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Heat rushed through her as his thigh pressed hers, a little tighter than necessary, and she watched his wicked smile. He knew he was keeping her sexually rattled, the sneaky stud muffin. She pulled away, trying to get her head back in the game. The clues she'd given the FBI should get results; at least she hoped so. She'd given them everything without dropping Trevor's name, so she hadn't broken the rules, giving her hope for a happy ending. Surely her troubles would be over soon.

She and Crispin were just finishing their meals when a familiar female voice made Haley go still. Kiera! She turned to see her sister, Kiera, standing at the entrance to the restaurant with her husband and soul mate, Jaden Hawkins. Wistfully gazing at her heavily pregnant and glowing sister, Haley ached to connect with her. But it was impossible, and she knew it. Still, she couldn't help staring at them, glad that the universe's plan for them had worked out so well. Kiera and Jaden were blissfully happy, and she had helped bring them together, acting as matchmaker and sex therapist. Her gaze followed them as they took a seat at a table across the room.

“Somehow I get the feeling that you haven't heard a word I've been saying,” Crispin said.

A guilty blush heated her face as Haley looked up at the hunk at her side. Funnily enough he didn't look annoyed that she'd been ignoring him, just amused.

“Do you know them?” he asked, flicking a glance Kiera and Jaden's way.

“In another life,” she said wistfully as she gazed back at them. She bit her lip. Why had she blurted that out? It was as if she wanted to get caught. “Actually I've only seen them from afar.” At least in this lifetime.

“Want an introduction?” Crispin offered. “I know Hawkins and Kiera. He just hasn't seen me yet.”

She looked up at him, startled. Of course he knew them, because he occasionally wrote for Jaden's father's newspaper. She was dying to talk to her sister, but did she want to risk it? It would hurt when they didn't know her, and it flirted pretty close to breaking the rules. But she couldn't let this opportunity pass her by. She nodded, unable to find the words.

“Come on, then,” he said, getting up and reaching for her hand. She placed hers in his, feeling a little shaky. When his warm fingers wrapped around hers, she settled down. She could do this; make polite conversation with her sister, get close enough to read their vibes. As they walked toward their table, Kiera and Jaden looked up and smiled at Crispin, then, as afterthoughts, gave Haley polite smiles too. Her heart broke a little. To them, she was a stranger. It was Crispin they were acknowledging, but at least it gave her an excuse to talk to them. Crispin's hand tightened on hers as if he felt her distress. He probably did since they were symbiotically linked now in more ways than he knew.

“You sure you want to do this?” he asked softly, like he knew they were special to her.

No, she wasn't sure at all, but she had to do this. “Positive.” She gave his hand a little squeeze to reassure him. He nodded.

“Long time no see, you two,” Crispin said with a smile. He looked down at Kiera's baby bump. “I see congratulations are in order.”

“I'm due in six weeks,” Kiera said with a smile. “It's a boy.”

“Didn't know you had it in you,” he teased Jaden.

“You ought to try it yourself sometime,” Jaden teased back. “Love and marriage just might make a man of you.”

Kiera looked up at Crispin, and her smile faltered. “I hear the killer struck again last night. I was always afraid that the suicide confession had been a fraud, but the cops were so fast to say it was him. Are you on the case?”

Haley's eyes widened when her sister hit on the truth that the alleged copycat was in reality the real killer. She always knew Kiera had good instincts. But she knew that Kiera had no idea that the fiend was Trevor. It hadn't been Haley's decision to keep the truth from her then, and she still couldn't tell her. Shit! This totally sucked.

“We just came from the FBI,” Crispin said, putting his hand around Haley's waist and pulling her close. “I can assure you the authorities are examining all the possibilities. This could be a copycat.”

Kiera shook her head, heaving a sigh. “So they're giving you the same old runaround,” she said with a snort.

“Now, honey, don't get excited,” Jaden said, putting a hand on her arm.

Haley shot him a grateful glance. She didn't want her sister getting upset by this. “He's right, Kiera; the FBI is actively looking into this.”

