysterious sleep that plagues many of the
village residents. Callum, Erlidih, Finlay, and Skye are friends
and students at the Alexander School but they share a new bond now.
Each has a parent trapped in a sort of stasis, surrounded by
coffins formed by trees and vines. Will Callum decipher the clues
in time to save his mother, Ellsbeth, or will the roots and vines
overtake her and the other sleepers forever?

What a delightfully eerie tale! R.R. Smythe creates
very vivid images, both of the Netherwood and of the root
sarcophaguses encasing the sleepers. One can’t help but give a
little shiver of fear as Callum and his cohorts race to uncover the
meaning of each clue. Seeing the Netherwood through Ellsbeth’s eyes
is a stroke of genius by R.R. Smythe as it adds just the right
touch to make this one a classic tale!

Into the Woods
evokes an almost
haunting atmosphere, as the reader is pulled into the storyline.
Into the Woods
is billed as a tale for
young adults, adult readers will enjoy the darker fairytale-like
aspects of the storyline. R.R. Smythe’s explanation for each clue
is quite clever and the deeper meanings will resonate with adult
readers as well as young adults.

Debbie, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

~ * ~

Into the Woods
packs a big message
into a short book. R.R. Smythe had me intrigued from the very
beginning. Just like the young men and women in the story, I wanted
to learn the secret of the trees. They were obviously there for a
reason, but what could it be? I flew through this book in just a
couple of hours because I just had to know if Callum would figure
it all out to save his mother. The scenes in the Netherwood are
particularly interesting. You never know just what is going to
happen, but you're sure there's going to be a message hidden

Callum and his friends were all wonderful. They were
indeed the perfect people to pass on the message of the trees. I
love the sweetness of young love surrounding them as well.

Into the Woods
really is a unique
story with a lot of heart. It's great for all ages, so check it out
and tell your friends.

Romance Junkies
....4.5 stars

~ * ~

Finally! A Young Adult title kids will love.

Into the Woods

R.R. Smythe has a wonderful imagination and
demonstrates it with this spine-chilling read. Her descriptive
writing will put the reader alongside Callum and his friends.


Callum McClure lives with his mother and grandfather
in Sareau, Scotland. The family tends the lighthouse and lives a
quiet life until his mother falls ill and then all sorts of strange
and scary things begin to happen. Roots from trees and vines come
alive ensnaring and trapping their victims while they reside in a
deep sleep. His mother has fallen victim to this phenomenon and she
is not alone, other villagers are also ensnared in their woody
tombs. It's up to Callum and his school mates to divine how to
break the strange spell. They are not without clues. Four words are
given Stand, See, Remember, and Choose. But will they figure out
what these words mean before it's too late?

Kristi Ahlers, author

~ * ~

Into the

R.R. Smythe writes an eerie morality tale. Set in
turn-of-the-century Scotland four teens Callum, Erlidih, Finlay,
and Skye must save their parents and the town from an unworldly
attack. Strange, sentient trees creep from the closets to entwine
sleepers in gnarled hardwood caskets. "Stand," "See," "Choose" and
"Remember." Carved on the closet doors, those words are the only
clues to the mystery. Will the four solve the riddle and wake the


R.R. Smythe intertwines
ancient lore with classic values to craft her story. Though written
for young adults,
Into the Woods
has as much appeal for adult audiences as it does
teens. You'll want to read it.

Laurel Bradley, Author

~ * ~

Into the Woods
is a creepy, eerie
tale that sucks you in. Part myth, part fairytale, part horror
story. Good read for YA and adults. Valuable lessons woven into
this mystery.

Isis R, Amazon

~ * ~

R.R. Smythe obviously adores fantasy, such as Lord of
the Rings, J.K. Rowling and M. Night Shyamalan, yet she brings her
own special talent into her tales. These writers have brought her
to love the beauty of the tale and to write outside of the box, yet
where Shyamalan stories often leave the reader unfulfilled -- a lot
of promise only to end with a big letdown—Smythe delivers.


The story is original, mesmerising with Callum having
to face believing in things outside of the ordinary to save his
mother and others. It's a wonderful dark original tale,
imaginative, with strong characters, a solid premise and enough
atmosphere to please people who loved The Village and for Harry
fan's looking for another author to glom onto.

BOOK: The Bride of Blackbeard
4.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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