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The Monsters' Breeding Dungeon (The Overlord's Depraved Tales)

BOOK: The Monsters' Breeding Dungeon (The Overlord's Depraved Tales)
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The Overlord's Depraved Tales




Bree Bellucci







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The Monsters' Breeding Dungeon: The
Overlord's Depraved Tales

Copyright © 2012 by Bree Bellucci



This book is a work of fiction and any
resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or
locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of
the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.



Adult Reading Material

The material in this document contains
explicit sexual content that is intended for mature audiences only
and is inappropriate for readers under 18 years of age.



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The Overlord's Depraved Tales



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"Somewhere in the Austrian Alps lurks a
dreadful beast of unimaginable horror, or so the legend says. The
locals tell tales of beautiful young girls who are lured into his
elusive keep, and are never to be seen again. Many like to
speculate that the girls are eaten, or brewed into a potion used to
keep the beast alive and virile. Some think that the beast
impregnates the girls, and uses them to breed an army of grotesque
human hybrids that lurk in the mountains and snatch up unfortunate
hikers to sacrifice to the monster. Others think that the beast
hypnotizes the girls, after having his way with them, and then
sends them out into the snow capped hills to die, never to speak of
the horrors they have been subjected to." Carrie said sincerely,
"They would be the lucky ones."

Katherine thought all of that was crap. Her
sister had filled her in on all the lore and legends of St. Gilgen,
a small Austrian town that Katherine was going to stay at for a few
weeks during her trip through Europe. Carrie had made sure that
Katherine was especially aware of "Geschichten von der Bestie" or
"The Tales of the Beast". Surely she found the stories on some
stupid travel blog.

“Carrie, you're crazy,” Katherine said with a
smile. “I'm sure people would love to believe that a small European
town is haunted or has some paranormal history, it's great for
tourism. But I promise you I'm going to be fine.”

Carrie shrugged and closed out of the
internet page that she was reading from. “Suit yourself, but if you
get put into some youth potion for a beast overlord, don't come
crying to me.”

“If I'm being put into a boiling cauldron for
a potion in Austria, there's no way I would be crying to you
anyway,” Katherine pointed out. She closed the last of her
suitcases and then checked her list to make sure she had
everything. She was just about to check the last thing off when she
found herself with an arm full of her sister.

“Promise me you'll be careful Katie, okay?”
Carrie said softly.

Katherine hugged her back. “I will. I

That was one week ago, and so far, Katherine
had kept her promise. She had come to the small town of St. Gilgen,
ready to do some sightseeing and enjoy her vacation. Katherine
lived to travel, and she loved to take trips to random places. She
didn't know many people who had been to Austria before, so that was
where she decided to go next. Having already been in the town for a
week, she was glad that she'd come. It was beautiful, and the
people were kind and very welcoming. So many of them spoke English
well enough that she rarely had to break out her translation

She was staying in a little cottage at the
edge of town, it was within walking distance of most of the major
attractions. She had done a lot of walking around during the first
couple of days, admiring everything from the architecture to the
breathtaking mountain views. Now, she was going to relax and spend
the last few days bar-hopping and enjoying the locals. What could
be more relaxing than a glass of wine and a view of the snow-capped

Katherine looked over her appearance in the
mirror and smiled with approval. She didn't get dressed up very
often, she preferred jeans to skirts and flip flops to heels.
However when she did put in a little effort, she had to admit that
she cleaned up well. Her long, dark hair was pulled over one
shoulder in a low ponytail, and her face was lightly made up to
accent her green eyes. She was wearing a light blue dress that fell
to her knees. Over that she had on a leather jacket, to keep out
the chill from the snow capped mountains. She wore a pair of
leather boots with a low heel, showing off her long legs and strong
calves. She smiled seductively and blew her reflection a kiss.
Katherine tucked her money and ID into the pocket of her jacket,
and then headed out the door.

It was only a short walk to the bar, dusk was
already fading to night and the moon was beginning to appear above
the crest of the mountains. Katherine looked up at the sky,
marveling at how clearly she could see the stars here. Back in
Seattle the sky was never so clear, there was too much light
pollution and too many clouds in the way. When she arrived to the
tavern she paused outside the entrance and smiled up at the full
moon, it was growing brighter by the minute.

Inside the bar was warm and cozy. It was
dimly lit, and there was soft classical music playing in the
background. Towns people and tourists alike sat around tables,
booths, and at the bar itself, chattering and drinking. Katherine
walked over to the bar and sat down on one of the stools, crossing
her legs and leaning against the polished wood of the counter

The bartender, a tall handsome blonde man,
walked over and flashed her a smile. “What can I get for you,
pretty lady from somewhere else?” he asked with a heavy accent.

Katherine chuckled. “How do you know I'm not
from around here?” she was curious how he knew right away.

“I have worked here for long time,” he
replied. “I have never seen you, and everyone comes through this
tavern at one time or other.”

That was fair enough. “Alright, I'll give you
that,” Katherine said. “Can I just have a glass of wine,

“No, no, no,” said the bartender, shaking his
head and wagging a finger at her. “Monopolowa.”

Katherine frowned. “I'm sorry?”

“Monopolowa,” the man repeated. “Vodka. You
don't come to Austria and drink wine. You drink vodka.”

