The Nefaliem's Duty (Ordinal Novella, 1)

BOOK: The Nefaliem's Duty (Ordinal Novella, 1)
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The Nefaliem’s Duty
A Novella
Part I





Title page











I’ve been
standing here for what feelings like a good hour only to waste
time, I glance at the boy to the right of me. He’s a few feet
taller than me and is a lot stockier than most boys I know. His
arms are a little too big for his body as is the upper half of his
body and I’m strangely aware of the scaly muscles defined beneath
his shirt. He glances at me and looks away. I do the same thing,
apologetically realising that I’m making him uncomfortable. I
couldn’t help it we are standing in line in an empty room. I feel
the boy on the other side of me shuffle his feet a bit before he
stands at ease with his hands set behind his back.

No one has

There are
cameras in this room that monitors every move and because of it,
I’m consciously aware of their lack of faith in us. The air is
still and silent, I can hear the breathing of my fellow classmates.
Though none of them have ever spoken to me—because I didn’t really
grow up on this world.

Talk about
culture shock.

Eventually the
door slides open and there stands a man, dressed in full body
armour. It gleams in a sterling silver under the white fluorescent
lights overhead. His head is exposed and I notice his short silver
hair—his energy levels must be low. Than my eyes drift to the rank
on the front of his chest and notice that his name last name is
just below it—Colonel Izrick.

His blue eyes
are cold and when I say cold, I mean they are devoid of any
emotion. I thought I was seeing things but taking a second look and
a longer glance. I realise I was right. He looks as though he’s
seen the spoils of war and consequences of it. He stops in front of
us and scans us individually. I keep my eyes ahead and stare at the
wall behind him when his eyes rest on me. I remain still as a
statue and notice everyone else does the same. We’re all terrified
of what type of training course he has on offer for us this time.
“You’re all probably wondering what you’re doing here?” he

Yes, I
, I think but don’t say. I wouldn’t dare talk without being
ordered let alone backtalk to a superior officer. I’m only a
foot-soldier at the moment—a Rookie. I have a lot to go before I’m
even considered to be a Knight and even longer before I’m
considered to be a Silver Knight. I may have graduated the trial
with flying colours but I still have many more problems to face and
that is doing everything I’m told without complaint.

So far that’s
all I want to do. I’ve done nothing but assignments, and when I say
assignments I don’t mean the practical ones—I mean the written
ones. We had finished secondary education and left PASA behind and
I feel like I’m still there. Talk about a total drag. “You’ve all
been called here for a reason. All twelve of you have proven to be
the most skilled and talent young Squires PASA had to offer.” His
eyes scan every face and I’m awfully aware of his gaze resting on
my face of all the faces. “So now it is time to prove your worth
and value to the Order of PASA. Planetary Advanced Specialists’
Artillery—that is what PASA stands for. Whether you recognise it or
not is none of my concern but you are the
of the
and for the next generation you have a bright

“Now as I said
before, it’s time to prove your worth and value to us.” I notice a
holographic screen is displayed before us. “This is classified
information that will not be repeated out of this room. Everything
you see in here, everything you hear in here, stays in here.”

He’s silent for
a moment before declaring, “Let’s begin.”



08:00 HRS

The portal
opens and I step out into the backyard of my foster home.
Everyone’s asleep. I trudge through the large spear grass and head
passed the thick old fallen trees and into the square green grass
area on this five-acre block of land in the rural area of Darwin
that was considered to be our backyard. I pass the pool, wrapped in
a tall bar fence. Heading up the footpath, I carry my satchel over
my shoulder. At sixteen, this sight would not be considered strange
at all nor arriving home late because often foster kids like to run
away or so they like to say.

I arrive at the
back double doors of our large house. The thought of it is too
expensive but then again the thought of living in Australia is
expensive in itself. The doors are locked, no surprise there. I
allow my idol form—my human form—to transition (change) into my
Nefaliem form a form that I was originally born in. I’m what is
known as a Nefaliem Hybrid, that’s probably why no one on Nefelia
will talk to me. A Nefaliem Hybrid, is a baby hatched by Tylif but
then sent to Earth to be reborn by a random Human. Depending on who
gives birth to the Nefaliem Hybrid, will determine the child’s
social status.

So as for me, I
was born into a poor family who lived boarder line poverty and as a
result I was given up and put into the system from the first early
months of my life until now. I don’t know if that is a good thing
or a bad thing, I mean I get an education after all. The one thing
that keeps me from playing around with boys at my age. Being born
from an Aboriginal woman and Irish Australian, makes me a half-cast
Aboriginal born Nefaliem Hybrid. I stand at the door and grasp the
handle. “Why are you procrastinating?” a familiar voice sounds and
I glance at the shadows to see Asashin.

I freak out at
his voice, not because I’m scared, but rather I’m worried about
what would happen to him if someone saw him. “What are you doing
here?” I demand.

“Making sure
you get home okay.” he declares.

“I’m okay. I’m
home you can go.” I say and slip my Nefaliem transitioned hand into
the glass panel and unlock the door from the inside. I slip my hand
back out and open the door.

“I can’t just
yet. Here.” he says and gives me a small chip and I know what these
are. My first practical assignment package. Unlike Earth, we don’t
need to worry about packing because it’s already done. “You know
what you have to do.”

