The Imprisoned Dragon and the Witch

BOOK: The Imprisoned Dragon and the Witch
The Imprisoned Dragon and the Witch
Number II of
Supernatural Enforcement Bureau
A K Michaels

The call finally comes. Serge has located a remote cavern in the Rockies that holds a Dragon prisoner. Time is of the essence. Ronan and Starr rush to implement a rescue party and the Director of the SEB calls on his Sire, Josef, for help. After all, with Josef comes a very powerful Witch and a deadly Wolf. With dark magic in the mix he knows he will need Peri’s power if they’re to have any chance at success. 

Plans seem to fall apart as they uncover a plot so mind-blowing that Ronan’s ‘boss’, the President of the United States, wants to send in the troops! Averting that disaster, he realizes the entire load now rests upon his shoulders. 

Can he pull off a massive operation, covering the entire United States and beyond? Can Starr withstand a deadly blast of dark magic power? 


Enforcement Bureau

Book 2

The Imprisoned Dragon and The Witch




A K Michaels


© 2014 by A K Michaels All Rights Reserved

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Chapter 1


Ronan quickly grabbed a pair of jeans, pulling them on as Starr ran around getting dressed. Her excitement was so high, he could taste it in the air around them. Tugging a t-shirt over his head, he watched her pull her own snug denim up and over her succulent ass. The sight almost sidetracked him from the reason for their haste.

Shaking his head, Ronan laughed, Starr turning to give him a questioning look. “I’m just thinking about pulling those off you later, Puff.”

Starr threw one of her boots at him and he ducked to avoid being hit square in the face, it landed with a thud behind him. “Hey! You nearly ruined this handsome face with that!”

His gorgeous mate just smirked as she retrieved the boot and pulled it on before tugging his hand and pulling him from their bedroom. “Come on, Fang, we need to get to work, there’s so much to do and so much to organize. The quicker we get started the quicker we get this show on the road.”

Ronan allowed her to pull him along for a couple of steps, while she made her way to the door. Then he stopped her, twirling her around and lifting her up into his hard body. His head lowered and his lips took hers in a fierce and demanding kiss, his tongue teasing hers when she moaned loudly. He wanted nothing more than to take her back to their bed but knew they couldn’t waste the time.

They had a Dragon to rescue.

Forcing his lips to leave hers, Ronan placed Starr back onto her feet, noting the glazed look in her hooded eyes. Her reaction to his touch always fast and furious, as was his to hers. The evidence of that was now causing the uncomfortable tightness within his jeans.

Ronan laughed down at Starr, his own excitement rising. Finally, he would be able to keep the promise he made to his mate...rescue the Dragon they knew was imprisoned in a great cavern in the Rockies. “Come,
, I need to contact Josef and get the teams ready to leave as soon as we can. I’m sure there’s an airstrip close to where Serge is that we can use for a private plane. Unless we use Esther to get us there. I’m not sure how many she can safely transport at once, so that’s something else I need to confirm.”

Ronan had started moving at the same time as he spoke and they were now in the elevator on their way to his office. As Director of the Supernatural Enforcement Bureau (SEB) he had immense resources at his disposal and he meant to use every single one in his pursuit to rescue the Dragon.

Starr was right with him on their mission and although he would prefer her to stay home, he knew there wasn’t a hope in hell of that happening. She would be right there, by his side, while they fought to free the great beast from the clutches of a Witch holding it for its potent blood. Ronan guessed Creed would be coming along again to keep an eye on Starr, without her knowledge. He couldn’t help it. She was his mate and he had to keep her safe, even if he knew she’d be pissed at him.

There were more than a few folks at their desks as Starr and Ronan made their way to his office. This time he ignored every single one that attempted to stop him to talk, get advice, or advise him of the outcome of some mission or other. “Not now,” he said each and every time, his feet not even slowing down as he barged past. Some were even knocked backward if they didn’t move quick enough to get out of his way, Starr almost running behind to keep up.

When they passed by Sam’s room both of them were surprised to see the Vampire at his desk. He was not usually an early bird at work. Sam lifted his head as he heard Ronan barreling down the hallway and got up to follow since Starr motioned to him with her hand. Sam followed behind with a bemused look on his face and was last to enter Ronan’s office.

