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The Escort Series

BOOK: The Escort Series
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2012 by Lucia

This book is a work of fiction.
The names, characters, places and incidents are products of the writer’s
imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be constructed as
real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or
organizations is entirely coincidental.


All rights reserved


No part of this book may be
reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any manner whatsoever without written
permission from the author except in the case of brief quotation embodied in
critical articles and reviews.


First Date: The
Escort Book 1


Chapter One

There were so many things Lisa had been able to talk Bea into over their
few months as flat mates. But of all of them, this had to be the riskiest.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, Bea thought, as she looked around at the
crowded club. She had to admit she’d never really been to a place like this. It
was very fashionable, the kind of place that had the cool kids all over it. It
was housed in some kind of old music hall, with multi level floors – all
in use. The entertainment available was elaborate to say the least. The art,
music, not to talk of food and drink were all maneuvered in some kind of
steampunk-inspired way.

Right then, Bea was in the restaurant section, flanked by her clients.
Yes, her clients. And the two most handsome men she’d ever met in her life.


It was something that had started out as a favor.

Bea worked as an assistant in a huge software firm, the biggest in the
city. The money was good, but she’d never say no to a higher pay grade. She’d
taken Lisa in as a flat mate soon after she’d moved into the large top floor
studio apartment in town. It had been great to share the weight of the rent,
and having another female in the place wasn’t bad either.

They became close friends, and Bea couldn’t help but notice that Lisa
lived a somewhat extravagant lifestyle. She was supposed to be some kind of
freelance media consultant, but she never really seemed to do any consulting.
Yet, Lisa had the most exquisite wardrobe of the kind of shoes and clothes Bea
could only dream to afford. She always seemed to be going out to some exclusive
club or the other, drinking and living it up. She took trips all around the
world for days and sometimes weeks, returning with even more glamorous stuff.

In short, Lisa was quite sophisticated and worldly, and she seemed to
have all the fun in the world. So out of curiosity, Bea had to ask Lisa how she
was able to afford such a lifestyle of fun and games.

“Are you some trust fund baby in disguise – or is there some rich
sugar daddy somewhere I don’t know about?” Bea teased as they drank coffee at
the kitchen table.

Lisa smiled. “No, there’s definitely no trust fund,” she said wryly.
“And as for rich sugar daddy…sorry to disappoint you honey, but nothing so
decadent. But since you asked – well, in my free time, I work as an

Lisa started to laugh at Bea’s expression. “No, it’s not what you think,
seriously. I really am an escort but that’s all there is to it. I work for a
very exclusive agency, totally legit. Offering female companionship and nothing

“No sex?” Bea asked, her curiosity and interest hitting the roof. She
totally wouldn’t have guessed. Though, Lisa certainly had the looks for it. She
was the sex-bomb type who looked like every guy’s perfect fantasy. Large, firm
tits, slim waist, curvy hips and a face like an angel with her long cloudy
blonde hair. Bea could really imagine Lisa in that role in an instant.

“No sex,” Lisa repeated firmly, taking a sip from her coffee. “The thing
is, Bea, there’re so many well heeled men out there just interested in having
that model-type on their arm for a few hours. It could be for a formal event,
or for an exclusive party. Or maybe even for a little holiday trip. There are
really no strings attached. They want to have that overall girlfriend experience
without actually having a girlfriend. So when the show’s over, both parties can
walk their separate ways.”

“So all those out of town trips of yours…”

Lisa nodded slowly. “Yes, most times I was going with a client or going
to meet a client. It’s
because my agency makes
extra sure that each client is genuine. It’s fun because I get to go to all
these beautiful places. And oh…did I tell you it pays extremely well, too?” She
smiled widely.

Bea almost didn’t want to ask, but found herself doing so anyway. “So
how much do you get paid?”

Lisa paused, placing down her cup before answering with a
“It depends.
But basically, because of the top agency I work for, I get some really good
rates.” And then when she told Bea what she earned per hour, she had to chuckle
at Bea’s very expressive face.

“All that, and they don’t get a piece of you?” Bea gasped.