Katherine wasn't much of a liquor drinker,
but she didn't want to offend anyone, so she smiled and nodded.
“Alright. Monopolowa it is. Just a small one, please. I don't want
to get drunk and make a fool of myself.”

The bartender winked at her and pulled a
glass down from behind the bar. He wiped it out and then grabbed a
clear bottle, flipping it over one shoulder before pouring into the
glass. He poured a bit more than Katherine would have preferred,
but she didn't say anything. She was eager to act like the locals
and she wanted to fit in. If she got a bit more tipsy than she
wanted...well, she would just sleep in later than she had planned
the next day. Worse things could happen.

She smiled her thanks when the bartender slid
her drink to her. “How much?” she asked, reaching for the money in
her pocket.

“The first is always free, pretty lady,” the
bartender replied. “But only the first. The second and third make
you pay.”

“Ah. Well, thank you,” Katherine replied. She
didn't plan to have a second or third, anyway. She picked up her
glass and took a large sip of the clear spirit, wincing as it
burned its way down her throat. It was good, she'd give him that,
and definitely strong. She shook her head to clear it and took
another sip.

“Good, pretty lady?”

Katherine nodded. “Yes. It's good. Thank

The bartender winked at her again and poured
another glassful, sliding it over to her. “Just in case, hm?” he
said, before going further down the bar to talk to another

A low chuckle came from beside her, and
Katherine turned her head to see a dark haired man sliding onto the
stool next to hers. “I see Claude has got you drinking the vodka,”
he said. His voice was deep, and his accent was minimal.

“Yep,” Katherine agreed. “It's not bad,

“No, it's good stuff,” the man said. “He just
makes sure that all the pretty young tourists get a glass of it on
the house.”

Katherine shrugged. “It's nice of him.”

“Yes,” the man agreed. “Are you going to
drink that second one?”

“Um, no,” she told him. “I didn't plan on

“Then may I?” he asked, reaching for the
glass. “I'll get you a glass of wine or something to

It wasn't really a good idea to take drinks
from strangers, and Katherine could hear her mother and her sister
yelling at her in her head. Still, she didn't see the harm in it,
and she was watching the drinks being prepared right in front of
her. She nodded and smiled. “Thank you.”

“But of course,” the man said with a grin. He
grabbed her second glass and drained it in one gulp, making a low
noise before flagging down Claude the bartender. “A glass of white,
Claude,” he called.

Claude waved a hand at him and finished
filling the glass of the man he was waiting on, but soon enough a
tall glass of white wine made its way down the bar.

“And there you are,” said the stranger,

Katherine quickly found herself being charmed
by the man beside her. He asked her where she was from and told her
about his travels as she sipped at her wine. The wine was very
good, full bodied and crisp, and Katherine could already feel it
going to her head. She probably should have had the wine before the
vodka, but it was too late for that now. She laughed at something
the man said, and it never occurred to her to ask his name. After
all, chances were that she would never see him again anyway.

“Are you here in St. Gilgen alone?” he asked
her, leaning in closer to be heard over the laughter coming from a
nearby table.

“I am, yes,” Katherine replied with a smile.
“Going to give me a lecture about the dangers of traveling alone?”
If she had been more sober, Katherine would have been horrified
with herself. She was not usually the flirting type, yet here she

The man laughed and shook his head. “Far be
it from me to lecture you, dear lady. You seem capable enough.”

“I am capable!” Katherine agreed happily. She
drained her wine glass and set in down.


“Oh, no,” she said, leaning against the bar.
“I will have a hard enough time as it is walking back to my cottage
with just two drinks in me.”

“Sounds like someone is a lightweight,” the
man teased.

“It was the Monopola... Mono...” Katherine
shrugged, giving up. “It was the vodka.”

“Ah, yes,” agreed the man. “The vodka will
sneak up on you. Especially if you're not used to it.” He smiled
and placed a hand on her knee. “Tell you what, since I feel
partially responsible for you being in this state, why don't I walk
home with you? Just to make sure you get there alright?”

Katherine hesitated. Event through the haze
of the alcohol in her system, she knew that having strange men walk
with her in the middle of the night in a foreign country probably
wasn't the best idea. At the same time, this man seemed nice
enough, and she really didn't want to have to walk all the way back
alone. Anything could happen to her, and it was dark. “Thanks,” she
said finally. “I'd like that.”

“Excellent,” the man said. “Shall we go now,

Katherine nodded her agreement, and she put
down money to cover her drink on the bar and a tip for Claude. Then
she smiled at the man.

He took her arm. “Right this way, milady,” he
teased, opening the door for her and leading her out into the cool
night air.

It wasn't cold, but there was something in
the air that made Katherine pull her jacket closer around her. The
large, full moon bathed the street and the buildings in a pale,
almost ethereal light. It was beautiful, but there was also
something quite eerie about it.

“You know,” the man said softly, as they
started down the street. “People say that strange things happen on
nights when the moon is like this. Things that can't be

Katherine laughed, her voice loud in the
otherwise quiet atmosphere. “What, like beasts come down from the
mountains and kidnap impressionable young girls?” she asked,
weaving slightly. She remembered what her sister had read to her
about the legends of Austria, and she turned her head to look at
the mountains that towered over the town. They didn't look ominous,
but there was something otherworldly about them when the moonlight
reflected off the snow tops.

BOOK: The Monsters' Breeding Dungeon (The Overlord's Depraved Tales)
8.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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