The Cinema Girl (The Girls)

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The Cinema Girl


She shifted her bum forward in her seat and leant back as she tried to get comfortable. With a large bag of sweet popcorn on her lap, she couldn’t help but smile as the light dimmed and the trailers started. She could only see a couple of heads in front of her and without counting, guessed there could be no more than five people at the most she was sharing the cinema with.

the opening title commenced, she stuffed a handful if popcorn in her mouth and settled into doing what she did every Friday morning. She had stopped working on Fridays three years ago. Instead of sleeping in which she strictly reserved for Sundays, she used Friday’s to watch the latest releases in empty cinemas. Most of the staff knew her well enough to say hi. The staff had even created a nickname for her, calling her Girl Friday. Steph liked her name and had rather proudly told her work colleagues about it.

Coming here was the one part of her routine she never failed to keep. She carried on chomping away at the popcorn as she watched the opening title play. Her film knowledge was second to none. Knowing who directed what, who won what, who the writers were, who produced and who acted in what was her treasure. What she didn’t know about movies wasn’t worth knowing.

She was a good hour into watching the film when she heard someone sit down in the seat behind her.  The seat creaked slightly as the person’s weight sunk into it. The film’s protagonist was walking in complete silence from dark room to dark room, a gun cocked in his hand as he quietly pursued the baddie. Steph could hear every deep breath of the person behind her. He, she assumed it was a he, was a heavy breather.

Something very delicately touched her arm. Looking down with only the poor light of the movie screen, she could see two fingers that obviously belonged to the guy that sat behind her.  He was stroking her bare arm. Instinctively, she wanted to yank herself away and scream but she hadn’t. It was all rather odd but she chose not to react. Instead she sat there staring at the two fingers as they slid up and down her arm. She sat stock-still and held her breath. The light from the screen dimmed for a moment and the fingers moved towards her shoulder. Wearing a skimpy vest T-shirt, the fingers rubbed against bare skin. She felt a small wave of excitement course through her veins for a moment at the thought of what has happening to her. Steph hadn’t heard of this sort of thing before, if it had been going on she would have been the first to know.

The fingers lingered on her shoulder blade before slowly pulling her T-shirt and bra strap down. The finger slipped them down her arm leaving them near her elbow. Her left breast was instantly exposed and in the light from the screen, she was able to see her dark and erect nipple. She resisted the urge to slap the hand away and pull her T-shirt back up. Instead she leaned back and took a deep breath. She watched as a full hand now cupped her large breast and squeezed gently. The excitement coursing through her veins went up a gear and she could feel her heart beating faster. A gun went off in the film and she jumped. The hand held her breast firm, squeezing it outwards, towards her nipple.  The hand bounced her tit up and down before pulling forcefully at her erect nipple. In the light of the film, it looked simply delicious. The thought of what he was doing to her, so dirty and rude made her feel warm between her legs.

She felt a breath near her ear as the man leaned in close from behind her seat. “I hear you are a slut,” he whispered. She didn’t recognise the voice. She shook her head surprised. No one had ever called her that and she certainly didn’t have a reputation for sleeping around.

“No” she whispered back. The hand pulled harder, pinching her nipple rather viciously. “Owwh,” she cried out a little too loudly. She looked round hoping that no one noticed as her breast hung freely. Anyone turning round would have been able to catch a view of her exposing herself. The hand slapped her tit and this time, she resisted the urge to cry out.

“You are a slut and you deserve to be treated like one,” the man’s voice whispered. It was deep and gruff and she felt helpless. The hand moved away and returned a moment later holding a small card. “You will listen”, he said.

She looked down and took the card. A second later she heard the seat creak as he got up. Turning round all she could see was his back as he walked away in the dim light. What she could make out was a well-built man with longish blonde hair and a wide back. He was wearing what looked like dark jeans and cowboy style boots.  He opened the door and left. Just like that. Steph realised that she had a bare breast hanging out her T-shirt and she quickly pulled up her strap. She squinted in the poor light as she tried to read the card he had pushed into her hand. There was a hand written note on it. Putting it close her face she could just make out the words if she tilted it towards the light from the screen.

It read, “16 Red Drive at 16:00 tomorrow - Whores to arrive promptly.” She frowned at what this could mean. He excited her and it had been so long since someone had touched her like that.


One of her high heels caught itself between cobbles and for a moment Steph felt like she was going to go sprawling over face first. It felt utterly strange to be going along with this crazy nonsense but what the hell, she had decided earlier. Why not? It was late the following day and like usual, she had no other plans. She knew few people outside of work. She had looked up the address the night before and after finding out it was just a shop in central London, she decided to do it. The little trip seemed safe enough.

It was a hot day so she hadn’t bought a coat along. Wearing a tight skirt and a frilly shirt with heels that she struggled to walk on cobblestones with, she hobbled down Red Drive nearing the shop. When she reached it she wasn’t really surprised although she hadn’t really known what to expect. A red sign with black gothic letters read “The little shop of Sex” at the top. Red Drive itself was a little shabby and run down. She stood looking up at the sign and let out a sigh. She didn’t know what she was getting herself into but she felt like an adventure. She wanted some excitement in her life again. It had been too long so what the hell.

She took a deep breath and swung the beaten door open. It took her eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness on the shop as she stepped down into it. A small counter ran the length of the shop to her right and several aisles of shelves ran to her left.

From where she stood, she could see the nearest aisle was brimming with whips, chains, cuffs and huge dildos that she could never see fitting inside a normal sized woman. A man was sitting behind the counter wearing half a smirk and a sweat stained shirt. She nodded and smiled at him, not knowing what she was supposed to do.

“Can I help you Miss,” the man asked. He was greying and overweight with tattoos that ran up his arm ending at his neck. Steph didn’t find that sort of thing appealing on older people and the nose ring he wore screamed of being too young for him.