“I told you, these guys are well heeled. It means nothing to them to
blow that kind of money on a few hours with a cultured, stunning lady,” Lisa said
with a smirk. Then she sighed, her humor sobering. “I started it out of
boredom. I had a job that was more like drudgery, a busy banker boyfriend who
had zero time for taking me out not to speak of going on pleasure trips…I just
saw this as a way of getting the exposure to life I craved. And so far, it’s
been great Bea. Sometimes, it’s fun meeting a new face, making that exciting
trip to somewhere different. And I’m lucky that I can always pick
I choose to go out with. Not that I’ve ever had to reject
a client. Like I told you, my agency is very exclusive and their clients are
among politicians, athletes, celebrities, CEOs and yes, the odd trust fund

Her beautiful face broke out in a smile, and Bea couldn’t help smiling
back. “I think it’s great you can get to live your life the way you want,” Bea
said, tapping her flat mate’s hand, which lay on the table. “I’ve always envied
you, you know. Your carefree spirit.”

Lisa huffed. “No, Bea, I envy you. You’re so hip and intelligent. You
work for this cool IT firm and you’re just so dedicated to your dream. I wish I
was that focused. Also, I think you’re the most beautiful girl I know.”

“Me, beautiful?” Bea gasped, laughing in disbelief with cheeks pink from

“Oh, come off it with the modesty, Bea. You’re fucking hot. All my guy
friends have crushes on you and have wanted to ask you out but I warned them to
keep their paws off my flat mate. You’ve got the body of a goddess, with your
perky tits and perfect peach butt. Trust me, we’ve sunbathed together enough
for me to know exactly what I’m talking about. I love your gorgeous sable hair
with its natural waves reaching down your back. Hey, if I was a guy, I’d want
to hit on you for sure.”

Bea’s blush deepened. “I think you’re hot, too. I always have. And
thanks, Lisa – I’ve never really looked at myself that way.”

“Well, you should. A girl like you in my line of work – well,
you’d make heaps.”

Bea hadn’t really thought much about that comment, but she had felt nice
that Lisa, who she’d always admired, thought she was beautiful, too. She’d
never have dreamed that a few weeks later, she’d be in the situation she was

She remembered returning from work to find Lisa on the phone, talking
agitatedly. Bea couldn’t help sending her flat mate a worried look as she let
herself into the apartment.

“Anything wrong?” Bea asked with concern when Lisa ended the call and
flung her phone unto the nearby couch.

Lisa shoved her fingers into her hair to clutch the blonde strands, a
perfect picture of panic and distress. “Nothing…I mean, I guess I’ve got a bit
of a problem. Okay, more like a major problem.” She grimaced. “My normal
efficient and professional agency has just double-booked me. I’m due to meet
one of my most esteemed clients tonight; I’ve already been sent the first class
tickets to join him in Vegas for the weekend.”

“Oh,” Bea said slowly, not really getting it.

Lisa added on an exhaled breath, “Now the problem is this. I’ve been
told I’ve got two new clients arriving today who’ve booked me for dinner with
them. Since they’re two, they’re paying double for my company. And from what I
hear, they’re the highest paying clients my agency has.”

“But how could this mistake happen? And what are you going to do?” Bea
asked with concern. “Because it sounds like you can’t stand up either

“No, I can’t,”
groaned, falling into a
heap in her chair. “This never, ever happens. Not to me. What am I going to do,
Bea? None of the other girls I trust can make it to take my place, not at such
short notice. And I seriously can’t afford to insult any of my clients. I have
a short but prestigious list of patrons whom I value immensely. And tonight, my
agency got me booked with
fittest chaps ever: Ryan and Jason Wallace, the billionaire brothers who run
Wallace Enterprises Holdings International.”

Bea’s eyes
widened, suitably impressed.
Even she had heard of the mega successful
company that was into anything and everything. “I’m sorry. What are you going
to do?”

