The Heart's Domination (Touched By You 3)

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he Heart’s Domination


1 - Meditation

Natalie had gotten up early to catch the morning sunrise over Central Park and the surrounding area. On the top floor of the building housing Cheryl’s penthouse
, was a huge workout room. It took up the top floor and included machines, weights, aerobic rooms and yoga rooms.

From the yoga room, Natalie looked out at a sea of tree tops, the view down onto the park.
Beyond the trees were the high-rises of the Upper East Side. It was a little hazy that morning, and looked so quiet. From above, all the activity was hidden from view. It was a bit like being in a tree house.

Natalie wore her yoga tights and tank top. It was warm in the room, kept intentionally so for yoga exercises
, which require flexible muscles. There was low music piped in. the environment was very relaxing, allowing Natalie’s thoughts to drift as she began her initial warm up.

She’d worked the day before
on her new designs. The idea of Natalie Baker Designs still seemed a little unreal. She had started her own company. Of course, she wasn’t making money from her designs yet. She would though. Her new concept was brilliant. Or, so she hoped.

Natalie breathed
deeply with her exercises, trying to take her mind off work. Her thoughts went immediately to Tanner. She stayed at Cheryl’s sometimes, especially if Tanner worked late. Clarke Luxury Brands was a demanding company to run. He often met late with business partners. He seemed to have unlimited energy.

They’d been together
, recently, at his New York penthouse in his emerald green room. Something about the color spoke of male sexuality and wealth. He’d designed it well. Her mind went to his polished wood trunk, full of sex toys, and she felt her nipples get hard. Since Natalie had agreed to travel with Tanner and they’d be apart less often, the intensity of their sex together had increased. Not that it was ever dull.

Quite the contrary, Natalie smiled to think that she’d been a virgin before meeting Tanner. She was glad. The idea of being with any other man wasn’t attractive. Now, even more, she wanted only Tanner. He was hers. Every gorgeous inch of him
was available for her enjoyment. And enjoy she did.

Natalie was done with her Yoga routine
for that morning. But she’d be back, every day if she could. Sex with Tanner was an athletic event and she had to keep up. After all, he certainly stayed in shape. She wasn’t sure how often he used the gym at his penthouse, but he had a state-of-the-art gym in his company’s building. His rock hard muscles were a result of regular workouts. He was just as disciplined in his personal life as in his business life.

2 – Charity

Tanner had been an avid supporter of organizations giving help to orphans in New York. He had created his own Clarke Foundation for Young Orphans. Through regular sponsors and fundraising events, he continually funded projects with churches, corporations, organizations and philanthropic individuals, to support young children without parents.

Natalie gladly helped with such a worthy
purpose. And now, knowing how Tanner came to be adopted by William Sheldon Clarke, after losing his own parents, she understood why he so heavily supported this cause.

“My driver will pick you up an hour early. I’d like to have time together before we go to the fundraiser,” Tanner told her.

Natalie cradled her cell phone to her ear. Just hearing his voice caused her heart to race. “That sounds wonderful,” she agreed.

Tanner went on, “We’ll have a drink at the champagne bar
. The fundraiser includes dinner, so we can eat at the event. I’m greedy. I miss you and want time alone.”

Natalie smiled. She was so lucky to have him in her life. He
never seemed to realize how good he was to her. But she knew. “Okay. I’m deciding what to wear. I’ll be ready.”

Natalie’s wardrobe had expanded since she travelled with Tanner and went to so many events. Thank goodness he’d assigned a fashion consultant. She could design clothes
, but finding ones that suited her, and were right for each event, was a task. Help was welcome.

The stately
, marble lobby of the Plaza Hotel was huge. Along the walls, on rich carpet, was all the seating – the area known as the Champagne Bar. Natalie sat across from Tanner, admiring his choice of charcoal Armani wool suit over a dark knit shirt. It gave him a confident, yet relaxed, air.

His perfect face and thick, recently groomed hair
took her breath away. And, judging from the glances his way by any woman he passed, she wasn’t the only one.

She wore her Armani
, jersey dress in a vibrant raspberry hue. The sleeveless cocktail dress was short and she noticed Tanner gazing at her bare legs. His eyes roamed up and over her slender form. He admired her clear, pale skin. A smile crossed his lips. “I have something for you,” he said.

Natalie’s eyes got bigger when he placed a velvet box on the table. “It’s not my birthday,” she said, unsure how to react.

“Just open it,” he commanded. She loved when his baby blue eyes sparkled. It must be a good gift
, if it had that effect on him.

She gasped when she opened the box to find a lovely necklace of white gold. The pendant was two butterflies, one created with brilliant diamonds and the second carved from blank onyx.

“Oh, Tanner,” she exclaimed and felt tears well in her eyes. She was touched by the gesture.

“I thought you’d like it,” he said. “It’s a celebration of us. Y
ou bring joy to my life, baby. Butterflies are a symbol of joy. I had the piece designed for you.”

Natalie gently removed the necklace from the box and Tanner
stepped behind her to place it around her neck. “Perfect,” he said.

Natalie felt the pendant and smiled. “You are the one who brings joy,” she said.

Tanner actually blushed, which was a rare occurrence. To deflect the attention, he changed the subject. “You’ll enjoy the Krug 1990. I don’t think we’ve had that champagne together before. And I’ve ordered caviar to go with it.”

