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The Devil's Revenge (The Devil's Eyes)

Copyright © 2011 Jennifer Loren

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 0984733671

ISBN-13: 978-0-9847336-7-5

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9857029-3-9


This book is dedicated to everyone who made this book special to me, such as my family but also, Holly, Deb, Graham, Lucy, Tobias and Hazel. So glad to have met you all. I will be singing You Can’t Cross the Line until I no longer have the breath to do so.


Prologue: Kayla

Chapter 1: Kayla

Chapter 2: Ryan

Chapter 3: Kayla

Chapter 4: Kayla

Chapter 5: Kayla

Chapter 6: Ryan

Chapter 7: Kayla

Chapter 8: Kayla

Chapter 9: Ryan

Chapter 10: Nick

Chapter 11: Kayla

Chapter 12: Nick

Chapter 13: Ryan

Chapter 14: Ryan

Chapter 15: Nick

Chapter 16: Kayla

Chapter 17: Nick

Chapter 18: Nick

Chapter 19: Ryan

Chapter 20: Kayla

Chapter 21: Nick

Chapter 22: Kayla

Chapter 23: Nick

Chapter 24: Kayla

Chapter 25: Nick

Chapter 26: Kayla

Chapter 27: Kayla

Chapter 28: Nick

Chapter 29: Ryan

Chapter 30: Kayla

Chapter 31: Kayla

Chapter 32: Nick

Chapter 33: Ryan

Chapter 34: Nick

Chapter 35: Kayla

Chapter 36: Nick

Chapter 37: Kayla

Chapter 38: Kayla

Chapter 39: Nick

Chapter 40: Ryan

Chapter 41: Brady

Chapter 42: Nick

Chapter 43: Nick

Chapter 44: Kayla

Chapter 45: Nick

Chapter 46: Nick

Chapter 47: Kayla

Chapter 48: Nick

Epilogue: Nick

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The Devil’s Eyes is a Dark, Intense, Romance novel. Not your typical story of two perfect people coming together after overcoming a life challenge. No, Nick and Kayla are two imperfect people, trying to overcome the brutal realities of their worlds and finding life as criminals comes naturally to them both.

The Devil's Son:
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I manage to free my hands and run down the dock with Dawson chasing after me. I notice a boat off in the distance and decide that’s my only hope at this point. Jumping into the ice-cold water I swim as fast as I can. Dawson jumps in after me, still weak from his taser I cannot outswim him. Dawson takes hold of me and continuously pushes me under water while I try to fight him. “Wayne! Wayne, get your ass down here and help me!” He yells as the other man comes running down the path. “Finally!” As I choke on the water in my lungs he pulls me out and throws me onto the dock. “What the fuck? How….? Put your gun down or I will kill her right now!” Dawson yells as I try to crawl away from him. He grabs hold of the back of my head and tries to pull me up but drops me onto the hard surface of the dock as he stumbles backwards. My head spins, my heart pounds, and I begin to lose focus as the yelling increases around me. “I’m warning you! Stay back!” Dawson grabs hold of me again, but suddenly I hear a gun go off and Dawson releases his grip on me, screaming. When another shot rings out, Dawson falls to his knees next to me. “Please! Please! I had no choice. You have to understand! Joseph would have killed me. He …”

“Fuck you!” I hear someone growl. Another shot rings out and Dawson falls backwards off the dock, gurgling his last breaths as he sinks into the water.

Holding up my head, I sit up trying to focus as the dark figure comes near me, “you got here quick. You must have driven like a madman.” I said as I watch him walk towards me. I swallow hard as he slowly comes into the moonlight, “Nick?”

My breath is haggard, my heart is beating rapidly but still … I reach out to him, hoping that I am seeing him and not hallucinating. Leaning down to me he takes my hand and holds me close to his warm chest. “Am I dreaming?” I ask him.

“You’re safe now, Princess.” He says kissing my forehead. “I have to go, Ryan will be here soon.” He safely positions me and I have to fight more than my body as exhaustion takes over. I close my eyes once, only once … and he’s gone. Like a dream, like the perfect dream come true.

. Nick.
!” My voice scorches my throat, my ears ring and there is nothing, no one but me and a sweat-soaked bed.
It had to be him, it had to be.
Ryan walks in with some water, looking at me as if I am about to break any second.
Oh why did I have to pass out?
If I could have only stayed focused, I could have made him stay.

Ryan pushes my hair from my face and kisses my forehead gently. “It’s okay Kayla, you’re safe and everything is going to be okay, now. Estrella should have known better than to mess with you.
You could have at least waited for me, I would have liked to kick Dawson’s ass too.”

“No, Ryan … it was Nick.” Ryan’s expression tells me everything he is thinking. Taking hold of his shirt, “he is alive! I swear Ryan it was him … it was Nick.
I know it

Ryan leans me back into bed with a subtle sigh, “okay, it was Nick. I’m sure he will always be watching over you.” I huff forcing my face into the pillow. “What do you want me to say Kayla? Nick is not here, he
in that plane crash. He is not coming back. I don’t know what it is going to take before you get that through your thick skull!”

Pushing back I seethe my insistence, “he is alive! And I am going to prove it!”

Chapter 1


I hate these parties. I know I don’t belong, despite the expensive gown and jewels. I have nowhere near the background of most of these people. It never bothered me when I would come to these with Nick. No matter the people around us, I always felt like I belonged with him and that’s all that mattered to me. Everyone else was only a background to my happiness. Now the background is suddenly forced into my view and I can’t help feeling lost and alone. I miss him more and more every day, without even realizing I made Nick my life. Somehow I am supposed to put the pieces back together without him and live a life without the only person that I have ever loved.
I still love.

“Mrs. Jayzon, you look lovely as always.” Estrella approaches me with his gleaming smile and his hand stretched out to take mine as he leans down to kiss it gently.

Sighing, I graciously give him a weak smile, “Thank you, and you look … well old and tired as always.” Estrella laughs and for some reason, I follow.
I must have drunk too much.

“It’s good to see you laugh, your sadness is breaking my heart.” Estrella expresses with a sickening passion.

“Then perhaps you shouldn’t have killed my husband.” I say with a hardened glare. “Why did you do it? You two had such a great relationship, why did you risk everything? What did you expect to gain? You don’t have Nick’s connections and you certainly don’t have his skills at convincing people to believe in you. So why did you betray him?” Estrella steps back with a curious expression and for a brief moment I see something that I did not expect -
A coward had my husband killed?
I don’t think so.

“I am sorry for your loss but maybe you and I can repair our relationship and come to an agreement?” Estrella says focusing his eyes on everyone else in the room.

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