“I don’t know,”
cried, her fingers
tightening in her hair for a few moments, before she released it and dropped
her hands with a sigh. “These were going to be my most valued clients. They’ve
never used our agency before and this would have been a great way to establish
some fantastic working relationship that could lead to return bookings in

Bea chewed on her lip, really worried for her stressed-looking friend.
“Can’t your agency get someone else?”

“Not at such short notice. I just called them and they say it’s all up
to me. I’ve rung a few of my girls, but…” Lisa paused, viewing Bea with

“What?” Bea said, eyes darting quizzically.

“Bea…I need to ask you a huge, colossal favor…”


Chapter Two

Long story short, Lisa had managed to talk her into making the booking
and here Bea was.

At first, Bea had flatly refused, of course…

Bea’s head was shaking firmly. “Look, I’m truly sorry about the mix-up
but Lisa, there’s no way…”

“Please, please, please…

Lisa’s big blue eyes had been

“Lisa, I thought this was just some pleasant pastime for you. What does
it matter if you happen to lose this one booking? I mean, it’s not like it’s
your fault,” Bea said, already panicking at the thought of having to take
Lisa’s place. “I wouldn’t even know what to do…”

“It’s simple! Just sit there, make great conversation, a bit of dancing,
and it’s over. Nothing happens that you aren’t comfortable with. And yes, it
started out as a fun thing to pass the time, but now it’s a career I take very
seriously. A career that is helping me put my younger brother through college.”

Bea paused, thinking of Lisa’s young, bright brother Harry who was now
in Harvard. Bea hadn’t known Lisa was responsible for paying for her younger
brother’s education. Although Lisa’s folks were both gone, Bea had always
assumed there was some kind of college fund going on. Just like she’d been
mistaken that Lisa had some family money that got her to live so
extravagantly…Bea felt like such an idiot.

Lisa sighed deeply. “Bea, all these trappings I surround myself with
– the fabulous clothes, shoes and jewelry – the fancy car and the
regular spa treatments and trips to the hair salon…they’re just stuff I need to
do to play the part. When I said I was in it all for the glamour, I wasn’t being
perfectly honest. It’s mostly for my younger brother Harry. I want him to have
the future our parents didn’t get the chance to provide for him when they died
when we were just kids.”

Bea bit hard on her lip. “I’m so sorry, Lisa, I wish I could do
something to help. But I’m not like you. I’m just not that kind of girl. You
know me, hardly the social butterfly. I’ll probably ruin your agency’s
reputation for good if I show up. Trust me; you’re better off cancelling the
appointment with the billionaire brothers than inflicting
on them.”

Lisa was suddenly smiling, cocking her head to the side. “Bea, I’m sure
I’ve told you many times before: you’re hot. Girls like you wouldn’t even have
to open their mouths and you’ll have men drooling. Okay, seriously,” she added
when Bea scowled with feigned offense, “These two guys haven’t met me; they
don’t know what I really look like or what to expect. Sure, they’ve seen the
photos in the profile, but once they meet you, it wouldn’t matter. They’ve
heard of my reputation as a reliable and professional escort, so they’re
probably just looking forward to meeting someone sexy, entertaining, and

“See, I told you! That’s
me,” Bea said with a hint of triumph.

Lisa advanced and grasped Bea’s face in both hands. “You know what? You
were right. This is just one booking; it’s not the end of the world if I lose
them. So here’s my suggestion. Don’t do this for me, Bea. Do this for you,” she
said softly, compellingly. “I actually want you to try it. Go out and have fun
for once. You’ve been holed up in this flat for months now. The last time you
went on a date was three months ago.”

“And even that wasn’t a real date,” Bea spoke up, pouting slightly.
“Just an after-thought thing when some guy from admin decided we should meet up
for drinks after work. And it bombed. He got tipsy and tried to paw me in his

“Ugh,” Lisa said playfully. “Well, tonight honey, you’ll get to meet two
incredible hunks. I’ve heard about them; they’re so hot in Scotland where they
come from. Treat yourself to something different and exciting. And you’ll get
paid for it, too, I promise. You’ll get my fee.”

BOOK: The Escort Series
8.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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