Kiera looked at her curiously. “And you know this how?”

“Like Crispin said, we just came from the field office, and I trust the agent,” Haley said with a smile when she saw Kiera's doubtful look. Her sis wasn't going to be easy to convince, so she played her trump card. “And now the agents have an eyewitness.”

“Really,” Kiera said. “Who?”


“He tried to kill her last night,” Crispin said gruffly. “This is my eyewitness, Haley Aims.”

Haley watched her sister's eyes flicker with sadness when her first name was mentioned, and her heart twisted. She hated being the cause of all this pain.

“She's the one that got away,” Kiera said with a gasp.

Was that incrimination in her sister's voice? But then Kiera jumped up and embraced her, and Haley trembled inside. They were still spiritually connected and always would be.

“Thank God you survived.”

Haley sniffed back a tear. “Thank Max,” she said under her breath as Kiera squeezed her hard. When she withdrew, there was a twinkle of awareness in her sister's eyes that floored her. Did she know? But that was impossible. Then Kiera turned back to Jaden, and the moment was lost, leaving Haley wondering if it was only wishful thinking. She heard Kiera and Jaden speaking in low, intimate tones and wondered what they were talking about. Then Kiera and Jaden turned to them in a united front, and Haley braced herself.

“We're having a baby shower tonight,” Kiera said.

“A couple's baby shower,” Jaden added, looking at Crispin.

“And we'd like you both to come,” Kiera finished.

“I'm not sure that—” Crispin started.

“We'd love to,” Haley cut in. She knew Crispin was trying to keep her safe, but she couldn't miss this opportunity to bond with her sister, even if it was as another woman. She weathered the forbidding frown Crispin hit her with, and he relented.

“What time?” he asked.

“Eight o'clock,” Jaden said, adding, “out at the estate.”

* * * * *

Crispin waited until he got Haley safely secured in the car and he'd slipped behind the wheel to give her hell. She knew she was supposed to avoid crowds; hell, avoid anything that might attract the killer. But he also sensed that this was important to her. She and Kiera hadn't needed words to connect. Was it the shared trauma of the Scarlet A Killer, or something else? He gave her a probing glance and didn't buy the innocent smile she flashed back at him one little bit.

“I guess I'll need to go shopping for a baby shower gift.”

His protective instincts told him to keep her home and out of danger, but he knew that wasn't an option. He'd just have to do his best to keep her safe. “I guess we will.”

She settled back with a confident little smile on her face. “Excellent.”

“But from now on, honey, cross me, and I'll take you across my knee.” He enjoyed the blush that lit up her pretty face, and his cock twitched in reaction. They'd both gotten off on his spanking her last night, and there was no denying it.

After stopping to purchase a baby gift, he drove them to a friend's erotica boutique, Indiscretions. It carried everything a sexually experimental couple could want, and he had offered to buy Haley underwear. “We're here.”

“This looks like an interesting establishment,” she said when he opened her door.

Crispin looked around the empty parking lot before pulling her out of the car and into his rampant erection. She melted against him, her soft mound pressing tight. He held her close, inhaling her sexy Haley scent as he willed his cock to behave. They'd take this inside and away from prying eyes. Miranda Hughes, the proprietor, kept some private changing nooks for couples to try out the wares. Something told him he'd be lucky to make it there before he gave in to temptation.

She let out a whimper. “You're driving me crazy, Crispin.”

“It's mutual,” he said, giving her a smack that had them both gasping. “Come on. Let's take this inside,” he said, steering her toward the shop's back door.

Haley giggled as the doorbell chimed, and he ushered her inside. She looked at the racks of high-end sex toys. “Just what did you have in mind, stud?”

“You'll find out,” he said, looking down into her shining eyes. The heat there damned near blew his mind.

“May I help you?” Miranda said, stepping out from a back storeroom.

He took his gaze off Haley and turned to look at Miranda. Tall, blonde, and about ten years older than him, she was what some men would call a cougar. And they'd been friends for years, ever since he'd moved to town.

