Read The First Taste is Free - Tales of a Lesbian Vampire (Episode 1 of the Pixie Chix) Online

Authors: Zephyr Indigo

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The First Taste is Free - Tales of a Lesbian Vampire (Episode 1 of the Pixie Chix)

BOOK: The First Taste is Free - Tales of a Lesbian Vampire (Episode 1 of the Pixie Chix)
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Pixie Chix - Tales of a Lesbian Vampire

Episode One







Warning: this story contains explicit descriptions of lesbian sex and more than its fair share of naughty language.


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Copyright 2012 Zephyr Indigo

All rights reserved. Except for the use in any review, the reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in part in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means is forbidden without the express permission of the author.

Table of Contents










Felicia stopped, waiting for the sound to repeat.


She scanned the forest in front of her, trees standing spindly and lifeless in the cold, winter air. It was a dark night, with the only light coming from the stars, but Felicia could still see well enough. There was nothing ahead of her.

That thought lingered in her mind.
There’s nothing ahead of me.

She looked back the way she had come and could just barely see the distant town of Ammathelene peeking through the trees. From here it wasn’t much more than a dull orange glow; everyone was inside, close to a fire, trying to keep warm.

And there’s nothing behind me.

Except hunger, no matter where I go.

She started walking again. With each step her feet sank into the snow, leaving a series of easily seen footsteps behind her. They didn’t remain for long, however, as the snow gradually rebounded to fill the indentations. The spell to hide her trail wasn’t exactly easy, but after using it so often for the past few years, casting it had become almost as natural as breathing. She didn’t think anyone was hunting her at the moment, but that didn’t mean she could relax her guard.

The thought of being hunted made her stop and look around again. There was still nothing in sight and, matching the stillness of the winter air, nothing was moving. Even the slightest hint of activity would stand out, like blood on snow.

No, it would be stupid to hunt her tonight. Really, it was stupid to hunt her any night, but they had tried a few times before so she had to stay vigilant.

She glanced back in the direction of Ammathelene, but it was no longer visible. Even so, a wave of hunger washed over her.

Keep walking. Don’t think about it.

She started moving and the hunger faded.
The hunger for blood, anyway.

For the second time in her life as a vampire, Felicia hadn’t fed in almost two weeks. The first time had begun a month ago when she resolved to stop drinking blood for as long as she could. It had not been a pleasant test, but she had resisted for eight days before discovering an unexpected side effect: she became horny, unbelievably horny, so much so that her need for sex began to overwhelm her need for blood.

If she were not Z’eph then that wouldn’t have posed much of a problem, as there never seemed to be a lack of men looking for an easy fuck. But in a town such as Ammathelene, finding a woman with similar inclinations was far more difficult.

Felicia cursed silently to herself.
So many things were better in the city, Finding a woman was never a problem there.

That was always the trick: identifying other Z’eph. In smaller towns Felicia had visited, they did nothing to stand out, as if they were all in hiding. But for whatever reason, City Z’eph were much more open and much easier to find. And once Felicia found such a woman, the end result was inevitable.

No one resists a vampire.

Sadly, Felicia needed to avoid cities right now. The King had placed a bounty on vampires, and it seemed that everyone was watching everyone else, looking for signs of vampirism and hoping to make a few easy gold pieces. Felicia was adept at hiding herself, but in the city there were just too many chances to make mistakes.

Out here the frenzy was muted. The “Vampire Menace” wasn’t something that anyone cared about and many didn’t even believe that vampires existed in the first place.

Which made it the perfect place for Felicia to spend the winter. People to feed on were relatively easy to find, and as long as she didn’t actually kill anyone, no one seemed likely to discover what she was. There was always the chance of random vampire hunters making an appearance, but she hadn’t seen one in months.

Really, her only problem with living in Ammathelene, was that she could find no one to fuck.

Then she had met Erynthia, a young woman who tended a clothing shop in the day, and served drinks at a small tavern at night. From the first moment that Felicia walked into the clothing shop it was obvious that Erynthia was Z’eph, and it took an extreme act of willpower for Felicia to resist seducing her on the spot.

Impulsive vampires are dead vampires.

So she spoke calmly with Erynthia, showed a moderate amount of interest in her, found out where she worked in the evening, then departed. Overwhelmed by lust, Felicia somehow survived the rest of the day and evening, waiting to visit
The Drunken Duck
only a few minutes before it closed. The relief in Erynthia’s eyes when she saw Felicia was obvious; she was already under the vampire’s spell. Felicia had a single glass of wine, then the tavern closed and Erynthia lead her upstairs, to a small room where the woman lived.

When the door closed behind them Felicia lost control. Within moments she had Erynthia’s blouse off and was sucking her breasts hungrily. The woman had large breasts that felt warm and heavy in Felicia’s hands, with tiny nipples that nevertheless became hard as the vampire flicked her tongue over them. Surprisingly soon though, Felicia found herself needing to move on. Normally she adored breasts, especially ones as large as these, but she felt compelled to move lower.

She pulled Erynthia’s pants off, more violently than intended. Something made a ripping sound, and the clasp popped off, flying through the air to land on a nearby dresser. Then she pushed Erynthia back onto her bed, her legs hanging over the edge, her feet still on the floor.

