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The Country Club

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The Country Club


Tim Miller

Tim Miller

The Country Club
© 2014, Tim Miller

San Antonio, TX
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Edited by Angela Pratt of Lily Rose Editing

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Chapter 1


     Caleb looked out the window as his friend Denny drove the car to what seemed like the middle of nowhere.

     “I thought you said we were going to a party
,” Caleb said.

     “We are. Trust me.”

     Denny came from a family of great wealth and means. His dad was a big shot with one of the oil companies. So Denny never had to actually work for much of anything. Caleb, on the other hand, always had to work whatever shit job he could just to get by. He and Denny had been friends since childhood. Denny always managed to stay pretty grounded despite his money.

     “It’s dark and freaky out here. Where are we?” Caleb asked again.

     “Don’t get your panties in a bunch, dude. We’re almost there. I promise, this place will blow your mind.”

     Denny pulled onto a dirt road that Caleb didn’t even see until they were on it. They wound through some woods and trees until they reached a large steel gate.
There was a post with a keypad just before the gate. Denny pulled up and punched in a code onto the pad as the gate swung open.

     “You have the code?” Caleb asked.

     “Yeah, all members here do.”


     “You’ll see.”

     As they pulled through the gate, they wound up another lane up a hill. At the top of the hill was a large house. It was more of a mansion than a house. Three stories tall, with a large fountain in front. In the dark it was hard for Caleb to make out the rest of the details. There were several cars parked along the front. Denny pulled the car up and parked in an open space and shut the car off.

     “Here we are,” he said.

     They got out and walked to the front
door where Denny pushed the doorbell.

     “Why did we have to wear suits?” Caleb asked. “This some kind of dinner party?”

     Caleb hadn’t worn a suit since his cousin’s wedding a few years before. He wasn’t even sure if it would still fit. It did, but just barely. It seemed odd to wear a suit to a party in Austin, Texas on a Friday night but they weren’t exactly in Austin anymore either.

     After a minute or so, a man in a tuxedo answered the door. He was a few years older than Caleb and Denny, who were in their mid-twenties. He had dark hair and glasses.

     “Good evening gentleman. Mr. Dennis, we didn’t know you’d be bringing a friend.”

     “Yes, this is Caleb
,” Denny said.

     “Well good to meet you Sir. Right this way please.”

     They stepped inside. The main room looked like the ballroom from the movie “Titanic” with a huge chandelier and winding stairwell. Caleb looked around at the furniture and décor. Everything looked like it cost more than he’d make in a lifetime.

     “What do you think man?” Denny asked. “Pretty cool, huh?”

     “I’m afraid to touch anything,” Caleb answered.

     “You’ll be fine.”

     “Where is everyone?”

     “You’ll see. It’s pretty awesome. Not your usual party.”

     The butler type guy in the tuxedo walked over to them and handed them each a key.

     “Here are your room keys, gentlemen.
We made sure everything was just like you asked for Mr. Dennis,” the man said as he handed them each a key with a room number. Caleb’s read 303.

     “I got, 302, cool. We’ll be right next door
,” Denny said.

     “Room for what? What is this?”

     “Just come on. You’ll see. I told you this place, anything goes. And I mean, anything,” Denny said as he started up the stairs. Caleb followed behind until they were at their rooms.

     “Here we are man. Time to play
,” Denny said as he unlocked his door and stepped inside.

     “Play what?” Caleb said, but Denny had already shut the door and locked it. “What the fuck dude? Not cool.” He stared at the key in his hand and at the number on the door. He wasn’t sure what he’d find behind that door other than the time of his life according to Denny. Slowly, he placed the key into the lock and turned it as he pushed the door open. The room was dark, so he couldn’t see much of anything.

     There was a light switch along the wall, he flipped it and a dim light came on. The walls were lined with padding. A few feet from the door, was a table. There were various tools on the table along with sex toys. Everything from pliers, a hacksaw, hammer, drill, lubricant, dildos and a few things Caleb didn’t recognize. What the fuck was all this? Once he looked toward the back of the room, he saw her. A girl was tied to a chair.

