The Hungry Heart Fulfilled (The Hunger of the Heart Series Book 3)

BOOK: The Hungry Heart Fulfilled (The Hunger of the Heart Series Book 3)
The Hungry Heart Fulfilled
Book 3 of
The Hunger of the Heart Series
Shannon Farrell















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Canada and Ireland 1848-1849



Emer Nugent has
survived the hell of
the Grosse Ile quarantine station in Canada with some help
from the Bishop of
Quebec and her friends from Ireland, and has embarked on a new
life running an
orphanage for the Irish emigrant children left parentless by
the Famine and
terrible fevers which have accompanied it.



She has never
stopped loving Dalton
Randall, the powerful shipping magnate, but can never forgive
what she believes
have been his many betrayals of her and her family.



Dalton's father
Frederick is
actually to blame for many of the deeds against Emer and her
friends. He has
done everything he can to separate the couple, and is one step
away from
achieving all his worldly ambitions.



For Frederick has
convinced Dalton
that Emer is dead, and Dalton is about to cave in to his
manipulative father's
demand that he marry the daughter of a business rival for the
sake of their
shipping company.



But a chance
meeting draws the
passionate lovers together once more. Dalton has never stopped
loving Emer, and
is determined to build a life with her, and a medical practice
they can use to
help benefit the poor, no matter what Frederick says.



Outraged that his
plans for keeping
the two apart have failed, and Dalton has no intention of
marrying Madeliene
Lyndon so their shipping merger can go through smoothly,
Dalton’s father has
Emer arrested on false charges and transported back to Dublin.



The Ireland Emer
returns to is not
only still in the grip of the Famine, but also on the brink of
civil war. Emer
finds herself unwittingly
embroiled in the 1848 rebellion, and is put on trial for her



Dalton must outwit
Frederick if he
and Emer are ever to be safe, and must travel half way across
the world to try
to rescue his one true love from the capital charge of treason
before it's too



“No you don’t, Emer. You’re not getting rid of me that
easily. I want
some answers, and I want them
now!” Dalton
rasped as he backed
her up against the wall until his stomach and thighs pressed
intimately against
her own.



Emer was sure she was going to faint
from desire and



“When I last saw you in August, you were
in my bed, a
poor governess, making love to me as though it meant
everything in the world to
you. Now I
find you married to
your fiance Garvan, whom you swore you never loved, living
in a mansion with a
troop of male visitors coming in and out of here at all
times of the day and
night. I want
to know exactly what
the hell you've been up to, and I’m not leaving here until
you tell me the
truth,” Dalton threatened.



Emer shoved against his chest futilely
as she struggled
to escape from his tantalising nearness. “What I’ve done since
August ceased to be your
concern when you left me
on Grosse Ile then, and never once tried to contact me
except to....”



She halted just in time before she said
the words “bribe




The Hungry Heart Fulfilled
Book 3 of
The Hunger of the Heart Series
Shannon Farrell






This third novel of
Hunger of
the Heart
series is
no less remarkable than the first two. In this book, Dalton
and Emer are
reunited at last, and Datlon starts
to discover the
full extent of
his father's
lies and manipulations.



Dalton is set to marry Madeleine
Lyndon in four
days' time, until he discovers his one true love is still alive.
The news
shakes his entire world, and everything he has ever believed to
be true about
himself and his life.



While Dalton is
still reeling in
shock, one thing is certain: he loves Emer, not Madeleine, and
will move heaven
and earth for them to be together at last.



Emer and Frederick
Randall both race
against the clock, she to protect Dalton, he to rid his family
of the one woman
who can ruin all his plans for domination of the Atlantic if
the Lyndon
marriage and merger don't go ahead.



Frederick kidnaps
Emer and her
newborn son, with the most appalling consequences. Emer is deported
back to Famine-ravaged
Ireland, and this is
just the start of her remarkable adventures.



The details of the
less well-known
1848 rebellion in Ireland make for fascinating reading, and
once again, the
strong hero and heroine never fail to fascinate and scorch the
pages with their
heated passion.