Starr sat down in one of the chairs in front of the desk as Ronan lowered his six foot six frame into his modified office chair, pulling his phone towards him as he did. Sam could obviously feel the excitement in both of them as he frowned at one then the other. Starr made a shushing noise so Sam leaned against the wall, his usual position, while waiting to find out what was going on.

Ronan dialed a number from memory, it rang only once before being answered. “Ronan, a little early for house calls is it not?”

Josef, his Sire, spoke before he could get a word out. He checked his watch, it wasn’t
early. “Sorry, Josef, but we’ve got news; I need your help…”

Josef cut him off, “Done.”

Ronan smiled as he replied, “You’ve not even asked what it is yet.”

Josef’s answer was immediate. “That is irrelevant, if you require my help, then you shall have it. Now, Ronan, tell me what’s prompted this call for assistance.”

Ronan chuckled as he went on. “It’s news about the Dragon we know is being held in the Rockies. Serge, one of my Wolves, has found it. He’s waiting there as we speak and I think we may need Peri too. The Witch involved uses dark magic and we have Esther, but Paul told me how powerful Peri is and you did say she would help, if needed. I think we need her, Josef, together with you and Gabe. What do ya say? Want to come and help rescue a Dragon?”

Josef’s response was just what Ronan expected. “We’ll be there shortly. I’ll call when we’re in the air, though we’ll need somewhere for Tania to care for the baby while we’re away.”

Ronan’s smile was huge as he answered, “You can use my apartment and if there’s anything you need for the little one, let me know and I’ll get it.”

Ronan was sure he heard a small laugh from his Sire but he must’ve been mistaken, Josef didn’t laugh. His voice coming across loud and clear though. “Oh, we’ll bring it all with us. Can you have two large vehicles to pick us up at the usual airstrip? You would not believe the amount of things we need for such a little bundle.”

Sam snorted as he tried hard not to laugh, obviously listening in on the conversation. Ronan threw him a dirty look while he answered Josef. “Of course, whatever you need. Thank you, Josef.”

“It’s nothing,” his Sire replied, then hung up as Sam stepped away from the wall.

Starr was clapping her hands together and jumping up and down in her seat. “They’re coming?” she asked excitedly.

Ronan gave her a cheeky wink. “They sure are and they’ll be here in a few hours. Now, we need to get Esther and decide who we’re taking with us. Sam, what’s your view? How many and who?”

Sam was all business as he answered. “Creed of course, with at least two teams of Elites. Drake as well, his nose is almost as good as Serge’s. How many hostiles are we expecting and how are we getting there?”

Ronan looked thoughtful for a moment before nodding in agreement. “Yes, I agree and there’s a small private airstrip not too far from where they are. However, it’s gonna be a bit of a hike to reach Serge and I’m not certain if Esther will be up to it. I’ll discuss it with her when I go down and let her know. Hopefully, she’ll have a solution. Sam, can you organize Creed and his team and pick the other two you want to join us?”

Sam nodded so he carried on. “Josef and Gabe will be assets too. Gabe is one of the largest Wolves I’ve seen and he’s lethal. Now, I’m gonna go and see if Esther’s in and I’ll leave you two to sort out the logistics. Starr, we’ll need the larger jet to accommodate us all, so, can you get that ready? I’m not sure about departure time so tell the crew to have it ready to go at a moment’s notice.”

Starr stood, still smiling, her excitement pouring from her in waves. “On it, now go see Esther.”

Sam was already leaving when Starr turned to follow, a little skip in her step as she made her way to her own office. Ronan’s smile was wide as he strode after her, his eyes still drawn to that tight denim over her ass.
‘God, it must be a sin to look that good in a pair of jeans

he thought as he swatted her butt and heard her yelp as he walked past.

As Ronan made his way to Esther’s office, he went over and over everything in his head. Who would go in first, what to do if they met resistance and he was darn sure they
His smile widened at that thought, it had been ages since he had been on a mission or had a good fight. He was looking forward to this immensely.

As his thoughts wandered, he continued on, finding himself at the door to Esther’s office before he knew it. Pushing open the door he saw Celeste sitting at her desk, a dreamy look on her face as she chewed on a pen. Ronan coughed and the young Witch jumped in her chair, her eyes going wide and dropping the pen she had been chomping on.

“Celeste, is Esther available?” Ronan asked in a much quieter voice than he normally used, always worried he would scare this particular employee.