     She was wearing some kind of lingerie, but her head drooped to the side. He walked over
to her and lifted her head.

     “Hello? Can you hear me? Hey!”
he shouted to her, but no response. He figured she’d been drugged. The other stuff in the room all made sense. The padding was sound proofing and the toys and tools were for things he didn’t want to think about. Where the fuck had Denny taken him? Was his childhood friend into this sick shit?”

     The girl was Hispanic, and had a perfect body. He had no doubt she looked beautiful when she wasn’t passed out and tied up. Shaking his head, he turned and walked to the door, but it was locked. What the fuck? He rattled the door and pulled on the handle but it wouldn’t budge. There was no place for him to put the key in either. From the outside, the door appeared to be a standard wooden door. From the inside, was a thick plate of steel.

     “Let me out of here!” He shouted as he pounded on the door. “Open this fucking door!”

     “Can I help you sir?”
a voice said from his right. He jumped as there was no one else in the room besides him and the girl. There was a speaker on the wall. The voice sounded like the butler guy’s who had let them in.

     “What’s going on here? I’m locked in. And why is this girl tied up here? She need
s medical attention.”

     “Yes sir. Mr. Dennis should have explained this to you
,” the voice said.

     “Well he didn’t explain shit.”

     “The door is locked until you are done with the girl. He told us you like Hispanic ladies, so I hope she is to your satisfaction. She is yours to do with as you will. If she is still alive when you are done, let us know, and one of our men will take care of her for you. Or you may end her life yourself. Totally up to you.”

     “Yeah, well I don’t to do any of that. I want to get out of here and take her with me. She hasn’t done anything wrong.”

     “I’m afraid that isn’t possible, sir. You cannot leave until you’ve finished with her, but you have to do something. You cannot just walk out of here. Not until you have participated.”

     “What if I refuse?” Caleb asked.

     “Then I’m afraid you’ll be here for a very long time.”



Chapter 2


     Denny looke
d at the girl strapped to the dentist’s chair and smiled.

Well hello there. Aren’t you pretty?” he said. She couldn’t reply due to the tape over her mouth. The girl looked like she could have been a cheerleader. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and perfect titties. Denny reached up and squeezed one of them.

     “Oh yeah. This one is nice and firm.”

     He reached up and pulled the tape off. Immediately the girl began to scream, but he ignored it as he walked over to the table. There was a white coat hanging up. He removed his suit jacket and put the white coat on and buttoned it up along the sides. The girl continued to scream until he finally had enough.

“All right! Stop that already!” Denny yelled. “No one can fucking hear you.”

     She stopped screaming, but was breathing heavily.

     “Let me go! Please!” she cried. “I haven’t done anything.”

     “I’m afraid that is irrelevant. You’re here now. You are
Club property, which makes you my property,” Denny explained as he brushed a strand of his black hair out of his face.

     “That’s bullshit! This is a free country! I’m not anyone’s property!”

     “The laws of this country make no difference. Once you came onto these grounds, you became our property. Whether you came here of your own free will or not.”

     “What is this place? What are you going to do?”

     He pulled up a stool and sat next to the chair, playing with her hair as he spoke.

     “This place is where people like me get to fulfill their every dream, fantasy and desire. This is also a place where people like you will learn a new definition of pain and suffering like you never knew existed.”

     “People like you and me? What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

     “People like me as in the wealthiest one percent. Then there are people like you as in everyone else. This country, this planet
, cannot function without the one percent. On the other hand, there are far too many of the rest of you. None of you serve any real purpose other than to provide laborers for us. You cook our meals, you work in our factories and you wait our tables. You are here on this earth to please us. As it stands right now, your lot in what remains of your life is to please me. I ordered you, the same way I would order a cheeseburger, and here you are.”

