The Escape (Survivor's Club)

BOOK: The Escape (Survivor's Club)


“Balogh can always be depended on to deliver a beautifully written Regency romance with appealing, unusual characters, and the second in her new Survivors’ Club series (after
The Proposal
) is no exception.… Future series installments promise more compellingly tormented heroes.”

—Publishers Weekly

“[A] poignant and thoughtful romance.”



is Mary Balogh at her riveting best. Everyone loves a wounded hero and Mary introduces us to an unforgettable one who discovers the healing power of love.”

—New York Times
bestselling author

“Balogh begins a new series with one of her most beloved characters, Lady Gwendoline Muir, in the tender, heart-tugging story of a wounded soldier and an emotionally scarred woman who find unexpected love. It is a mature romance with unforgettable characters, and a sweetness and depth of emotion that only Balogh can create.”

—RT Book Reviews
(4½ stars, top pick)

“In a strong opening for the Survivors’ Club series from prolific Regency doyenne Balogh (
The Secret Mistress
), a mismatched couple finds common ground in trauma and survival.… Beautifully characterized and with a gracefully developed romance, this is a historical romance of unusual thoughtfulness and depth from one of the best writers in the genre.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Two deeply damaged protagonists who need to forgive themselves finally acknowledge their love in this gently funny, heart-melting story that will tug at your emotions and beautifully launches Balogh’s new series.”

—Library Journal

“Austen would definitely endorse.… Balogh contravenes the conventions of historical romance by introducing an ingredient the genre is not always known for: intelligence.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“Balogh’s richly dimensional characters are so very real as she makes the reader feel part of life and a great variety of relationships during the Regency era.”



“Regency romance doyenne Balogh … pairs a staid young nobleman with a vivacious debutante in this top-notch tale.… An unusually accurate portrayal of Regency society, laden with colorful period detail, makes a sparkling backdrop, and the supporting characters are delightful.… The charming mixture of sensual passion and hilarious confusion makes Balogh’s delightful tale a must-read for Regency fans.”

—Publishers Weekly
(starred review)

“A grand mistress of Regency romance, Balogh always gifts readers with delightful, enthralling love stories layered with depth, humor, emotional intensity, grand passion and just a touch of the unconventional. This prequel to the Mistress series is utterly delightful, charming and intelligent—a winner!”

—RT Book Reviews
(4 stars, top pick)


“Hannah, widowed duchess of Dunbarton, has set her sights on Constantine as the ideal lover—a handsome man of experience that she can seduce and set aside once she is done with him.… Constantine—dark, wicked, and cryptic—has a perfect foil in Hannah, and their encounters are steamy, their romance believable. Though series fans will be disappointed to see it come to a close, they couldn’t ask for a better way to go out.”

—Publishers Weekly

“The exquisitely crafted chemistry that develops between Hannah and Con is pure passion deftly leavened with tart wit, which ensures that
A Secret Affair
, the concluding volume in Balogh’s Regency historical Huxtable series, is a sweetly romantic, deliciously sexy triumph.”



“With her inimitable, brilliantly nuanced sense of characterization, elegantly sensual style, and droll wit, bestseller Balogh continues to set the standard to which all other Regency historical writers aspire while delivering another addictively readable addition to her Huxtable family series.”


“One of [Balogh’s] best books to date.”

—A Romance Review


“Sparkling with sharp wit, lively repartee, and delicious sensuality, the emotionally rewarding
At Last Comes Love
metes out both justice and compassion; totally satisfying.”

—Library Journal

“At Last Comes Love
is the epitome of what any great romance should be.… This novel will leave you crying, laughing, cheering, and ready to fight for two characters that any reader will most definitely fall in love with!”

—Coffee Time Romance


“Exquisite sexual chemistry permeates this charmingly complex story.”

—Library Journal

“Balogh delivers another smartly fashioned love story that will dazzle readers with its captivating combination of nuanced characters, exquisitely sensual romance, and elegant wit.”


“Mary Balogh succeeds shockingly well.”

—Rock Hill


“Intriguing and romantic … Readers are rewarded with passages they’ll be tempted to dog-ear so they can read them over and over.”


“Wonderful characterization [and a] riveting plot … I highly recommend you read
First Comes Marriage

—Romance Reviews Today

“Peppered with brilliant banter, laced with laughter … and tingling with sexual tension, this story of two seemingly mismatched people struggling to make their marriage work tugs at a few heartstrings and skillfully paves the way for the stories to come.”

