The Dom Claims His Cougar [Unchained Love 7] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

BOOK: The Dom Claims His Cougar [Unchained Love 7] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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Unchained Love 7

The Dom Claims His Cougar

Noah Quinn and Ezra Anderson want to mate with Verity Griffin. But Verity is confused. Someone has been stalking the women on Facebook, terrifying them. Other rogue panthers are still free to harass them, and everything seems to be moving way too fast. She wants to be consulted about their future life and have a house of her own. Fortunately there’s a wedge of land at the corner of the movie studio and Carnal Connections where they can build their house and should be reasonably safe.

With the postponement of their mating, Noah organizes a surprise for Verity. Will it make their sex life even better or just put more barriers between them?

Danger still surrounds them. How long will it take before the house is ready and they can finally be together? And will the men be able to keep Verity safe in their new house?

Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.

BDSM, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Shape-shifter

36,825 words



Unchained Love 7






Cara Adams










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Unchained Love 7



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Chapter One


Verity had no intention of sitting at her desk working, or even pretending to work, when Michael Michaelson, the IT geek, was there to tell her boss who the person was who’d been hacking the panther women’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Even now, the memory of seeing her sister’s profile picture changed to that of a panther with its belly ripped open almost made her vomit. And the pictures of her friend Autumn’s craft projects had been replaced by scenes of Rwandan war graves and images from porn sites. Sick. The person who’d done this was sick.

“Can’t you even give us a hint who it is?” asked her twin, Serena, batting big hazel eyes at him.

“Nope.” MM’s round baby face split in a grin as he smiled back at them.

“It has to be either Drew or Charlie. They’re the only ones who’ve been smart enough to stay out of trouble so far,” said Verity. She watched MM closely, but his face gave nothing away. Innocent and bland was all she was getting from his body language, and his eyes were guileless.

Serena tried quizzing MM again but got nowhere. Fortunately for their self-control, the CEO of DNK Technology, Donald Thomas, his personal assistant, Heidi, Omar, the Alpha of Verity and Serena’s pack, and Larry, the business manager at Carnal Connections, the BDSM community where they lived, arrived before too long.

Mr. Thomas marched straight through the department to the conference room and Serena and Verity just tagged on to the end of the line, following everyone there. Verity made sure she took a seat at the conference table where she had a clear view of both MM and Mr. Thomas. Serena sat on the opposite side of the table from her. That was a damn smart move. It meant that between them they could see everyone’s reactions perfectly. But who the fuck was the bad guy? It had to be Drew or Charlie. The other rogue panthers, even Jim, were just too stupid to have hacked people’s accounts so successfully.

“Well done for solving this problem so swiftly, Michael. Who did it? One of our competitors no doubt,” said Mr. Thomas. The CEO leaned forward, his gaze sharp and penetrating.

Of course. He’d be more worried about DNK Technology secrets leaking out to the competition than the safety of women he didn’t even know.

Verity flicked a glance around the conference table. Everyone was staring at MM. The room was deathly silent. And MM was milking their attention for every second he could get. Well, so he should, she supposed. He had solved the problem fast, after all.

“Sam Brooks. Leticia’s father. It’s just as well Carnal Connections gave us a complete list of the people who’d been harassing them, as I hadn’t considered it might be Sam at all. He’s left all sorts of back trails to an online site teaching computer hacking. Fortunately it’s a rather basic site, so he never learned anything too worrying. I’ve had a quick look at the company files and they seem secure, but I’ll take a closer look at them later today, likely tighten up some firewalls and passwords. Sam’s accessed some decent password-cracking tools, but I don’t think he’s after our products. I think he was determined to upset his daughter and her friends,” said MM.

“But he’s in jail. How can he get onto such websites in jail?” asked Larry.

“I’d like to know that, too. Heidi, call our congresswoman and set up a meeting with her. This just isn’t good enough. We can’t have convicted felons using their jail time to attack businesses and people. Our CCTV cameras caught one of these people in our parking lot. They could still be working for our competitors, trying to throw us off their scent and then come and attack us another way. Michael, keep checking for other possible infiltrations into our products and services. I’m not yet convinced these people aren’t going to blindside us with an attack on our company. ”

Omar spoke slowly, thoughtfully. “I understand that Sam Brooks wanted to attack Leticia since his physical attempts to hurt her failed. And I suppose he wanted to get back at the other women for supporting Leticia. But I’d like to have a meeting with his counselor and psychiatrist. They’re supposed to be helping him overcome his irrational anger at his two children.”

Donald Thomas was frowning, obviously assimilating all this new information at warp speed. Heidi was busy taking notes. MM had likely discovered a whole lot about the community that Larry and Omar would prefer had been kept hidden, but they’d needed to get to the bottom of the attack and it wasn’t like the police could help them.

Verity tuned out of the conversations at that point. She had the information she’d wanted to know. Sam was a nutcase, a screwup, and deserved to stay in jail for a long time. Likely he would now that he’d reoffended. Although, was hacking a crime? Probably. It was certainly antisocial behavior, and Sam seemed to specialize in that. He’d always seemed so ordinary until he’d gone strange over trying to protect Leticia. Well, his definition of
anyway. It was more like “lock her up and hide her” than protect her. But he’d been a normal, although somewhat ineffectual, man before that. Verity could remember when Sam’s brother, George, was the pack Alpha and Sam had been his assistant. She couldn’t recall Sam doing anything amazing or special, but he hadn’t been obviously crazy back then, either.

At least Leticia had turned out normal, and it seemed like David was going to be normal, too. He’d settled down well in the community, had learned a trade really quickly, and was just like anyone else, really. Hopefully he wouldn’t go weird like Sam.

But seriously, what would happen now? The bastard was already in jail and still he was attacking them, frightening them, preventing them from living ordinary lives. Seeing the sick pictures he’d posted onto their Facebook profiles had scared them all.

Verity turned her thoughts to her two wonderful men, Noah and Ezra. They’d protect her. She loved them and knew they loved her. Even now they were planning her mating ceremony and then the three of them would live in a room in the main building at Carnal Connections across the hall from Serena.

Noah. So tall, with broad shoulders and muscular arms, thick black hair, and dark-brown eyes. Ezra, not quite so tall but still considerably taller than her own five foot eight, his hair and eyes light brown. Both of them totally delicious.

They’d been coming to BDSM events at Carnal Connections for a while and she’d been instantly attracted to their personalities. Noah, more determined and a leader. Ezra, a caring and clever man who made her feel special. So often people thought of her and her sister as a unit, “the twins,” “the cougar twins,” or worse, they scarcely noticed Verity standing there in her noisier sister’s shadow. But Noah and Ezra had never looked at Serena. They’d come for her and made it quite clear she was who they wanted, she was the one they loved.

BOOK: The Dom Claims His Cougar [Unchained Love 7] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
9.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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