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The Longest Ride

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The Longest Ride
by Kelly Taylor

Copyright © 2014 Kelly Taylor

The Longest Ride is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.


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Chapter One



“Don’t fuck and drive!”

Crazy? Yep! But that’s actually what I thought I heard my mother say.

Thankfully, she repeated herself before I burst out laughing.

“Don’t fucking drink and drive.”

Yep, for someone who was a minister’s wife, she sure had a mouth on her.

How could I have misheard her? Truth was, sex was the only thing on my mind tonight. Losing my virginity was going to be epic and so was attending the party of the century.

I adjusted the lacy thong that sucked between my ass cheeks, moved my tits around in my pushup bra and slipped on blue jeans so tight they looked as if they were painted on. I gave a quick check in the mirror, applied some mascara, blush and a little lipstick and I was ready!

“Are you listening Victoria?”

No, but I’m sure half the neighborhood is, I thought.

It was the start of college, and we were told “The Party” was tradition. I was a freshman studying at Miller Motte Technical College in Virginia. My parents had high hopes and for the past year and half, like any overbearing parents they had been riding my ass on buckling down and studying. No parties. No boys, and most definitely no sex!

Are you fucking kidding?

It wasn’t that I didn’t think college was important; of course I was aware, just this was the one time in my life I wouldn’t get back. Eighteen, and still a virgin? I felt as though I had been raised in the dark ages. My parents were always so protective of me. Every frigging Sunday I had to go with them to church. Every Sunday they would invite back a family, not because they felt it was their Christian duty. It was because they hoped that I would show an interest in the families boys.

Please! These guys weren’t men. They were geeks.

I already had a guy. He was hot, sexy and had more charisma than they had combined together.

Matt Donovan. The quarter back with the body of a God, covered in tattoos.

Now there was an altar I was willing to kneel at! If only my parents knew they would have gone ballistic. I was the only child in our family and that only made them act even more protective. But they couldn’t protect me forever. College was my launching pad out of the nest and I for one wasn’t going to let some large bird mollycoddle me.

No, something had to change, I had big plans and it would start tonight.

The party was set to be held in George Washington National Forest. Every year the police would try to pinpoint where the location would be, and every year the party went ahead without any problems. Kids were smart, far smarter than the police. They knew when to zip it. It wasn’t just because the police would shut it down, but our parents in our small town community would have gone berserk.

What can I say? Our town was straight out of the movie Pleasantville.

Myself? I had kept my relationship with Matt under wraps for the past two months. We had known each other for the longest of time through school, but for one reason or another he was always hooked up with someone, and so was I. The timing was always off, but the flirting was always on. No matter who we were dating, there was this thing between us. Yep, a ‘THING’ that occurred every time we saw each other in the corridors, in the canteen or in class. It was if our eyes were glued to each other. Occasionally he would bump into me, apologize and walk off. I knew what he was doing. Getting a good shot of my tits, but I didn’t mind. Horny fucker!

I pulled my hair back into a tight pony-tail, and checked my phone. He was going to shoot me a text to let me know when he was coming over.

A week before college, we finally hooked up a house party. It seemed too surreal to finally find ourselves at a point in our lives where neither of us had someone. The following week, we spent as much time together as possible. Times were hot and heavy, and despite Matt’s attempts to get into my panties, I kept him at bay by telling him that we had to wait. I was turning eighteen and while I really didn’t give a rats ass what my parents thought about me having sex. I did respect that one wish. Call it foolish, call it what you will. I wanted to wait until I was eighteen. And with the party of the century coming up, I couldn’t think of a better place to lose it.

My best friend, Julie had asked if I planned to steal him away into the forest and do it right there among the brambles and dirt. You know, hump like two wild bunnies. To which I replied, she was mad. No, I was going to enjoy the evening, and then let him take me back to the Santiago Hotel, because it would be far more romantic.

She laughed. That was her typical response to everything, including when I told her that I had given Matt a blow job for the first time using Diet Pepsi.

It was her idea, she said guys loved it; you popped a peppermint in your mouth, took a swig of Pepsi and took the cock in.

It was something to do with the extreme freshness of the mint and the bubbles in the pop, but her guy was giving her flowers for weeks after that. She swore by it, so I tried it.

However, when I tried it, I ended up spewing it all over his balls, to which he responded by going ape shit, and said that was the last time we were doing that. Julie rolled over with laughter when I told her. I said he didn’t bring me flowers but he did offer to spank me. My punishment that day was to lick it all off and let him deep throat me until I gagged. Matt was into kinky shit like that. I had a strong feeling that when we finally got our freak on, he would show up with a paddle to spank my ass, chains to hold me down and a wide variety of toys that buzzed at extreme speeds.

But, as strange as it might sound, something about that got me wet just thinking about it.