—Library Journal

“The incomparable Balogh delivers a masterful first in a new trilogy.… Always fresh, intelligent, emotional and sensual, Balogh’s stories reach out to readers, touching heart and mind with their warmth and wit. Prepare for a joyous read.”

—Romantic Times


“A warm-hearted and feel-good story … Readers will want to add this wonderful story to their collection.
Simply Perfect
is another must-read from this talented author, and a Perfect Ten.”

—Romance Reviews Today

“With her signature exquisite sense of characterization and subtle wit, Balogh brings her sweetly sensual, thoroughly romantic Simply quartet to a truly triumphant conclusion.”



“Absorbing and appealing. This is an unusually subtle approach in a romance, and it works to great effect.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Balogh has once again crafted a sensuous tale of two very real people finding love and making each other’s lives whole and beautiful. Readers will be delighted.”



“One of the things that make Ms. Balogh’s books so memorable is the emotion she pours into her stories. The writing is superb, with realistic dialogue, sexual tension, and a wonderful heart-wrenching story.
Simply Love
is a book to savor, and to read again. It is a Perfect Ten. Romance doesn’t get any better than this.”

—Romance Reviews Today

“With more than her usual panache, Balogh returns to Regency England for a satisfying adult love story.”

—Publishers Weekly


“When an author has created a series as beloved to readers as Balogh’s Bedwyn saga, it is hard to believe that she can surpass the delights with the first installment in a new quartet. But Balogh has done just that.”


“A memorable cast … refresh[es] a classic Regency plot with humor, wit, and the sizzling romantic chemistry that one expects from Balogh. Well-written and emotionally complex.”

—Library Journal


Slightly Dangerous
is the culmination of Balogh’s wonderfully entertaining Bedwyn series.… Balogh, famous for her believable characters and finely crafted Regency-era settings, forges a relationship that leaps off the page and into the hearts of her readers.”


“With this series, Balogh has created a wonderfully romantic world of Regency culture and society. Readers will miss the honorable Bedwyns and their mates; ending the series with Wulfric’s story is icing on the cake. Highly recommended.”

—Library Journal


“Smart, playful, and deliciously satisfying … Balogh once again delivers a clean, sprightly tale rich in both plot and character.… With its irrepressible characters and deft plotting, this polished romance is an ideal summer read.”

—Publishers Weekly
(starred review)


“Once again, Balogh has penned an entrancing, unconventional yarn that should expand her following.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Balogh is a gifted writer.… 
Slightly Tempted
invites reflection, a fine quality in romance, and Morgan and Gervase are memorable characters.”

—Contra Costa Times


“With its impeccable plotting and memorable characters, Balogh’s book raises the bar for Regency romances.”

—Publishers Weekly
(starred review)

“The sexual tension fairly crackles between this pair of beautifully matched protagonists.… This delightful and exceptionally well-done title nicely demonstrates [Balogh’s] matchless style.”

—Library Journal

“This third book in the Bedwyn series is … highly enjoyable as part of the series or on its own merits.”

—Old Book Barn Gazette


“Sympathetic characters and scalding sexual tension make the second installment [in the Slightly series] a truly engrossing read.… Balogh’s sure-footed story possesses an abundance of character and class.”

—Publishers Weekly


Slightly Married
is a masterpiece! Mary Balogh has an unparalleled gift for creating complex, compelling characters who come alive on the pages.… A Perfect Ten.”

—Romance Reviews Today


“Balogh outdoes herself with this romantic romp, crafting a truly seamless plot and peopling it with well-rounded, winning characters.”

—Publishers Weekly

“The most sensuous romance of the year.”


“This one will rise to the top.”

—Library Journal

“Filled with vivid descriptions, sharp dialogue, and fantastic characters, this passionate, adventurous tale will remain memorable for readers who love an entertaining read.”



“A beautiful tale of how grief and guilt can lead to love.”

—Library Journal

The Escape
is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

A Dell eBook Edition

Copyright © 2014 by Mary Balogh
The Suitor
by Mary Balogh © 2013 by Mary Balogh

All rights reserved.

Published in the United States by Dell, an imprint of Random House, a division of Random House LLC, a Penguin Random House Company, New York.

and the H
colophon are registered trademarks of Random House LLC.

The Suitor
was originally published separately as an eBook original in the United States by Dell Books, an imprint of Random House, a division of Random House LLC, in 2013.

ISBN 978-0-345-53606-8
eBook ISBN 978-0-345-53591-7

Cover design: Lynn Andreozzi
Cover illustration: Alan Ayers

Dell mass market edition: July 2014


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