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The Chosen

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Blood Breed 1

Jenika Snow


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First, I would like to thank all the readers. Without you guys I wouldn’t be here. I would also like to thank everyone who helped put this book together. Without them this book would just be another dream. Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank my husband for his immense patience with me during this whole process and the encouragement he gave me in following my dreams. Thank you.



Blood Breed 1


Copyright © 2010


Russia, 1400

Aleksei sat in the overstuffed chair by his mother and father’s bedroom door. His mother just gave birth to his newest brother and sister. The castle bustled with servants making sure all the preparations had been completed for the twins’ arrival. It was tradition for all Royal Bloods to pay their respects to the parents and the newest members of the Blood Breed. Young of their kind were considered the most precious beings life could give. Royal Blood young were even more so.

Aleksei wasn’t one for sitting and waiting for things to happen.

No, he was more of the type to go out and take action himself. As the oldest child of the Royal Blood, he was heir to the thrown and therefore had to commit to certain duties as the next king. One day he would rule all of the Blood Breeds—a race of immortal vampires who lived amongst humans undetected.

Being only twenty-five years old, he was already being prepared and conditioned to be the next ruler of the throne. The Blood Breed were immortal, but even the king could only rule for so long. His

Jenika Snow

father could decide many years from now that he wanted to pass the crown down to him, and in that case, Aleksei would have to be fully ready to take on all of the responsibilities. Looking up, he saw his two youngest brothers run up to him. Covered in mud, the two young boys, aged ten and fifteen, were out of breath and laughing hard.

“Is it true, Alek? Did Momma have the babies?”

Being the older of the two, Luca always spoke first, even if Dorian was starting to talk. “Yes, little brother, she had the babies, a boy and a baby girl.” Aleksei didn’t suppress the smile that shaped his lips as Luca started jumping up and down at the news. He looked at Dorian, his young brother’s face a stoic mask at the exciting news.

“What’s the matter?”

Dorian looked over at him and crossed his arms over his chest as he sighed. “Nothing.”

Aleksei knew Dorian was jealous, but Dorian acted the same way when Luca was born and didn’t pay much attention to it. Didn’t children become upset to a point when new siblings were born? He rumpled Dorian’s hair, smiling when Dorian’s little hands smacked his away.

“When can we see them?” Luca ran up to Alexei, a huge smile covering his lips.

“We should be able to go inside in a short while.”

Ruffling up Luca’s hair, he watched in amusement as they began dueling with the sticks they carried. Watching them fight brought reality into his mind. The world around them was dying from disease and war. They didn’t have to worry about human diseases or minor injuries, but a massive injury could be the death of them. As always, the sun was not their friend, with the slightest ray burning their skin to the bone.

He brought his mind back to the present and looked around the spacious and elegant hallway where he sat. The Draukowski castle was carved right into the mountains, a protection that proved to be monumental. At the base of the mountain lay a hidden entry that led
The Chosen: A Tale of the Blood Breed


into the thick forest and intricately placed gardens. A pond had been recently erected by the servants at their mother’s request. Around the base of the mountain were small colonies in which many of the Blood Breed resided.

“My lord.” Aleksei cleared his thoughts and turned around to see one of the servants bowing before him. “The King and Queen are requesting you and the young lords’ presence.” Bowing once more, the servant turned and opened the door. He kept his head bent until Aleksei and the two boys passed through.

The door shut softly behind them, and Aleksei gestured for his brothers to keep quiet. He kept them behind him and made his way toward his parents’ bed. Long white drapes hung from a canopy around his parents’ bed and shielded them from his eyes. He heard small whimpers before two identical cries rent the air. He smiled at how precious those noises sounded to him. Pulling the heavy drapes aside, he called out to his parents.

“Mother? Father?”

“Come forward, my sweet children.”

Aleksei heard the weakness reflected in his mother’s voice and worried for her. Pulling the drapes away, he looked at his mother, who held a small bundle. His father sat next to her, also holding a small bundle. Even though his mother appeared weak and pale, she was as beautiful as ever. Her dark hair fell in curls around her face, and her large blue eyes stared at him with love and compassion.

“Come look at your new brother and sister, my loves.”

Aleksei walked to his mother’s side and knelt on the floor to face her.

“This is your sister, Aniya.”

He smiled as Aniya opened bright blue eyes that were identical to his mother’s. He ran his fingers through her feather soft dark curls, smiling again as she made gentle cooing sounds. Already he loved this little girl and knew he would do whatever was necessary to

Jenika Snow

protect her. Kissing her lightly on the head, he moved over to his father and looked down at his brother nestled in the white silk blanket.

“This is Milo.” His father’s deep voice was rough and loud compared to the soft whimpers and cries of his mother. Milo’s hair was as dark as Aniya’s, but his eyes were black, just like their father’s.

Picking up one of his tiny hands, Aleksei brought it to his mouth and kissed the little fingers.

“Welcome, little one.”

He said his goodbyes as Luca and Dorian ran up to their mother and embraced her. He didn’t miss how his mother winced slightly before she set her features back to normal. Her features were much too pale, and Aleksei’s heart clenched with worry. She seemed so weak and small huddled underneath all of those blankets. Who was he to know any different, though? He knew childbirth was a long and grueling process, and he hoped she made a speedy recovery.

* * * *

Aleksei lay in his bed later that day, loving the feel of soft hands stroking over his bare chest. His cock stood at full attention, pulsing with pent-up need. Tatiana, one of his mother’s personal servants, moved her hands over his chest before she lowered them to what really needed the attention. Her long blond hair brushed against his skin, smelling of newly fallen rain. She stared up at him, her light blue eyes at half mast, and kissed his chest.

“Would my lord like me to kiss you here?” She grabbed his cock and stroked it from base to tip.

He growled deep in his chest as she moved below the covers. Her hot mouth slid over his cock, and her hands cupped his full sack. He was right on the verge of coming when a sharp knock sounded on his door. He gritted his teeth as he gently pushed her aside and pulled on a pair of leather pants. He ripped the door open, tension radiating off
The Chosen: A Tale of the Blood Breed


of him in waves. A small man held his hands in front of him, his head bent in respect.

“Please forgive me, your highness. Your father is asking for you immediately.”

He didn’t wait for the servant to say anything further. Fear consumed him and made a tight knot in the pit of his stomach.

Rushing toward his parents’ chamber, he burst through the door, eyes scanning the room. His father knelt on the floor, holding his mother’s hand. He knew his father was saying something, but the words were muffled and low.

“Father?” Walking closer to his father, he saw his mother’s hand was as white as the marble surrounding the garden. Dread filled him when all the pieces fell together.

BOOK: The Chosen
5.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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