She let out a glad cry and launched herself into his arms, giving him a hug. “Crispin, you're back in the saddle. How wonderful.”

He hugged her back, his mouth curving in a rueful smile as she mentioned his dry spell. Then he looked at Haley over her shoulder and winced. Was it possible the lingerie model was jealous, that she felt as possessive about him as he did her? He let go, and Miranda stopped hugging him to stand back and beam at the two of them.

“Well, introduce me, why don't you,” Miranda demanded.

“Haley,” he said, pulling his stunned lover into his arms, “this is Miranda, the shop's owner. She and I are old friends.”

“So I noticed,” Haley said drily.

“Oh she's precious,” Miranda said flashing a wicked grin. “Don't sweat it, honey. Crispin and I never got it on. Not that I didn't try.”

Crispin held back a groan, expecting disaster. His doomed gaze locked with Haley's, and she smiled.

She reached out to shake Miranda's hand. “I'm pleased to meet you, Miranda, and as long as you keep your mitts off my man, we'll get along fine. I don't hold anyone's past sexual indiscretions against them.”

Crispin read between the lines. Haley had some past indiscretions she wasn't proud of. Well, so did he. They had a lot in common, and they were part of what made her the woman he loved. He didn't care. He smiled. “We're going to do a little shopping.”

Miranda nodded and turned to walk away saying, “I'll make sure that you have privacy.”

Ten minutes later Crispin ushered a blushing Haley into a changing nook. Good to her word, Miranda had practically closed up shop for them, and she was keeping to the front of the shop to give them privacy.

He backed Haley against a wall and kissed her. When she started to kiss him back, he broke the kiss and handed her a leather bra and thong. “Let's try these on for starters.”

She took them and gave him a wicked grin. “Looks like my lover has a leather fetish.”

“Among others,” he said with a smile. “Get 'em off, sugar. First we're going to deal with your discipline,” he said, seeing her chin raise defiantly. She'd sass him every step of the way, and he liked it. “And afterward, we'll…” He wiggled his eyebrows.

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, master,” she said, her hands going to the zipper of her dress.

His cock stirred as she slowed down to give him a striptease, slowly lowering her zipper and then turning her back on him, to lower it farther down her back. She wasn't wearing a bra, and the knowledge was driving him nuts. She slipped the dress off her shoulders and gave him a sexy look over her shoulder. He gulped but stayed put, fisting his hands to keep from touching her. He was teaching her a lesson in discipline, so why did he feel like he was the one being schooled? Then she let the dress go to pool at her feet, exposing her sexy ass in the too-big pair of men's boxers he'd loaned her, and he gulped, biting back a smile. She turned to face him, her hands partly covering her voluptuous tits as she gave him a direct look. “I'm naked.”

“Not quite,” he said, his gaze going from her cleavage to the men's briefs hanging low on her hips.

“Stubborn,” she said with a smile, slowly slipping off the boxers. They puddled on the floor, and she stepped out of them and toward him.

He grabbed her in midstride before she could say another sassy word, put his foot on the stool, and draped her over his raised leg, perfect spanking position if his compressed cock didn't explode. When her warm bare skin pressed intimately against his, he thought he'd lose it then and there. “Tell me why you are being punished, Haley.”

“Because you're a control freak,” she replied and smirked up at him.

“I'm trying to keep you safe, woman. Kiera and Jaden might be on the man's hit list.”

“So am I,” she said. “But that doesn't make you any less a control freak.”

“Enough stalling,” he said, giving her a swat.

She let out a little yelp. “I'm being spanked because I disobeyed one of your silly orders,” she said.

“That's right. And I make the rules for a reason.” He drew his hand back and spanked her, making them both shudder. The piped-in music of “What's New Pussycat?” wailed in the background. When it was over, he pulled her into his arms, unzipped his fly, and thrust into her. Haley wrapped her legs around his waist, and he thrust into her again and again until they were both spent. They were drifting in the afterglow when Haley raised her head off his shoulder.

BOOK: The Naughty Angel Returns (Naughty Angels In Love)
3.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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