“I do.” I
whisper and head inside. The moment I close the door, the light
flicks on. There stands my foster mother with messy brown hair and
tanned Australian skin. Her Caucasian features are hard but
elegant, she’s in her early thirties and has children of her own.
Why she decided to foster—I’ll never understand. Not all of us are
good, even I know that. But even so, I know why and it’s not fair
but someone has to look after us I guess until we’re of age.

“Who are you
talking to?” she asks, “And what are you doing up?” I frantically
search for a reasonable excuse one that doesn’t cause me more
problems. Especially given my new assignment and it being my first
practical assignment, I can’t afford to blow it exclusively if
Colonel Izrick is the report-to-man. My foster mother’s eyes shift
over to the digital clock on the oven’s overhead and the next thing
I hear is a blurry grounded. “It’s four in the morning! Get to bed.
And you’re going to school tomorrow.” She turns her heel and stomps
down the hall not even considering to ask me where I was. I guess
I’m going to get that question flung at me later today.

“Perfect.” I
say and scan the darkness outside and see Asashin in the distance.
A portal opens and he disappears into it and vanishes without a
trace. “I’m so going to sleep in class today.” I intemperately



09:55 HRS

It’s a bizarre
dream that much I knew. I was left to wait with the others in the
waiting room. There’s an agonising scream of pain and I couldn’t
help but follow that newly born cry. As I enter, the white clean
room, I see what I never expected to see, a baby. It’s wrapped in a
blanket and handed to the mother, the mother is Aboriginal several
shades darker than me. She, I notice, gave birth alone—the father
is nowhere to be seen. As I enter the room, no one tells me to
leave instead, they smile at me and say, “Look at how you’ve

“I knew she was
a beauty,” the nurse says. I regard them confusingly and glance
down at the child in the mother’s arms. There was a seven-point
star on its head followed by two blue claw markings on each side of
its cheekbone.

I soon realise
it’s me.

“That’s not
possible.” I mutter.

“What’s not
possible?” a voice sounds and I jump in my seat. Glancing up I spy
my teacher starring down at me. His arms are crossed and I can
without a doubt, tell he’s annoyed. “May I repeat, what’s not
possible, miss Rodregas?”

I quickly
glance at the clock, “It’s not possible that I miss recess.” I
cover and Mr. Adams glares down at me before sighing and heading
back to the front of class, not before declaring, if he ever found
me in his class sleeping I’d be in
academic detention
. The
bell rings a ding and dong; and before we know it we’re all quick
to quit the room. Leaving before Mr. Adams could remind us about

It’s recess and
I head to my usual table and sit down. I didn’t notice much around
me not even my best-friend Andrew who pulls out a seat across the
table in the cafeteria. “Sup. How was English?”

“The worst. I
fell asleep in class.”

This surprises
my friend. “Seriously?”



“I know.” I

Andrew begins
to talk about his crush. I can’t help but nod. He’s always talking
about Mark but sometimes I wonder if he notices how annoying it can
be. Mark is already dating someone might I add and the woman he’s
with is a little snake. She so sly it’s not even funny. I begin to
wonder why the good ones get over looked. “I can’t wait until he
breaks up with her.”

“He might not
be gay.” I remind.

“I know he’s
not gay. But he might be a bisexual.” he prompts. I internally
sigh, I’m not going to get through to him in this life time that’s
for sure. “I mean seriously, she’s not even that pretty. I’m
certain he’s going to break up with her.” Andrew proclaims and I
fight the urge to face palm myself but then again, we weren’t
adults—apparently adult relationships tended to last longer,
something about how they’re more careful about who they choose.

“You don’t have
to be like that.” I say, hoping he’d drop the subject.

“What do you
mean by
? I’m not like anything you haven’t
seen before.” he announces and I stifle a laugh, “What?” he asks
pulling out his phone from his pocket. It’s the latest IPhone.
Unlike mine which is the old Nokia with the wide computer keypad. I
often use mine for music if anything.

“Nothing.” I
cover and he gives me a half-hearted glare as he realises what he
just said. “I should go get something to eat.” I say and stand.

“Oh no. Don’t
look.” Andrew warns.

“Don’t look at
what—?” I stupidly ask and realise it’s all but too late. I see
him! I’m quick to drop down in my seat and sink a little hoping he
can’t see me. With a hand to the side of my face—I hide. Andrew
laughs at me but I’m too focused on who’s in the cafeteria than to
pay attention to my gay best friend.

“Did he see
me?” I ask peering over my shoulder.

“Honey. I’m
sure he doesn’t even know you exist.” Andrew laughs and I

“Why are you so
mean?” I sarcastically ask.

And he
sarcastically replies, “Because I can.”

“I hate you.” I

He snickers, “I
know but you love me too.” Than out of the blue, I feel a presence
beside my chair. I glance up and there stands John. I know without
a doubt it’s him, I’d be able to pick him out of a crowd of
identical models.
He is so gorgeous. . .

“You didn’t
forget about the practical we have tomorrow right?” he asks as I
take-in the sight of his thick jawline and pale blue eyes. His
golden locks sits in glossy waves around his high cheekbones. “I
don’t really want to fail.”

His voice is
like an angel . . . wait . . . “What did you say?” I ask, wondering
if I heard him right. This is the first time he’s ever spoken to me
and possibly may be the last time since he ever will as I’m known
to have a bit of a sharp tongue and what comes next might be
entirely my fault.

“I said ‘we
have a prac tomorrow and I don’t want to fail’.” he says and I
notice his friends behind him one is tall and muscular the other is
short but also athletic.

BOOK: The Nefaliem's Duty (Ordinal Novella, 1)
6.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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