     He walked to the little table and slid it over next to his stool. There were a variety of tools and instruments on the table. Denny was skilled in using each of them. He’d been coming to
The Club for years, and it never got old. She began screaming again as he took a set of clamps and began fastening it to her lips. She tried to move her head, but it was strapped to the chair as well.

The clamps attached on four corners of her mouth as he forced the rest inside her mouth while turning a small crank. As he cranked, her mouth began to open further and further. It became harder for her to scream as he stretched her mouth as far open as it would go.

     “There. How’s that? You comfortable?”

     She let out some half screams, but couldn’t sustain it. He picked up a small drill and put on a pair of goggles as he smiled.

     “Ok, this is going to hurt just a bit
,” he said as he started drilling into one of her molars. Her body shuddered as he drilled clear through the enamel, and into the gums. Blood sprayed as he continued to drill. Her head jerked as he hit her jaw and kept drilling. He sat the drill down and picked up a set of pliers.

     “Yeah, I’m afraid that tooth is going to
have to come out.”

     He gripped the tooth with the pliers and began pulling and twisting. It came out easier than usual since he had drilled it loose. He showed the girl her own tooth as blood dripped off and sat it on the table.

     “There’s one. Just a few more to go.”

     He went to work on the other teeth, drilling and pulling. The girl made different sounds with each new series of torments he’d inflict. Once he’d pulled all of her molars, he picked up the hammer and bashed in her front teeth. The clamps in her mouth kept the chunks of teeth from goi
ng down her throat, but she still gagged and screamed. He took the vacuum tube and suctioned the tooth fragments and blood from her mouth.

     “Good, good. You’re doing great
,” he said as he picked up a scalpel and began cutting off her right nipple. She shook and screamed as blood ran down her breast while he pulled the piece of skin away. He played with it in his fingers before sticking it onto her forehead.

     “Looky there. You look like one of them Indian ladies
,” he said. The bloody nipple stuck to her head as tears ran down her face. “Oh now don’t cry.”

     His warning didn’t help as the tears kept flowing.

     “Well, ok. We’ll do it your way.”

     He picked up the scalpel and stood over by her hea
d. Pulling her left eyelid open, she struggled against him as he lowered the scalpel.

     “Hold still or this will hurt worse
,” he said as he pressed the scalpel to the bottom of her eyeball. As the blade penetrated the sclera, milky fluid began to ooze out as the girl screamed. She bucked hard causing the scalpel to cut across the eye, slicing it wide open. Fluid sprayed everywhere as Denny tried to pull his face away in time, though he still got a mouthful of the bitter tasting eye juice.

     He’d hoped to pull it out in one piece, but instead he was forced to dig it out in pieces. He used the scalpel, the suction tube and a dental scraper to clear the eye socket and cut the nerve stem. The girl had stopped bucking. She was whimpering in short breaths as her body trembled rapidly. Once that was completed, he walked over to the mini fridge in the corner and took out a bottle of water and drank it down. He was glad to have that nasty taste out of his mouth.

     The other eye came out much easier. Once he removed it, he placed it into a little jar on his table and filled it with alcohol.

, that should take care of the crying,” he said as he took a larger drill and walked to the foot of the chair and leaned over. He pulled her labia apart and placed the tip of the drill bit against her clitoris. He pulled the trigger on the drill for a few seconds. Just enough to make her jump.

     “Yeah, you know what I’m gonna do
, don’t you?” he said as she continued to whimper. Then he began drilling.  Before he got too far, the door swung open.

     “What the fuck?” Denny yelled. “No one is to disturb me during my session!”

     One of the large security guards, a man with a bald head and wearing a black suit was standing in the door way. All of them dressed that way, so there was no way to tell them apart. Next to him was the man in the tuxedo who had let them in.

     “I’m so sorry sir. You have my apologies. We will comp you for this visit.”

     “You’re goddamn right you will. What’s going on?” Denny asked.

     “Mr. Dennis, there’s a slight problem with your friend.”


BOOK: The Country Club
7.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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