Always in charge, she thought. Natalie didn’t really mind. She enjoyed his choices
, but it was just that he didn’t ask, just assumed.

It was going to be an elite charity event tonight. She was looking forward to meeting the wealthy attendees. It was a private event that Tanner held twice a year to raise money for orphans. It was invitation only and Tanner personally created the invitation list.

The waiter took the remainder of the champagne up to the event for them. Dinner was to be served before the presentation. Natalie’s stomach rumbled and she was glad she wouldn’t have to wait. The alcohol was going to her head. Between that and the new necklace, she felt giddy.

The event went off smoothly. Tanner commanded the room with his keynote speech. All Natalie could think about was being alone with him later. Seeing him in his elem
ent was a turn-on. He was respected in business circles, entirely comfortable in this setting with his peers, and impressive to watch.

– Intense

Tanner was as anxious as Natalie to get back to the penthouse. He told her that he had something planned
, and by the look in his eyes, he certainly did.

Natalie carefully put her new necklace away
, and hung up her cocktail dress. She left on her lace bra and panties. Tanner had his back to her, momentarily, as he tossed his clothes over a chair. She stopped breathing when she saw he was wearing a white, satin thong. A strip of material covered the skin just below his waist, leaving his firm, rounded ass bare. Staring at his masculine butt, her clit hardened.

Tanner turned to see the
look on her face. “I wore the thong for you,” he said.

Natalie struggled to find her vo
ice. “If I’d known you had a satin thong on under your suit, I’d never have made it through the event.”

Tanner strode toward her. H
is long, lean legs reminded her of a sleek predator closing in on his prey. All she could do was to stare at him. “Breathe,” he said deeply, reminding her that she was holding her breath.

He stood in front of her, close enough that s
he could smell his maleness. His heavy pheromones engulfed her senses. She was stunned, like prey just waiting to be taken, and willingly.

er kissed her hard on the mouth, and she reached behind to grab his muscled buttocks, exposed by the satin thong. She squeezed and Tanner made a low noise deep in his throat. She took one finger, and ran it along the satin string of the thong, that ran between his cheeks. Tanner grabbed her hands, and pulled her away. Her sensual touch would push him quickly to the edge, and he knew it.

don’t need these,” Tanner said, reaching for her lacy underwear. He pulled down her panties and she kicked them off. Before standing, he buried his face in her pubic hair and breathed, deeply, of her sweetness. The sight of the etching of his name in script, near her right hip, turned him on. It signified Natalie’s submission. He kissed the delicate tattoo.

He stood
up again and looked, unashamed, at her touchable cleavage. He undid her bra and tossed it aside. Her firm breasts sprung free. He held one in each hand and rubbed each nipple with his thumb, causing them to stiffen.

In a teasing manner, he leaned in and kissed each nipple, only enough
to tantalize, not to satisfy. Natalie tingled and her head fell back, her shiny hair flowing down her back. Tanner placed his hands at the sides of her waist and paused, letting Natalie’s anticipation stir.

He ran his hands
lovingly down her body, down her hips, inner thighs and calves. She never knew that every inch of her body could be so sensitive. Tanner stood and thrust his hands in her hair, pulling her forward to kiss her. Natalie kissed back, their tongues rubbing and caressing.

“Tonight will be intense, baby,” he said in a guttural voice. “Are you willing?”

She knew she’d let him do anything he wanted. She needed and craved the intense pleasure he gave her. She felt like putty in his hands. Her throat seemed to lock up at the thought of what Tanner would consider intense. Not finding her voice, she merely nodded, letting him know she was ready.

guided her to a wide, overstuffed chair. It was emerald velvet matching the room’s décor. Natalie sat as she was instructed. The chair was big enough for two. She looked at Tanner’s cock bulging inside the cup of his thong. She wanted to reach out and yank the garment off.

With a knowing smile, h
e grabbed the waistband of his thong, delayed a moment enjoying Natalie’s voyeuristic thrill, and pulled down the skimpy fabric. His huge cock sprang to view and Natalie breathed in. His cock was beautiful, hard and handsome like the man. The veins on the sides were bulging, and the knob at the end was big and pink.

, showing her his hard ass once again, he went to the polished trunk. The simple action of opening the lid made Natalie’s heart race. She didn’t know everything in that trunk. It still held many exotic, unknown items. He pulled out a simple, non-chaffing rope. That, she recognized.

Tanner made her
put her feet on the chair and bend her knees. He proceeded to tie her ankles to her thighs, the frog-like position exposing her genitals. The position was not uncomfortable, but Natalie was glad she continued to practice yoga regularly. She needed it.

With another rope, Tanner tied her elbows together behind her, so she was unable to move or protect herself. She was in an utterly vulnerable position. He hadn’t even done anything yet and her clit was hard. Would Tanner be angry if she came before he touched her?

Natalie watched Tanner. His blue eyes were dark with emotion. He looked up at her sweet face and placing his hands on her knees, he spread her thighs to open her up further. Natalie rolled her head, side to side, already a bit too stimulated.

“I like you this way,” he said in a commanding tone. And without touching her, despite her obvious need, he went back to the trunk and pulled out another item. Natalie eyes widened.

The item was made of a hard gel. It was in the shape of a penis, but had an additional, tiny protrusion. Tanner rubbed it with his strong hand to warm it. He’d warmed the room earlier so Natalie was comfortable.

BOOK: The Heart's Domination (Touched By You 3)
12.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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