Felicia dropped to her knees, pushing the woman’s legs apart so that she had an unrestricted view of Erynthia’s pussy. Again, Felicia normally liked to take her time, study the pussy in front of her, wrap herself in thoughts of what the soft outer lips would feel like on her tongue, of what the first moment she sank her tongue in the wetness would taste like. But that wasn’t going to happen tonight. She moved closer, took hold of Erynthia’s wet pussy lips with her fingers, pulled the soft, slick folds apart, and dove in.

Calmness washed over Felicia as her tongue entered the woman’s pussy. Calmness tinged with the realization that, as soon as she had satisfied her need to eat pussy, she was going to need blood. Erynthia was just too warm and too close for Felicia to resist.

But not yet. While she still had her tongue inside Erynthia she was content. She wasn’t in a hurry anymore; she could relax and enjoy.

Plus, Felicia felt that it was only fair to make Erynthia come a few times.

Which wasn’t difficult. The woman’s body seemed to have no resistance to the vampire’s talents. She came quickly and easily, many times, before falling asleep.

And then Felicia climbed slowly on top of Erynthia. The woman’s eyes were closed in blissful satisfaction and she didn’t react.

As gently as she could, Felicia sunk her teeth into the woman’s neck.

Erynthia moaned, almost as she had when Felicia’s tongue entered her pussy, then relaxed and fell asleep.

The blood felt strange. It was the same temperature as Erynthia’s pussy juices, but thicker and not as slippery. It felt somehow more substantial; Felicia felt like she had eaten dessert first and was now moving on to the main course.

When she was done, she stood up and adjusted Erynthia’s legs so that she was lying fully on her bed. Felicia arranged her sleeping form to be comfortable, covered her with a blanket and departed.

Felicia’s body had been replenished, but her soul was filled with regret.






NOW IT WAS thirteen nights later, and she hadn’t fed since. She had seen Erynthia from afar a couple times, but of course the woman didn’t remember that night. Unless Felicia took special precautions, her victims would never remember. Nevertheless, Felicia had avoided her and done her best not to attract her attention in any way. It was dangerous to feed on the same person more than once.

Which wasn’t a problem—until tonight. Now she desperately wanted to taste Erynthia’s pussy again. And she knew that if she did, that she wouldn’t be able to resist drinking her blood as well.

Which is why I’m out here, alone, in the forest.

It was much easier out here. In town it was too easy to think of Erynthia’s wetness, and even if she kept her distance, there were still all the other warm bodies nearby. She might be able to resist going to
The Drunken Duck
, and she might be able to resist drinking from any of the other people that crossed her path, but she was reaching her breaking point. At some point, if temptation was near, her resolve would crumble and she would find her tongue inside some other woman and her teeth in her neck.

At least out here I can resist. For how long, I don’t know.

It hadn’t always been like this. At first she had loved being a vampire. For decades she had revelled in the rush of power that feeding brought to her and delighted in all the ways that vampirism enhanced her life. She was stronger and faster. She could see every detail of the world with clear eyes and hear tiny sounds of such immense beauty that no mortal could hope to perceive. And she was beyond the control of anyone; there were no hunters back then. She felt that she could do what she wanted, whenever she wanted.

But she needed to feed, and at first she needed to hurt and sometimes destroy. Early in her life as a vampire she felt justified, that she was a goddess and all the lesser folk should willingly give themselves to her. That feeling had faded. Now she knew that she was nothing better than a thief.

At least she wasn’t a killer anymore; she had learned how to avoid taking lives while feeding. Even so, she had the sneaking suspicion that she wasn’t just stealing blood from her victims, but some of their life too.

She needed to stop, but didn’t know how.

If I were smart, I’d let the hunters catch me.

Thoughts like that were becoming too common these days.

Suddenly, she noticed someone standing in the trees ahead of her.
They found me!

No, she could identify a hunter on sight, and this person wasn’t one of them. It was just a woman, or maybe even a girl, standing perfectly still and staring back at her.

Felicia slowed, but kept walking toward the woman. There was a definite argument to be made for turning away, as nothing good ever came of meeting strange people in the dark; vampires knew that better than anyone. As always though, curiosity got the better of her.
Who is she? Is she waiting for me? How did she know I’d be here?

Plus, as much as Felicia didn’t want to admit it, she was hungry and that gave her an extra push forward.

I’m not going to feed. I’m not going to feed. I’m not going to feed.

If she said that enough, it might come true.

Well then, maybe I could just taste her. I’m sure this time I could stop at that.

No, I couldn’t.

She had covered about half the distance to the woman now, enough to make out some details. They were confusing.

The woman didn’t belong in the same forest as Felicia, didn’t belong in the same forest as a moody, possibly even suicidal vampire, didn’t belong any place where serious, depressing thoughts existed.

She was short, with pale white skin and bright rosy cheeks. Her clothing gave the impression of being for winter, but as Felicia got closer she realized that there was no possible way the clothing would keep anyone warm, especially on a frightfully cold night such as this. Her long coat was made of leather and dyed a deep shade of blue. It had a hood lined with white fur, but the woman wasn’t using it, leaving exposed her long, straight blonde hair. The coat itself, if it were thicker, might possibly have been warm, but it was thin and clung closely to the woman’s shape, accentuating her curves before flaring out at her hips in the manner of a skirt. On her legs she wore white stockings that blended into the snow behind her, and black shoes that were little more than slippers as they barely reached her ankles.

BOOK: The First Taste is Free - Tales of a Lesbian Vampire (Episode 1 of the Pixie Chix)
10.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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