The Modified (The Biotics Trilogy, #1)

BOOK: The Modified (The Biotics Trilogy, #1)
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Chapter One - The Draft


Chapter Two - The Shrouded Facility


Chapter Three - The Escadrille


Chapter Four - Magnus Academy


Chapter Five - Becoming Acclimated


Chapter Six - Training Ground


Chapter Seven - Defensive Measures


Chapter Eight - Strategic Maneuvers


Chapter Nine - Division Assignment


Chapter Ten - Final Assessment


Chapter Eleven - The Magnus Ball


Chapter Twelve - The Fortification Division


Chapter Thirteen - The Takeover


Chapter Fourteen - Breakout


Chapter Fifteen - Safe Haven


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Chapter One from Here by Ella James


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Chapter One

The Draft


“Don’t worry, Little Bit. I’ll be back before you know it.” Those were the last words my brother said to me before he went off to war. I never heard his voice again. Though it’s been almost two years since Dylan’s passing, the pain I still feel makes it seem like it only happened yesterday.

As I sit here looking around the large stadium full of seventeen-year-olds, who like me are waiting to become soldiers, I witness a mix of emotions. Some are scared, some nervous, some even seem a little eager. I’m the latter. The war we’re all being forced into is the one that took my older brother from me, and now I’m being put into the same position he was in when he turned seventeen.

Who knew our first encounter with a life form outside Earth would cause an intergalactic war to break out? We definitely weren’t prepared for it, that’s for sure. It has the entire world scrambling to find anyone to fight for our unified cause. No one knows exactly why the war even started in the first place, but once it did, we lost a lot of soldiers. So Earth’s government, the Allied Federation, decided it’d be a good idea to implement a worldwide military draft for any able seventeen-year-old.

Those damn Bringers have a lot to answer for, and I plan to take the fight directly to them. Of course I’m scared out of my mind, but I have to do this for my family. For our survival. For my little brother, so he doesn’t have to make the same sacrifice in three years.

“Are you okay, Kenley?” I hear Joey ask as he places his hand on my knee.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’ve just got this weird headache all of a sudden,” I reply, looking into his beautiful hazel eyes that have a hint of worry in them. The rubber band holding my long blonde hair up in a ponytail seems to be the cause of my strain, so I take it out, and let my hair fall down around my shoulders. “That feels much better.”   

BOOK: The Modified (The Biotics Trilogy, #1)
6.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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