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The Gemini Deception

BOOK: The Gemini Deception
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Agent Harper “Shield” Kennedy’s specialty within the Elite Operatives Organization is security, although she’s long lost any gratification from babysitting most VIPs. However, her new assignment—to safeguard the U.S. president—will prove to be the biggest challenge of her career. Shield’s mission to protect the first female chief executive is complicated by threats to her own life when she begins to question the president’s orders.


Loner Ryden Wagner is content with her life as a florist until she becomes a pawn in a political deception involving the highest office in the land. Trapped in a dangerous game where one false move could cost Ryden her life, she has to rely solely on the president’s new bodyguard.


As an attraction between the two women grows, so does the urgency for answers, but will the truth bring them together or tear them apart?


Sixth in the romantic intrigue series: Elite Operatives.

The Gemini Deception

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By the Authors

The Elite Operatives Series


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The Gemini Deception


By Kim Baldwin


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The authors wish to thank all the talented women at Bold Strokes Books for making this book possible. Radclyffe, for her vision, faith in us, and example. Editor Shelley Thrasher, your insightful editing of this book is deeply appreciated. Jennifer Knight, for invaluable insights into how to craft a series. Graphic artist Sheri for another amazing cover. Connie Ward, BSB publicist and first-reader extraordinaire, and all of the other support staff who work behind the scenes to make each BSB book an exceptional read.


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My dear friend Xenia, working with you on the Elite Operatives Series has been one of the most fun and rewarding endeavors I’ve ever undertaken, and I’ll long cherish the countless happy memories of writing, laughing, reading, and signing together. Here’s hoping we do many more projects together once book seven is finished.


For Marty, my family for more than forty years. Your enduring support has been a critical factor in any success I enjoy.


Mom and Dad, I miss you both so much, and know you’re watching out for me. And for my brother Tom, for always saying yes when I need a ride to the airport.


I also have to thank a wonderful bunch of friends who provide unwavering support for all my endeavors. Claudia and Esther, Pattie, Linda, Kat, Felicity. You are family, and near or far, I hold you always close to my heart.


Kim Baldwin 2013


My eternal gratitude and respect to my invaluable friend Kim. Thank you for pointing me in this direction and for being there every step of the way. I am always there for you, no matter what. With only one book left in the series, I can sincerely say it’s been an honor, a privilege, and a hell of a fun ride. Can’t wait for our next project!


Mom, Dad, and Sis. You are my biggest support and comfort. Thank you for everything.


May, you have made my world a richer place to write in and about.


Claudia, thank you for doing all that you do for me in Holland so that I can live my dream in Greece. You’re the world’s best “wingman.”


And as always a very big thank you to my wonderfully tolerant friends. Esther, Nicki, Dennis, and Steven, you were there from the beginning to constantly support and encourage me, and I will always be grateful. Last but never least, a big bow of appreciation to all the readers who enjoy the stories and make writing one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. YOU ALL ROCK.


Xenia Alexiou 2013


To my nephews Alexi and Dimitri

May you always listen to your heart, follow your dreams, and chase your passions.

I love you guys,



You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don’t trust enough.

—Frank Crane


Durham, North Carolina

Late January


When Ryden Wagner woke from the final surgery, even the massive doses of painkillers pouring through her IV couldn’t completely eradicate the pain in her face. Still groggy, she skimmed her fingers over the bandages that covered her straightened nose and higher, new cheekbones. The swelling was so bad she had to view the sterile room through half-open eyes, but she could see she was alone.

She’d been in the private clinic for more than a month and during that time had undergone a series of procedures to radically change her appearance; this latest was the final alteration. A chin implant came first, then dental work when that was healed, followed by Lasik eye surgery to allow her to finally shed her thick, black-framed glasses. Yesterday, a stylist had come in and cut several inches off her hair. The man had dyed it as well, from light mousy brown to a darker brunette, but Ryden only knew that from the snippets of hair that fell into her lap. They still refused to let her anywhere near a mirror.

BOOK: The Gemini Deception
9.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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