This is yet another
page-turner from this talented writer.



Evelyn Trimborn,
Harlequin Hearts




Wow. What a
gripping tale. Dalton
and Emer meet again at last, and
gradually, Dalton begins to discover his father’s lies and
machinations against
his beloved.



Due to the evil
Madeleine Lyndon,
Emer nearly loses her life. She gives birth to Dalton's child
safely, but is
left crippled, and feels that things can't get much worse.



She doesn't
calculate on Frederick
Randall's hatred, for he steals her son and has her beaten and
put on trial for
arson, and sentenced to transportation to Australia.



Shipped back to Ireland to await the
next convict
ship for Botany Bay, Emer manages to escape, but it is out of
the frying pan
and into the fire. For the potato has failed yet again, leaving
Ireland open to
the kind of revolutionary civil unrest that has been springing
up all over
Europe in 1848.



Dalton, desperate
to find his
beloved, must fight to save Emer from imprisonment, and
execution for treason.



This nail biting
third book in the
of the Heart Series
is a remarkable conclusion to an already
fantastic saga.



Jacinta Carey,
The Starbuck Saga




Highly Recommended



I was thrilled at
the prospect of
Dalton and Emer finally being reunited at the end of
Hungry Heart
, but in
The Hungry Heart Fulfilled,
must save Emer and his son William from his evil father
Frederick, who will
stop at nothing to control Dalton, even if it means kidnapping
their child and
killing Emer.



Her new set of
challenges in some
senses is just beginning, for she is crippled, bereft of her
beloved and her
baby, and becomes embroiled unwittingly in the 1848 Rebellion
in Ireland.



I was fascinated by
the details of
the uprising and its leaders, and couldn't want to see how the
evil Frederick
would finally be foiled and Emer and Dalton's love would at
last win through.



Emer and Dalton are
an unforgettable
couple, and
The Hungry Heart Fulfilled
is the kind of novel that resonates long after
you've finished
reading it. This is a wonderful book filled with marvelous
characters who come
alive on the page, and keep us hanging on their every word and



Carolyn Stone
Under the Covers Book Reviews,


Highly Recommended



A wonderful
conclusion to
this moving saga



The wonderful
historical saga
of the Heart
the love story of Emer Nugent and Dalton Randall comes to a
rousing conclusion
in the third book,
The Hungry Heart Fulfilled.
is an action-packed page turner with sensual elements that
scorch the pages.



Emer is just as
engaging a heroine
as ever, noble, principled, loving. Dalton really comes into
his own as a man
who has made many mistakes, not least of which is trusting his
father when he
tells Dalton that Emer died of fever. The old man cleverly
manipulates Dalton
into an engagement with the wanton Madeleine Lyndon in order
to get their hands
on the Lyndon steamships.



When Dalton
realizes his beloved is
still alive, both Madeleine and Frederick try to get rid of
Emer, with the most
shocking results.



If ever a couple
deserve to be
together, it's Emer and Dalton. This page-turner had me on the
edge of my seat
holding my breath waiting to see what happened next, rooting
for this
marvellously sensual couple the whole way. Enjoy!



Annabelle Stevens
Love's Sweet Song




The Hungry Heart Fulfilled
Book 3 of The Hunger of the Heart Series
Shannon Farrell
HerStory Books







To all the Irish the world over: We are
the survivors. Tíocfiadh ar lá.




Copyright the author 1998, 2002,


2004 some material previously published under the original title The
Hungry Heart


The Hungry Heart Fulfilled, expanded with with all new additional
material, 2008



All rights
reserved. No
part of this book may be reproduced
or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or
mechanical, including
photocopying, recording, or
by any
information and storage retrieval system, without permission
in writing from
the copyright owner.



This is a work of
fiction. Names,
characters, places and incidents are the product of the
author’s imagination,
and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead,
events, or locales,
is entirely coincidental.



ISBN: 978-1-58345-135-9



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