She walked over to the shopkeeper, unable to take her eyes off the bizarre arrangement of whips that were haphazardly arranged behind him. Some of them were thin and long made of leather while others were as thick as her arm.

“I’m looking for someone.” she replied, not knowing how else to say what she was after and immediately felt stupid. What else could she have added to that? She was after a man who had fondled her in the cinema yesterday and did he know of him. Steph didn’t even know his name! What did she want from him exactly? More groping, more fondling!

The shopkeeper’s half-cocked grin opened up wide as though some switch had just been turned on. She cringed at his uneven, dirty teeth. His eyes ran up and down her curvy figure and she felt a little sick at the thought of what must be passing through the mind of this pervert.

“I see. How nice you came to play.” He said, his eyes coming to rest on her low cut top. She nodded, not knowing what else to say now. She felt a bit like she’d just exposed herself, as though the man could see right through her and knew what she was after. Why she was here? Steph could hardly understand herself what the hell she was doing here.

“In the back”, he said as he moved round to the front of the counter. Coming up to her he shoved his hand under her top and groped a heavy breast. His breath smelled of old beer and she turned away in disgust.

“Nice,” he said before removing it. “Hope your cunts nice and wet too, you’re going to need it. Follow me.” He said turning round and going to the back end of the shop. A curtain hung over a door way and the he held it aside, cocking his head at her for her to go through. Taking in a deep breath and knowing this would lead to trouble, she went inside.


The room was much larger than she had expected. She heard a bell rattle and the front door shut loudly. “Excuse Me,” the man who had led in said before leaving her alone. Steph looked around feeling completely out of her depth. To one side on the room, large lights were focused into a corner. They were shining on a bed and an old leather sofa. To the other side of the room, a dozen stools were laid out in a theatre style. The room was a stage and it wasn’t difficult to work out who was the star.

She nearly jumped out her skin when she saw a large blonde man sitting on one of the chairs at the back, holding up a magazine that showed two naked women holding each other’s breasts on the cover.

“And the slut comes,” he said, shutting the pages together and throwing the magazine onto a nearby stool.

She felt her cheeks redden in embarrassment. She looked at the ground and for a second, thought the wisest thing to do would be to blow this dump. Her mother’s jaw would drop to the ground if she heard her daughter had ever been in a place like this. She would be shocked but the excitement that warmed Steph’s blood made her stay exactly where she was, her curiosity getting the best of her.

The man stood up and walked over to her. He looked bigger than she remembered and she could see the muscles in his forearms popping out of the plain white T-shirt he wore. He reminded her a little of the old version of Thor. The one from the comics she collected as a kid.

“You going to behave for me?” he asked as he stopped right in front of her. Steph looked at the ground and nodded. Of course she would. Smelling the strong masculinity of this man who would be doing disgusting things to her shortly, she knew she would behave any way he wanted her to.

She nodded. She felt his hand wrap round her jaw as he pulled her face up to his. The blue of his eyes were incredibly piercing and for a moment she felt like she could fall straight into them.

The older man returned with someone behind him. He flicked some switches on the wall behind her and more bright lights light up the corner. “Take off your clothes,” Blondie said removing his hand from her chin. The new guy that had followed the shopkeeper sat himself down in the front row of wooden stools. He was middle aged with fat ring round the belly. She took an instant dislike to him.

“What are these people doing here?” she asked Blondie directly. As soon as she said it she knew she could see by his frown she’d said the wrong thing. “I didn’t invite you for a Q&A Stephanie. I asked you here because I want to treat you special like. Like you deserve.” Blondie replied in a deep voice. “Roger, anyone else coming or is this it?” he asked the shopkeeper. Roger shook his head. “Couple more on their way now!”

Blondie nodded and smiled down at her, “Take off your clothes.” He repeated sounding a little agitated.

“Give them another five then and you put up the sign for today!” he said over to Roger. He nodded and disappeared through the curtain. Steph stepped out her shoes and removed her frilly shirt as she’d been told. The man sat in the stool let out a wolf whistle and Blondie laughed.

“I sure know how to pick em, don’t I!” he said more to himself than anyone in particular. He went round to the cameras, which were screwed into tripods and looked through the viewer’s panel. Stephanie pulled her little skirt before neatly folding them onto the nearest stool.

“I like your shoes,” Blondie said without looking up. “Keep them on!” he finished. Standing in a matching pair of white bra and French knickers, she slid the shoes back onto her feet. The man sat in the stool leaned forward and slapped her arse. She yelped as she went sprawling forwards in surprise. Blondie laughed again as he fiddled with adjusting the focus.

“There’s a little room over there” he said pointing behind the row of chairs. “In there you’ll find an outfit I want you to put on.” Steph hesitated for a moment. Although she wanted the adventure, she wanted to know a little more about what was she going to be getting up to

Blondie seemed to sense this. “I said no questions!”

She nodded and went through a little door at the back, feeling a little like Alice at the bottom of the rabbit hole. The room was more like a cupboard. A full-length mirror was across the front wall as she walked in and a single bulb cast a yellow light above her head. On a hanger, a tiny black tube of a dress hung waiting for her. She heard new voices in the room behind her and her hands were trembling. She was in the back of a sex shop trying to squeeze into some sort of sexy PVC outfit while a room full of dirty men and a bed waited for her. It didn’t take a genius to work out what was going on. She’d never done anything like this and for a moment, she felt like grabbing her clothes and running out but she quickly decided against it. She felt too exhilarated and excited to throw in the towel now. Slipping off her underwear, she located the hole where her head was meant to go and wiggled herself into it, pulling it over her large breasts. It was a little skintight tiny dress that barely covered her bottom.

BOOK: The Cinema Girl (The Girls)
7.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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