Celeste smiled dreamily up at him, “Good morning, Ronan, it’s so nice to see you. Hmm, Esther? I think she’s in her office, but I’m not certain. Do you want me to go check? To see if she’s in that is. Or do you want to look? Maybe it’s better I do it, she might be busy. Though I don’t think so, nobody else has been in this morning yet, so she couldn’t be busy...could she?”

Ronan walked towards the inner door, “It’s okay, Celeste, I’ll have a look myself.”

He heard a sigh as Celeste bent to pick up her dropped pen. “Okay, Ronan, you’re the boss so I guess that’s okay. I mean, she’s not told me
to let anyone in, so I’m sure it’s okay. It
okay, isn’t it?”

As always Ronan marveled at the patience that Esther must have to endure the musings of the young Witch. He knew he would not be able to deal with the woman on a daily basis. He smiled and nodded as he knocked once on Esther’s door, opening it before he heard the usual “Come in” that the ancient Witch would utter. As the door widened, he strode in, finding Esther sitting in her chair, looking deep in thought.

Her eyes moved to his and raised an eyebrow at his intrusion. He continued on, stopping in front of her desk and launched into why he was there. “Serge has found the cavern. Josef is on his way with Peri and Gabe, Sam is getting Creed and two teams of Elites organized and Starr is getting the jet ready. Esther, we know the Witch in charge is strong in dark magic and we could really use you on the mission. However, there’s gonna be a bit of a hike after we land and I don’t want to be rude, but, I need to ask...are you strong enough for it?”

Esther waited until he finished before a small smirk crossed her face. “Firstly, good morning Ronan, it’s nice to see you. Secondly, that’s very good news about the Dragon. Thirdly, I’m glad you seem to have everything under control. Fourthly, I look forward to meeting Peri again, she is a very capable and powerful Witch so she will definitely be of help on this mission. Finally, fifthly...though I’m not even sure that’s a word...I can work with Peri before we go and on the flight. I’m sure she’ll be able to pick up my
spell quite quickly, so between us, we should be able to get everyone to Serge, without a gruesome hike.”

Ronan felt as if he had truly been put in his place again by Esther. She had a knack of making him feel like a naughty little boy at times. He relaxed slightly, not even realizing he had been holding himself rigid until that moment. He saw Esther’s eyes twinkle when she looked up at him. “Sorry, I’m just a little excited and uptight about this. I promised Starr so long ago that I would do this and it’s finally here, I just don’t want anything to go wrong, Esther.”

Ronan stepped forward and sank down onto one of the chairs in front of her desk as she now gave him a smile. “I know that, Ronan, and I understand. This imprisoned Dragon has been preying on my mind and I’m very happy that we’ve finally found it. Now, I’m also going to bring Celeste...”

Ronan butted in, “What? Celeste? No, no, Esther, I’m sure we don’t need her. I don’t mean to sound cruel but she’s such a…” Ronan struggled to find a word that wasn’t rude. “Dreamy type of girl and let’s be honest her attention span is like that of a bloody goldfish! This is going to be a difficult mission at best, everyone’s emotions are going to be strung tight enough without having to deal with Celeste’s...uniqueness.”

Esther’s smile vanished, to be replaced by a cold, hard look, her voice matching as she answered. “Ronan, I quite understand your concerns. However, Celeste is one of the strongest Witches I know in the art of healing and I’m pretty sure that this unfortunate Dragon is going to require assistance in that regard. That wasn’t a request, Ronan, Celeste is coming. If you are truly concerned about this Dragon, then you have to believe me when I say that Celeste is that beasts best chance of surviving.”

Ronan stood up in one fluid motion, his eyes steely as he stared down at Esther. “I have always been concerned regarding this Dragon’s wellbeing and if Celeste is as strong as you say, then I agree she should come. However, Esther, don’t ever forget that I am in charge. I leave Celeste up to you to deal with. Keep her focused and not spouting her usual won’t go down well with a group of Elites on a mission.”

Esther stood up, her head tilted back so she could meet his eyes. “Of course, Ronan, apologies, however, I feel very protective of Celeste and I am fully aware of the way people think of her and it rankles me greatly.”

The Witch’s stare was intense as she continued, keeping her eyes locked with his. “She is powerful and pure of heart and deserves far more respect than she gets so please forgive me. I will do some relaxation exercises with her before we leave which will help her focus. Now, if you are finished, I have some things I need to sort out if I’m going to be away from the office.”

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