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The Genesis Project

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Genesis Project

New Earth

Tigris Eden

© 2013 Tigris Eden

Cover: Stephanie Scott

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To my editor Danielle, from Coffee and Characters, thank you for restoring my faith. I'm looking forward to many collaborations.

To Alicia, again for always pushing me harder, every day, all day. No matter what!

Stephanie, thank you for bringing Gen's image to life and putting your stamp on. I love the cover, could not have asked for a better one!

A big thank you to all my girls over at the Shadow Unit Street Team. To my betas, Kat, Val, and S Cu'Anam, I
you three for reading Gen's story and loving it.


I would like to dedicate The Genesis Project to a very special man in my life, LL. Thank you for allowing me to be me, and for encouraging me along the way. I love you.

of Terms

Artificial Intelligence

Albumin Serum:
The most abundant protein in human blood.

Bloodletting Bracelets:
Gold or Silver bracelets that when turned counter-clockwise would draw blood from the wearer. Only females where them. It's used in the Tasting Ceremony. (A
is the male equivalent but with one band around each bicep).

Neutral Faction only brought in by U.F.U to be the decision maker. Ethereal like creatures with ghost like qualities and voices that can lull you to your death.

Cosmic Dust:
Dust from the Moon's surface

Mother Earth

Genesis Gene:
A strand of DNA taken from a human.

Immune boost:
A boost in one's immunity allowing the receiver higher outcome of non-disease.

Females first bleeding

Neurological tech that allows the body to self-heal as well as assess the body's damage. Faster Reflex, heightened senses. (Nuero Gas)

A sexual stimulant drug that relaxes the body and heightens the senses of a Par.

Equals New Earth rotating around the sun, equivalent to one standard Earth year.

) they are also from a blood planet in another solar system who populated Earth when it had been in its infancy. They were worshiped by the humans. They are what humans called Vampires. They are also believed to have mingled with humans of ancient Thrace.

A ceremony where Pars go to choose their mates.

The Source:
Drinking straight from a live host.

United Federations of the Universes

Uni-War (universal war):
Wars that were fought among the different Universe's.

âñõêüëáêáò, pronounced [
]), They are actual beings from a blood planet in another solar system who travelled to Earth, to get away from U.F.U. They have darker skin and live in the southern hemisphere of New Earth. They are said to be polygamous in nature. Having more than one mate. Their beliefs are from a practice called Illyrian.


“Stage one complete, cellular regeneration has begun.”

A wide smile spread across the face of Dr. Vaggo Blackmore. He was sure that this time the process would work.

The sound of air being vacuumed from the heated chamber was loud, making a hissing noise as the vent continued to suck the air out of the chamber. In order for the regeneration process to continue, there could be no particle contamination. The chamber needed to be void of oxygen and hydrogen in order to create life from the cloned cells currently housed on top of a small petri dish.

Stage two complete, molecular levels are stable, adding Nuero-Technology.”

Carefully, the Nuero-Technology was added to make the cells stronger, infusing them with the ability to enhance the processing of bodily functions. Allowing the body to perform in a self-healing capacity and to deduce any problems it encountered as a whole. The electrical highways that connected the brain to its host would also function in a higher level, allowing the subject to process information at an accelerated rate. Vaggo decided that these advances were necessary in order to further the survival of his species. If the body healed faster, it would in turn produce faster. Or at least that was the hypothesis.

A.I. counted down the seconds until
Nuero Gas was dispersed inside the chamber, penetrating each cell's membrane, and infusing the atoms with a dose of the Genesis Gene.
This new strain has to work
, Vaggo thought to himself. If everything went well there would be a cure. A cure, that some said would never happen.

“Stage three complete, Nuero-Technology infused. Placing embryo in stasis.”

Vaggo watched as the tiny cells were carefully moved by A.I.'s mechanical arm and gently placed into the incubator. He was literally balancing himself on the edge of his seat, praying everything would turn out alright. Their species survival depended on it.

“Shall I give the embryo the immune boost Dr. Vaggo?” A.I. asked in her crystal clear voice.

Yes. Let's induce the immune boost by seventy-five percent and add retinal and muscle enhancements.” Vaggo replied. The embryo needed to survive and endure any potential dangers.

“Dr. Vaggo, if retinal and muscle enhancements are given, the embryo may not be able to regenerate. There is a twenty percent chance during stasis that it may terminate.

A.I. was practical, always accurate. At times it made Vaggo want to shut her down for good, but electricity was sparse now and the council already rationed his use. He needed to get this done so he could move on to the next stage of the process. The thought ran rampant through his mind as he watched the cells regenerate in the petri dish inside
incubator. The arm stopped moving mid-way and seemed to stall. Vaggo stood and quietly approached A.I.'s work station.

“A.I. is there something wrong?”

“Awaiting your directive on retinal and muscle enhancements Dr. Blackmore.”


The arm moved over the incubator and Vaggo stepped back so he wouldn't be near the delicate process. He watched with eyes that felt dry and scratchy, blinking a couple of times, he felt as if he'd just scrapped his eyes raw with sand paper. How long had he been at this?

Twelve long years and every attempt had failed. Tonight though, everything would be perfect. He had
every step, every procedure, and what he was unable to figure out had been supplied by A.I.

“Retinal and muscle enhancements have been injected Dr. Vaggo. The embryo has now been placed into deep-stasis.”

The mechanical arm moved to the station board to input the locking sequence, securing the embryo in its chamber during its incubation period. Over the course of a week the embryo would be surrounded first by amniotic fluid and then placed in a womb like environment awaiting its birth.

Vaggo dragged a tired hand down his face and headed towards his sleeping quarters. As he headed out of the room he stopped and looked over his shoulder at the incubator one more time. Their entire species depending on the rapidly generating cells in that
petri dish.

Six Weeks Later

Vaggo smiled down at the squirming infant in his arms. Genetics was a tricky thing, but he'd finally gotten it right. The infant was perfect in every way. It hadn't mattered what the final outcome produced gender wise, as long as everything inside worked. What he'd gotten was a perfect little miracle, with ice-blue eyes surrounded by a golden circle, and a crown of silky black hair. Her skin a beautiful honey-almond, shimmered under the fluorescent lights. He'd yet to give the infant a name and didn't know if he should.

A flawless face stared up at him in recognition. Beneath her skin he could see flecks of gold and blue veins,
as they pulsed with life. An oddity he was sure, but out of her oddness was perfection.

He'd copied the genetic code from old text books that he'd gathered from the science section at the Hall of Records. The books pre-dated the first Uni-war. The pages had been unmarred by time and soiled fingers, still legible and clear. How she ended up looking unlike her kind was an anomaly. But she was growing at an accelerated rate and it concerned him. What if she died due to her rapidly aging body and he wasn't able to harness her genetic material in time for proper research? What if she fell ill? Vaggo stared down at the restless baby and decided then and there that he wouldn't allow for either of those possibilities to occur. She was his and he would keep her alive, always. The baby needed a name, and only one would do.

BOOK: The Genesis Project
9.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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