I’d been friends with Julie for the longest time. She was attending a college out of state, and so most of our conversations were by phone or text. She planned to come home on the weekend, but wasn’t sure she would make it. Her parents were similar to mine, however, her father was a cop, so he was a hell of lot stricter. I had known him since I was twelve, they were good folks. Though I had noticed a change in him when I hit the age of seventeen. My body had developed a lot more, and when Julie would invite me over for a pool party. I would notice him looking me up and down. For an older guy, he was hot, and the uniform, well that got my heart racing. He was huge in all departments. His arms, chest and legs, there couldn’t have been a single bit of fat on the guy. Then there was he packet between his legs. Holy cow! He was packing something dangerous down there.

I remember him joining us in the pool one Saturday. All he wore was long shorts and after he got out of the water, I could see them clinging to his skin, and that’s when I saw it. It was rock hard. I could have swore he saw me looking as he adjusted it right in front of me. I had to admit I had fantasied about him over the years wearing just his utility belt and nothing else. All that tackle bobbing around in front of me, while he handcuffed me down. That was hot in my books!

Her father had divorced from their mother a few years back. She said it was because of the job. Seemed Cops suffer from divorce more than others. All that time spent on the job, killed the family vibe apparently. I couldn’t blame them. He was gone for up to fourteen hours a day, sometimes longer, Julie said. Eventually her mother had enough and packed her things taken Julie with her. Julie visited on weekends and that’s when he would let me and my brother come over too. Though I always wondered if he had some other reason.

Chapter Two



My cellphone buzzed. It was a text from Matt.

You nearly ready?

I texted back

Shouldn’t that be a question you should ask?

He replied

Wear no panties!

I laughed. I sat for the next ten minutes going through my phone looking at the photos we had taken together. He’d wanted to take a few of us while we fucking tonight, but I’d told him I was a little nervous about that. Too many girl’s mug shots had ended up being circled around the college after a bad breakup and I didn’t want to risk it. If my parents ever found out, they would have disowned me.

I glanced at a photo of him with a t-shirt on that said, “I love Victoria”

He really was sweet, and the only guy I could imagine losing my virginity to. I loved him and wanted him to have all of me. I took one last look at myself in the mirror, sprayed on some perfume just as he heard his car pull into the driveway.

Answering the door, I was greeted to a large bouquet of roses. There had to have been at least thirty; a combination of red, pink and white.

“You are the sweetest!”

“Only for the sweetest ass.”

I laughed taking them from him and bringing them into the kitchen. Matt took a seat at the breakfast table, watching me as I found a vase and filled it with water.

“So Julie making it down?”

“I’m not sure. But her dad is meant to be on patrol tonight, so hopefully we don’t bump into him.”

I placed the roses inside the vase and set them on the table. As I leaned over to smell them, he came up behind me and pressed his hips against my ass. My eyes widened I could feel his hard cock.

“You are a little eager.”

“Well this is the day, right? And… your parents are out. Why don’t we just do it now?”

I turned, slipping my arms around his neck. “I told you. It would feel much more romantic to do it at the hotel. I wouldn’t be able to relax here anyway, and my brother could walk in at any moment.”

I grabbed my purse and slipped my jacket on. “Come on we are going to be late. They say there is a good chance the cops will find them this year, and I for one want to get in some jelly shots before that. Hell, they are covering the cost of all the booze, can you believe that?”

Matt pulled me back toward him and perched on the table. “Can you imagine us doing it right here…on your dinner table? You would never be able to eat on here again without thinking about us.” He laughed.

I laughed and he kissed me. His tongue slipped into my mouth and wrapped around mine. I deepened the kiss, holding the back of his head tight. I could feel his hot breath and excitement. He pulled me in until I was sitting on top of his hard cock. His jeans were still on as he explored under my shirt. I felt my body tingle, and a shiver went up my spine. I leaned in close, feeling his hands cup my breasts. Then he slipped one hand around to the curve of my back and ran it down into my jeans. His fingers raked between the cheeks of my ass.

“Ohhh a thong?”

“Like it?”

“But I said no panties.”

“You can’t exactly call these panties.”

“Guess not.”

We returned to mouthing each other. I pulled at his bottom lip and moaned into his mouth. His finger went deeper, touching my anal hole and rubbing it, while his other went under my bra and rolled my nipple between his fingers. It was sensitive and turned me on immensely.

Eventually his hand continued past my ass hole and went down between my wet folds. He was making me so wet and I had to say, I was enjoying him exploring my pussy with his fingers. With his other hand he yanked up my top exposing my bra and allowing my breasts to hang down. He pulled the bra up and my plump breasts popped out. He took one in his mouth and sucked hard on my nipple while watching my eyes to see how I reacted. I gasped, and rocked back and forth on his finger, which was still touching my ass hole. I felt it go inside and then out. He brushed my other breast with his lips, enjoying the visual of the nipple hardening. He then pulled it between his teeth until it had stretched to twice the size. I clenched my jaw. While it felt slightly sore there was also a degree of pleasure that I hadn’t felt before.

BOOK: The Longest Ride
4.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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